Welcome Bonuses Up to €10 + 100 Free Spins
Cashout Time 1-4 Days

IW Casino Review

Website: IWCasino.com
US Players: US Players Are NOT Accepted
Online Since: 1997
Welcome Bonuses Up to €10 + 100 Free Spins
License: Malta
Software: Microgaming, Betsoft, and more
Location: Malta
MasterCard, Visa, Bank Wire, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, ecoPayz and See Site for More Options
  • Large variety of casino games and sports betting options
  • Great UI both on mobile and desktop
  • Relatively small selection of video poker games
  • Small list of banking options
Welcome Bonuses Up to €10 + 100 Free Spins
Overall 90%
Banking 100%
Bonuses 80%
Customer Service 80%
User Interface 100%
Mobile Compatibility 90%

Over the years of being in this industry, I’ve always heard great things from
friends and colleagues about IW Casino. However, I’d never actually spent any
time on their site. With so many options out there, this is one that just hasn’t
made it into my rotation yet. That being said, I was excited to see what all
they have going on based on what I’ve heard from others.

In my complete review of IW Casino, you’re going to get an in-depth look at
critical aspects of their operation. In the sections below, I’ll dissect their
online sportsbook and casino. I’ll also dig deep into the details of their
customer service, bonuses, and much more. By the time you finish reviewing my
review, you’ll have a great idea if IW Casino might make an excellent spot for
you to do all of your sports and casino betting.

One thing to note before I proceed is that I’ve not been paid by IW Casino to
write this review. This allows me to be honest with you about what’s great about
their operation while also letting you know what I think can be improved. Unlike
some reviews out there, what you’ll get here is complete transparency from an
independent source.

Ratings Breakdown


As a whole, I’ve ranked IW Casino at a stellar 4.5 stars out of 5.0. I’m
highly impressed by their sportsbook and online casino. Along with that, their
bonuses and customer service are pretty solid. While some things can be
improved, what they have at this point is still pretty close to perfection. All
in all, IW Casino has done one heck of a job developing a top-notch online
casino and sportsbook.


When you’re ready to begin betting with real money at IW Casino, you’ll find
a list of ten different banking options that you can select from to make your
opening deposit. This, coupled with six different withdrawal banking methods,
means that it should be simple for just about everyone out there to move money
both onto and off of IW Casino’s website. Included in their mix of banking
methods are popular ones like Neteller, Skrill, and Visa.


Clients looking to earn bonus cash will find plenty of chances at IW Casino.
At the time of my review, I found eight different bonus offers between their
sportsbook and casino. While I was happy with their overall number of bonus
options, the potential reward sizes left me wanting more. For example, their
welcome bonus is capped at €100, which is much lower than most other online
sportsbooks and casinos. In the future, I’d like to see IW Casino increase the
amount of bonus funds that their clients can earn through these bonuses.

Customer Service

When testing out the customer service support at IW Casino, I was impressed
with the quality of the help that I received. At IW Casino, you’re able to
contact their team either by telephone or email. While these two options are
great, I was really hoping to see them provide live chat support, which isn’t
there at this time. With so many other online sportsbooks and casinos offering
this level of support, I’d like to see IW Casino add this option in as soon as
possible so that their clients have one other convenient way to reach their

User Interface

No matter if I was on their desktop version of the site or their mobile one,
I was highly impressed with the user interface on IW Casino. Thanks to this
top-notch user interface, I was able to move about the site with ease from the
first second I hopped onto it. Finding what I was looking for in the sportsbook
and casino was always easy. Based on my experience with their user interface, I
think you’ll also be impressed with how easy it is to search and move about
their site.

Mobile Compatibility

As a whole, I was delighted with the mobile version of IW Casino. There, I
found a great sportsbook that offered all of the same great action and
functionality as their regular online sportsbook. IW Casino also has an
excellent mobile version of their online casino. While the mobile version of the
casino didn’t offer all of the same games as their instant-play one, it still
had the vast majority of them, which is more than I can say for most other
online casinos.

