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A Complete Review of Unikrn Esportsbook for 2021

Website: Unikrn.com
US Players: US Players Are Accepted
Online Since: 2014
Welcome Bonus Up to £50
License: Luxbet
Software: ChallengeMe.GG
Location: Malta
MasterCard, Visa and See Site for More Options
  • Largest Esportsbook online
  • Largest variety of Esports games/market
  • Win UKG and Skins
  • Doesn’t offer traditional gambling promotions
  • No live chat support
Welcome Bonus Up to £50
Overall 70%
Banking 60%
Bonuses 40%
Customer Service 90%
User Interface 80%
Sportsbook 90%
Mobile Compatibility 100%

I was stoked to check out Unikrn since it is such a departure from the
typical online sportsbook. If you’re not already aware, one of the first things
that you should know is that Unikrn is strictly focused on esports. While they
do offer a sportsbook for their clients, you won’t find any of your traditional
sports like football or soccer on their platform.

In my complete review of Unikrn’s site, I’ll give you a full understanding of
their entire operation. I’ve taken the time to painstakingly dig through their
website to see what all they have going on. As you read my review, you’ll learn
about their sportsbook, their bonuses, and so much more.

If you’re new to our site, you should know that we’re entirely independent.
I’ve not been incentivized by Unikrn to write this review. Because of this, I’m
able to tell it to you exactly like it is. In the sections below, I’ll let you
know what I love about the site, and I’ll clearly call out things that I think
they can improve on. Up first, I’ll kick things off with my ratings breakdown of
crucial areas of their site.

Ratings Breakdown


While Unikrn is definitely onto something good and unique, they still have
some room for improvement. I’m a huge fan of their esports lineup and the
associated sportsbook. Unikrn has perhaps the best list of esports games and
wagers that I’ve ever come across.

However, they need to do more in the bonuses and banking departments.
Currently, they lag quite a bit behind their competition. If Unikrn can step
things up in these two areas, then they will quickly help move themselves up to
a much more competitive space to bet on esports action.


While Unikrn does offer some real money betting options to folks in specific
markets, they don’t provide a large variety of banking options for these folks.
I could only find two different banking methods available for deposits and
withdrawals. Those methods are credit cards and bank transfers. This list of
options is much smaller than what I see from most other online sportsbooks.

To help improve in this area, Unikrn will want to bring their clients some
additional options. Right now, with so few banking methods, they are limiting
the players that can come in.


Unfortunately, Unikrn is very soft in the bonuses department. This is an area
that they significantly lack in when compared to other online sportsbooks. I
could only find one real money bonus at the time of my review. What’s even worse
is that the maximum bonus they offer is tiny compared to what I’m used to

Moving forward, Unikrn needs to step things up and give their clients more
reasons to try them out and stick around. While this is a unique site focused
only on esports, they are still competing with other online sportsbooks that
offer more lucrative bonus offers. Hopefully, Unikrn will offer some more bonus
opportunities in the near future.

Customer Service

Unikrn does not disappoint when it comes to customer service. There, you’ll
find three convenient ways to contact their support team. You can utilize the
telephone, email, or a contact form to reach them. The only thing missing was
live chat support. I’d definitely like to see them add this functionality in the

During my review, I made sure to test out each one of the three contact
options. I was delighted with the response time and the level of service that I
received from Unikrn’s team, regardless of which contact options I decided to
use. Based on my experience with their customer service, I don’t have any reason
to suspect that you won’t be delighted as well.

User Interface

Unikrn has done an excellent job overall at creating an attractive user
interface. I found it easy to search for and place bets. In addition, I liked
some of the added touches like their upcoming events and past results.

However, a few things were missing that I’d love to see them add in the
future. One such thing is the ability for clients to change how their odds are
displayed. This functionality is pretty standard in most online sportsbooks. If
Unikrn adds in this functionality, it should help them be more competitive with
their competition. The other thing missing was the functionality to change the
website’s language. It’s clear that the site is geared towards folks in
English-speaking countries. However, as the site gains momentum in other parts
of the globe, it would be nice to see them offer these clients the chance to
view the site in their native tongue.


