After Night Falls Slot Machine

After Night Falls

Betsoft is one of the online gaming industry's newer suppliers, but they've already turned out plenty of popular slots. And one of these games is After Night Falls, which is based on Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther franchise.

In the movies, Clouseau was a bumbling detective who always lucked his way into catching the bad guy. So does After Night Falls' Inspector Rousseau stay true to the films that inspired this slot?

You can find out in this review, which covers After Night Falls' details, bonus rounds, and a comparison to Betsoft's A Night in Paris.

Also included is a free version of the After Night Falls slot machine for you to play before you play for real money.

After Night Falls
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Game Overview

The introduction of this game takes you to the dark streets of Paris, into an old lady's, the Granny character, apartment that was robbed, and through the methods that Inspector Rousseau uses to solve the crime. The whole time, you hear a jingle that's reminiscent from the Pink Panther movies, which carries on into the game as well.

After Night Falls does a good job of maintaining the theme through the background, which shows the inspector looking for clues outside of Granny's apartment. You'll occasionally see Inspector Rousseau dive into a nearby dumpster during his search, and the thief sneak around a car while trying to evade the detective.

Like many Betsoft games, the 3D graphics in After Night Falls are one of the best reasons to play this slot. The background features stellar detail while the symbols also look really good.

Speaking of which, symbols include the following:

  • Inspector Rousseau
  • A cat
  • Jewelry box
  • Security camera
  • TV
  • Jewel bag
  • Magnifying glass (wild)
  • The thief

The inspector is the highest paying regular symbol, delivering 250 coins when he appears five times in a pay line.

You'll see these symbols in a number of animations when they appear in winning pay lines. Some of these animations include the thief spraying the security camera, the cat jumping on a garbage can, Granny turning on her TV, the thief stealing jewels, and the inspector looking out an open window to spot the criminal.

This game has a couple of significant features during the main game, including moving wilds, and stacked collapsing wilds.

Moving wilds are initiated by the magnifying glass on any reel position, which acts as a wild and gives you a free spin. When you spin, the magnifying glass moves one reel to the left to help form a win.

If an entire reel contains the same symbol, you'll see the stacked collapsing wild feature in play. This awards you with a 3x multiplier on the payout for that specific symbol. Collapsed symbols also merge into a single symbol to allow for two additional icons to fall into place.

Betting Options

You can adjust pay lines from 1 to 30, play anywhere from 1 to 5 coins on each pay line, and adjust coin size from $0.02 to $0.50.

This makes for a minimum bet of $0.02 per spin and a max wager of $75.00.

After Night Falls also has options to speed up how fast the reels spin and turn the music off.

You can use auto spin to keep the reels spinning with your selected betting options for between 5 and 100 spins. By combining the faster reel speed with auto spin, you can keep the game moving rather quickly and unlock the bonus rounds faster.

If there's one small complaint we have about this game, it's that Betsoft put a little too much detail into the betting options, making them hard to see against the nighttime backdrop.

After Night Falls Bonuses

The good graphics and animations in this game are supplemented by three different bonus features. Below you can see an in depth look at how each bonus works along with the gamble feature too.

Investigate Bonus

When Granny symbols land on reels 1, 3, and 5 during the same spin, you activate the Investigate Bonus round.

It begins with the thief breaking into Granny's apartment, and you're called in to investigate the crime scene. This basically equates to choosing items off your notepad, including Flowers, a Chair, Television, Clock, Floor Plant, and Gramophone.

We were able to select every item and earn credits for each one. So in our experience, there doesn't appear to be anything stopping you from investigating all of the items.

5 Rooms Click Me

Land 3 or more thief icons on the reels and you'll trigger this feature. 5 Rooms begins with the criminal jumping out an open window, and then it cuts to a scene of the thief standing on a fire escape.

Below the thief are 5 doors that you choose for him to rob. You keep clicking doors and collecting credits until you see the word Collect show up. In our experience, we only chose two doors before Collect turned up, and we ended with 330 credits.

Random Multiplier Free Spins

The desk symbol is both the scatter and free spins symbol. If you get 3 or more desks on the reels, you'll receive 10 free spins for 3 symbols, 15 free spins for 4 symbols, or 20 free spins for 5 symbols.

This takes you into Rousseau's office to spin the reels with a random multiplier. Every time you spin during this round, your win will be multiplied between 2x and 10x the payout.

Double Up Feature

Any time that you net a payout in After Night Falls, you can choose to gamble your winnings through the Double Up feature.

This again takes you inside Rousseau's office, where you choose whether a coin will be heads or tails. You can stop playing at any time and collect your winnings if you haven't lost yet.

Assuming you've played a lot of other slots, you'll know that this heads / tails format is nothing new for gamble features. However, we at least like how you're taken to a new scene when using the Double Up option.

Comparison to A Night in Paris

We're comparing A Night in Paris and After Night Falls because they're two very similar Betsoft games, especially since they both take place at night and involve catching a thief.

In the case of A Night in Paris, you're trying to help elite security guard Jerome LaBaste and his bulldog Pierre catches the famed art thief Jacques.

A Night in Paris works the Parisian angle much harder, from the music to different shots of the city.

While this is nice for Paris lovers, the 3D graphics aren't nearly as crisp as what you'll see in After Night Falls.

You'll find three different bonus features in A Night in Paris, including instant rewards, the Chase bonus and free spins.

The instant rewards is a multiplier that's activated when you get a combination of Jerome, the security badge and Jacques in order, or a combo of Jacques, the badge and Jerome in order.

The Chase bonus merely consists of 5 spins combined with Jerome / Pierre chasing Jacques across the screen every time the reels spin. When all 5 spins are finished, Jerome catches the thief and throws him down.

While we think that both of these Betsoft slots are good games when compared to the industry, we'd have to say that After Night Falls is a little better in terms of graphics, animations and bonuses.


The only minor flaws we see in After Night Falls are that its betting options are a little hard to see, and all three bonus features take a while to trigger. Regarding the latter, it took us several hundred spins before we finally triggered the Investigate Bonus.

Other than this, every other major aspect of After Night Falls ranges from good to great. We like the backstory, 3D graphics, multiple bonuses, and characters.

So if you're looking for a new slot to try, After Night Falls won't disappoint you.

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