The Basics About IW Casino Online Casino and Sportsbook

At IW Casino, you’ll be welcomed with a quality website that hosts both an
online casino and sportsbook. What’s nice about this is that you’re able to do
all of your betting in one spot if you enjoy betting on sports and casino games.

Founded way back in 1997, IW Casino is one of the oldest online casino and
sportsbooks that I’ve come across. With more than 20 years of experience, I
immediately had high expectations for what I should find in their online casino
and sportsbook sections.

If you’re wondering if you’ll be able to wager at IW Casino, I’ve gathered up
a list of countries that are restricted from playing there. Luckily, the list of
restricted countries for this site is not too long, which means that the vast
majority of folks reading this should be able to wager there. If you don’t see
your country listed below, then you should not have any problems creating a real
money account on IW Casino.

  • Afghanistan
  • Belgium
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Italy
  • Laos
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Malaysia
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Syria
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Uganda
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Vanuatu
  • Yemen

The Sportsbook

Up first, I checked out their online sportsbook. When I first checked out
their sportsbook page, I was happy to see a page that was very well laid out and
void of large advertisements for other portions of their website.

Sports You Can Bet On

For those of you looking to make your sports wagers online, then IW Casino
has a substantial list of sports that you can bet on. In total, I found nearly
30 different sports available at the time of my review. I’ve included a list
below of the sports that you can bet on there so that you can check to see if
they offer action on your favorite sports.

There is one quick thing worth noting. The list below represents the sports
that IW Casino showcased at the time of my review. This list may not be a
complete representation of the sports that you can bet on there, as they only
list sports with active wagers available, as is common in the industry. If you
don’t see one of your favorite sports listed below, try checking back on their
site once that sport’s season has started.

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Golf
  • Volleyball
  • Formula 1
  • Baseball
  • Motorbike
  • American Football
  • Rugby
  • Australian Rules
  • Futsal
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Snooker
  • Cricket
  • Rink Hockey
  • Pool
  • Darts
  • Boxing
  • Entertainment
  • Netball
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Ski Jumping
  • Biathlon
  • Chess
  • Esports

With 29 different sports available for wager, IW Casino has an excellent
lineup. When comparing the size of their list to other online sportsbooks, it is
definitely above average. What I like about their menu is that it covers all of
the popular sports like soccer and basketball while also offering action on less
popular sports like netball and biathlon. With a list this size, almost everyone
should be able to find the sport that they are looking to bet on at IW Casino.

Live Betting

I was excited to see that IW Casino offers live betting in their online
sportsbook. Using this section, you can wager on in-play action from sporting
events that are currently underway. To access live betting on their site, click
on the “Live” link located in the top main menu bar.

Once there, you’re able to sort by sport using the menu on the left-hand side
of the page. Another nice touch of this section is that they provide an event
calendar that lets you look ahead for future live betting options. Using this
tool, you can plan your future wagers for games that you know you want to bet on
in-play action for. To access this calendar, click on the “Event-Calendar” link
located in the top right-hand corner of the live betting page.


There was one sport on their list that really caught my eye. That sport is
esports, and I was super happy to see that IW Casino has it on their list of
sports that you can bet on due to the tremendous popularity of esports wagers at
this time. Unfortunately, I still come across online sportsbooks weekly that
have yet to bring esports action to their clients.

At IW Casino, you’ll find a collection of five different popular esports
games available for wager. This is about average compared to what I see from
other online sportsbooks which offer esports wagers. Below, I’ve provided a list
of the esports that were available for bets at the time of my review.

  • CS:GO
  • Dota II
  • LOL
  • StarCraft II
  • Overwatch

If you’re a fan of betting on esports, then IW Casino should be a good spot
for you to do all of your betting action. Thanks to their coverage of the most
popular games, their lineup should work for most people.

User Interface

There were several different things that I liked about their user interface
in the sportsbook that I wanted to be sure to bring to your attention. Up first,
they have a section on the homepage of the sportsbook titled “hot bets.” Here,
you’ll find some of the wagers that are currently trending as the most popular
bets on their site. You’ll see this section in the top right-hand corner of
their sportsbook.

