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Nitrogen Sports Review

US Players: US Players Are Accepted
Online Since: 2012
No Welcome Bonus at This Time
License: Costa Rica
Software: Proprietary
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Allows completely anonymous online gambling
  • Very well-designed and easy to navigate user interface
  • Great sports betting and casino promotions and prize pools
  • No traditional welcome bonus or first deposit bonus for new players
  • No live chat or phone support
No Welcome Bonus at This Time
Overall 80%
Game Variety 60%
Cashouts 80%
Bonuses 70%
Customer Service 70%
User Interface 100%

If the Matrix was an online sportsbook and online casino site, it would more
than likely be exactly like Nitrogen Sports! At least that was my first
impression of this online sports betting site, anyway.

There are hundreds and hundreds of online casinos, poker sites, bingo sites,
and sportsbooks on the net today. If you consider the boom period that the
online gambling industry is currently undergoing, those figures are set to rise
dramatically during 2018, as more and more users are turned on to the excitement
and convenience of online gambling.

Adding even more fuel to this ever-expanding fire is the astoundingly rapid
advances that have been made in mobile gaming technology just over the past two
years alone. More and more new and seasoned online gamblers are starting to
switch over to mobile gambling options instead. This is mainly because advances
such as HTML5 mobile browser technology have made it possible to experience the
same level of gaming on mobile that were previously only possible from a desktop

So what does all this mean for the online gambling industry in 2017? It means
that any online sportsbook, online casino, poker site, or bingo site that
doesn’t get with the program is doomed to extinction!

This is why I decided to really get intense with a few hand-picked online
gambling sites, creating mega-huge reviews that really unpack their offerings
for you. I deconstruct each of the recommended online gambling sites to see how
they tick, how they stack up against each other, and what you will find when
visiting any one of them.

With years of experience in the industry, I’ve pretty much seen it all, both
in the brick-and-mortar gambling world and the virtual gambling world. I know
what it takes to make a great online gambling experience and know what to look
for in order to offer you the exact same high-quality experience.

You may have noticed that my online gambling reviews are super long. That’s
because if you really want to get down to the nitty-gritty of any online
gambling site, you can’t do that in just a few short sentences or paragraphs.
You need to dig deeper, read deeper, and unpack everything, expose the good with
the bad. As the old saying goes, this is certainly a ‘warts and all’ type of
online gambling review.

Now, you may already know that Nitrogen Sports is a well-known sportsbook in
Canada and many other parts of the world. However, what you may not yet know is
that they now also offer a great online casino option. While this massive and
pretty explosive Nitrogen Sports review will touch on a few things on their
sports betting side, the bulk of this review is actually dedicated to their new
and improved online casino.

This does not necessarily mean that this review is dedicated to online casino
gamers all over Canada as well as other parts of the world. On the contrary,
even the toughest and saltiest online sports bettor enjoys a game or two on the
slots, a round of hot blackjack, hitting red or black at the roulette table, or
pulling the ultimate bluff at the poker table. That’s who this review is aimed
at: today’s modern online gambler that enjoys a bit of everything, from betting
on tonight’s hockey game to hitting the big progressive jackpot during the

Ratings Breakdown


Nitrogen Sports is not your average or typical online sportsbook and casino;
these guys are deliberately trying to do something different. This means that
they will either appeal to you, or you will definitely not want to gamble there.

Nitrogen Sports punt themselves as the future of online gambling, which
includes sports betting, casino gaming, and poker. To this end, you will not
find all your regular features, such as multiple payment options, since this
site is Bitcoin-only.

The same can be said for their support (no live chat) and their bonuses (no
welcome bonus). However, if you’re looking for something different, this is
definitely your best bet.

Game Variety

Nitrogen Sports actually started out as just an online sportsbook and only
added an online casino at a much later stage. They also do not use any regular
online software brands, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, or any of the

Nitrogen designs and builds all of their casino games in-house, which
basically means you have a very limited range of casino games to choose from.
Currently, there are only seven games available, which include three versions of
blackjack, one baccarat game, one three-card poker game, one slot game, and a
dice game.

While the games are highly original and innovative, players looking for a
massive collection of casino games will be disappointed.


Nitrogen Sports is one of the few online sportsbooks and casinos that rely
exclusively on Bitcoin for all of their cashouts. While some online sportsbooks
and/or casinos only offer regular payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, and
eWallets, others offer the chance to deposit in Bitcoin and gamble in
traditional currencies.

However, Nitrogen has taken the Bitcoin (or cryptocurrency) concept all the
way by operating exclusively in Bitcoin. This means that you will not be able to
find any other form of traditional payment option, such as credit or debit card,
eWallet, prepaid cards, bank transfers, or checks on their site. In order to use
Nitrogen Sports, you will need to have a Bitcoin wallet, buy Bitcoin, and
deposit the same in order to play their games.


