Welcome Bonuses Up to $4,500
Cashout Time 7 Days

An In Depth Look at Eclipse Casino Review – What Do They Have to Offer?

Website: EclipseCasino.com
US Players: US Players Are NOT Accepted
Online Since: 2017
Welcome Bonuses Up to $4,500
License: Curacao
Software: Rival
Location: Curacao
MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, Bank Wire, Direct Deposit, Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard
  • 24/7 customer support available
  • Many fee-free deposit and withdrawal options
  • Good set of bonus offers and rewards
  • No live dealer games
  • Small selection of table games
Welcome Bonuses Up to $4,500
Overall 90%
Banking 90%
Bonuses 80%
Customer Service 100%
User Interface 80%
Mobile Compatibility 70%

Despite being one of the new kids on the online
casino block, I’ve seen and heard lots of buzz about Eclipse Casino. Because
they only opened in 2017, I was definitely
a bit skeptical. However, based on the good things that I’ve been hearing, I was
excited to check it out for myself to see
what all of the buzz is about.

In this review, you’re going to get my honest
opinions on their entire operation. In the sections below, I’ll talk about their
online casino, bonuses, customer service, and so much more. By the time you wrap
up reading this review, you’ll have a solid understanding of everything they
have to offer.

Before I get into the good stuff, it’s worth
pointing out that we’re entirely
independent of Eclipse Casino. This means
they have not paid me to write this review. Thanks to this independence, I’m
able to shoot it to you straight and tell you exactly what I think and feel. As
you’ll see below, I’ll let you know what I love and what I’m not a huge fan
of. With that all said, let’s get things

Ratings Breakdown


When considering the fact that they’ve only been in business since 2017,
Eclipse Casino has done a bang-up job in many different areas. They’ve done a
better job than some online casinos that have been around for a decade. Due to
this early excellence, I’m excited to see where they go in the future as they
continue to make website additions and improvements.

Some of their key highlights are their customer service, banking options, and
the slots section. There are some areas that could use improvement. Most
notably, I’d like to see them add in the missing live dealer games, add a
greater selection of non-slot games, and a handful of other things that I’ll
discuss in more detail below. Overall, Eclipse Casino has put together a great
online casino that will only get better as they continue to age.


I’m a big fan of the banking methods that Eclipse Casino has for their
clients. One primary reason that I like it is due to the number of options they
provide. Luckily, they offer more options than I see from most of their
competitors. Not only do they have lots of options, but they also have some good
quality ones such as Skrill, Neteller, and bank wires.

Something else that I liked about the banking options at Eclipse Casino is
that they don’t charge their clients any fees for withdrawals. This is super
rare to find in the online casino space. Unfortunately, the vast majority of
sites out there fee their clients to death when they want to withdraw some of
their funds. Due to this, I’m super stoked that Eclipse Casino doesn’t charge
their clients a penny!


For the most part, I was pretty pleased with the bonuses at Eclipse Casino.
What I like about them is that they allow clients the chance to earn some
serious bonus cash. Just one of the casino welcome bonuses has a 300% bonus
match with a maximum bonus amount of $3,000! That’s a substantial amount of cash
to help you jumpstart things. Along with two welcome bonuses, the website also
provides two reload deposit programs as well.

The one thing missing with their bonuses is sheer variety and selection.
While they have some robust promotions that give their clients lots of bonus
potential, they only have a handful of offers at this time. Moving forward, I’d
like to see Eclipse Casino expand the number of bonuses and promotions in their
arsenal so that their clients have plenty of choices to select from. By doing
this, they’ll make themselves more competitive with other online casinos that
have a broader selection of bonus options.

Customer Service

Eclipse Casino does not disappoint in the customer service department. First
and foremost, I was impressed to see that they offer support to their clients
24/7. With this level of support, clients can rest easy that someone from their
team is there to help them no matter what time or day it is. I’m a huge fan of
this level of support, as it is rare to find in the online casino space.