Something else that I liked was their odds under 2.00 link. Using this, you
can find a list of all current wagers under the 2.00 mark. What’s nice is that
once you get to that page, you can still filter down by sport to find the
perfect bet for you.

Finally, the last user interface touch that I really enjoyed was the time
slider on the homepage. Using this tool, you can select if you want to see
matches between less than one hour from now all the way up to six hours from
now. This slider tool is a handy way to limit how many wagers you’re seeing
based upon when you want to place your bets. You’ll locate this slider tool in
the middle of the left-hand side of the main sportsbook page.

Overall, I’m pleased with the sportsbook that IW Casino brings their clients.
Thanks to a long list of sports you can bet on and live betting action, they’ve
assembled a tremendous online sportsbook. That, coupled with their impressive
user interface, makes IW Casino a reliable spot for just about everyone to do
their online sports betting. If you’ve yet to check out the sportsbook for
yourself, then check it out now to see just how great it is.

The Casino

For those of you looking for an online casino home, IW Casino is one not to
miss. In their casino section of the website, I came across nearly 1,000
different casino games! With this many games, IW Casino has more to offer than
the average online casino, and it’s one of the most extensive game collections
that I’ve ever come across. Below, I’ll give you more detail about their online
casino and what you can expect to find there.

Game Variety

With nearly 1,000 casino games in their lineup, I was interested to see what
the variety mix was between game types. As expected, slots make up more than 80%
of the games, as is pretty standard for online casinos. However, don’t let that
percentage make you think that they don’t have robust representations of other
games. I also found a plentiful supply of live dealer games, table games, and
others. The only area that felt a bit light overall is their video poker
section, which only had 15 choices to select from.


At IW Casino, you’ll find a collection of casino games from a variety of
software manufacturers. From the looks of it, they source their games from a
total of eight different software providers. What I liked about this is that it
means IW Casino can provide their clients with a much more extensive collection
of games than an online casino that sticks with just one manufacturer. Included
in the list of software manufacturers at IW Casino are industry heavyweights
Microgaming, Betsoft, and more.

Audio and Video Quality

Thanks to their use of gaming software from some of the top manufacturers in
the industry, I experienced some excellent game audio and video quality during
my review. What was nice about this is that I experienced this across all of
their different game types. From slots to live dealer games, the audio and
visual quality was excellent!


Fans of online slots will absolutely love what they’ll find at IW Casino.
There, I located well over 800 different slot games! This is many more than the
average online casino by far! I was blown away by just how many they have. One
great thing about IW Casino is that they make it easy to sort by slot type using
a handy menu on the left-hand side of the page.

In their broad mix of slot games, IW Casino has a great variety of different
slot types. I found over 700 general slots, 76 3D slots, 35 classic slots, and
17 grid slots. Thanks to this vast lineup, there should be something for just
about everyone.

One thing that I noticed is that IW Casino has some slot games with
progressive jackpots. At the time of my review, I found a total of a dozen
different slots with progressive jackpots attached to them. If you’re looking
for these games, they are super easy to find by clicking on the jackpot link in
the main left-hand-side menu.

One of the best parts about the slot games on IW Casino is that you can play
all of them for free. Even better, this is true for just about every single
casino game in their lineup. The only games that I found that could not be
played for free were their live dealer casino games. If you’re on the fence
about joining IW Casino, then you should test out some of their games for free
before you sign up and deposit funds. This will quickly allow you to see if you
like playing there or not.

If you’re into name-brand games like I am, then you’ll like what you’ll find
at IW Casino. In their broad mix of slot games, I saw many different name-brand
games. Some of my favorites included Sharknado and The Three Stooges.

Unfortunately, I can’t individually list out the over 800 different slot
games available on IW Casino here. However, I have gone ahead and listed out the
top 40 of them below. Using this list, you can see if your favorite slot game is
available. To view the entire lineup of slots, be sure to check out their online
casino page.

