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Being able to find a safe and reliable online gambling spot isn't an easy or quick task (nor should it be). Today, there are literally thousands of online gambling sites all vying for your attention, patronage and, perhaps most importantly, your hard-earned dollars!

Therefore, it is important to take your time, do your homework and not commit to anything until you are one hundred percent satisfied and sure. Reading reviews certainly help the process, and the more in-depth and thorough a review is, the better. You will find that my reviews are completely honest, touching on every aspect on the casino.

I am part of a team of experts who have a combined experience of well over two decades, both in online casino gaming and sports betting, as well as through various land-based enterprises. Being part of the team means I can assure you of what it takes to make a top-notch gambling site.

I examine every key aspect including gaming and betting options, rewards and incentives, device compatibility - particularly with mobile gaming - and other key gaming and betting areas.

Of course, online betting is about more than just being able to place great bets or play top casino games. There are other critically important aspects to consider such as the safety and security of the site, the reputation of the brand, customer support, language support, currency options, and payout speeds. You'll find all of these key features and critical areas examined here in this ultimate and complete Unibet review.

Unibet is one of those online sites that has successfully managed to combine a fantastic and comprehensive online sportsbook with an exciting casino. However, in recent years Unibet has focused more on getting their online casino to the top tier, going head-to-head with specialist online casino brands. In this review, I examine Unibet's casino platform.

I look at their software partners and how these partners have influenced the range of games that they are able to offer. I test their user interface, both on desktop and mobile devices, to see how well it works and whether it provides the best possible playing experience for you.

So join me as I guide you through each aspect of the Unibet platform and, hopefully, by the end of this intensive review, you will know if this award-winning brand is the best option for your needs.

Ratings Breakdown


Unibet is one of the most well-known and well-respected brands in the entire online gambling industry, and for good reason. Unibet offers one of the most professional and comprehensive online betting platforms available on the web. Sure, there may be one or two small things that could be better, or quite frankly puzzle me, but as a whole, Unibet is tough to beat.

Unibet started its life on the internet as a dedicated, first-class online sports betting site. The entire brainchild of a dedicated sports bettor and gambler - what could be better than that? It did not take too long for Unibet to garner a loyal following across all sectors where the sportsbook was available. Sports bettors recognized the ability to bet on a wide variety of sports and markets using a quick and dynamic user interface.

This is why I scored Unibet so highly - a great looking user interface that looks professional and inviting all at the same time. The look and feel extends to their online casino, poker site, and bingo site, giving them excellent continuity overall. Unibet applies the same level of dedication and focus that made them a top online sportsbook to their online casino too. In fact, it really doesn't matter if you're playing at their casino, poker site, bingo page, or sportsbook, you will be able to enjoy the same level of world-class digital gambling action.

Of course, no online sportsbook or online casino is going to be perfect. In fact, it is very rare that you will ever see an overall score that is going to be a full five out of five. What is the reason for that? Well, quite simply, there are always going to be areas in which an online sportsbook or casino can improve. This is not to say that these areas make them undesirable or not worth your time. It all depends on what these points are, if they are small, or if they are serious issues that could mean avoiding the online casino altogether. In the case of Unibet, it's small things like the strange fact that they have officially removed a phone support option from their site. There's no real explanation for this, although, as I mentioned earlier, it is a minor point.

Aside from small quirks and oddities, Unibet presents a solid and unified, dependable online gambling platform. As far as Canadians are concerned, Unibet is one of the most viable online betting and gambling options available. This is largely thanks to their incredibly varied language and currency support, flexible payments, and the option to easily move from online sports betting, to casino gaming, to poker playing. They also have a great selection of fun bingo games.

Game Variety

Here, I had to score Unibet a full five out of five for gaming variety. Unibet uses their considerable knowledge gained in online sports betting to provide the best games possible in their casino. These guys really know how to put an online casino together, and partnering with virtually all of the top software brands on the net certainly helps.

Unibet made sure that they cater to all needs and preferences as far as quality online casino gaming is concerned. They stock well over six hundred of the world's best online slots, sourced from top software partners including Microgaming, NetEnt, Nyx Interactive, Genesis Gaming, and many others. However, Unibet isn't just about delivering the hottest slots and jackpot games. They are well-loved for their video pokers and table games too, including a number of great variations on roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. This also includes a fantastic live dealer platform.

Cash Outs

Unibet provides plenty of fast and secure cash out options to suit Canadians as well as players from around the world. This includes a solid collection of credit and debit cards, eWallets, prepaid cards and bank transfers. Granted, their range may not be as extensive as some other online casinos and sportsbooks, but they do cover all of the most popular options.

Adding to a solid range of payment options, Unibet has created an online banking platform that is quick and easy to use. Even total newbies will be able to select a payment option and make their first deposit with total confidence. Thanks to their 24-hour customer support, if anything should go wrong, getting hold of a friendly support agent is just a click away. Unibet cash outs are protected with advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital encryption, ensuring that all transactions are completely secure at all times.


Instead of offering a simple one-size-fits-all bonus for new players, Unibet has rather thoughtfully created dedicated new player bonuses in each of their main gaming sections. This means that sports betting fans can enjoy the advantages of a free bet bonus offer, while casino players can instantly double their first deposit.

Unlike many other online casinos, Unibet keeps their terms and conditions simple and easy to understand. There are no hidden clauses and no confusing fine print. Another thing that I like is the fact that Unibet offers one of the lowest wagering requirements in the business. While other online casinos or sportsbooks push 30x, 40x, or even 50x bonus (and sometimes bonus + deposit) wagering conditions, Unibet only requires a super low 25x bonus. In addition to solid and reasonable first-time bonus offers, Unibet keeps things interesting with a wide range of additional bonuses and incentives for their sportsbook, casino, poker page, and bingo site.