Something else that is awesome about their customer service support is that
they have many different ways for clients to contact them. Unlike some casinos
that only offer a single method of contact, Eclipse Casino steps up to the plate
with three methods. You can utilize live chat, the telephone, or email to reach
their team. I like this combination of contact methods, as it makes it simple
for folks to reach them whenever they need assistance.

User Interface

They’ve done a great job building an excellent user interface for their site.
The most prominent advantage of the site’s user interface is that they make it
simple to find the game that you’re searching for. Between an excellent
drop-down search menu and a search bar, I never struggled to locate my game of

Moving about the rest of the site was also a breeze. I found it very easy to
navigate around and get to where I wanted to go. Based on my experience, I don’t
expect that you’ll struggle, thanks in part to their excellent user interface.

Mobile Compatibility

The good news is that Eclipse Casino does offer a website that is mobile
compatible. If you’re looking to wager on some of your favorite casino games
using your phone or tablet, that is possible. However, the drawback is that the
selection of games available on the mobile version of the website is much
smaller than what can be found on their regular website or download version of
the site.

For example, the mobile version of the website doesn’t have a single game of
video poker available. While I’m super happy that they have a mobile-friendly
website, the selection of games on it is quite disappointing. It’s worth noting
that the mobile site itself does function well, and I had no problem playing the
select games that were available on it.

The Basics About Eclipse Casino

Eclipse Casino is one of the newest online casinos that I’ve reviewed. In
fact, this website was just founded in 2017, making it very young overall.
Compared to most other online casinos out there, this one is much less

While I could not find any detailed information about their management team,
it seems clear that the team leading this website has some extensive casino
experience. Upon my first glance at the site, it’s clear that this was put
together by folks who know what they are doing.

The casino is licensed and operated in Curacao. I’m not surprised to see
this, as many other online casinos and sportsbooks operate under a license from
this small Caribbean island. Many of them call it home thanks to the island’s
more relaxed gambling laws and legislation.

For the most part, the vast majority of folks around the globe can enjoy
playing on Eclipse Casino. Luckily, they’ve got one of the smallest lists of
restricted countries that I’ve come across in quite a while. Below, I’ve listed
out the handful of countries that can’t play on Eclipse Casino.

  • Belarus
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • Ukraine

The Casino

If you’re looking to play casino games online, then you’ll want to consider
Eclipse Casino in your list of potential options. In the sections below, I’ll
give you the full scoop on all things relating to their online casino. I’ll chat
about their game variety, video quality, software manufacturer, and much more.

My first impression of the casino was that it was somewhat bland and basic.
Using a mostly black background, the casino showcases small thumbnails of the
games on the main page. While this layout is functional, it doesn’t stand out
like some of the more elaborate-looking online casinos that I’ve come across
before. I hope that with some more time, Eclipse Casino will work to make their
casino page a bit more exciting for their clients.

One thing that I really liked about their online casino is that it has an
excellent user interface. Thanks to this useful interface, I was able to locate
what I wanted in a fast manner. The best part of this was the ability to search.
On their site, you can search by game type, or you can use a handy search bar
that lets you search for specific things. I utilized both of those search
methods for my review and found them both to be very useful.

Game Variety

In total, I found a lineup of over 180 different casino games on Eclipse’s
website. When comparing the size of their game selection to other online
casinos, it’s just about average. However, they are very slots-heavy. Because of
this, their variety of table games and video poker is a bit light compared to
many other online casino competitors.

In total, I located a variety that included over 140 slots, 12 table games,
and 7 video poker games. I also found versions of more casual casino games such
as bingo and keno. As you can see, slots make up the majority of their overall
game selection.

Audio and Video Quality

Next up, I took a scan of the audio and video quality. First, I’ll chat about
the video quality of their games. Compared to other online casinos, the vast
majority of their games are pretty average. While I didn’t see anything that was
utterly terrible, I also didn’t see anything that blew my socks off. In general,
what I found there was very middle-of-the-road from a video quality standpoint.
Along those same lines, the sound quality was also very average.

Based on my experience, the games all seemed to be super user-friendly. It
was easy to figure out how to play the games no matter which game I tried out.
Part of this success is tied to the fact that they use games from the game
manufacturer Rival. Be sure to check out the games for yourself to see how you
like the audio and video quality. I expect that what Eclipse Casino offers will
be good enough for most folks unless they are super picky about the quality of
the video and audio.