Fans of welcome bonus offers may be a bit disappointed to learn that there is
no actual dedicated welcome or first-deposit bonus offer available at Nitrogen
Sports – at least not at this stage. Instead, Nitrogen has a few fairly
interesting and ongoing promotions that revolve mainly around their sports
betting side, including an NFL Survival Pool, NBA Underdog Challenge, and a
Parlay Jackpot.

Customer Service

While the level of customer service available at Nitrogen Sports is very
good, the fact that there are only two actual channels of communication
available brings their score down a bit. There is no actual live chat support
available at Nitrogen, nor is there any sort of phone support. Instead, players
have to rely on their support ticket system, which works a bit like email
support, or a dedicated and separate email support address.

User Interface

I absolutely dig the Nitrogen Sports user interface, and if you prefer a
clever, modern, and high-tech style of interface, I am positive you’ll love it
too. While most online betting sites still follow certain traditional design
elements, with sportsbooks getting the ‘sporty’ treatment and casinos getting
the ‘Vegas’ treatment, the Nitrogen Sports user interface is an entirely
different animal.

Forget about all the clichés and be prepared to be blown away when you use
the exquisitely-designed user interface. Nitrogen successfully manages to
combine a futuristic interactive interface with a minimalist layout.

A simple ‘hamburger’ icon expands or collapses your menu of options. In
collapsed mode, all you get is a series of grey icons down the left side of the
page, and hovering your mouse over each reveals its specific purpose. In
expanded mode, you are able to access all of the key features, including
cashier, support, settings, personal account, promotions, and much more. Full
marks have been given for one of the most elegant, functional, and aesthetically
perfect designs that I have ever used.

Who Are They?

Nitrogen Sports is a fairly new kid on the block and is doing its level best
to really shake things up in an already tired industry. Nitrogen Sports
originally launched in 2012 with the intention of creating an entirely new way
of gambling online, right off the bat.

For starters, Nitrogen Sports is one of the few online gambling sites that
actually allows completely anonymous online gambling. The idea of not having to
provide any personal details to an online casino or sportsbook is still quite a
new thing. Most online gambling sites require a ton of personal information,
which includes your credit card details, physical address, and so on. To be able
to create a simple player account at Nitrogen Sports, load your BTC (Bitcoin)
anonymously, and play in the same way is extremely enticing. In fact, many are
now hailing anonymous online gambling sites such as Nitrogen Sports and others
as the future of online gambling, not just in Canada, but the world over.

Nitrogen Sports features licensing and regulation by the government of Costa
Rica. Not being licensed by any of the major bodies, such as Malta Gaming
Authority or UK Gambling Commission, may at first seem like a negative. However,
keep in mind that a Costa Rica license at least allows them to permit players
from the USA a slice of the action.

Nitrogen Sports is an incredibly advanced and modern online gambling site and
really does its level best to show online sports bettors and casino gamblers
just how gambling will look in the future, right now. Since the site is an
entirely exclusive Bitcoin site, they have created extensive blogs to help
non-Bitcoin-savvy players adjust to the massive change.

Getting to understand and use a Bitcoin online casino be quite a steep
learning curve, depending on your current understanding of all things internet.
However, Nitrogen has made it as easy as possible to not only understand how
their Bitcoin-powered site works, but also offer useful advice and links to
understanding the entire Bitcoin currency concept as well.

There are plenty of benefits to using Bitcoin online, and it seems almost as
if this popular cryptocurrency was invented for the express purpose of gambling
online. Bitcoin allows users to be completely anonymous, something that many
online gamblers find very appealing indeed. This isn’t for reasons you might
think, though. Being anonymous online, especially at an online gambling site,
does not necessarily mean you’re up to no good. On the contrary, it means that
you can enjoy much higher levels of online security when compared to users of
credit cards, debit cards, and even many eWallets.

Bitcoin is also lightning fast when it comes to making deposits or
withdrawals, since the entire process is virtual, moving from the site to your
Bitcoin wallet. So, while it may at first appear that Nitrogen Sports has shot
themselves in the foot by deliberately excluding many conventional payment
options, the opposite is true.

To sum up what I know about Nitrogen Sports: they have a world-class sports
betting and online casino that is light years ahead of their rivals. In place of
a regular boring and predictable sportsbook or casino site, there’s something
that looks a lot more like how you might gamble in the future. You can be
completely anonymous at Nitrogen Sports, and enjoy lightning fast payments,
thanks to cutting-edge Bitcoin payment options.

Software Partners

I spent quite a considerable amount of time searching the Nitrogen Sports
website for some evidence of who they have decided to partner with. Let’s just
say that these guys aren’t all that forthcoming with this information. So, I did
a bit of research and found out some interesting things.