Customer Service

I would've loved to give Unibet a full five out of five for their customer service, which is excellent overall. However, I did have to remove one point for the lack of a phone support option. This is quite a new turn of events and was only recently announced on their website. I'm not quite sure what the reason for the change is but, considering they have a sportsbook, casino, poker site, and bingo site, it is a bit odd.

Aside from the lack of phone support, Unibet still offers a full 24-hour live chat service as well as comprehensive email support. As you may well have already learned, either on our site or through your own experience, not all online casinos or sportsbooks actually offer full live chat support. For me, not having a phone support option can actually be forgiven simply because Unibet has ensured full 24-hour availability on their live chat support feature. Email support is also solid with no less than three separate email options to cater to specific needs such as the submission of crucial verification paperwork.

User Interface

The Unibet interface is one of the cleanest and most efficient of its kind. The design team at Unibet has taken their considerable expertise, garnered from years of providing the world with top sports betting, and created a solid online casino user interface. The casino user interface follows along the same design lines as their sportsbook, creating a great sense of continuity throughout.

I love the design aesthetics behind the Unibet brand, which are unique, exciting and distinctive. There really isn't another online gambling site quite like Unibet. They have successfully managed to combine a professional look and feel with an efficient and simple user interface. Unlike many other online sportsbooks and casinos, Unibet is well-organized, spreading vital information over a wide area.

Instead of bombarding their customers with too much data and information all in one place, Unibet disseminates this information through a number of well-placed quick links, tabs, and pages. This has the welcoming effect of not intimidating players who are new to the site, which so many other online sites tend to do. It also means that experienced players can get on with actual gaming, without having to wade through unnecessary data overloads.

To further enhance an already superb user interface, Unibet has created a dedicated help center where new players or those moving from sports betting to casino gaming can find in-depth help. Like the rest of the Unibet site, the help center page is laid out well and features the familiar green and white Unibet color scheme. Information is accessed intuitively, and important sections are covered separately, allowing members to access important information that is key to understanding sports betting, casino gaming, bonuses, payment options and much more.

The Basics About Unibet

Unibet is by no means a brand new online gambling site that is still wet behind the ears. On the contrary, these guys have been in the game since 1997. That's two decades in the online gambling industry. What makes Unibet unique from many other online sportsbooks or casinos is that it was started by just one man.

Anders Ström, an actual and avid gambler himself, wanted to create the perfect online gambling platform. His concept was to create the ultimate one-stop shop for sports betting fans and online casino gamblers. And, while he started with sports betting, Unibet's online casino options are among the most comprehensive and competitive in the world today.

One of the advantages of an online casino that was designed and launched by an actual player is that you get what you really need and want. There are no unnecessary frills or fillers distracting you and getting in the way of your game. With Unibet, it is all about the player - no mess, and no fuss. You get a professional looking, no-nonsense website that is completely focused on providing the best possible playing experience.

On their own website, Unibet claims to be committed to creating the easiest and most efficient online platform for making safe deposits and fast withdrawals, with no restrictions placed on frequency. In addition, they are committed to providing 'localized' customer support, which basically means you get support in your preferred language. For Canadians, this means being able to receive friendly and highly-experienced 24-hour support in English or in French.

As far as track record, reputation and pedigree are concerned, Unibet provides a sense of immediate confidence to gamblers. This is because they and their parent organization, the Kindred Group, can be easily traced online. The Kindred Group is one of the largest online gambling companies in the industry. Some of their more well-known and prestigious brands include 32Red Casino, Roxy Palace, Stan James, Bingo.com and many others.

Unibet is licensed and regulated twice over, once by the Malta Gaming Authority, and again through the UK Gambling Commission. Unibet has garnered a considerable number of industry awards and accolades over the years including the following prestigious recognitions:

  • Best Poker Affiliate Program: iGB Affiliate Awards 2016
  • Sports Betting Operator: EGR Awards 2016
  • Socially Responsible Operator: IGA Awards 2016
  • Socially Responsible Operator: EGR Awards 2016
  • Affiliate Marketing Campaign: EGR Awards 2015
  • Innovation in Poker: EGR Awards 2015
  • In-Play Sports Operator of the Year: IGA App Awards 2015
  • Spin City - App of the Year: IGA App Awards 2014
  • Online Sportsbook Operator of the Year: IGA App Awards 2015
  • Innovation in Poker: EGR Awards 2014
  • Innovation of the Year: EGR Awards 2014
  • Best Poker Marketing Campaign: EGR Awards 2014
  • Sportsbook Operator of the Year: IGA Awards 2014


Unibet is probably best known for their world-class online sportsbook. As with the rest of the Unibet website, the sports betting page is impressive, offering an extensive and often mind-blowing range of sports betting options.

On the Unibet sports page, a cool charcoal grey menu lists all of the current sports that users can bet on, and the list is pretty extensive. Sports are listed in white, allowing you to easily see at a glance whether or not the sports that interest you are available. The current list of sports options (along with the number of betting markets) available at Unibet include the following:

Starting Soon - Clicking on this option will reveal all matches and events that are scheduled to begin soon. You will be able to see all events that Unibet is covering, along with a countdown timer to the start of each event.