  • Phoenix Sun
  • The King
  • Rapunzel’s Tower
  • Joker Strike
  • Great Rhino
  • Sakura Fortune
  • Pied Piper
  • Volcano Riches
  • Boomerang Bonanza
  • Sticky Bandits
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Fruitoids
  • Northern Sky
  • Hot Sync
  • Temple of Tut
  • Mighty Arthur
  • Wild Chase
  • Traces of Evidence
  • Silver Lioness 4x
  • Rolling Roger
  • Fairy Gate
  • Chitty Bang
  • King Colossus
  • 5 Mariachis
  • Dream Date
  • Archangels Salvation
  • Lucha Maniacs
  • Sevens and Fruits
  • Joker Jewels
  • Legend of Loki
  • Easter Islands
  • Lake’s Five
  • Tiger’s Claw
  • Baker’s Treat
  • Sinbad
  • Gold Lab
  • Cash Hound
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Chang’e – Goddess of
    the Moon
  • And many more!

Video Poker

I was a bit disappointed by the video poker section at IW Casino. After such
a stellar showing in the slots department, I was let down to see that they only
offer a total of 15 different video poker options. This is the amount that I see
from the typical online casino. In the future, I’d like to see them add in more
video poker games to help give their clients more options to choose from.

If video poker is your thing, then you can check out the list below of all of
the options that I found at the time of my review. Hopefully, you’ll see that IW
Casino offers your favorite versions of video poker.

  • Joker Poker
  • All American Double Up
  • Jacks or Better Double
  • Joker Wild Double Up
  • Deuces Wild Double Up
  • Joker Poker Progressive
  • Aces and Eights
  • Aces and Faces Level-Up
  • Bonus Poker
  • Deuces and Joker Poker
  • Deuces Wild
  • Five Draw Poker
  • Jacks or Better
  • All American Poker
  • Joker Wild

Table Games

Luckily, IW Casino has a solid showing in their table games department to
help make up for their lackluster video poker section. In their table games
portion of the casino, I came across more than 50 different table games,
including favorites such as roulette, craps, and blackjack. With a list of this
size, they have more table games than I typically see from most other online

IW Casino has created a good balance of different table games in this
section. They have the most extensive variety of roulette versions, but they
also have a good number of blackjack and poker games.

One fun and impressive fact about IW Casino is that they carry all three
popular versions of roulette. It’s pretty uncommon to find an online casino that
offers French, American, and European roulette all in one site. However, IW
Casino has made it happen! Along with these core versions of the game, IW Casino
also has many other variants of the game in their list.

To help you visualize the table games that you’ll find at IW Casino, I’ve
listed out the top 40 ones below. You can use this list to check and see if they
offer your favorite table games. Don’t forget to check out the table games
portion of the casino if you’d like to see their entire lineup.

  • Roulette Pro
  • Oasis Poker Pro
  • Blackjack Pro
  • Texas Hold’em Pro
  • Standard Blackjack
  • French Roulette
  • Double Exposure
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Single Deck Blackjack
  • European Roulette
  • Oasis Poker
  • Multi-Hand Blackjack
  • Roulette Crystal
  • Zoom Roulette
  • VIP Roulette
  • Craps
  • Triple Edge Poker
  • Top Card Trumps
  • Ride’em Poker
  • Super 7 Blackjack
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Blackjack VIP
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Poker 3 Heads Up
  • Pirate 21
  • Common Draw Roulette
  • European Blackjack
  • 21 Burn Blackjack
  • Premier Roulette
  • European Progressive
  • HiLo European Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Roulette 3D
  • American Roulette
  • Premier Blackjack High
  • Blackjack Reno
  • American Roulette VIP
  • European Roulette VIP
  • Multiwheel Roulette
  • And many more!

Live Casino Games

Fans of live dealer casino games will be happy campers at IW Casino. I found
47 different live dealer games at the time of my in-depth review. When comparing
their selection of live dealer games to other online casinos, it’s much higher
than what I traditionally see. The nice thing about this is that it means that
clients will have tons of options in this game format.