True to form and sticking with their rather unique and maverick approach to
online casino gaming, Nitrogen Sports has decided to bypass the regular
arrangement with various online casino software brands. In other words, you will
not find any online casino games from the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt,
Playtech, NextGen Gaming, or any of the other world-class software providers.

It probably makes sense to Nitrogen to forego partnerships with software
brands that are going to end up populating their futuristic online casino with
more or less the same sort of casino game you would find at just about any other
casino online. This would certainly not be in keeping with their concept of ‘the
future of online gambling’.

So Nitrogen Sports did the only other thing an online gambling site can do to
be interesting, original, and competitive. They came up with their very own
proprietary online casino game software. This has allowed them to create unique,
one-of-a-kind casino games in their very own style. They do not need to follow
any rules or conventions, since they believe they are carving out new territory
online anyway.

I found this to be quite gutsy and refreshing, although there are one or two
slight downsides to this approach. For one thing, not going with popular or
tried-and-trusted industry-recognized online casino software brands means that
there is no way to trace their software certification. Using software brands
like Microgaming or NetEnt means that players can be sure of the safety and
fairness of their games.

Secondly, since the games are essentially being developed in-house, the range
that players can currently choose from is severely limited. At the time of
writing this review, Nitrogen Sports had seven individual, bespoke games on
offer. The layout of their games is great, with a cool and rather unique hexagon
honeycomb layout. Hovering your mouse over any of these hexagons will light it
up, letting you know it’s ready for play. Since the range is really limited,
instead of listing tons of games in their library, I’m going to take you through
each one of their unique casino games.


As I touched upon a little earlier, I really like the way the gaming page at
Nitrogen Sports is designed. The cool hexagonal and interactive honeycomb looks
amazing. Hovering over any one of the options flips that particular cell around
for the “play now” option. There are currently only seven games available on the
Nitrogen Sports casino game page.

However, thanks to the rather innovative honeycomb structure of the casino
games page, it looks as if there are spaces available for more games to be added
in the future, which is great news. In fact, when Nitrogen first introduced
their online casino, they only had four games available – three blackjack games
and a dice game.

Currently, Nitrogen Sports only features a single slot game option.
Apparently this is an entirely new addition, and I’m hoping that there are more
on the way. Since Nitrogen creates all of their games “in-house,” there is no
way to know when or if new games are in the pipeline. The only way is to keep
logging in to check, or, alternatively, subscribe to their newsletter.

There are definitely some benefits to creating their own unique software and
games; they really don’t look like anything else on the web. Every game in the
Nitrogen casino has a unique style, and while they incorporate the basic rules
of standard casino games, they have completely reinvented the user interface in
these games.

The one and only slot game that is available in their casino hexagonal matrix
is simply titled “slots,” which is another indicator that they plan to add more
slot games in the future. Clicking on it will take you to a separate page, where
you can play the available game.

The Nitrogen Sports slot game is called Knockout, and is based on a boxing
theme. Since they are predominantly a sportsbook, this actually makes sense and
ties in quite nicely to the overall sporty, high-energy theme that they are
trying to convey.

As expected, the game is structured around their own proprietary software and
styling, although it does still resemble a slot game. However, the structure of
the slot runs along a more classic three-reel structure with a single payline
smack in the middle. If five-reel 3D video slots are your thing, you may be a
bit disappointed with their first slot game.

However, I still think that the Nitrogen Sports Knockout slot is fun to play,
and pretty straightforward, too. All you have to do is line up various symbols,
which include red or blue boxing gloves, round 1 or round 2 bell symbols, and so

The really important thing to remember here is that this game is played
totally using BTC and not regular currency. I am kind of in new territory here,
and even though their first slot game may appear to be a bit basic, it really
means potentially huge things for the future.

Knockout offers a range of features and controls, allowing you to decide how
much BTC you want to spend per spin, or to auto spin, adjust built-in effects,
alter game speed, and all sorts of other settings. The slot is actually quite
fun to play and I’m hoping to see plenty more coming from the in-house design
team in the near future.


There are three options available for
blackjack aficionados to choose from. The first option is a single-deck
blackjack game, while the second is a two-deck blackjack game. The third option
gives you a full eight decks to play from.

As with their slots game option, clicking on any one of the three blackjack
icons reveals a unique and very futuristic blackjack game interface. This is
totally different from any other online casino game you have played before.
However, the actual rules of the games are exactly as they are in any other
version of online blackjack (with the exception of more specialized versions).

At the top of the blackjack game screen, there’s the now-familiar Nitrogen
Sports catchphrase “The Future of (in this case) Blackjack.” It is important at
this stage to also point out that all of these table and card games are virtual.
You will not be getting your blackjack hands from a real dealer in these games.