Popular - Conveniently access all popular sports at Unibet, which allows users to save time if they are more interested in only betting on these specific bets:

  • Mega Boosts 2
  • Premier League 838
  • LaLiga - 1459
  • Ligue 1 - 483
  • Bundesliga - 351
  • Serie A - 1100
  • Eredivisie - 807
  • World Championship (W) - 119
  • NBA - 262
  • NHL - 431
  • NFL - 1111
  • MLB - 1
  • KHL - 13
  • Esports - 54
  • World Cup - 2256
  • Top European Football
  • Sports
  • Football - 24719
  • Tennis - 266
  • Basketball - 4968
  • Ice Hockey - 4380
  • American Football - 1175
  • Baseball - 2
  • Cricket - 246
  • Handball - 648
  • Volleyball - 672

All Sports - Clicking on this options quickly takes you to the full list of available sports and markets at Unibet.

Live Streaming - Clicking this option will take you directly to Unibet's live streaming coverage options. Although Unibet does offer live streaming coverage of other sports, the vast majority of live streaming coverage is dedicated to football (soccer).

Statistics - Access an array of current stats for virtually every sport offered by Unibet, including football (soccer), rugby, tennis, American football, basketball, hockey, golf, baseball, MMA, and much more.

Live Score - Access all current live scores of covered events over a range of sports options.

Help with Betting - A great resource for newbie sports bettors. Clicking here will allow you to access a range of sports betting how to's, blogs, and other useful info.

Unibet's sports betting platform is extremely user-friendly and is well organized and easy to use, allowing even the most inexperienced would-be punter to set up a few bets within minutes. It is also very easy to change odds formats to suit your particular needs. Odds formats available at Unibet include decimal, fractional, and American.

The Unibet sports betting page is colorful and informative without being overly busy or too complicated. You not only get the most pertinent information regarding top sports events at a single glance, but you can also find out about current or upcoming specials and promotions. Clicking on anything that catches your eye will take you instantly to that page, match/event, promotion, or other interesting features.

Unibet offers a full live betting page which can be accessed simply by clicking the live betting tab. The live betting page has a similar look and feel as the other pages. Live betting covers a variety of sports, including soccer, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, cricket, esports, rugby, and a few others.As one would expect from a sportsbook of this caliber, betting options are clearly laid out in a 1 X 2 format, displaying odds for home, draw, and away options.

Unibet does extremely well in the mobile sports betting arena, offering one of the most comprehensive and competitive mobile sportsbooks in the industry. Being able to bet on the go is becoming the number-one consideration for most punters when choosing the online sports betting site. Fortunately, Unibet has managed to create a mobile sports and casino platform that mirrors their desktop version, offering customers every service and feature as standard. This includes their popular cash-out feature, allowing users to cash out their bet early during live play events.


For an online betting site that added an online casino after the fact, Unibet currently stocks an impressive range of slots. At the time of writing this review, Unibet boasted a total of 524 online slots, sourced from an impressive array of software partners.

For the brave, scanning through the full collection can be fun. Although, to make things easier, Unibet has categorized their collection. This allows new players the chance to explore in a way that is neither confusing nor intimidating. It has the added benefit of allowing fans of specific genres to quickly find the games that interest them the most.

Each slots title within each category is displayed as a thumbnail, with the option to either try the game for fun or for real money. A nice touch is the little heart icon located at the bottom right of each slots thumbnail. This tells you how many people have enjoyed the slot, which is quite a good indicator as to whether the game is hot or not.

Further user-friendly categorization can be found at the top of the page. A neat strap line style banner displays small icons of popular slots, plucked from every available category. The slots populating the banner are divided into two additional categories, highest winners, and overall favorites.

I dig this idea so much! Not only can you simply browse their entire collection en masse, you can fine-tune your search by clicking on the various categories or simply click on one of the games based on highest jackpot or most popular, fantastic!

Unibet slots are divided into the following categories:
  • Classic Slots
  • Vegas Slots
  • Action
  • Animals
  • Fantasy
  • Film & TV
  • Music
Classic Slots

Clicking on The Classic Slots tab, for example, will display the following 43 classic slots titles:

  • Joker Pro
  • Mega Joker
  • Fire Joker
  • Simply Wild
  • Jokerizer
  • Jackpot 6000
  • PowerJoker 5 Reels
  • Multifruit 81
  • Simply4Wild
  • Random4Runner
  • Poker Dice
  • Break da Bank again
  • Mega Money Multiplier
  • Power Stars
  • Lucky 8 Line
  • Random Runner
  • Christmas Joker
  • Mystery Joker
  • Jackpot 10000
  • Jackpot 20000
  • Super Nudge 6000
  • Joker 8000
  • Jewel Twist
  • Devils
  • Ivanhoe
  • Sizzling Peppers
  • Dice on Fire
  • Champion Raceway
  • Twin Joker
  • Live Jazz
  • Arizona Treasure
  • Club 2000
  • Random2Wild
  • Game 2000
  • Random 2 Wins
  • Hot Roll Super Times Pay
  • Eye of the Kraken
  • Quick Hit Platinum
  • Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge
  • Moody Fruits
  • Jackpot Jester 50,000
  • Retro Reels Diamond Glitz
  • Retro Reels
Film & TV Slots

Film & TV is another great category to explore and is one of their most popular slots categories. Here you will find close to fifty of the best film and TV-themed slots to choose from. These are not merely copies or themes based vaguely on a popular TV show. For example, they are fully and officially licensed by Hollywood studios. This means that each of these games contains real elements from the movies or TV shows including characters, music, symbols and more.