I made sure to test out a handful of their live dealer games during my
review. As expected, the live dealer games on their platform did not disappoint.
I was highly impressed by the quality of the video feed and the associated
software. If you’ve not tried live dealer casino games before, be sure to check
these out!

If you’re wondering what types of games you can play in the live dealer
format at IW Casino, I’ve included a list below. Here, you can check out the top
40 versions of live dealer games on their platform. To view the full lineup, be
sure to check out the live dealer section of their online casino.

  • Lightening Roulette
  • Immersive Roulette
  • Interwetten Blackjack
  • German Roulette
  • Auto Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack Classic
  • Blackjack Party
  • Casino Hold’Em
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Blackjack Common Draw
  • Dragonara Roulette
  • Speed Roulette
  • Blackjack Fortune VIP
  • Rocket Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Turkish Roulette
  • Three Card Poker
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • Live Roulette
  • Grand Casino Roulette
  • London Roulette
  • Auto Roulette VIP
  • Luxury Roulette VIP
  • Benelux Slingshot
  • VIP Roulette
  • Roulette Pro
  • Blackjack Silver
  • Blackjack Common Draw VIP
  • VIP Blackjack
  • Blackjack Grand VIP
  • Blackjack White
  • Blackjack Diamond VIP
  • Luxury VIP Blackjack
  • Blackjack Platinum VIP
  • Blackjack Pro
  • Speed Baccarat
  • Baccarat Squeeze
  • Baccarat Control Squeeze
  • And many more!

Lastly, I should point out that IW Casino also has a stellar collection of
other casino games outside of the ones that I have already covered above. In
their “Games” section of the casino, I found tons of bingo, scratch-offs,
strategy games, and more. If you’re looking for a change of pace from the
traditional casino games, then don’t miss out on all of the casual game action
available at IW Casino.

When considering the online casino at IW Casino as a whole, I’m pretty
pleased. Other than their low count of video poker options, the rest of the
casino was impressive. Thanks to their large selection of high-quality games
from multiple top software manufacturers, IW Casino has assembled one heck of an
online casino. If you’re searching for an online casino home, then definitely be
sure to check this one out to see if it’s the one for you.

Banking Options

Next up, let’s take a look at the banking methods that you can use to move
funds onto and off of IW Casino. Below, I’ve spelled out the banking methods
that were available at the time of my review. Check this list out and see if you
locate options that will work for you and your banking needs. Keep in mind that
this is critical so that you can move your money around with ease.



Minimum Deposit: $10

Deposit Timing: Instant

Bank Wire

Minimum Deposit: $10

Deposit Timing: Within 2-10 business days


Minimum Deposit: $10

Deposit Timing: Instant


Minimum Deposit: $10

Deposit Timing: Instant


Minimum Deposit: $10

Deposit Timing: Instant

Diners Club

Minimum Deposit: $10

Deposit Timing: Instant


Minimum Deposit: $10

Deposit Timing: Instant

Betting Voucher

Minimum Deposit: N/A

Deposit Timing: Instant


Minimum Deposit: N/A

Deposit Timing: Instant






Bank Wire




















Looking at their banking options as a whole, I think that IW Casino has done
a great job of assembling an excellent lineup of methods for their clients to
use. With ten deposit methods and six withdrawal methods, almost anyone out
there should find it easy to move their funds onto and off of their website. Be
sure to check out the banking section of their site to see which payment options
are the best for you and your banking needs.

Bonus Promotions

Next up, I checked out what IW Casino had to offer in their bonus department.
If you’re new to online sportsbooks and casinos, one of my favorite parts about
gambling at these sites is that they tend to offer clients lots of chances to
earn bonus cash. With that in mind, I took a look under the hood to see what all
IW Casino brought to the table. Below, you’ll see a breakdown of the promotional
offers that I found at the time of my complete review.

