Welcome Bonus Up to $2,000
Cashout Time 3-7 Days

Cherry Gold Casino Review

Website: CherryGoldCasino.com
US Players: US Players Are Accepted
Online Since: 2011
Welcome Bonus Up to $2,000
License: Curacao
Software: RealTime Gaming
Location: Curacao
MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz and See Site for More Options
  • Large selection of slots, table games, and video poker
  • 24/7 dedicated live support team
  • Small selection of banking options
  • Small withdrawal limits and bonus offers
Welcome Bonus Up to $2,000
Overall 80%
Game Variety 70%
Banking 70%
Bonuses 80%
Customer Service 100%
User Interface 100%

Founded in 2004, Cherry Gold Casino is one of the oldest online casinos out
there. Unlike many other online casinos that have popped up in the last few
years, this one has over fourteen years of experience under their belt. Licensed
in Curacao, Cherry Gold Casino joins a long list of other online casinos that
are regulated by a Caribbean island government.

Deposit Methods

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Ratings Breakdown


As a whole, Cherry Gold Casino has a pretty solid setup as an online casino.
I liked their bonus options as well as the quality of their customer service.
The one major thing missing from their lineup is live dealer casino games. If
Cherry Gold Casino can add those in as well as making a few other smaller
tweaks, they can improve to become one of the leaders in the online casino

Game Variety

The game variety at Cherry Gold Casino is a bit soft in my opinion. While
they have a decent selection of games, they could add more options. The most
prominent thing missing from their game variety was live dealer casino games. I
would like to see them add those in as soon as possible, since they are trendy
at this time.


While Cherry Gold Casino has some mainstay banking options available to their
clients, the list is short at just four different banking options. I would like
to see them broaden their selection to add more banking options for deposits and
withdrawals. As a starting point, I think PayPal and bank wires would be
excellent additions to the list of banking options.


If you’re looking to score some bonus cash, you’ll find some excellent
opportunities at Cherry Gold Casino. I found a nice variety of welcome bonuses,
reload bonuses, and other special bonuses. My only suggestion for them would be
to add more promotions to their lineup as a way to offer their clients more ways
to earn bonus cash.

Customer Service

The customer service offered by Cherry Gold Casino is top notch. With three
convenient ways to contact their team, it’s easy for anyone to get help when
they need it. My favorite thing about their customer service is that they offer
it 24/7.

User Interface

Luckily, the user interface on the Cherry Gold Casino site was very well put
together. Thanks to their user interface, I was able to navigate around the site
quickly, and I never struggled to find things that I was searching for.

At first glance, Cherry Gold Casino looks very promising. I noticed that they
showed some great looking games and they were advertising some enticing looking
promotions. I decided to kick off a complete review of their online casino to
see if my initial thoughts were accurate.

If you’re looking to learn everything there is to know about Cherry Gold
Casino, I’ve got you covered. In this complete site review, I’ll give you the
low down on their entire site, from their casino games to their bonus offers. As
I’ve not been paid by Cherry Gold Casino to write a good review, I’m able to
tell it to you like it is. In the sections below, I’ll openly highlight things
that I like and things that I think can be improved.


Cherry Gold Casino has a great lineup of slots if you’re looking to get in on
some slots action. Currently, you’ll find a selection that includes a total of
92 different games to select from. Included in that mix of games are three-reel
slots, five-reel slots, six-reel slots, bonus round slots, and progressive
slots. I like the combination of slot games types that they bring to the table.

While I was happy to see that they offered progressive jackpots, I found
myself a bit underwhelmed by the size of the jackpots. In many cases, the pots
were under $5,000. The highest one that I was able to locate at the time of my
complete review was a mere $25,000. I’m used to seeing jackpots worth six or
seven figures on most online casinos. I’d like to see Cherry Gold Casino step up
the size of their progressive jackpots so that their clients have more to get
excited about.

I was able to locate just one name brand slot game at Cherry Gold Casino.
That game was “The Three Stooges II.” I like it when a casino offers name brand
games, as these games tend to provide clients with better quality graphics and
overall gaming experience than generic or knock-off games.