Clicking on the Film & TV slots tab currently displays the following 44 titles:

  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Planet of the Apes
  • Ted
  • Treasure Island
  • Beauty &The Beast
  • Game of Thrones
  • Frankenstein
  • The Invisible Man
  • Jurassic World
  • Top Cat
  • Dracula
  • Jurassic Park
  • Terminator 2
  • Deal or No Deal World
  • Thunder Cats
  • The Flash
  • King Kong
  • Superman-Son of Krypton
  • Bridesmaids
  • Psycho
  • Game of Thrones
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Elvis the King lives
  • Playboy
  • Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Dr. Jekyll goes Wild
  • Bruce Lee
  • Spartacus Call to Arms
  • Tarzan
  • Casper's Mystery Mirror
  • Green Lantern
  • Batman
  • Bloopers
  • Titanic
  • Family Guy
  • An Evening with Holly Madison
  • Time for a Deal
  • Playboy Multiplayer
  • Who wants to be a Millionaire?
  • Transformers Battle for Cybertron
  • Bruce Lee Dragons Tale
  • Tomb Raider
  • Tomb Raider II

Jackpot slots, including progressive jackpot slots, are one of the most important facets of a modern online casino. You will currently find 38 of the very best jackpot and progressive jackpot slots at Unibet. These are sourced from the top software brands, including Microgaming, NetEnt and many others, known for producing the best jackpot games on the web. These include slots as well as select table games and video poker games such as the following:

  • Mega Fortune Dreams
  • Major Millions
  • Mega Moolah
  • Arabian Nights
  • Mega Fortune
  • The Glass Slipper
  • The Pig Wizard
  • Deal or No Deal World
  • Play for Fun
  • Jackpot GT
  • Winnings of OZ
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Divine Fortune
  • Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Magical Dice
  • Who wants to be a Millionaire?
  • Super Lucky Frog
  • Casino Stud Poker
  • Dancing in Rio
  • Time for a Deal
  • Adventures in Wonderland
  • Cosmic Fortune
  • Holmes and the Stolen Stones
  • Poker Dice
  • Arcade Bomb
  • Dragon's Luck
  • Lucky Little Devil
  • Lucky Wizard
  • Mystery Reels
  • Persian Fortune
  • Puss N Boots
  • Rainbow Jackpots
  • Golden Temple
  • Three Musketeers
  • Totem Lightning
  • Wild Wild Chest
  • Leprechaun goes to Hell
  • Mega Joker

Casino Games

For fans of classic casino games like roulette and blackjack, the Unibet Table & Cards tab is worth checking out. Organizing all of these types of casino games under a single tab is a great idea that can save considerable time if you're searching for a great card or table game to play. To make the table and card games search even easier, Unibet added several sub-categories including:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Poker

Clicking on any one of the above sub-category links will open a separate page which contains only those types of casino games. However, if you prefer just searching the main Table & Cards tab, you may find a few surprises you weren't expecting. Unibet currently stocks over 60 card and table games. I've included table limits where appropriate to illustrate the various betting possibilities.

The Unibet Table & Cards tab includes the following:

  • French Roulette
  • Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Multiplayer Roulette
  • French Roulette La Partage
  • Premier Roulette
  • Premier Roulette Diamond
  • European Roulette Gold
  • American Roulette
  • Double Ball Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Multi Wheel Roulette
  • Blackjack (€0.10 - €5)
  • Blackjack (€1 - €3000)
  • Blackjack Multihand
  • Live Blackjack - Royale
  • Blackjack 21+3
  • Blackjack Classic 5 Hand (€25 - €500)
  • Blackjack Classic 5 Hand (€1 - €40)
  • Blackjack Classic 5 Hand (€0.10 - €5)
  • Blackjack (€50 - €3000)
  • Blackjack (€25 - €500)
  • Classic Blackjack Gold
  • Blackjack
  • Single Deck Blackjack Multihand (€1 - €1000)
  • European Blackjack Multihand (€1 - €1000)
  • Blackjack Double Exposure Multihand (€1 - €1000)
  • Baccarat (€0.10 - €10)
  • Baccarat (€1 - €100)
  • Baccarat (€10 - €1000)
  • 3 Card Hold'em (€1 - €500)
  • Texas Hold'em (€0.10 - €5)
  • Casino Hold'em (€1 - €100)
  • Caribbean Stud Poker (€1 - €500)
  • Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker (€1 - €500)
  • Casino Stud Poker (€1 - €100)
  • Oasis Poker (€0.10 - €5)
  • Oasis Poker (€25 - €500)
  • Oasis Poker (€1 - €40)
  • Texas Hold'em (€25 - €1000)
  • Texas Hold'em (€1 - €40)
  • Caribbean Stud Poker (€1 - €40)
  • Caribbean Stud Poker (€0.10 - €5)
  • Caribbean Stud Poker (€25 - €500)
Video Poker

Video poker is massively popular in Canada as well as in other parts of the world. One of the main reasons for this is that video poker combines the easy gaming and speed of slots with the strategy and knowledge of table poker. Video poker is based on a five-card hand and there are plenty of great variations on the basic structure. Currently, Unibet stocks around 13 video poker games sourced from multiple software partners.

  • Jacks or Better
  • All American
  • Deuces Wild
  • Jacks or Better 4PowerPlay
  • Jacks or Better Multihand
  • Joker Poker
  • Pile Poker
  • Joker Wild
  • Deuces Wild
  • Joker Poker 4PowerPlay

Exclusives are a great way to see what games you can only find at Unibet. This is made possible through exclusive deals with some of their select software partners, allowing them to present games that you can't get elsewhere. In fact, the Unibet Exclusives tab is one of their most popular tabs, containing a selection of some of the most exciting and cutting-edge casino games available today.