General Welcome Bonus

If you can’t make your mind up about if you’ll want to start first by betting
in the online casino or sportsbook at IW Casino, then you may want to consider
their general welcome bonus promotion. With this particular offer, you’ll be
able to earn up to €100 in bonus match. To make this happen, the site will match
your initial deposit Euro for Euro up to €100. Therefore, if you’d like to earn
the full €100 bonus match amount, you’ll need to deposit €100 or more.

What’s nice about this offer is that the bonus is very flexible. Instead of
only being suitable for one section of the casino, you’re welcome to use this
bonus cash in the casino, sportsbook, and live casino! Just remember that this
bonus is only good for new clients of IW Casino.

Casino 100 Free Spins Promotion

If you’re depositing more than €25 onto IW Casino, then be sure to take
advantage of this offer. Here, you’ll receive €10 of free bets on one of their
most popular casino games, Starburst or Book of Dead. With that €10, you’ll be
able to get up to 100 free spins on the game depending on how much you bet per

With this offer, you’ll be able to pick which of the two games that you’d
like to receive your credit on. Once you’ve made your €25 deposit, send an email
to [email protected] Depending on
which game you’d like the credit on, either title it “€10 Starburst” or “€10
Book of Dead.” Once their team receives this email, you’ll receive your free
spins on the following Monday. It’s worth pointing out that IW Casino may
occasionally change up the games that the free spins are good on. You’ll be able
to find the latest information on their promotion page.

Casino Reload Bonus

IW Casino also offers a great reload bonus for their clients that need to add
more funds to their betting account. Thanks to their generous reload offer,
you’ll be able to earn upwards of €400 in bonus cash! For this offer, you’ll
receive a 50% deposit match on your reload deposit. Therefore, to obtain the
full €400 maximum bonus amount, you’ll need to recharge with at least €800. Keep
in mind that the bonus funds from this promotion are only good in the casino on
the site. It’s worth pointing out that the bonus cash from this offer can be
used in their live casino, too.

Casino Slot Cashback Offer

Every Monday, you’ll be able to earn cashback on one of the most popular slot
games at IW Casino. Through this promotion, you can make up to €100 of cashback.
Here’s how it works: for every €500 that you wager on a Monday in the select
game of the week, IW Casino will give you €5 in cashback. Therefore, to score
the full maximum amount of €100, you’ll need to wager €10,000.

While I like this cashback offer, the cashback percentage is very low.
Essentially, you’re getting just 1% cash back on what you wager. Unfortunately,
not too many folks will be able to wager the minimum amount of €500 to
participate. In the future, I’d like to see IW Casino increase the cashback
amount while also lowering the threshold so that more people can take advantage
of this offer.

Casino Live Dealer Blackjack Promotion

If you’re a fan of blackjack, then this is a promotion for you to check out.
On Tuesdays, IW Casino will pay you a bonus €25 if you’re dealt a king and a
queen as your first two cards in their live dealer blackjack games. What’s nice
about this offer is that the cards don’t have to be suited, and you’ll receive
your bonus cash the next day!

Casino Live Dealer Roulette Promotion

On Wednesdays, you’ll have the chance to score some bonus cash if you’re
playing live dealer roulette at IW Casino. To score €100 of bonus, you’ll need
for the same number that you bet on to hit two times in a row. If you’re able to
accomplish this feat, your bonus €100 will be deposited by the very next day!
While it is unlikely that too many folks will be able to achieve this, it at
least helps put some extra money in your account on top of the massive winnings
that you’ll get from the regular payouts.

Sportsbook Free Mobile Bet Offer

To give clients a reason to check out their mobile-friendly website, IW
Casino has come up with this great risk-free bet offer. As part of this
promotion, you’ll receive your stake back if your first bet placed on the mobile
website isn’t a winner. IW Casino will credit you back up to €25 if your bet
qualifies. To claim this promotion, send an email titled “Mobile Cashback” to
[email protected] Once confirmed,
you’ll have the credit in your account by the next business day!

If you’ve never tried mobile betting, this is a great way to test it out with
no risk. As you’ll see in my mobile compatibility section below, IW Casino has
established an excellent online mobile sportsbook. Using this site, you can
place your sports wagers in a matter of moments.

