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A Switch in Time Slot Machine

A Switch in Time is a 5 reel, 20 pay line i-Slot from Rival Gaming. It has
many unique features that mix well with the theme of the game. Some of these
features include scatters, wilds, multipliers, and a cool bonus game that is
progressive and changes each time the game is triggered.

The theme of A Switch in Time is based around going back in time to when
stagecoaches are the most up to date way to travel and exploration and discovery
was a way of life.

The game takes you back to a time when inventions such as the telephone and
other modern conveniences have yet to be invented.

One thing that makes this game stand out among others is the fact that as the
player travels through different time periods the game changes as well to fit
the time period. The symbols take on a different look that represents the period
the player is in.

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Rival Gaming
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A Switch in Time Slot Machine Overview

Atmosphere / Background

The reels are set into a background of a time machine with its many levers
and gears. The background is a combination of burgundy, steel gray, and tan.
These colors work well with the theme of the game and bring the out the colorful
symbols during play.

The game is a little too cartoony for our liking and the graphics could have
been more precise but all in all they aren’t bad.

The only aspect that we might have changed would be the pay line labels on
the sides of the reels. Using a gear theme symbols instead of multi-colored
circles would have completed the visual aspects in our opinion.

Music and Sound Effects

The game’s soundtrack music is not bad but can get annoying after a short
time. The track is a repeating mix of shimmering cymbals, with a little bit of
keyboard and drums added in.

The soundtrack can be over powering which could cause a player to become
annoyed and since there’s no options button to use they will have to mute their
device. If it’s being played on a mobile device where having the sound up is
required then this may even cause a player to go to a different game.

Other sound effects are used when the player spins the reels and winning
combinations are completed. These sounds effects are the usual ones heard during
spins like the spinning of the reels and the ding when it stops.

Other sound effects are also heard throughout the game that goes along with
the symbol animation that’s available.

All of the sound effects are well picked to suit the game theme. All in all
the sounds track and sound effects used are theme related and work well with the


A Switch in Time offers many different animations for the symbols. Each
symbol has an animation that is activated when a winning combination is made
with the symbols. Some of these animations include headlights flickering, oil
lamp igniting, and the pocket watch.

When the pocket watch is found in a winning combination not only does the
symbol have its own animation the title of the game also comes to life as the
clock dial goes round.

A Switch in Time Pay Table and Graphics

Symbols and payouts for A Switch in Time are as follows:


The wild symbol for this game is an hourglass. This symbol can take the place
of any symbol in the regular game except for the free spin scatter and bonus
symbols. This symbol has a 2x multiplier during normal play. During a free spin
if a wild symbol is revealed its multiplier goes up to 3x and it becomes
expanding. This wild even has its own pay out amounts they are: 12x for a
combination of 3, 345x for a combination of 4, and 6789x for a combination of 5

Red Haired Lady

The red haired lady symbol is the free spins scatter symbol for A Switch in
Time. When you receive 3 or more of these symbols you’ll be awarded 12, 45, or
78 free spins. This symbol comes with multipliers as well in the amounts of 3x.
6x, and 9x

Time Machine Bonus

The time machine symbol is used as the bonus symbol for A Switch in Time.
Receiving 3 or more of this symbol will trigger the bonus game.

Wooden Case

The wooden case pays 2x for 3, 10x for 4, and 65x for 5.

Decanter and Glasses

This symbol pays 3x for 3 symbols, 15x for 4 symbols, and 65x for 5 symbols.

Oil Lamp

The oil lamp pays 3x for 3 symbols, 20x for 4 symbols, and 100x for 5

Stage Coach

The stage coach pays 5x for 3 symbols, 25x for 4 symbols, and 125x for 5


The glasses symbol pays 10x for 3 symbols, 65x for 4 symbols, and 200x for 5

Parchment Paper and Quill

This symbol pays 5x for 3 symbols, 50x for 4 symbols, 150x for 5 symbols

Pocket Watch

The pocket watch pays 15x for 3 symbols, 80x for 4 symbols, and 300x for 5


The clock pays 20x for 3 symbols, 125x for 4 symbols, 400x for 5 symbols


The inventor is the highest paying symbol in regular pay and includes
combination of 2 or more in pay out options. He pays 10x for 2 symbols, 70x for
3 symbols, 802x for 4 symbols, and 1895x for 5 symbols

Symbol Graphics

A Switch in Time symbols are artwork that are relevant to the theme Rival was
aiming for. The graphics could have been more detailed and of higher quality but
fit the wispy nature of the game well.

Our favorite symbols include the time machine bonus, the pocket watch and the
stage coach. But we appreciate all of the symbols since Rival did such good job
in designing this game.

A Switch in Time Slot Bonus Features

When you land 3 or more time machine symbols anywhere on the reels, you
trigger the bonus game.