Even with a focus just on esports, Unikrn has developed an excellent
sportsbook for those looking to place esports wagers. In their sportsbook, they
bring their clients one of the best lineups of esports games that you can bet on
that I’ve come across. In total, you can bet on 11 different esports games,
including popular ones such as LoL, CS:GO, and Starcraft 2.

One of my favorite things about their sportsbook is that they offer live
betting. With this functionality, Unikrn allows you to bet on esports matches
that are already underway. It’s fantastic to see them offering this type of
gambling, as many online sportsbooks have been slow to adopt this.

Mobile Compatibility

If you’re a fan of betting online using a mobile device like a phone or
tablet, you’re in luck here. They’ve taken the time to build out a fabulous
mobile-friendly website that functions correctly no matter what device you’re
on. I tested it on tons of different mobile devices, and it was flawless every

From what I experienced, using the mobile version of the Unikrn site was just
as good as using the main desktop version. I could not find anything on the
desktop version that I could not do on the mobile one. Finding and placing
esports wagers was a complete breeze on the mobile platform. From my view, the
only fundamental difference is the added convenience of betting from your phone
as opposed to needing to be on your computer.

The Basics About Unikrn

Founded in 2014 by a former Microsoft employee, Unikrn was started as an
online sportsbook with esports as its only focus. The principal founder, Rahul
Sood, has an impressive resume with many accomplishments over his career at
Microsoft. (ONE MORE)

While Unikrn accepts players from all countries, only a few of them can
actually bet with real money. I’ve provided a list below of the countries that
can wager with real money. Players living in other countries will still be able
to wager on the site, but it will be done using a virtual currency called

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand


With a sole focus on esports, Unikrn makes it simple to find your favorite
esports wagers. Since there are not tons of other sports cluttering the
sportsbook, you can get right to business. (MORE?)

At Unikrn, there are two different ways for you to bet. If you’re lucky
enough to live in one of the countries that can gamble with real money, then you
bet with actual funds just like you would on any other sportsbook. For the rest
of you, you’ll bet using their virtual currency called Unikoins. I’ll go into
more details relating to Unikoins and how they work in the banking and FAQs

The homepage of the sportsbook at Unikrn is a very modern-looking page. Along
the left-hand side of the page, you’ll find a list of the different esports that
you can wager on. The middle of the page is where you’ll find various esports
events that you can wager on. Finally, the right-hand side of the page is
reserved for your bet slip so that you can keep track of all of your different
wagers on the site. I’ve included an image below of the sportsbook at Unikrn so
that you have an idea of what to expect.

One complaint that I have about the sportsbook at Unikrn is that they do have
a rotating banner advertisement at the top of the main sportsbook page. On this
banner, they advertise different prize drawings and upcoming esports events.
Since this ad eats up so much real estate on their main page, I’d like to see it
go away. By doing this, they’ll allow the page to be more about placing bets
without the hassle of having an annoying advertisement on the page.

When you first log in to Unikrns’s sportsbook, you’ll find a page that lists
all of the upcoming events in chronological order. As you scroll down the page,
you’ll see all of the matches from the current day and then into future dates.
Using the primary esports games menu on the left-hand side of the page, you can
filter down to see matches from individual games if you’re looking for something

If you’re into live betting, then you’ll be a happy camper at Unikrn. There,
you can place live wagers on your favorite esports games. I was thrilled to see
that they are offering live esports betting action, as this is somewhat rare to

Another beautiful thing about it is that Unikrn makes it simple to locate
their live betting action. On the main sportsbook page, you’ll find a tab in the
middle of the page that says “Live Now.” By clicking on this tab, you’ll be
taken to a page that will show you all current live-action bets. Using this tab
is excellent when you’re looking to get into in-play betting action right away.
Below, you’ll find an image that showcases what the live now section of their
website looks like.