Sportsbook 0:0 Insurance

For select soccer games, IW Casino will offer you free insurance for a tied
score. To view the select games, simply check out the promotion page. There, you
can also elect to claim the free protection so that you’re covered should the
game end in a tie. What’s great about this offer is that it is free for you to
participate in, and it offers you downside protection so that you don’t lose
your bet if the game ends tied.

Be sure to check out the terms and conditions of these offers and any others
that you’re considering before taking advantage of them. It’s essential to scan
the fine print to make sure that you don’t accidentally miss out on a critical
detail relating to the offer. I’ve done my best above to highlight all of the
essential information, but it’s still best for you to view the entire fine print
before proceeding.

As a whole, I’m relatively happy with the offers that IW Casino brings to the
table for bonuses. What I like about their bonuses is that they have a wide
variety of options to allow their clients tons of flexibility. The one
suggestion that I have for them would be to increase the amount of the potential
bonuses. This is especially true for the welcome offers. In most cases, I
traditionally see sites that offer clients the ability to earn upwards of
several thousand dollars. In the future, it would be nice to see IW Casino give
their clients with larger bankrolls the chance to make even more bonus funds.

Mobile Compatibility

The next part of my review focuses on the mobile compatibility of IW Casino.
Here, I’ll look into the mobile-friendliness of their website to let you know if
you’ll be able to play your favorite casino games and place sports wagers from
your mobile device. The good news is that IW Casino does offer a mobile version
of their website. Below, I’ll give you more detail on what that means for the
casino and sportsbook sections of their site.

Mobile Casino

Luckily, the first thing that I noticed on IW Casino’s mobile site is that
they offer casino games. Not only do they offer some, but from the looks of it,
the vast majority of the games provided on their instant-play version of the
site are also offered to their mobile customers. This is great to see, as many
online casinos severely limit the number of games available on their mobile
platform. By my estimates, it seems that more than 80% of the games on IW Casino
are on their mobile version of the website.

When testing out different versions of their casino games, I was impressed
with how good they looked and operated. It’s clear that IW Casino is using a
great website that has a quality responsive website design. No matter if I was
on my phone or tablet, the games always fit my screen just right.

Mobile Sports Betting

If you’re looking to wager on sports using a mobile device, then you’re in
luck, as IW Casino offers one of the best mobile sportsbooks that I’ve ever come
across. Thanks to their stellar mobile-friendly website, you’re able to bet on
all of their wagers using your tablet or smartphone. What’s great is that you
can place all of your sports wagers in a matter of moments as opposed to having
to drive to your local brick-and-mortar sportsbook. Be sure to check out their
mobile sports betting platform to see for yourself why IW Casino should be
considered as your sports betting home.

While using the mobile version of IW Casino, I noticed that their user
interface was excellent. Because of this, I was able to quickly find the casino
games or sports wagers that I wanted. Moving about the site was very easy. Based
on my experience, I imagine that you too will find their mobile-friendly website
very easy to navigate.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the mobile compatibility of IW Casino. Their
mobile version of the sportsbook packs all of the same punch as their main
version on the website. When it comes to their online casino, it’s got almost
all of the same games as the instant-play version, and it offers their mobile
clients plenty of choices to select from. For those of you looking to do your
casino or sports betting online, IW Casino is definitely a site that you should
consider for your online betting home.

Customer Service

The last main section of my review is focused on the customer service at IW
Casino. I never wrap up one of my complete reviews without digging into the
customer service that a site has to offer. While you might not realize this at
the moment, it’s crucial that you pick a betting site that will be there to take
care of you when you have a question or issue. Unfortunately, many folks make
the mistake of not realizing this until it’s too late.

At IW Casino, I found two different contact methods that could be used to
reach their support team. Compared to other betting sites, this is a pretty
average number of contact options. Your two options for reaching them include
using email or the telephone.

The first contact option for IW Casino is email. Here, you’re able to use
your email provider to send an email to their team. Then, their team will get
back to you, usually in 24 hours or less. Whenever I sent in emails to their
support, I always received a helpful reply in less than 24 hours. This response
time is pretty standard for the online casino and sportsbook realm. If you’d
like to contact IW Casino via email, send an email to the address below.