The Exclusives tab currently contains the following titles:

  • Twin Spin Deluxe
  • Stacks of Riches
  • Napoleon & Josephine
  • Book of Anubis
  • Magical Dice
  • Blender Blast
  • Blackjack
  • Orient Express
  • Hit2Split
  • Simply4Wild
  • Random4Runner
  • Poker Dice
  • Fruits gone Wild
  • Jackpot 10000
  • East of the Sun
  • Sky of Thunder
  • Dice Fortune
  • The Great Cashby

Live Casino

Not every online casino these days goes as far as offering a live dealer casino platform. In fact, for an online brand that already incorporates a world-class sportsbook and top-tier virtual casino, I was pretty impressed with Unibet's live dealer offering. They've managed to source the best live casino games available from their best software partners.

This has resulted in a tidy collection of eleven of the most advanced live dealer gaming options. Each one using state of the art live video streaming technology, streaming live casino games directly to your desktop or mobile device. Each game features professional, elegant dealers and croupiers that are not only great at what they do, they're really entertaining too.

Every game looks fantastic in glorious high definition clarity and features a bunch of extras including the ability to adjust chip size, change the angle of view, talk to the dealer and much more. In fact, you can even tip the dealer if your hand was particularly good!

As with most quality live dealer casino platforms, Unibet stocks a bit of everything. Covering the basics with essential live roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker games, and then adding extra value with a few interesting and enticing variations on each live casino game genre.

The following list shows all current live dealer casino games available at Unibet Casino.

  • Live Roulette - Grande
  • Money Wheel
  • Live Blackjack - Grande
  • Casino Hold'em
  • Live Baccarat - Grande
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold'em
  • Three Card Poker
  • Live Roulette - Royale
  • Live Blackjack - Royale
  • Live Roulette - Authentic


Esports betting is becoming more and more of a popular option at online sports betting sites, and Unibet was one of the first to offer this popular form of sports betting. Esports betting is betting on various online video games which include a variety of quest games, adventure games, FPS (first-person shooters), and more.

Esports is growing rapidly all over, with major tournaments held in the US, Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world. These tournaments are very similar to any other major sporting event and can attract massive sponsorships and prizes. Unibet's range of current esports is still somewhat limited, and there is not that much in terms of live streaming support just yet. However, this is a growing niche, and I am quite sure that it will gain the attention and features enjoyed by major sports such as soccer, basketball, football, and others.

Current esports coverage includes the following:

  • CS:GO ESports Championship Series
  • CS:GO Lootbet Cup
  • DOTA 2 The Summit

Banking Options

Unibet is a truly international online casino and sportsbook and, as such, provides an expansive range of quality payment options for making instant deposits and fast withdrawals. There is something for everyone at Unibet, regardless of whether that relates to gaming options, language support, currency support or banking options.

While many top online casinos or sportsbooks will keep their currency support to a conservative number, usually just one or two, Unibet has gone in the opposite direction. Sure, you will find the most popular currencies supported here including USD, CAD, and Euros, but you will also find more unusual options such as Croatian kunas or Polish zlotys.

Being able to offer extensive currency support like this really goes a long way to enhance the overall Unibet banking platform, making it one of the most flexible and extensive in the industry. In the interest of being thorough in my Unibet review, here are the currencies available at Unibet:

  • CAD (Canadian dollars)
  • EUR (Euros)
  • USD (US dollars)
  • Swedish kronor
  • Norwegian kroner
  • Denmark kroner
  • GBP (British pounds sterling)
  • Czech Republic korunas
  • Croatian kunas
  • Lithuanian litai
  • Hungarian forints
  • Swiss francs
  • Romanian lei
  • Latvian lati
  • Polish zlotys
  • Brazilian reals
  • Indian rupee

Payment options at Unibet are plentiful and include a bit of everything from popular credit and debit card options through to eWallets, prepaid cards, and bank transfers. All deposits are pretty much available instantly, and there are no fees to worry about.

As far as withdrawals are concerned, Unibet offers one of the fastest pending periods in the business, between 12 and 24 hours. The majority of their withdrawals enjoy a pending time of fewer than 24 hours, provided all your paperwork is in order.

Getting your preferred credit or debit card registered as well as sorting out all of your verification processes is an easy task, thanks to efficient processing and friendly customer support. Another great feature of the Unibet cashier is that there are no withdrawal limits imposed on any of their options.

Popular payment options available at Unibet include the following broad cross-section which may change based on your specific country:



Minimum Deposit: NA

Turnaround Time: Instant

Bank Transfer

Minimum Deposit: NA

Turnaround Time: Instant


Minimum Deposit: NA

Turnaround Time: Instant


Minimum Deposit: NA

Turnaround Time: Instant

Visa Electron

Minimum Deposit: NA

Turnaround Time: Instant


Minimum Deposit: NA

Turnaround Time: Instant


Minimum Deposit: NA

Turnaround Time: Instant



Minimum Withdrawal: NA

Turnaround Time: 3-10 Days

Bank Transfer

Minimum Withdrawal: 3-10 Days

Turnaround Time: Instant


Minimum Withdrawal: NA

Turnaround Time: 24-48 hours


Minimum Withdrawal: NA

Turnaround Time: 24-48 hours

Visa Electron

Minimum Withdrawal: NA

Turnaround Time: 3-10 Days

Bonus Offers and Promotions

Bonus offers and promotions can often be the make or break part of an online casino for many Canadians. In fact, if an online casino, or sportsbook for that matter, offers something that is simply too good to be true, it usually is.