All of the games on Eclipse Casino come from the software manufacturer Rival.
If you’re an online casino regular, then you’re most likely well accustomed to
this name. For those of you that are new, Rival is one of the largest and most
well-known casino game software providers. Luckily, since they’re using Rival
software, the games on Eclipse Casino are super stable. Rival has a fabulous
reputation for making great games. I’m delighted to see Rival as the software
provider as opposed to other game makers that don’t produce such high-quality


If slots are your thing, you’ll probably be happy when you see the selection
of choices on Eclipse Casino. I found over 140 different slot machine games on
their website at the time of my review. This is a very impressive overall
collection of casino games.

Included in their extensive library of slot games, they have many different
types of slot categories. From what I located, there are 90 video slots, 28
classic 3-reel slots, and 23 I-slots. I’m pleased with this mix of different
slot types since it gives clients plenty to choose from.

I did notice that there are some progressive slot machines in the mix at
Eclipse Casino. When looking into them, I found a total of 5 different games.
While I was excited to see that they had some progressive slot machines, the
size of the progressive jackpots was not all that exciting. On average, these
pots only ended up being around $15,000. The largest that I found at the time of
my review was $28,000 on the game One Million Reels BC. I’d like to see them add
in some games with more massive progressive jackpots as they continue to expand
their casino. By doing this, they’ll give their clients more reasons to keep
playing on their site.

Unfortunately, you can’t play the games at Eclipse Casino without having an
account established. This was a bit of a letdown for me as I like to have the
ability to try things out without having to register for an account. I don’t
like wasting time signing up for a site if it ends up that their game quality is
not up to snuff.

However, it is worth pointing out that you can play all of their games for
free once you have an account. While that does mean that you still have to take
a few moments to register, it does allow you to test drive things before you
deposit funds on the website. To play any of their games for free, just select
the play-for-fun option once you pick the game that you want to play. When
you’re ready to play for real money, just choose the play-for-real option.

If you’re wondering what specific slot games that Eclipse Casino has, I’ve
got you covered. Below, I’ve listed out the top 40 slot games in their casino.
You can check this list out to see if they carry any of your personal favorites.
If you don’t find one of your favorites listed here, don’t forget to check out
their website to see the full lineup of all 143 slot machines.

Video Poker

If you’re a fan of video poker, you might find yourself a bit disappointed at
Eclipse Casino. Unfortunately, they only offer a total of seven different video
poker games. This is vastly smaller than the average online casino, which tends
to have more than 40 video poker options. I’d highly suggest that they add in
more video poker games as soon as possible so that they can be more competitive
with other online casinos. The good news is that the games they do have are
solid ones, and they are some of the more popular versions of video poker, such
as Deuces Wild. You can check out the full list of their video poker games

  • Aces and Faces
  • Double Joker
  • Deuces Wild
  • Jacks or Better
  • Deuces and Joker
  • Tens or Better
  • Joker Poker

Table Games

At Eclipse Casino, you’ll find a selection of a dozen different table games
to select from. Their list of table game options is a bit smaller than what I
tend to see from other online casinos. In the future, I’d like to see them
expand the number of games in their table games department so that their clients
have more options to select from. However, the games that they do offer have a
good bit of variety, and all of the games had excellent audio and video quality.
Below, I’ve listed out all of the different table games that you’ll be able to
select from on their website.

  • Five Card Poker
  • Three Card Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Blackjack Multi-Hand
  • Casino Battle
  • Craps
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Red Dog
  • Ride ’em Poker
  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the online casino at Eclipse. There are lots
of things that I liked, which includes their vast slots lineup, the Rival
software, and the user interface for the casino. For a site this young, they’ve
accomplished a ton of good.

However, there were some things that I didn’t like. Perhaps the most
significant thing that I didn’t discuss yet is their lack of a live casino. Live
dealer casino games are one of the most significant trends at the moment in the
online casino industry. Unfortunately, Eclipse Casino is missing out by not
offering this format to their clients. The missing live dealer games coupled
with their poor selection of games outside of slots is what has me wanting more
from their online casino.