Next up, I also made sure to test out their telephone support. Here, I made
sure to call them numerous times at different times of the day. Luckily, I was
always quickly connected with one of their agents, and I got very friendly and
quality support on each call. To reach IW Casino’s support team using the
telephone, directly call the support phone number listed below.

  • IW Casino Telephone Support: 0035-6-23 276 355

While the telephone and email support from IW Casino were excellent, I was
very disappointed to see that they do not offer live chat support at this time.
With as good as the rest of the casino is, I was stunned to see that they did
not have this functionality on their site. For me, live chat is my preferred
method to contact customer service since I can do it while I’m on the site and I
can get help almost immediately. Moving forward, I really hope that we’ll see IW
Casino offer this service to their clients to give them another option to reach
their team.

One cool thing about the customer service at IW Casino is that they offer
their support in ten different languages. This is a very nice touch that allows
folks from around the world to receive help in their native tongue, and it’s not
something that I see all too often from other sites. At the time of my review,
support was available in English, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Swedish, French,
Portuguese, German, Croatian, and Italian. I imagine that we’ll continue to see
IW Casino offer more languages support as they continue to expand and grow.

For the most part, I’m pleased with the customer service that IW Casino has
to offer. I have no doubts that you’ll be well taken care of should you have a
question or problem. With their current phone and email support, their team
should be able to help you quickly. As I mentioned above, my only wish for this
department is to see them add in live chat functionality sooner rather than
later so that their clients have one other contact option to choose from.


If you’ve skipped ahead to this summary, allow me to catch you up on all of
the awesomeness happening at IW Casino. In their sportsbook, you’ll find a
massive selection of sports that you can bet on along with live betting action.
Then, in their online casino, you’ll find nearly 1,000 casino games to bet on,
including live dealer games. On top of all of that, they have a great lineup of
bonus options along with excellent customer service.

Luckily, there isn’t too much that IW Casino can improve to make it better.
They’ve done a pretty bang-up job across the board, as I mentioned above. The
two main areas that I think they could improve in are their coverage of video
poker and the size of the potential bonuses. If they can make improvements here,
IW Casino will be nearly perfect all around.


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to do all of your online sports and
casino betting, then IW Casino should be on your short list of potentials. Based
on everything that I saw during my review, they’ve put together one of the best
combination online sportsbooks and casinos in the industry. If you’re looking
for a large selection of video poker games or more substantial bonus-earning
potential, then this site might not be for you. However, I bet that IW Casino
would be an excellent fit for most folks out there.


Lastly, I’ll leave you with a handful of frequently asked questions that I’ve
heard about IW Casino. If you’ve come this far and not yet found an answer to a
question that you have, hopefully, I’ll help you clear it up here. To view the
answer to a question below, click on it, and the answer will appear.

Is there a mobile version of IW Casino?

Yes! Luckily, IW Casino has developed a fantastic mobile-friendly version of
their site. There, you can place mobile bets on sports and casino games. To
learn more about this, make sure to check out the section above on mobile

Does IW Casino provide a downloadable version of their casino and

At this time, there is not a version of IW Casino that can be downloaded. You
can wager in their online casino or sportsbook using either their instant-play
regular website or their mobile-friendly website. If you’re looking for a site
that offers a downloadable version, then you’ll need to search for another
potential online betting site.

Can I bet on in-play action at IW Casino?

Luckily, IW Casino does offer live betting in their online sportsbook. There,
you’ll be able to place sports bets on events that are currently underway. Just
click on the “Live” tab of the main menu to see all of the current in-play
betting action available at that time.

Can I play any of the casino games for free on this site?

Yes! At IW Casino, you’re able to play almost all of their casino games for
free. The only games that I came across that could not be played for free were
their live dealer games. If you’re thinking about joining IW Casino, be sure to
use this free-play option to check out their games before you deposit funds into
your account.