One final thing that I liked about their sportsbook is that they allow
clients the ability to view past match results. Using this area of the
sportsbook, you can search to see the outcome of matches that happened
previously. If you’re researching different teams and games, this is an
excellent way for you to check out how they’ve done before. This is also a great
way to view former head-to-head matches for different teams. If you’d like to
check out this data, just click on the “Past Results” tab in the middle of the
main sportsbook page. I’ve provided some screenshots below from the past results
tab so that you can see what kind of information and data they offer.

Unikrn has done a spectacular job of assembling a great online sportsbook for
esports. Not only does it look good, but it also functions well, too! If you
haven’t checked out the sportsbook yet, see for yourself why Unikrn is so
attractive for those interested in betting on esports.


If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, Unikrn is all about esports. If you’re
into betting on esports, then Unikrn might be a perfect place for you to call
home. In this section, I’ll take a more in-depth look at all of the esports
goodies that this site has to offer.

At Unikrn, you can bet on many different esports games. In fact, I found 11
options at the time of my review. Compared to most other online sportsbooks,
this is a lot more to choose from. Typically, I only see a few esports games
from other guys. It’s fantastic to see such a large selection. Below, I’ve
listed out the esports games available on Unikrn.

  • LoL
  • CS:GO
  • DOTA 2
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Starcraft 2
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Call of Duty
  • Hearthstone
  • World of Tanks
  • FIFA

One great thing about Unikrn is that they offer live streams of esports
events. Using their Unikrn TV, you can catch some of the best live esports
action as it happens. What’s incredible about this is that it’s free for all
players regardless of if you’re from a country that can’t bet with real money.

To access this live streaming content, just click on the Unikrn TV link
located in the top center of any webpage. Once there, it will show you what
current broadcasts are available. As well, it also showcases upcoming gaming
events that will be live streamed later. This is a great tool to help you plan
your bets and your streams that you want to watch.

Something else that I loved about Unikrn TV is that they include clips of
recent broadcasts. If you ended up missing one of the live streams, you can come
back later and catch it thanks to this functionality. To view the latest
broadcasts, just scroll down on the main Unikrn TV page.

Finally, I found one other remarkable thing on this site. They’ve got one of
the most comprehensive collections of esports news that I’ve ever come across.
If you’re into esports at all, this can be a great place to learn more and keep
up with the latest trends in the industry. If you’d like to check this section
out, just click on the “Esports News” link located towards the top center
portion of any webpage.

I’m delighted with the esports coverage on Unikrn. Since esports is the only
focus of the site, it’s no surprise that they have done it right. If you’re into
esports, Unikrn is definitely a site that you should check out and consider as
your online esports betting home.

Banking Options

As I mentioned earlier, there are two different ways that you can wager on
esports here. For a small number of folks, they can wager using real money.
However, this is only applicable to players living in the United Kingdom,
Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. The banking options presented below only
pertain to those of you that live in one of those countries and can bet on
Unikrn with real funds.

If you’re not located in one of those countries, you can still wager on
Unikrn. However, you’ll use a virtual currency as opposed to using real cash. At
Unikrn, they’ve developed their own virtual money called Unikoins. There are
lots of ways to earn Unikoins that I’ll discuss in more detail later. Using
these Unikoins, you can bet on esports wagers and then use your earnings to
enter drawings for cool prizes like gift cards and gaming computers.

Below, I’ve included information on the deposit and withdrawal banking
options found on Unikrn for those playing with real money, but there is
no information available on these options:


  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Bank Wire


  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Bank Wire

I’m disappointed in the list of banking options that they provide their real
money clients. With just two different options, their menu is much smaller than
the vast majority of other online sportsbooks. In order to be competitive,
Unikrn should add in more banking methods as soon as possible. I’d suggest them
adding in options like Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Bonus Promotions

Another area that I always investigate when performing a complete site review
is the bonuses and promotions that they provide their clients. It’s very common
for online sportsbooks to offer opportunities to earn bonus cash. Below, I’ve
provided details on the bonuses and promotions that I found on Unikrn at the
time of my site review.