The same can be said for all the fine print that comes with an online casino bonus. There is really no point in going to all the trouble of signing up with an online casino, taking their bonus offer, playing their games, and never being able to withdraw what you've won simply because you can never meet their ridiculous wagering requirements.

This is why it is vitally important to always read in-depth reviews. It is also good practice to read the terms and conditions that accompany any offer, even reload bonuses or giveaways (such as free spins).

With regards to the terms and conditions of most Unibet bonus offers, I found them to be more reasonable than most other online casinos and sportsbooks. For example, the current Unibet Virtual Casino Welcome Bonus has one of the lowest wagering requirements in the industry. New players to the casino will only need to worry about a 25x wagering requirement.

This is substantially lower than most other online casinos where the average usually sits at around 35x to 50x the bonus amount, or the bonus amount plus your deposit amount.

Let me explain it by way of an example. Let's assume that you have a bonus amount of $10. Since the Unibet wagering requirement is set at 25x your bonus amount, you would then be required to wager your $10 bonus twenty-five times, giving you a total target of $250 (10x25=250).

As you can see, the wagering requirements set out by Unibet are reasonable and very clear. They also assign different contribution percentages to their games. In other words, playing different games will allow you to work through your wagering requirements faster, depending on the game you choose to play. Currently, all slot games contribute 100% towards wagering requirements. All video pokers and table games contribute 10% towards your wagering requirements.

However, the wagering requirements for the Unibet live casino have been set slightly higher than their virtual casino. Although, at just 35x, it's really not all that much higher and is still lower than most other online casinos.

The current Unibet online casino welcome bonus offer for new players is suitably simple and convenient. It consists of a 100% deposit match up to a total value of $100. In other words, if you deposit just $10 (the minimum possible amount you can deposit), you will then be able to play with a total bankroll of $20. You can deposit as much as you like over the minimum $10 requirement, with a maximum possible bonus of $100.

In addition to a solid and effective casino welcome bonus program, Unibet has created a range of bonus products to suit each aspect of their online gambling platform. This includes sportsbook welcome bonus offers and additional incentives, bonuses and rewards for their poker site and something similar for their bingo platform.

If I take a small cross-section of current features offers for each of their platforms, I'm looking at something like this:

Sportsbook Welcome Bonus worth $25: This works on a money-back system (free bet) if your initial qualifying bet of at least $25 dollars loses.

Poker Play Through Bonus worth up to $200: If you love playing poker online, this Unibet offer is just for you. Earn up to $200 in poker bonus money as you go.

Unibet Sportsbook Multiples Promotion: Sports betting fans can earn an exclusive free bet when they place multiple bets on weekly football fixtures.

American Sports Promotions: Enjoy weekly promotions exclusively for American sports including NHL hockey, NBA basketball, and NFL football.

Unibet Soccer 90+ Cashback: Enjoy great cashback offers from Unibet this season in all Premier League, Champions League, and La Liga soccer action.

Phantom of the Opera Draw: Win a trip to London and share in a prize money pool of up to $25,000 in cash.

Stacks of Riches Tournament: Win up to $3,000 in the 20,000 Stacks of Riches tournament leaderboard race.

Exclusive Unibet Cash Drops Promotion: Place bets on your desktop of at least $10, or at least $5 on your mobile device, and you could win an instant cash drop reward of up to $1,000.

Poker Flop Race: Win your share of $25,000 in the Unibet Poker Flop Race leaderboard challenge. You can also earn additional bonus points for any losses incurred during the week's challenges.

SNG Poker Promotion: Play at SNG level for the whole month and you could win bonus points and SNG tickets.

Unlock the Unibet Winter Bingo Room: Play Unibet Mini Games every day throughout the month of November to unlock the exclusive Unibet Game On Bingo Room.

Unibet offers an additional loyalty points system for different platforms. These additional loyalty rewards points are issued in various ways and can be based on how often you play, the size of your bets when you do play and so on. Loyalty points can be collected and exchanged for cash as well as additional prizes and bonuses.

Mobile Compatibility

Unibet offers a comprehensive mobile casino platform for both sports betting fans and casino gamers for some on-the-go betting action. The mobile betting platform from Unibet is available as a range of dedicated app-based products designed for use on both Android and iOS operating systems. However, non-iOS or Android users can take advantage of direct browser access across all operating systems (including Windows Phone and Blackberry).

Unibet Sports Betting App

The Unibet sports betting app is available in both the Android play store and iTunes app store. The look and feel of the Unibet sports app is exactly the same as the desktop version and contains all of the same features and options. Some of the top features that you can enjoy with sports betting on the go include:

  • Top odds on all of the major sporting events and tournaments
  • Excellent in-play (live betting) betting markets
  • Access to Action Betting
  • Live sports streaming with over 40,000 events covered every year
  • Push notifications on all major sporting events
Unibet Casino App

The Unibet casino app offers Android and iOS users a fantastic on-the-go online casino which includes well over 150 of their best casino games. The mobile casino looks fantastic on both smartphones and tablet devices, and you can enjoy top progressive jackpot games like Mega Moolah, hot slots like Gonzo's Quest and Starburst, table games like roulette, blackjack, and even live casino games.

Unibet Poker App

Just like Unibet's sports betting and casino apps, the Unibet poker app is available exclusively for Android and iOS users. The poker app is essentially an extension of Unibet's full desktop poker platform and includes many of the same features and options, such as:

  • Hundreds of Sit & Go and Cash games
  • Change your identity up to three times a day
  • Choose from over 100 avatars
  • Play top Unibet casino games directly from your poker app
  • Get regular updates on poker promos and missions

Customer Service

The level of customer service and support offered by Unibet is, on the whole, excellent and comprehensive enough to suit most needs. Up until quite recently, Unibet offered phone support which has since been phased out of service. Currently, Unibet customers can make use of a live chat service and an email support service. Both of these options are available 24 hours a day, each day of the week and throughout the year.