That being said, the vast majority of the slot games on Cherry Gold Casino
were either generic games or knock-off games. One of the cheesiest knock-off
games that I noticed was “Hairway to Heaven.” In the future, I’d love to see
Cherry Gold Casino add more name brand games to help give their clients some
higher quality slot game options.

The slot games were very well organized. I found it simple to locate what I
was looking for as Cherry Gold Casino let me sort by the type of slot machine.

Once I picked the kind I was looking for, I could quickly locate the specific
game that I wanted to play.

From a graphics standpoint, the slots at Cherry Gold Casino are pretty good.
While the games there don’t boast the best graphics that I’ve ever come across,
they are better than the average online casino. To kick things up another notch,
I’d suggest that Cherry Gold considers adding in some 3D games as well as more
branded games.

From what I can tell, Cherry Gold Casino does not allow clients to test drive
the games for free. Even with an account, you must have funds deposited to play
any of their casino games. I was disappointed to see this as I like to test
drive new games before I wager real money on them. Hopefully, Cherry Gold Casino
will consider offering free test drive gaming options to their clients in the

The online casino slots at Cherry Gold are compatible with mobile devices. I
was pleased to see that I could easily play the slot games on my phone and
tablet. I’ll cover the site’s mobile friendliness in more detail later on in the

Casino Games

Outside of their 92 slot games, you’ll also find some other casino games
available to play at Cherry Gold Casino. Included in that mix of other games are
56 games of video poker and 12 table games, and a version of keno. Overall, this
is a pretty good mix, but it isn’t as large of a selection as I would have hoped
to have seen.

One of the first things that jumped out at me about Cherry Gold Casino was
that they don’t offer live dealer casino games. This was a major disappointment
for me, as I’m a huge fan of live dealer games. I’m also not the only one, as
live dealer casino games are super-hot right now in the casino industry. Cherry
Gold is missing out by not offering these games to their clients. I’d suggest
that they get them added to their lineup as soon as possible so that they can be
more competitive.

Similar to their slot games, I found that the casino games graphics were good
overall. I didn’t come across any games that appeared to have below average
quality. While there is room for improvement here, what they have at the moment
isn’t bad by any means.

I was able to quickly search the games on Cherry Gold Casino using their
smooth user interface. Using the main top navigation bar, I could sort and find
the game type that I was searching for. I liked how well the game options were
laid out and organized.

Just like their slot games, the rest of their casino games were also mobile

I had no trouble loading or playing any of their casino games from my
mobile devices.


In this section, I’ll give you the low down relating to the banking options
available on Cherry Gold Casino. It’s vital that you review this section so that
you make sure that they offer you the ability to move your funds onto and off of
their site quickly. You’ll find the details below relating to both deposits and

Deposit Options

When you’re ready to get started playing for real money on Cherry Gold
Casino, you’ll have to get some of your funds on the site. At this time, you can
choose from four different deposit banking options. I’ve gathered up the minimum
and maximum deposit details on each and provided that information below for your


  • Min Deposit: $25
  • Max Deposit: $1,000
  • Turnaround Time: Instant

American Express

  • Min Deposit: $25
  • Max Deposit: Unlimited
  • Turnaround Time: Instant


  • Min Deposit: $25
  • Max Deposit: $1,000
  • Turnaround Time: Instant


  • Min Deposit: $25
  • Max Deposit: Unlimited
  • Turnaround Time: Instant

Withdrawal Options

At Cherry Gold Casino, you currently have the same four banking options to
use for withdrawals as you do for deposits. Below, I’ve broken out the detail on
each one of these options so that you’ll know what to expect regarding essential
things such as processing times and withdrawal caps.