Real Money Welcome Bonus

If you’re new to Unikrn and you’re located in the UK, then you can claim a
real money bonus. Through this offer, Unikrn will give you £50 of bonus bets if
you make an initial deposit of just £25. While this is a good starting point
from Unikrn, I’m used to seeing welcome bonuses with much more massive bonus
match amounts. In some cases, I’m talking about thousands of dollars of match.

Unikoins Bonuses

For those of you that can’t wager with real money on Unikrn, they have not
forgotten about you. Luckily, they offer tons of opportunities for you to earn
additional Unikoins on a regular basis. In some cases, you’ll gain some Unikoin
by just logging into your account daily. You’ll also want to check out their
Unikrn Daily Quests. These easy tasks provide you the chance to earn extra
Unikoins. For example, you might be able to score some extra Unikoins by just
referring a friend to the website.

Overall, I’d love to see Unikrn offer more bonuses and promotions to their
clients. Since their site is such a rare breed, I’m assuming that they don’t
feel like they have to offer loads of promotions. However, since many online
sportsbooks provide esports wagers, it’s vital that Unikrn continues to remain
competitive. If clients can get more substantial welcome and reload bonuses
elsewhere, it’s going to be hard for Unikrn to keep their players happy.

Mobile Compatibility

Next up, I wanted to investigate the mobile compatibility of Unikrn. It’s
important to me that a site has a mobile-friendly version so that clients can
bet with ease from their phone. With that in mind, I dug into Unikrn to see what
I could find.

Mobile Sports Betting

I’m happy to report that Unikrn offers an excellent mobile-friendly website.
Using the mobile version of their website, it was an absolute breeze to search
for and place esports wagers on my phone and tablet. No matter which mobile
device that I tested Unikrn on, the site always looked great and fit the screen
correctly. Based on my experience with the mobile version of their website, it
is my opinion that clients can quickly bet on their phones just as well as they
would from the desktop version of their site.

Overall, Unikrn has done a bang-up job with the mobile-friendliness of their
website. With their website this good from a mobile-friendliness standpoint,
there is no need for them to develop a separate app. If you’re into mobile
esports betting, consider trying out the mobile version of Unikrn.

Customer Service

Before I wrapped up my complete review of Unikrn, I took the time to check
into the quality of their customer service that they offer their clients. I
always make sure to investigate a site’s customer service since it’s essential
to have excellent help when you need it.

Right away, I noticed that Unikrn provides multiple contact methods to reach
them. This is an excellent sign since it gives their clients many different
choices to select from when they need help. What’s impressive about Unikrn is
that you can contact them by telephone, email, or contact form. I’ll give you
more details on each of these options below.

One option to contact the support team at Unikrn is to use the telephone. I’m
a big fan of telephone support as it allows clients the chance to speak with an
actual person. Unfortunately, some betting sites out there still don’t offer a
telephone option.

I called their support center as I performed my review. I was pleasantly
surprised with how fast I was connected with an agent each time. As well, I was
super pleased with how helpful their team was. No matter what my questions were,
their team made sure to get me the answers that I needed. If you’d like to reach
the Unikrn customer service team by telephone:

  • Telephone: 1-223-338-6457

You can also contact Unikrn’s support team by email. This is an excellent
option if it’s not a pressing matter and you’re not in a complete rush to get
help. You can email Unikrn anytime:

In an effort to test their email support team, I sent in many different
emails as I came up with questions during my site review. Luckily, I received
replies to my emails within one business day in all cases. Like I saw with their
phone support team, their email team also made sure to answer all of my
questions in a quality fashion.