The game interface features the familiar white and red of Nitrogen Sports,
and includes an array of useful controls and buttons at the bottom of the
screen. It has that cool Bladerunner kind of feel to it, and I really love that
about it. You have the option to increase your bet size from the minimum of
0.001 BTC up to the maximum bet set on the Nitrogen Sports blackjack games,
which depend on which one you are playing.

Other useful buttons include an ‘Original Bet’ button, 1/2 Bet button, X2 Bet
button, and the Max Bet button.

Rules of Nitrogen Sports Single Deck Blackjack are:

  • Number of decks: 1 Deck
  • Dealer Hits Soft 17
  • Cannot Double After Split
  • Can Double on Any
  • Up to 3 Split(s)
  • Can Re-split Aces
  • Can Hit Split Aces
  • Only Lose Original Bet on Blackjack
  • Cannot Late Surrender
  • Surrender Payout: 1:2
  • Straight Payout: 1:1
  • Insurance Payout: 2:1
  • Blackjack Payout: 6:5
  • Blackjack Maximum Bet Amount: 15

Rules of Nitrogen Sports Two Deck Blackjack Game are:

  • Number of decks: 2 Decks
  • Dealer Hits Soft 17
  • Can Double After Split
  • Can Double on Any
  • Up to 3 Split(s)
  • Can Re-split Aces
  • Can Hit Split Aces
  • Only Lose Original Bet on Blackjack
  • Cannot Late Surrender
  • Surrender Payout: 1:2
  • Straight Payout: 1:1
  • Insurance Payout: 2:1
  • Blackjack Payout: 6:5
  • Blackjack Maximum Bet Amount: 10

Rules of Nitrogen Sports Eight Deck Blackjack Game are:

  • Number of decks: 8 Decks
  • Dealer Hits Soft 17
  • Cannot Double After Split
  • Can Double on Any
  • Up to 3 Split(s)
  • Can Re-split Aces
  • Can Hit Split Aces
  • Only Lose Original Bet on Blackjack
  • Cannot Late Surrender
  • Surrender Payout: 1:2
  • Straight Payout: 1:1
  • Insurance Payout: 2:1
  • Blackjack Payout: 3:2
  • Blackjack Maximum Bet Amount: 6


Aside from three versions of blackjack, Nitrogen Sports also offers a
baccarat game. Clicking on the baccarat game option will take you to a separate
page, where you can essentially choose between two versions of the game.

Nitrogen Sports baccarat works in a similar way to online poker or bingo
rooms. You can choose to either play single-player baccarat or multiplayer
baccarat. Clicking on either option will bring up a list of currently available
games, or games that are about to start.

Clicking on multiplayer baccarat, for example, will take you to a simple
graphic of a baccarat table. Perhaps it is a deliberate aesthetic element that
Nitrogen is going with here, giving it a more sports-betting-like style. I’ve
already seen this in their slot game, so it does make sense that they would
stick to an overall sporty styling, even with their casino games.

Having said that, not everyone is going to like the way that the baccarat
tables at Nitrogen Sports look. They certainly are a far cry from the usual
baccarat tables you would find at virtually any other online casino. However, if
you are already into the whole vibe of Nitrogen Sports, and accept their version
of what online gambling is going to be like in the future, their baccarat tables
should appeal to you.

Aside from all aesthetic considerations, Nitrogen Sports baccarat follows the
same basic gameplay as any other version of the game. You have three basic
betting positions to consider: either betting on the Banker position, the Player
position, or a Tie bet between the two.

Each table option begins with a start screen, where you choose between
logging into a multiplayer baccarat game or a single-player baccarat game. The
baccarat page contains squares (or tables) with additional information relevant
to each available game option. This includes data such as minimum and maximum
bet in BTC, betting time out, hand reveals time out, the name of the baccarat
room or group, the number of players (in a multiplayer game) in the room, and an
option to go to the table.

There are a few additional features available once you have clicked on the
‘go to table’ option. The main portion of your screen is devoted to the rather
simple overhead graphic of the baccarat table. It looks a bit like an overhead
shot of an ice hockey rink. The rectangular baccarat table is bisected in the
middle by a line and circle. The left side of the line is reserved for the
Player, the right side for the Banker. The middle circle portion is reserved for
the Tie bet position.

The table is clearly marked with the betting odds relevant to each option,
with Player marked as a 1 To 1 bet, Banker marked as a 1 To 1 bet (Super 6/Punto
2000), and Tie marked as an 8 To 1 bet payout. The bottom of the screen, right
below the graphic baccarat table layout, is where you will see current and past
game result stats. It is all very sporty, and is more akin to betting on a
sports event than it is playing a casino game (as I said, you’ll either love it
or hate it).