Here's something that I really love about Unibet customer support. While most other online sportsbooks and casinos will offer support in English, and perhaps one or two others, Unibet is a truly global system. From the Unibet homepage, players can use a drop-down menu to select the region as well as language that applies to them.

The language support, as well as website display at Unibet, is divided as follows:

  • Denmark
  • Norway (Norge)
  • Finland (Suomi)
  • Sweden (Sverige)
Central / Western Europe
  • Belgium (België)
  • Belgium (Belgique)
  • Germany (Deutschland)
  • France & Monaco
  • UK
Southern Europe
  • Greece (Eλλάδα)
  • Italy (Italia)
  • Portugal
Eastern Europe
  • Poland (Polska)
  • Hungary (Magyarország)
  • Romania (România)
  • Estonia (Eesti)
  • Latvia (Lietuva)
  • Australia & New Zealand

For Other Countries Choose Language

Additional language options also include:

  • English (Intl.)
  • Spanish (Español Intl.)
  • French (Français Intl.)
  • Русский (Межд.)
  • German (Deutsch Intl.)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

While phone support has been phased out, you can still rely on Unibet's extremely thorough and efficient 24-hour live chat support or multiple email contact points. I found the overall experience extremely pleasant, with the majority of support staff members being friendly and quite fun. It is clear that Unibet goes to a great deal of trouble to ensure that all of their customer support staff members understand every aspect of the brand. This allows them to deliver the most efficient level of support, regardless of whether support is needed in sports betting, casino gambling, poker or bingo.

Email Support

As the above links clearly illustrate, Unibet offers comprehensive email support to their customers. Having multiple email addresses goes a long way in eliminating turnaround times from inevitable redirects from one department to another. Instead, customers can select the email address that best suits their needs.

For instance, if you need to get your account verified, or your preferred payment verification paperwork sorted out, there is a dedicated email address where you can send your documentation. There are also alternate email addresses that you can use for more general issues or queries. The average response time for emails is under 24 hours, which is excellent by any standards.

Live Chat Support

As outlined a little earlier in this section, Unibet customer support is available in a variety of languages. Accessing live chat is easy and quick, with the average response time at around one minute (slightly more during busier times). Live chat support is the recommended method of communication for most issues as it is the fastest way to get the answers you need. This is particularly pertinent in the wake of Unibet's decision to remove phone support as an option.

Live chat support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and throughout the year. Occasionally you will find the Unibet live support to be temporarily down due to routine maintenance (which happened during the writing of this review). In instances such as these, all customers are redirected to email support options. This can take a bit longer, but for the most part, is still faster than many other online casino or sportsbook sites.

Phone Support

As mentioned earlier, Unibet has decided to completely remove phone support from their website. They used to offer a very good phone support system, but they have now decided to completely remove the service. All customer queries, complaints and day-to-day issues are either dealt with through their 24-hour live chat support or through various email channels.

User Interface

Unibet began as a professional level sportsbook with one of the fastest and easiest sports betting user interfaces of its generation. The entire Unibet site is distinctive and attractive, thanks to its trademark green and white color scheme, clear and simple layout and fast switching and navigation.

When Unibet began to expand into an online (virtual) casino, poker site, and bingo site, they wisely decided to extend the same look and feel, as well as overall design to these newer facets. Now members can access all these various gambling options with a single account, switching effortlessly between casino, sports betting, poker, and bingo.

The user interface is extremely intuitive, much more so than most other online casinos and sportsbooks. Most things are self-explanatory although Unibet goes to great lengths to ensure functions and options are well explained. This makes it easy for total newbies to get into either sports betting, casino gambling, poker or bingo quickly and easily.

Unibet added a great deal of value to their user interface to further enhance the overall online experience for their users. This includes an extensive range of quick links to all of their products and features. Links are arranged by each main product category including sports betting, casino gambling, poker, and bingo. There are also additional links to customer information, FAQ's, live casino and streaming services, support and much more.


Unibet is the sort of online gambling site that becomes your go-to option for many reasons. For one, Unibet is one of the oldest online sports betting and casino sites in the world. Having over two decades of experience in a pretty volatile industry speaks volumes about who Unibet is. The fact that they have an almost unblemished track record that stretches all the way back to 1997 is one of their most attractive features.

It is easy to see evidence of this fact throughout the Unibet website. There are no unnecessary frills or distraction to be seen, either on the homepage or any other page on the site. There are no extravagant bonus offers with ridiculous wagering requirements that you have little to no chance of ever completing. Instead, you get a website that offers only what you really want and need - a high-quality, comprehensive site where you can place great sports bets or gamble in a quality online casino.

I found that the welcome bonus offered to all new Unibet customers seemed, at least initially, to be a bit underwhelming. However, upon closer inspection, I soon realized that their 100% bonus offer up to $100 was one of the most sensible welcome bonus offers on the market. It simply doesn't make any sense to offer a new player, who has yet to earn a decent bankroll, more than they could actually use or wager back. I discovered that not only does the Unibet first deposit bonus offer a solid and sensible bonus amount (double your deposit amount), it also included very reasonable wagering requirements.