  • Min Withdrawal: $150
  • Max Withdrawal(per week): $2,000
  • Turnaround Time: 5-7 Days

American Express

  • Min Withdrawal: $150
  • Max Withdrawal(per week): $2,000
  • Turnaround Time: 5-7 Days


  • Min Withdrawal: $150
  • Max Withdrawal(per week): $2,000
  • Turnaround Time: 5-7 Days


  • Min Withdrawal: $150
  • Max Withdrawal(per week): $2,000
  • Turnaround Time: 3-5 Days

**Bitcoin withdrawals are only available to clients that deposited with Bitcoin

Overall, I think that Cherry Gold Casino has an okay mix of banking options.
Currently, things are mainly limited to just Bitcoin and credit cards, which
don’t offer their clients a whole ton of options to choose from. To help add
more value to their clients, I would strongly suggest that Cherry Gold Casino
offers a broader selection of banking options. If I were them, I would add in
other banking options such as bank wire, check, PayPal, and Skrill.

Bonuses and Promotions

At Cherry Gold Casino, you’ll find a nice mix of bonus offers that give you
tons of opportunities to score some free cash. I’m a big fan of online casinos
in part because of the amount of bonus offers that you tend to find compared to
a typical brick-and-mortar casino. Thanks to the fierce competition between
online casinos, we as the end users win with all of these bonus offers. Online
casinos use these bonuses as a way to attract new potential players and to help
them retain current clients.

Like many other online casinos, Cherry Gold provides welcome bonuses and
reload bonuses. In addition, they also give some game specific bonuses. Keep
reading below to learn more about each of these offers and see which ones might
be the best fit for your needs.

Slots Welcome Bonus

The central promotion of Cherry Gold Casino is their Welcome Bonus. Under the
terms and conditions of this promotion, you can earn a substantial 200% slots
match on your initial deposit. My favorite part of this promotion is that it is
valid for all deposits up to $1,000. Therefore, if you deposit $1,000 or more
for your first deposit at Cherry Gold Casino, you’ll earn $2,000 of bonus money!

There are a few things in the fine print of this offer that you should be
aware of. First, to qualify for the offer, you’ll need to make an initial
deposit of $25 or more. Second, any funds that you earn from this promotion are
subject to a 30x rollover requirement. Finally, a nice touch of the offer is
that there is no maximum cash out limit when you’re withdrawing your funds. To
claim this promotion, just use code “CHERRYSLOTS” when making your deposit.

Card Games Welcome Bonus

New clients to the site can also claim a welcome bonus for card games in
addition to the slots offer directly above. At Cherry Gold Casino, you can earn
a 110% bonus match on all initial card game deposits. In total, you can receive
up to $1,100 of bonus if you deposit $1,000 or more. If you’d like to take
advantage of this offer from Cherry Gold Casino, just make sure to use code
“WELCOMECARD” when depositing funds to the site.

Card Games Reload Offer

If you’re enjoying your time with the card games on the Cherry Gold Casino,
you can also score some bonus funds when you need to reload your account. With
this offer, you’ll score a 100% deposit match on all card game reloads. The
maximum bonus is $1,000 under the terms and conditions. If you’d like to score
the full $1,000 bonus, make sure to deposit at least $1,000 or more and use code

Slots Reload Offer

Existing clients can take advantage of a significant slots reload offer when
they need to top off their account. Through this promotion, you’ll earn a 215%
slots match, and you’ll also get 25 free spins on the Panda Magic game. I like
this promotion as it offers a solid combination of bonus match and free spins.
To claim this promotion, just use code “ICYSLOTS” when making your reload
deposit at Cherry Gold Casino. By depositing $1,000 or more, you can earn $2,150
and 25 free spins!

Roulette Bonus Offer

Fans of roulette should be sure to check out this promotion from Cherry Gold
Casino. For this promotion, you’ll earn a 75% match on all funds deposited for
roulette. With this offer, you can receive up to $750 in bonus cash! I like this
promotion as it offers a ton of value and it gives clients some extra money to
play with on the selection of European and American Roulette games. To claim
this offer, just use the code “ROULETTEGOLD” when making your deposit.

Game of the Month Promotion

Cherry Gold Casino also offers another nice monthly bonus offer. For this
one, they will feature one of their casino games and then provide a bonus for
that particular game. As with the Monthly Event promotion above, I like this
offer as it helps add some variety to the available bonuses. Be sure to check
the promotions page on Cherry Gold Casino to see what the current Game of the
Month Promotion is.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the bonus and promotional offers from Cherry
Gold Casino. I like the mix of welcome, reload, and other options that they
bring to the table for their clients. My only suggestion for them would be to
continue to add more promotions to their mix so that they can continue to offer
their clients tons of ways to earn bonus cash.