The result stats are color-coded, with blue representing the Player position,
green representing the Tie position, and red representing the Banker position.
Another useful feature is the results percentage for each option, which is
placed next to the color code. For example, a round of baccarat could see Player
at 60%, Tie at 0%, and Banker at 40%. This is a great way to see at a glance how
a particular baccarat table has been running, and one could then make a
reasonable bet accordingly. Finally, like any good bingo room or poker room,
Nitrogen Sports baccarat rooms have a chat feature, allowing you to interact
with other players, see what the games have been like, and just socialize a
little while you play.

Three-Card Poker

The final card game option available in the Nitrogen Sports casino is their
version of three-card poker. Just like their baccarat option, clicking on the
three-card poker icon will take you to a separate page. The layout and structure
of the three-card poker page are very similar to their baccarat page, and offer
several options.

Again, it is possible to select between a single-player game and a
multiplayer game, both marked in two separate squares or tables. These areas
contain additional information and gaming options, including minimum and maximum
bets in BTC for each game that is currently on the go or about to take place.
They also tell you how many players are currently active in the game, the name
of that particular three-card poker room, and the betting time out.

Clicking on the ‘Go to Table’ button will then open up a simple graphical
representation of a poker table, similar to the one seen in their baccarat game.
It seems that Nitrogen Sports really is deliberately going for this interesting,
almost minimalist style in their casino, giving it a more utilitarian and sporty
look and feel. There are five positions available at the three-card poker table,
allowing for a maximum of five players for any given game.

Each position at the three-card poker table is clearly marked with several
options, including Pair Plus, 6 Card Bonus, Ante (positioned in a diamond shape
just below the previous two options), and a square beneath that marked Play.
Additional features include a Get Balance button, which displays your current
overall BTC balance and a menu button. The menu button contains mini sliders
which allow you to switch sounds, animations, and chat features on or off, and
access game rules or allow you to leave the table.

If you have perhaps never played three-card poker before, or were wondering
why it isn’t simply a part of Nitrogen Sports’ regular poker page, let’s take a
closer look at how three-card poker actually works. Essentially, the game is
similar to other table poker games in terms of basic strategy and rules, but is
slightly simplified in order to present a faster game overall.

There are essentially two main elements or modes of play in a three-card
poker game: the Ante and the Play wagers. These are basically bets on either the
Dealer hand or the Player hand, quite similar to baccarat in this way.

Each hand starts with an ante wager, after which cards are dealt to players.
You can then choose to either Fold your hand, which results in you surrendering
your ante wager, or Play, which requires you to raise your wager and play your
hand. The two other positions marked on the table, Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus,
are optional or additional side bets.

The Pair Plus wager is paid on a basic pay scale and is essentially a bet
placed that says you will have a pair or better hand. The 6 Card Bonus is also
paid on a basic pay scale and is a bet that the best five-card hand (between the
player and the dealer) will be a three-of-a-kind or better hand.

Once all of these different wagering options (Ante, Pair Plus, 6 Card Bonus)
have been placed, three cards are then dealt to each player at the table, as
well as to the dealer. Any player that has only placed an Ante wager will then
have the opportunity to either fold their hand or place a Play wager which is
equal to their initial Ante wager. All hands in the game are then revealed, and
wins are paid out accordingly. The dealer must also be able to produce a Queen
High or better to qualify. The qualifying dealer hand will be compared to player
hands to determine winners and payouts based on the following pay tables.

Highest to Lowest order of Nitrogen Sports Three-Card Poker Hand Rankings:

  • Straight Flush
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Pair
  • High Card

Nitrogen Sports Three-Card Poker Payout Values:

Ante Bonus Payouts:

  • Straight Flush = 3:1
  • Three of a Kind = 2:1
  • Straight = 1:1

Pair Plus Payouts:

  • Straight Flush = 40:1
  • Three of a Kind = 30:1
  • Straight = 6:1
  • Flush = 3:1
  • Pair = 1:1

6 Card Bonus Payouts:

  • Royal Flush = 1000:1
  • Straight Flush = 200:1
  • Four of a Kind = 50:1
  • Full House = 25:1
  • Flush = 15:1
  • Straight = 10:1
  • Three of a Kind = 5:1


Of all the games that are available at the Nitrogen Sports casino, dice is
probably the most interesting and the most popular. Dice is Nitrogen’s chance to
really step away from conventional online casino gambling and go to town with
their proprietary software, as well as their overall ethos in “the future of
online gambling.”

Now, before you jump to any conclusions about Nitrogen Sports’ dice game, I’m
going to tell you right off the bat that this is not like a traditional kind of
dice game, such as craps, found in popular casino games. There are no actual
six-sided dice at play here; the game merely uses the same basic form of
gameplay as one would use in a dice game. The ‘dice’ are virtual things and are
actually based on random number probability.