The final method that you can use to contact Unikrn is by using a contact
form on their website. By using this form, you’re essentially sending them an
email without using your email provider. If you’re already on the site, this can
save you the step of needing to go to your email provider. To locate this form,
just click on the contact link in the bottom left-hand corner of any page on the

When using this form, I found the same results as I did with their email
contact team. I had replies to my email box within one business day, and the
answers were very helpful. Based on my experience with the contact form, it’s
just as good as sending an email.

The only thing missing from their customer service contact options was live
chat. I’d really like to see Unikrn add in this functionality as many other
online betting sites are offering this to their clients. Live chat support is
fantastic since you can get help nearly instantly directly on the website.
Hopefully, Unikrn will bring this service to their lineup at some point in the
future so that their clients have one other convenient method to reach their

As a whole, I’m pleased with the customer service that Unikrn provides. Even
without live chat support, the three contact options that they do offer give
their clients plenty of choices to select from. On top of that, it’s clear that
they’ve staffed their support team with quality agents to help make sure that
their clients receive top-notch service.


Unikrn has built a very specialized sportsbook for folks that want to bet on
esports. They’ve done a spectacular job of building out their site by including
an excellent user interface, live betting, and stellar selection of esports
games that you can bet on. However, there is room for improvement on the site.
Most notably, they need to work to expand so that more countries can wager with
real money. While the concept of Unikoins is creative, it’s not nearly as
exciting as betting for real money. Other than that, another thing that they can
do to step things up is add in more banking methods for their real money


If you’re a big fan of betting on esports, Unikrn is a good place that you
might consider calling your esports betting home. However, if you’re looking to
gamble with real money, and you’re not located in one of the handful of
countries that are allowed to do this, then you’re going to need to look
elsewhere. That being said, don’t forget about the opportunity to bet with their
virtual currency, Unikoins. This is a good option for those that don’t care to
wager with real money or are restricted from doing such.


If you’ve still got some questions about Unikrn, we’re here to help. In this
section, I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we
receive about the site. Since Unikrn is so different from other websites, it’s
understandable if you’re still a bit confused. After checking out this section,
you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of how the site functions.

Can all countries bet for real money on Unikrn?

Unfortunately, no. At this time, only players from the United Kingdom,
Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand can bet for real money. If you’re not from
one of those countries, keep reading on how you can still bet at Unikrn.

If I can’t bet with real money on the site, how can I participate?

For those of you located in countries that are restricted from betting with
real money on the site, Unikrn has developed a virtual currency that allows you
to bet still. Their virtual currency is called Unikoins. By using this virtual
currency, you’ll be able to bet on all of their esports action. In addition, you
can use the Unikoins to enter into prize drawings run by the website.

How do I get Unikoins?

You can earn Unikoins using many different methods on the website. For
example, you’ll get some Unikoins deposited into your account just by signing
up. You can also complete other tasks such as completing their tutorial or
virtual quests. If you’re able to place winning esports bets on the site, that
will also grow your Unikoins balance. Based on our experience, Unikrn gives
their clients plenty of opportunities to earn Unikoins, so you should not worry
about missing out.

Be sure to check out the Unikrn Daily Quests. These are simple and easy tasks
that they provide daily which allow you the ability to earn more Unikoins. If
you’re low on Unikoins, this is one of the easiest ways to win more for your

Can I turn my Unikoins into real money?

Unfortunately, you can’t. No matter how many Unikoins you accrue on Unikrn,
you’ll never be able to exchange them for real cash. However, you can trade in
Unikoins in order to enter prize drawings or bet on esports action.

What kind of prizes does Unikrn offer for their prize drawings?

Based on what I’ve seen, the vast majority of their drawings involve some
form of gift card to major retailers such as Amazon and iTunes. However, they
also run some drawings for much larger ticket items such as a new gaming
computer. Be sure to check the site frequently to see what the latest prize
drawings are.