This is where Rival out did themselves with this game. When you trigger your
bonus you’ll go to a new screen that will based on whatever time period your
regular game was being played in. Each time period has its own theme based bonus

Present Day

In this game the present day is set in the Victorian era so if you enter into
the bonus game from this time period you’ll find yourself faced with flying the
time machine yourself. You’ll be presented with a control panel full of buttons,
knobs and globes.

Start pressing the 15 buttons available and the time machine awards you
coins. When you have hit the buttons on the control panel that match a random
combination set by the game you’ll either travel to the future or into
prehistoric times.

You’ll be whisked to your new era and will land back in regular game play but
all the tiles have been replaced to match whichever new time period you have
been dropped into.

Future Era

If you trigger your bonus during the future era you’ll be traveling through
space and tasked with fighting off an alien invasion. This game is completely
different from the one for present day this one is a first person shooter game.

You as the inventor are using a futuristic weapon to hunt and kill the
cyborgs. When this bonus feature is done you’re sent back to present day.

Prehistoric Era

In this action packed version of the bonus game T-Rex is attacking a stone
village. You’re given the option of three weapons to use to try to defeat him.
However this is bonus game you least want to play because of the glitches

In this bonus game you have to make sure you reselect your weapon before each
attempt on T-Rex and the game give the massive dinosaur a brief interlude where
he can come after you before you’re armed.

Free Spins

When you receive 3 or more of the red haired lady icons you automatically
receive your free spins based on the number of symbols you received.

With this symbol you receive a different amount of free spins plus a
different level of multiplier based on the number of symbols on the reels.

These amounts like the bonus change depending on the era from which you’re
playing. Receiving the free spins in the present day era is the best it has the
highest number of free spins and largest multipliers.

Another cool feature is if you receive a wild during a free spin it becomes
expanding and will grow to cover the reel it’s on. This allows for the wild to
complete any winning combination on the game board.


The time machine symbol will appear on the reel and can take the place of any
symbol except free spin or bonus to complete a winning combination.

One thing that sets this wild apart from those in other games is that it has
its own pay levels and amounts that it pays. Most wilds just complete the
combination so the player can get the payout for the symbol it takes the place
of but not here. In this game it pays its own amounts.

Betting Options

The 20 pay lines for this game aren’t fixed, which means a player is allowed
to pick how many lines they want to play. This is the way most slot machines are
set up it really doesn’t change anything though whether you choose how many pay
lines you play or not.

You have a better chance at winning by playing all the lines because there’s
no way to predict which line will hit next or which one will hit the most.

This game offers the player the ability to change the value of their line bet
after each spin. The coin values for this game are set to .01, .5. .10, and .25.
The player can also choose how many coins they want to play

This covers players from all budget amounts. It’s less likely for a high
roller to want to play this game but the ability to wager up to $50 per spin may
bring some of them in.

Other Options

You can auto play the reels if you want to just by clicking on the auto
button. Once you have selected this feature it will continue until you trigger a
free spin or bonus round or you hit the pause button.

The options button is almost invisible for this game. It can be found on the
right hand side of the last win circle. This is where you can change the level
of the graphics, full screen option, audio on/off button and the volume level of
the background sounds.

This game has pay table buttons available at the top corners of the
interface. These buttons take you to the pay table which will let you see all
the symbols and the amounts they will pay based on number in winning

Return to Player RTP

According to Rival, A Switch in Time has a RTP minimum of 95.3% over a
complete game cycle. This is a really good return to player percentage for an
online slot game.

Combining this percentage with A Switch in Time bonus features and symbol
payouts, then you stand a chance of winning something.

Game Rules

A Switch in Time game rules are in line with most other 5 reel slot machines.

Below are the main rules:

  • All wins are formed from right to left, beginning with the leftmost
    reel. The only exception is the Red Haired Lady Free Spin and the Time
    Machine bonus, which can trigger the special features associated with them
    from anywhere on the reel.
  • If two or more wins are formed in the same line, only the highest payout
    is awarded.
  • Any misuse or malfunction will abort the game and everything will be
    reset to default.


A Switch in Time has a number of aspects working in its favor, including a
great theme oriented atmosphere and fun and exciting bonus features.

The Victorian Era atmosphere works well with the theme, which involves many
invention related symbols alongside those of the stage coach and pocket watch.

The graphics aren’t as good as they could have been but work well with the
wispy feeling that time travel usually carries with it.

As for features, you can expect a fun and exciting bonus game no matter which
era you trigger it in. Whether you’re traveling through time in the time
machine, fighting alien cyborgs or T-Rex’s, you’ll have fun adding to your

Another good thing about this game is the betting options. Because this game
has coin value range from .01 to .25 it makes it more accessible to players of
all budgets but will probably not get it noticed by a high roller.

Although this game doesn’t have a high win frequency it’s still a fun game to
play. Give A Switch in Time a chance, you just might like it.