Mobile Compatibility

In today’s age, it is vital that a site provides their clients with a
mobile-friendly experience. More and more, people are using their phones and
tablets in place of laptops or standalone computers. If a site isn’t
mobile-friendly, the website might not work at all, or it may not adequately
function as designed. I took a dive into the mobile compatibility of Cherry Gold
Casino, and I’ve provided my findings below so that you’ll know what to expect.

Mobile Casino

For those of you looking to gamble on the online casino at Cherry Gold,
you’ll be glad to know that the entire casino is mobile friendly. Every one of
their casino games has been made mobile-friendly. I tested things out on both my
phone and my tablet, and Cherry Gold Casino provided a stellar experience on
both devices. Their mobile interface is super clean and simple to use.

Mobile Poker

If poker is your thing, Cherry Gold Casino also offers mobile options on
their poker games. Every last one of their 56 video poker games is available to
play using your mobile device. During my review, I tested out and played many of
their video poker games on my mobile devices and found everything to work

Mobile App

Cherry Gold Casino doesn’t currently have a mobile app available. However,
since their site is so mobile-friendly, I don’t see any rush for them to roll an
app out. I did ask their team if they had any ETA on when they might roll out a
mobile app, and they were not sure. If they do ever roll an app out, I’ll be
sure to come back and update this section with a detailed evaluation of the
mobile app.

Cherry Gold Casino has done a great job with making their site compatible
with mobile devices. Based on my experience, their website works seamlessly on
mobile devices. If you like to gamble using your mobile phone or tablet, give it
a shot at Cherry Gold Casino.

Customer Service

The last area that I wanted to investigate at Cherry Gold Casino was their
customer service. I place a lot of value on sites that offer excellent customer
service, since it is imperative that you have that for when you have questions
or issues down the road. When first scanning their website, I quickly noticed
that they offered three different ways for you to contact their customer service
team. The available contact methods are live chat, phone, and email.

I was super happy to see that they offered live chat support. For me, live
chat is my go-to way to contact a site’s customer service team. Luckily, Cherry
Gold Casino makes it easy to reach their team with their live chat
functionality. Just click on the live chat link in the top right-hand corner of
any page, and you’ll find yourself quickly connected with one of their support

At Cherry Gold Casino, you can also call their customer service team if you
prefer actually to speak with a live person on the phone. It’s great to see that
they offer phone support as all too many online casinos still don’t provide
telephone support. What’s nice about Cherry Gold Casino is that they provide
three different phone numbers for customers in various geographic locations.
I’ve listed the phone numbers below so that you have them handy if you need

  • The United States Customer Service: 1-646-905-0496
  • France Customer Service: +33-483-580487
  • The United Kingdom Customer Service: +442036279684

For those of you that like to handle customer service using email, Cherry
Gold Casino also has you covered. Their team has an email address for processing
all email customer service inquiries. If you’d like to contact their team using
email, just send an email to [email protected] Thanks to their 24/7
support, you should expect to receive a fast reply.

I made sure to put each of their contact options to the test and make sure
that everything was good to go. Using each method, I received speedy replies and
helpful answers. Based on my experience, I have no reason to believe that you
won’t receive excellent service from their customer service team.

As a whole, the customer service at Cherry Gold Casino is top notch! I’ve
honestly got nothing to complain about. Thanks to their 24/7 coverage and their
multiple contact options, they offer everything that I look for in an ideal
customer service set up. I wish that more online casinos would follow suit with
what Cherry Gold Casino is doing in their customer service department.


Overall, I’m quite pleased with the full picture at Cherry Gold Casino. There
were lots of things that I was glad to see, such as their 24/7 customer service
and their long list of bonus options. However, there were a couple of critical
things missing, such as live dealer casino games. Even without those, they’ve
still assembled a great online casino.