A Night In Paris Slots

A Night In Paris Slots

After being released by Betsoft in 2011, A Night in Paris became popular due to its 3D graphics and Parisian angle.

Of course, 2011 was quite a while ago as far as slots technology goes. So the question is if these 3D graphics can still stack up to games that are being released today.

We'll cover this question and give you an idea if A Night in Paris is still worth playing these days. We'll also discuss this 5 reel slot's details, bonus rounds, and offer a comparison to Betsoft's After Night Falls.

If you wish to experience this game for yourself, you can try out our free version that we have provided below:

A Night in Paris
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Overview of the Game

This game opens with an introduction that takes you through the streets of Paris during the daytime while a Frenchman provides the voiceover. Day turns to night, and you get your first glimpse of Jacques the thief, security guard Jerome LaBaste, and his dog Pierre.

The story revolves around Jerome and Pierre trying to catch Jacques, who's been stealing high priced artwork from the museum.

Given the story, it's little surprise that the game's backdrop is Paris at nighttime, with the Eifel Tower and several buildings decorating the landscape. Jerome and Pierre stand off to the side and cheer for you during winning payouts.

We definitely like the music that plays since it's an upbeat tune that perfectly reflects both Paris and trying to catch the criminal.

Symbols that you'll see in this game include Jerome, Jacques, Pierre, two lovers, doves, the Eifel Tower, various artwork, and Jerome's badge.

Many of these symbols perform animations when they appear in winning pay lines. For example, Pierre growls and shows his teeth, the doves fly over the streets of Paris, the Eifel Tower is shown in a moving overview, Jacques sneaks around artwork, and Jerome pulls down his sunglasses and waves his finger back and forth.

Jerome is the highest paying symbol, giving you 500 coins if he appears five times in a winning pay line.

A Night in Paris doesn't feature any wild or regular scatter symbols, which seems weird for a fairly advanced 3D slot like this one.

As for betting options, you can change pay lines from 1 to 30, coin size from $0.01 to $1.00, and play 1 to 5 coins on each pay line. This makes for a minimum bet of $0.02 per spin and a max wager of $150.00.

You can also use auto spin to keep the reels going for 5 to 100 spins with your selected betting options. If you want to play more than one pay line at a time, make sure that you select this option because the auto spin default is just one pay line.

A Night in Paris Bonuses

This game offers three different bonuses, including a special scatter option, Chase Free Spins, and Caught in the Museum. Below you can see a detailed look at each bonus round.

Special Scatter

While A Night in Paris doesn't offer a regular scatter, you can multiply your winning payouts by getting one of two exact combinations:

  • Jacques, the badge and Jerome consecutively on reels 1, 2, and 3
  • Jerome, the badge, and Jacques consecutively on reels 1, 2, and 3

When you land either of these combos in order, you'll see a sign that tells you to alert security guard Jerome to the thief. Once you do this, Jerome will turn around and jump closer to the reels, nabbing Jacques in the process.

Although the payout screen says that this feature multiplies your bet, we only saw a total credit win of 150 coins flash on the screen. Since we were betting 30 total coins per spin, we assume that we earned a 5x multiplier by catching the thief the first time, and a 10x multiplier of 300 coins the second time.

Chase Free Spins

The Chase Free Spins are triggered whenever you get 3 or more badges on the reels.

Before your free spins start, Jacques sneaks out onto the screen while trying to avoid being caught. However, Jerome and Pierre see the thief, and then start chasing him back and forth as your free spins are going.

At the end, you hear fighting off the screen, which is followed by Jerome carrying the thief across the screen and tossing him afterward. Your total win is then awarded and you go back to playing the main game.

As you can see, these are just basic free spins. But in contrast to most games, we like how A Night in Paris has dressed them up with a chase scene going on the entire time.

Caught in the Museum

When you land 3 or more paintings anywhere on the reels, you're taken to the hall of a museum. This scene shows Jacques standing in front of a statue, painting and vase while trying to figure out which of the 3 items to steal.

We selected the statue and as Jacques crept closer to the object, Jerome came around the corner, chased the thief down and pushed him to the floor. It seemed like this was the wrong selection, but we still earned 600 credits.

Overall, this is probably the best bonus round because it takes you to a second screen, and the scene where Jerome catches Jacques is entertaining.

Comparison to After Night Falls

In 2013, Betsoft released a game that's very similar to A Night in Paris called After Night Falls. The latter is also set in Paris and sees Inspector Rousseau which is based on Pink Panther's Inspector Clouseau, trying to catch a serial cat burglar.

While the setting and story are similar, After Night Falls has better graphics and animations than A Night in Paris. Of course, we can chalk this up to it being developed two years later, but it's still worth mentioning.

After Night Falls also adds more detail to its bonus rounds, especially one where you gather clues in the apartment of an old lady who's been robbed.

A Night in Paris does a better job of working the Parisian angle and making you feel as if you're in the City of Love. After Night Falls, in contrast, barely alludes to the fact that the game takes place in Paris.

However, we wouldn't quite say that A Night in Paris' setting makes it the better slot. After Night Falls has superior graphics and more engaging bonus rounds, so we give it the edge in most respects.


When compared to the newer 3D slots that Betsoft is developing, A Night in Paris might get lost in the shuffle. After all, its graphics don't look as impressive as they did several years ago, which is painfully apparent as you watch the introduction video.

However, if we're just comparing A Night in Paris to the rest of the slots industry, it's still a pretty good game. We really like how apparent the backstory and theme are, making this feel like a mini movie as you play.

The three bonus features are also more than adequate since you have a special multiplier, second screen game and free spins. As mentioned before, the free spins really stand out since you get to see a chase scene unfold while you're playing.

In summary, if you want the most detailed graphics and animations, try some of Betsoft's newer slots. But if you're just looking for a good slots game with above average graphics and a fun story line, then you should be more than happy with A Night in Paris.
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