The digital dice have values that are set between 0 and 99.99, and the idea
behind this game is to predict where the ‘dice’ or spin will land on a number
that is either higher or lower than a set value. However, what makes this game
of dice really interesting is that you, the player, get to set the odds. In
other words, you can click on the game’s higher or lower buttons to adjust your
chances of winning (percentage) between 0.01 and 98.0, which will then determine
the number that you need to be above or below to win.

There are various option fields that you can adjust, which will either
increase your risk and subsequently increase your winning amount, or lower your
risk, which will give you a higher chance of winning but at lower rewards.

Nitrogen Sports’ dice game contains several adjustable fields, including:

  • Bet Amount: The amount that you want to put on your next spin
  • Win Chance: Expressed as a percentage between 0.01 and 98.0
  • Payout: The payout odds that will be applied to your next spin
  • Low/High: Allows you to adjust results below 50.49 (Low) or above 50.49

Any adjustments made to one of these fields will have an automatic effect on
the values in other fields. It is extremely easy to use and can be a great deal
of fun once you get the hang of the game.

Live Casino

Currently, Nitrogen Sports does not feature a live dealer casino option,
which may disappoint fans of this exciting new addition to online casino gaming.
I pretty much expected this to be the case once I opened up the Nitrogen Sports
casino page and found there to be only seven casino gaming options available.
While the seven gaming options are interesting and well designed, the lack of a
live dealer casino option certainly does detract a little from the platform.

Granted, it is still the early days for the Nitrogen Sports online casino’s
side of things, and they may yet add a live dealer casino option in the very
near future. However, seeing as how they don’t seem to like or want to use
standard online casino software partners such as Evolution Gaming or Playtech
(both leaders in the live dealer casino arena), I don’t see this as a likely

On the other hand, since they do seem quite keen on pursuing casino table
games as their preferred casino gaming platform, adding a live dealer casino
gaming option makes the most sense. This is because live dealer casino games
only revolve around the four cornerstone casino games of baccarat (which they
already have a version of), roulette, poker, and blackjack (again, they have
versions of this game).

In fact, I could actually imagine Nitrogen Sports coming up with their very
own version of a live dealer casino platform. That is, if the styling and
gameplay of their current online casino gaming options are anything to go by. I
could easily see how well a live dealer casino platform could fit in with their
current offerings, and could even be the very next hexagonal honeycomb cell on
their awesome-looking casino games page.

In case you’ve gotten this far in my live casino gaming section and are
wondering just what the heck a live dealer casino is, here’s a quick crash

A live dealer, or simply the live casino, is basically exactly what it sounds
like. Thanks to a few incredible breakthroughs in live video streaming and
expanded bandwidth capabilities, virtually all top online casinos are now able
to offer their customers an actual live casino experience.

Up until just a few years ago, online casino players had to be content with a
virtual representation of a casino game (obviously not slots); I’m talking
roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and craps mainly. Even with the latest 3D
technology, virtual casino games lacked that real casino intensity and

However, thanks to the breakthroughs mentioned a little earlier and top
online casino software brands like Playtech and Evolution Gaming, you can now
enjoy an actual, real live casino experience on your computer. Games are
streamed in real time from the dedicated state-of-the-art studios (some are even
streamed from actual casinos) to your desktop device. All you have to do is log
into the game and start betting. You can see real tables, real dealers and
croupiers, real cards, and real chips. You can interact with live dealers in a
live chat system, and you can even tip them.

Banking Options

Banking options at Nitrogen Sports are very simple and direct, and consist of
a single payment option for both deposits and withdrawals. Nitrogen Sports is
about as modern and cutting-edge as you can get with an online gambling site,
and as such uses only cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin for all

This essentially means that, if you were planning on using your Visa or
MasterCard credit or debit card, or your Neteller or Skrill account, you will be
out of luck. In order to fund your sports betting, poker playing, or casino
gaming at Nitrogen Sports, you will first have to set up a Bitcoin wallet and
buy Bitcoin to deposit. Fortunately, Nitrogen makes the entire Bitcoin process
super easy and even includes a few in-depth guides on how to set up a Bitcoin
wallet, how to buy Bitcoin online, how to deposit with Bitcoin, and how to make
fast and secure withdrawals.

The Nitrogen Sports cashier is very easy to use, and, like most of the site,
requires a bit of adjusting to, since it is a bit different than your average
online sportsbook or casino cashier. However, once adjusted, players soon
realize the benefits of depositing and withdrawing in BTC, as it offers one of
the safest and fastest ways to fund a player account or withdraw winnings. Best
of all, transactions can be completely anonymous.