While they do have lots to be proud of, there is more that they can do to
help give their clients an even better online casino experience in the future.
Understanding how new the site is, I expect that they will add new items

Banking Options

Next up, I dug into the banking options that Eclipse Casino offers their
clients. If you’re considering playing on their site, you’ll want to check out
this section to make sure that they provide options that work for your banking
needs. By checking this out, you’ll make sure that you can smoothly move your
funds both on and off of their website. Below, I’ve broken out pertinent details
about their deposit and withdrawal methods available.



Minimum Deposit: $25

Maximum Deposit: Unlimited

Turnaround Time: Varies


Minimum Deposit: $25

Maximum Deposit: Unlimited

Turnaround Time:Immediate


Minimum Deposit: $25

Maximum Deposit: $1000

Turnaround Time:Immediate


Minimum Deposit: $25

Maximum Deposit: $1000

Turnaround Time:Immediate

Bank Wire

Minimum Deposit: $25

Maximum Deposit:Unlimited

Turnaround Time:Varies


Minimum Deposit: $25

Maximum Deposit: $1000

Turnaround Time:Immediate



Minimum Withdrawal: $100

Maximum Withdrawal: $2,000

Turnaround Time:7 Days


Minimum Withdrawal: $100

Maximum Withdrawal: $2,000

Turnaround Time:7 Days


Minimum Withdrawal: $100

Maximum Withdrawal: $2,000

Turnaround Time:7 Days

Bank Wire

Minimum Withdrawal: $100

Maximum Withdrawal: $2,000

Turnaround Time:7 Days

I’m pleased with the baking options available on Eclipse Casino. With six
deposit and five withdrawal options, they offer their clients more options than
the average online casino. On top of that, the possibilities that they offer
provide their clients with lots of versatility. If they want to give even more
choices to their clients in the future, then they might consider adding in
PayPal and cashier checks to their mix. Even without these, Eclipse Casino has
an excellent lineup!

One other thing worth pointing out is that they don’t charge any withdrawal
fees. This is a vast departure from most online casinos out there, as most tend
to fee clients to death when they go to withdraw their money. By playing at
Eclipse Casino, you’ll keep more of your money for you as opposed to letting the
casino make it in fees. This is a huge advantage that you should keep in mind.

Bonus Promotions

Something else that I checked into at Eclipse Casino was their bonus
promotions. I always look into this area for any casino that I review, as these
bonuses can add tons of extra cash to your account. If you’re a new online
casino player, you’ll always want to check these out since they can provide you
with loads of value. As you’ll see below, these offers can bring you thousands
of bucks in bonus funds. Below, I’ll go into detail on all of the promotions
that I found at the time of our complete website review.

Slots Welcome Bonus

The most lucrative bonus at Eclipse Casino is their Slots Welcome Bonus.
Thanks to this promotion, you can earn up to $3,000 of bonus cash! This is a
sizeable bonus that can help jumpstart your account on their website. To claim
this offer, just use bonus code “ECLIPSE300” when making your deposits.

Here’s how the promotion works: for every dollar that you deposit with your
first three website deposits, Eclipse Casino will match it three times over.
That means that if you deposit $100, they will then add an additional $300 of
bonus funds to your account. In total, you’d have $400 available after just
depositing your $100.

What’s fantastic about this bonus is that it is a massive bonus match. This
is higher than what I see from the average online casino. With a deposit of just
$1,000 across your first three website deposits, you can earn the full $3,000 of
bonus funds.