Moving on to games, I was impressed by the range as well as the depth in each section within the casino's gaming page. While some online casinos will tend to focus on just slots, Unibet seems to strike a nice balance between all popular casino game types. Part of the reason for their eclectic gaming library has to do with their willingness to partner with most of today's top online casino software brands. This includes tried and trusted brands like Microgaming and NetEnt, as well as some new blood in the form of Skillzzgaming, Thunderkick, and others.

As you can clearly see, Unibet has already sewed up two crucial areas of any successful online casinos, solid bonus offers, and a deep and wide casino gaming range. However, as any experienced online casino gamer knows all too well, it takes more than these two elements to make a great online casino.

There is little use in providing the best games and the most value-orientated bonuses if your online casino is an unsafe playing environment. This is an area that I like to test thoroughly as well, as a chink in the armour of an online casino in this area can be a serious deal breaker. Of course, with two decades of experience under their belt, it is quite hard to think that Unibet would be anything but a safe and reliable online gaming environment.

Unibet is licensed and regulated by two of today's top regulatory bodies, Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. That fact alone will fill most players with total confidence in the Unibet safety and security aspect. However, Unibet doubles up on reliability and safety by employing state-of-the-art SSL digital encryption on their servers. This ensures that all data uploaded to their servers is always encrypted. The SSL encryption platform has the added advantage of safeguarding every transaction that occurs on the Unibet servers, including all deposits and withdrawals.

Finally, online customer support is one of those areas that is often overlooked or undervalued. Most players, especially new ones, are focused entirely on the games and the bonus offers. That is until something goes wrong and, just like a site is useless without top-notch security, the same can be said for customer support. Now, you may be surprised to learn that not all online sportsbooks and casinos offer 24-hour support. However, not only does Unibet offer solid and reliable 24-hour live chat support, they offer multiple email channels of communication as well.

To further enhance their multiple channels of 24-hour customer support (with the exception of phone support), Unibet features incredible language support. The website can be viewed in virtually every language where the site can be legally accessed. There is a simple drop-down menu at the top of the homepage where players can easily access the site in the language of their choice, simply by clicking on the appropriate link. This makes Unibet one of the most accessible online sportsbooks and casinos in the world. Language support is a big deal to Unibet and it extends to their customer support too, giving Canadians, in particular, a choice to enjoy support in English or in French.

The key reason why Unibet is one of the most trusted online betting and gambling sites in the world has to do with the reason that they exist in the first place. While many online casinos and sportsbooks have been launched over the years solely for the express purpose of making as much money as possible, Unibet is a bit different. Unibet started out as a dream of one man, who was not a businessman, but a passionate sports betting enthusiast. What this means to the average punter at Unibet is that they aren't just another dollar sign. Unibet was created by a player, for players.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to play games at Unibet?
For the most part, the minimum age to play online casino games, poker, bingo, or participate in online sports betting at Unibet is 18. However, since Unibet is such an international online gambling brand, it may also be a good idea to check your country's local legal requirements first. Another way to double check is to simply contact Unibet customer support and ask them to check for you.
How old is Unibet?

Unibet is one of the oldest online sportsbooks and casinos in the world, with over two decades of experience in the industry. The brand originally launched way back in 1997, which is basically right at the beginning of the online casino and sports betting industry.

What hours does Unibet operate under?
Unibet is a full 24-hour online gambling operation. You can access their online sportsbook, online casino, poker site, or bingo page at any time of the day or night.
Do I have to pay anything to register an account with Unibet?
No, you do not. If you want to sign up with Unibet, all that you have to do is visit their site and click on their "join now" button (also known as the sign-up button). From there simply fill in all of the required details and click confirm to complete. The entire process only takes about two to five minutes to complete and is absolutely free of charge.
What sort of casino games can I find at Unibet?
Unibet offers a full range of online casino games to choose from which are sourced from an extensive variety of top quality online casino software partners. The range of games covers the entire spectrum and includes online video slots, jackpot slots and jackpot games, progressives, and table games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker and video poker. Unibet currently carries over 600 games, with well over 120 available on their mobile platform.
What sort of payment options can I find at Unibet?
To keep things as convenient for their customers as possible, Unibet features a wide assortment of online payment options which include credit and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard), eWallets such as Skrill and Neteller, prepaid cards, and bank transfer options. Unibet also offers an excellent and varied currency support system, which can accommodate a wide range of currency options including CAD, USD, EUR, GBP, and much more.
Does Casino Unibet release their payout percentages?
Yes, they do, through a verified third-party audit.
Does Unibet withhold any money for tax purposes?
No, they do not. Unibet will always pay out the full amount that is owed to you. You are responsible for taking care of the relevant tax requirements of your country.
What do I need to do if I want to withdraw winnings from my Unibet account?
There are two main things that you will need to take care of before you can ever hope to make a withdrawal from your Unibet account. Firstly, if you have taken up one of their bonus offers, you will need to ensure that you have met all relevant wagering requirements set out in the bonus terms and conditions. Failure to do so could result in you losing all your winnings and having your bonus withdrawn. These second thing that you will need to take care of is ensuring that all of your paperwork is in order. This means your credit card verification, your proof of residence, your identification documentation and anything else that Unibet may require from you.
Does Unibet offer a mobile option?
Yes, they do. Unibet offers one of the best mobile betting platforms in the business. The Unibet mobile sportsbook and casino can be accessed via smartphone or tablet devices and is open to all operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Players who prefer gaming on the go can enjoy a wide array of sports and betting markets, close to two hundred casino games including slots, live casino and table games, bingo games and poker. The Unibet mobile platform also offers secure mobile banking, exclusive bonus offers, and 24-hour mobile support.
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