Bitcoin Only

Fee: NA

Pending Time: Instant


Bitcoin Only

Fee: NA

Pending Time: instant or within 24 hours

Bonus Offers and Promotions

Nitrogen Sports does not offer any sort of traditional welcome bonus or first
deposit bonus for new players. I found this to be a bit surprising, but at the
same time, it does fit into their overall future-of-online-gambling mission

There are essentially three main promotions that are ongoing at Nitrogen
Sports, which are themed around their sportsbook but also work for their online
casino (at least one does). The main casino promotion at Nitrogen is called a
Parlay Jackpot, and even though it sounds like a sportsbook promotion, is
actually for their casino.

The Parlay Jackpot essentially consists of multiple prize pools which you can
bet on in the hopes of winning that particular prize pool’s main jackpot prize.
The three main prize pools are the featherweight, middleweight, and heavyweight
prize pools. Each of these prize pools comes with their own betting requirements
and rules, as well as prize money allocations.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Featherweight betting limit is 0.01 BTC and has a prize pool worth 10% of the
    allocated jackpot prize total.
  • Middleweight betting limit is 0.1 BTC and has a prize pool worth 30% of the
    awarded jackpot prize total.
  • Heavyweight betting does not have any maximum betting limit and has the
    largest prize pool percentage share at 60% of the awarded jackpot prize pool.

If you love playing online poker, you may enjoy the Nitrogen Sports poker
loyalty rewards program. Simply called Nitro Rewards, loyalty reward points can
be earned based on the rake-contributed poker hands. Poker players can earn
loyalty points which are worth 2.5x the raked amount. The more Nitro Rewards
points you earn, the higher your loyalty rewards level will be in the following

Nitrogen Sports naturally features a couple of very popular sports betting
promotions, which allow Nitrogen members to earn tons of BTC. The two main
sports betting promotions currently available are:

Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool: All you have to do to win your NFL
Survivor Pool is be the last bettor standing by simply correctly predicting the
winner of one pro NFL football game every week. The main restriction here is
that you can only pick one team one time during the season.

The Nitrogen NBA Underdog Challenge: One of the most popular of all Nitrogen
Sports promotions, the NBA X Challenge sees bettors get the opportunity to win
an extra 0.1 BTC with their NBA basketball bets.

Aside from these great sports betting and casino promotions and prize pools,
Nitrogen Sports also features their own onsite Nitrogen Sports Shop. The
Nitrogen Shop features tons of great merchandise, which includes branded tops
and hoodies, baseball caps, mugs, and all sorts of other goodies. You can use
your BTC or loyalty points to purchase many of these items, and it is also
possible to purchase them separately with your credit or debit card.

Customer Service

As with the rest of the Nitrogen Sports website and overall package, customer
support is a bit different from other online sportsbooks or online casinos. Most
online gambling sites will usually offer a comprehensive range of support
options, including live chat, email, and phone support. However, Nitrogen Sports
does not technically have a live chat support option in the normal sense.
Instead, they offer what they call “Live Support Ticketing.”

From this point of view, Nitrogen Sports’ customer support is a bit of a
mixed bag, since they do offer modern and innovative support, but it’s not
conventional enough for those that prefer it. In other words, if you are the
type of gambler that is accustomed to simply clicking on a live chat support
window and connecting to a support agent in a minute or less, you may be
disappointed with Nitrogen’s ticket support system.

To compound the issue somewhat, while they do say that their ticket support
system is essentially “live,” it can take up to 24 hours (or more) to get your
ticket addressed. This kind of support performance is more along the lines of
email support, which can be quite frustrating for some, particularly if your
issue is rather more urgent. Furthermore, although there is an actual email
address, which can be used for most issues, queries, or attachments, there is no
phone support, so it’s either their live ticket support system or email support.

Email Support

Email support for all Nitrogen Sports customers, including casino and poker
players, can be accessed through the above support email address. Email support
is very good, with the majority of emails addressed and turned around within 48
hours of being sent off.

Live Chat Support

As mentioned a bit earlier in this section, Nitrogen Sports does not offer an
actual live chat support interface the way that other online sportsbooks or
online casinos do. You will not see any live chat icon on any of their pages for
quick live support. Instead, you can click on the support link from their main
user menu. This will take you to a separate support page, where you can access
their live ticket support system.

This is as close as you will get to any sort of live chat support, and the
system works in a similar way to email support. All that you need to do is pick
a category that you require support in from the bottom right of the ticket
window. Next, fill in the message window with a more detailed description of
your problem or query. Once completed, simply click on the ‘Submit Ticket’
button to complete the request. Most tickets are answered or addressed within 24

Phone Support

Nitrogen Sports does not offer any sort of phone support on their website.
You have the option of using either their somewhat faster ticket support system
or their email support system.

User Interface

I appreciate the Nitrogen Sports user interface for its unique look and feel,
as well as its innovative overall design. On the whole, the Nitrogen Sports’
user interface takes a bit of getting used to; it’s quite different than just
about any other online sportsbook and/or casino. However, once you’ve adjusted
to the way the Nitrogen Sports user interface works, you may not go back to any
other online betting site.