When investigating the fine print of this offer, I found the following things
worth notating to you. First, the minimum deposit you need to make to qualify
for this promotion is $25. Secondly, this offer is only available to new players
at Eclipse Casino. Lastly, bonus funds earned through this offer are subject to
a 40x rollover requirement, which is pretty standard for this size of bonus

Cards Welcome Bonus

If you’re not that into slots, you might consider checking out their Cards
Welcome Bonus. Here, you can earn up to $1,500 of bonus cash across your first
three website deposits. With this promotion, you’ll gain bonus cash that you can
use on the casino card games. For those of you wanting to use this promo, just
remember to apply promo code “VEIL150” when you make your first three website

For this promotional offer, Eclipse Casino will match each dollar that you
deposit 1.5 times over. Therefore, if you deposit $100, they will then add an
additional $150 to your account, making your total account balance $250. If
you’d like to max out the full $1,500 max bonus of this offer, you’ll just need
to deposit $1,000 of your own cash across your first three deposits on their
website. While this match isn’t as broad as the slots one, it still is a very
sizeable opportunity for you to earn funds.

It’s worth pointing out some things that I found in the terms and conditions
of this offer. For your deposit to qualify for this promotion, it will need to
be for $25 or more. Also, this offer is only for new players on Eclipse Casino.
Finally, you’ll need to roll over the bonus funds 45 times before you can
withdraw them from the website.

Slots Monthly Rewards

Eclipse Casino also offers their clients some reload bonuses with the use of
their monthly rewards programs. Currently, they provide monthly rewards for both
slots and card games. By the looks of it, they change up the bonuses a bit
monthly, which helps keep things fresh. Below, I’ll showcase the slots monthly
bonus that was present at the time of my review. Be sure to check out the
promotions page of their website to see the latest terms of this offer.

Using this promotion at the time of my review, I found the chance to earn up
to 215% in bonus match for account reloads on Eclipse Casino. The amount of
bonus cash gained depends on the amount of reload deposit that you are making.
As you deposit more money, you’ll earn a higher deposit match. I’ve included a
handy chart below to help you visualize the match amount. As well, you’ll find
the promotion code that you can use to claim each of these promotions.

Deposit Amount Match % Bonus Code
DEP $25+ 135% FAB135
DEP $50+ 155% FAB155
DEP $100+ 185% FAB185
DEP $150+ 215% FAB215

One of the best parts of this promotion is that there is not a deposit cap.
That means you can earn a 215% match on all deposits over $150, which allows you
plenty of runway to earn bonus cash if you’re planning to make a significant
deposit. You’ll want to take advantage of this offer any time that you want to
reload funds for slot play on Eclipse Casino.

While checking out the terms and conditions of this particular offer, I found
a couple of things worth mentioning to you. First, know that this offer is open
to all players on Eclipse Casino. Luckily, this one isn’t restricted to just new
players. The other thing worth pointing out is that the slots bonus funds have a
rollover requirement of 40x, which means that you’ll need to turn them over 40
times before you can withdraw those funds from your account.

Cards Monthly Rewards

Once again, Eclipse Casino also has not forgotten about their card game
players. They also provide a monthly rewards program for these players. This
promotion is set up similarly to the slots one that I just covered. You’ll be
able to earn a bonus match on your reload deposits for card action on their
site. As a reminder, these bonuses can change monthly, so make sure to check
their page for the latest offer information.

During my review, I had the ability to score up to 150% of deposit match
bonus through this offer. As with the other offer for slots above, this
promotion also offers more bonus match as you deposit more funds. For your
reference, I’ve added a chart below that shows you how much you can earn through
this offer. I’ve also included the promo code, so you’ll have that handy when
you’re ready to proceed with one of these offers.

Deposit Amount Match % Bonus Code
DEP $25+ 100% FAVE100
DEP $50+ 120% FAVE120
DEP $100+ 135% FAVE135
DEP $150+ 150% FAVE150

This particular offer from Eclipse Casino is open to any player, which makes
it a good option for anyone that needs to reload funds on the site. Be sure to
keep in mind that this offer does carry a rollover requirement of 45x on all
bonus funds. Due to this, you’ll need to wager these funds 45 times before you
can initiate a withdraw on them from your account.

VIP Club

I noticed that Eclipse Casino offers a VIP club. While their website didn’t
provide a ton of information about it, I was able to find some tidbits that I
wanted to share with you. From what I can tell, VIP club members will receive
special offers, loyalty points, gifts, and exclusive offers. As you earn more
loyalty points over time, you’ll work your way up the ladder of their VIP club
levels. The higher that you go, the more cool things that you’ll get from their
team. From the looks of it, VIPs can earn significant benefits, such as
extra-generous bonuses, quicker withdrawal times, personal account managers, and
faster point accumulations.

Be sure to check out the full terms and conditions of these offers before you
take advantage of them. It’s essential that you understand the entire offer
before jumping into it. By going this route, you’ll avoid any surprises in the
future. I’ve done my best to convey all of the relevant points above, but it is
still worth you checking out the entire fine print on your own.

Eclipse Casino has compiled a pretty good set of bonuses promotions. I’m
delighted with the offers that they currently have, as they give their clients
the chance to earn loads of bonus cash. Our suggestion for them would be to
continue to add to this list of offers so that their clients have more to select
from in the future. That said, their existing lineup is a solid one that should
give most folks lots of reasons to get excited about playing on Eclipse Casino.
Be sure to check out their promotions page to see all of their latest bonus

Mobile Compatibility

One other area that I always investigate when I review an online casino is
the website’s mobile-friendliness. In today’s age, more and more people are
opting to gamble online using their mobile devices as opposed to using an actual
computer. Because of this, it’s important to me that I see just how well a
website has done in making their website mobile compatible. Below, I’ll go into
more detail about my experience with the mobile version of Eclipse Casino.

Mobile Casino

If you want to play casino games from your mobile device, that’s an option on
Eclipse Casino. Once I logged into my account, I found a website that was very
mobile-friendly. Based on my experience, the site correctly fits my screen, and
I was able to move about the website without any issue.

However, there is one major drawback to their mobile website. I noticed right
away after logging in that the selection of available games was much smaller
than what was available on their regular website. From what I can tell, only
about 50% of the games are available on the mobile version of the site. This is
disappointing to me since it really limits the folks looking to play from their
mobile phones.

As a whole, I’m mixed on the mobile compatibility of Eclipse Casino. It’s
great that they have the mobile-compatible site. On the other hand, I hate that
the game selection is so much smaller. Hopefully, we’ll see them add the full
lineup of their games to the mobile version of the website shortly.

Customer Service

Finally, the last significant portion of my review will center on the
customer service that Eclipse Casino brings to the table. In the world of online
casinos, it’s vital that you locate one that provides top-notch customer
service. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you’ll be in good hands should a
question or issue arise. Since I’m a monster fan of sites having quality
customer service, I crossed my fingers that Eclipse Casino would not let me down
in this department.

I’ll lead off with the fact that I’m incredibly pleased with what Eclipse
Casino offers in their customer service department. I love two main things about
their service. First, they offer support around the clock for their clients.
Secondly, they provide their clients with three different ways to reach their

Let’s start with their around-the-clock support. Unlike most online casinos,
Eclipse Casino stands out by offering their clients support 24 hours a day and 7
days a week. This is massive since it means that clients won’t ever have to wait
when they have an issue. One of the things that I hate most about casinos that
don’t offer this level of service is that it can leave clients hanging for
considerable periods of time when the customer service center is closed. Based
on my own experiences, this is a terrible feeling, especially when your issue or
question is an important or pressing one.

I made sure that I put their 24/7 claim to the test during my review. I
contacted their team on numerous occasions at all hours of the day. I even
tested out their live chat at 3 am one night. Luckily, their live chat team was
there ready and willing to help with my questions. I can’t speak highly enough
of just how excellent this non-stop support is.

The other killer thing about their customer service is that they make it so
easy for clients to reach them when they need help. At Eclipse Casino, you can
reach out to them using the telephone, email, or live chat. Below, I’ll give you
more details on each one of these convenient contact options.

If you prefer speaking to a live support agent on the phone, then you’ll be
happy to know that Eclipse Casino has phone support 24/7. This is awesome, as
many other online casinos out there still don’t offer telephone support. For
those casinos that do offer this, it is rare to find one with round-the-clock

During my review, I called into their support center on a number of
occasions. No matter what day or time I called, I was quickly connected with an
agent in a matter of moments. These agents were all very knowledgeable and
helpful with the questions that I had. If you’re looking to contact them via
telephone, I’ve included their customer support phone number below.