The Nitrogen Sports user interface neatly straddles the line between
minimalist and fanciful, but is most certainly extremely functional. The guys at
Nitrogen boldly claim that their site is the future of online gambling, and for
many, it is. The user interface is beautifully designed in grays and reds, with
a clean and very easy-to-read layout. Navigating the site is super-fast, with
the three main gambling options – sports, casino, and poker – at the very top of
the main menu.

You can easily expand or collapse the menu to access various features,
including cashier, promotions, account settings, wagers, and much more. A nice
touch is the ability to completely collapse the menu to the far left of the
screen, leaving a nice wide betting interface, free of clutter and confusion.


Despite a few rather odd drawbacks, such as no live chat support, and no
actual new player welcome bonus, I really liked the overall gaming experience at
Nitrogen Sports. As you will see on a number of their pages and games, Nitrogen
is aiming to be the way of the future for sports betting and casino gambling,
and who knows? Perhaps they already are.

I like the overall look and feel of the site; it’s a bit futuristic and
minimalistic at the same time. If you’re crossing over from a more traditional
online casino, you may find the small collection of casino games at Nitrogen a
bit too sparse. However, I think that this site is ideal for anyone looking for
something that is completely different from the norm, and it will certainly
appeal to mavericks or punters that love a proper ultra-modern online gambling

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit to play at Nitrogen Sports?

Nitrogen Sports makes it very clear on their website that you have to be at
least 18 years of age before you will be allowed to place bets in their
sportsbook or play games at their casino or poker room. In fact, before you will
be allowed to even check out any of the gaming features at Nitrogen Sports, you
have to click on a pop-up that asks you to confirm your age to enter or leave
the website.

How long has Nitrogen Sports been in business for?

Nitrogen Sports really isn’t that old, and only officially launched in 2012,
making them less than a decade old within the industry. However, they managed to
gain recognition quite quickly within the industry, thanks to their unique and
innovative approach, initially to online sports betting, and later to poker and
casino gaming.

Does Nitrogen Sports ever close?

No. Nitrogen Sports operates on an international level, which means it is
always open. You can access a range of sports betting options, poker, or online
casino games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and throughout the year.

How much does it cost to sign up for Nitrogen Sports?

Absolutely nothing. Signing up with Nitrogen Sports is totally free of any
charges. All that you need to do is go to the website and create a simple player
account. The best thing about Nitrogen Sports is that you can create an
anonymous account, making it one of the safest online gambling sites on the net.

What casino games can I play at Nitrogen Sports?

Currently, the casino gaming range that is available at Nitrogen Sports is
still quite limited. That’s because their casino side is still quite new, and
they use their own in-house proprietary software. You can, however, still play a
range of games that includes three versions of blackjack, baccarat, three-card
poker, a unique dice game, and a new slot game.

What payment options does Nitrogen Sports offer?

Unlike most other online sportsbooks or casinos that offer a wide range of
regular or terrestrial payment options, such as credit and debit cards,
eWallets, and so on, Nitrogen Sports is exclusively a Bitcoin betting site. In
other words, you will not find any sort of payment option for your deposits or
withdrawals other than the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This means that you
will need to set up a Bitcoin wallet and buy Bitcoin before being able to
deposit and bet at Nitrogen Sports.

Does Nitrogen Sports offer payout percentage information on their website?

Yes, they do; the website offers information regarding the payout percentage
of all of their games, expressed as BTC or mBTC values. In addition, Nitrogen
Sports casino games are provably fair, which means that you can verify that any
of their games are actually scientifically fair.

Will Nitrogen Sports deduct any of my winnings for tax purposes?

No. Nitrogen Sports will pay you out whatever you win in their sportsbook,
poker room, or online casino. It is always assumed that every player will take
responsibility for any tax that may be applicable within their country.

How do I go about withdrawing my winnings from my Nitrogen Sports account?

To withdraw your winnings from your Nitrogen Sports account, simply visit the
Nitrogen Sports cashier page and follow the simple instruction there to begin
the withdrawal process. All winnings at Nitrogen Sports are paid out in Bitcoin,
and are usually available within 24 hours. Once withdrawn, you can either keep
your winnings in your Bitcoin wallet, or convert it to a terrestrial currency:
for example, USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and so on.

Can I access Nitrogen Sports from my mobile device?

Yes, you can. Nitrogen Sports offers a cutting-edge mobile-friendly website,
which means that no matter what mobile device you choose to use, you will be
able to access the Nitrogen Sports website directly from your mobile browser.
The Nitrogen Sports website will work on any operating system, including iOS,
Android, Window Phone, and Blackberry devices.