  • Eclipse Casino Customer
    Service Phone Support:

Another way that you can contact the support team at Eclipse Casino is by
email. This method is often a great one to use when you’re not in a rush for an
answer. When it comes to more pressing items, I tend to use live chat or

When I sent emails to their team, I was pleasantly surprised by how fast they
replied. Thanks to their 24/7 customer service, emails sent to their team come
back much quicker than I see from other online casinos. In general, I had
replies to my emails within just one or two hours. Compared to other sites that
can take a full day or more, Eclipse Casino’s agents look like a bunch of rock
stars! To reach their team by email, just send an email to the email address

Last, but not least, there is one other method that you can use to reach
their team. That method is live chat. Live chat is my favorite contact method to
use when it is available. I love the convenience of being able to get help
immediately right on the website itself. It’s excellent that Eclipse Casino
provides this live chat functionality, as many other online casinos have been
slow to adopt it.

Not surprisingly, the help that I got from their live chat team was also as
superlative as it was for the email and phone support. Once I clicked on the
live chat prompt, I was quickly put in touch with one of their live chat agents.
These agents were just as friendly and helpful as the other agents that I dealt
with on the other contact methods. If you’d like to test drive the live chat
functionality for yourself, just click on the live chat prompt located in the
bottom left-hand corner of any page. You can also use the link located across
the top of the page in the main menu.

I can’t say enough good things about the customer service support at Eclipse
Casino. In fact, it’s hard for me to knock them on much of anything. My only
suggested improvement would be for them to add in a toll-free phone number.
However, this is a minor complaint, as most folks now have free calls on their
cell phone. With a winning combination of 24/7 support and 3 fantastic contact
options, Eclipse Casino has put together one heck of a customer service
experience for their clients. Try it out for yourself and see why I’m so
thrilled with what they have to offer.


Despite only being around for about a year, there’s a ton to love about
Eclipse Casino. Some of their highlights include their banking options, bonuses,
and quality customer service. As I’ve pointed out above, there are some areas
that they could improve upon. Most notably, their lack of live dealer casino
games and overall game selection other than slots are my main complaints. Even
with these areas that could use some improvement, Eclipse Casino is still an
excellent online casino that I assume will only get better with more time.


I’m highly impressed with what the team at Eclipse Casino has been able to
accomplish in such a short amount of time. While their online casino isn’t
perfect, it’s excellent overall. For most folks, it would make a great online
casino home. Unless you’re looking for live dealer casino games or a more
extensive selection of table games and video poker, then this might be the one
for you. This is especially true if you’re a big fan of online slot machines.


To wrap up my review, I wanted to leave you with some frequently asked
questions that I get about Eclipse Casino. If you’re still on the fence about
whether or not this is the right online casino, these questions might help you
push towards one side or the other.

Does Eclipse Casino offer a download version of their casino?

Yes! If you’d prefer to play on a download version of their casino, you can
do that. Just download the software from their website, and you’ll quickly be on
your way to playing your favorite casino games.

Will I find scratch-off games on Eclipse Casino?

Yes. If you’re into this type of casino game, you’ll be able to play it on
Eclipse Casino. At the time of my review, they offered eight different types of
scratch-off games.

How quickly could I be up and running gambling with real money on Eclipse

It only takes a matter of moments to register for an account. After that, if
you utilize a credit card to fund your account, you could be playing within
minutes of getting things started. Using your credit card is the path of least
resistance to get things up and running quickly.

Can I play the games for free on Eclipse Casino?

Yes. You’re able to play all of their casino games for free if you’re not
looking to wager real money at this time. However, you’ll still need to register
and create an account before you can play their games for free.

Is Eclipse Casino the best online casino for me?

Since each person has a different set of needs, that’s a tough one for me to
answer. After reading my complete review above, check out the site for yourself
and see how you like it. Don’t forget that it’s free to join and that you can
play the games for free. By doing this, you can get a good feel for if Eclipse
Casino is the right online casino home for you and your gambling needs.