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Amatic slots are slot machines designed by Amatic Industries.
Founded in 1993. Amatic is a family business, headquartered in
Austria. Amatic slots have a trademark semi-circle design with a
display located a bit above the player’s heads – if you’ve
played in many European casinos, you’ve seen plenty of Amatic
cabinets and games.

Also included on this page is a myriad of different online slot
games offered by Amatic Gaming Industries that you can play for free
right here on our site before you decide you want to try them out and
spend real money on them.

Lastly, we cover some of Amatic’s most popular slot games that are
available, covering everything you need to know from bonuses, features,
paylines, symbols and so much more.

Amatic History

Amatic is a leader in the development of casino and AWP
(Amusement with Prize) games for the European market, and has
been for more than two decades. Amatic entered the online
gambling market in 2011, releasing a slate of Web-capable
versions of their popular land-based slot and table games. The
company’s focus is the development of land-based and online
games and software, though they are also a major producer of
game cabinets, multiplayer systems, and server-based video
terminal games across Europe. Now that Amatic offers
fully-integrated online gaming management services, they can be
called a complete provider of casino technology.

The Early Years

Their company had their first major success with a line of
games sold under the label “Master.” Launched in 2003, the
Master line included Mini Master, Midi Master, Max Master, and
Wall Master. These were the company’s biggest and flashiest
slots ever. They were produced hot on the heels of the company’s
Roulette Grand Jeu game, a title that would eventually rival
slots as the company’s most popular game.

Success outside Slots

In fact, Amatic’s early success in table games has a lot to
do with the company’s longevity. While many of their first-run
slot games faded into obscurity, and while their designers were
trying to produce a decent slot title, they were also released
cutting-edge multilayer electronic roulette games that kept the
company afloat.

Amatic’s slots really picked up steam in 2009, when the
company first released their unique video slot cabinets. These
cabinets look modern and attractive compared to the boxy old
style of games that were then still all over casino floors in
Europe. Amatic followed up that success with the company’s first
multi-game cabinet, which allows players a choice of games all
using the same display.

Joining the Gaming Industry

When Amatic released their Multi Remote Gaming System in
2011, licensed operators could choose to operate Amatic slots
and other games on their own websites, using a server housed in
the site’s own jurisdiction. In short, Amatic offers a turnkey
solution that skirts potential legal issues by offering services
only in those countries where their services are already legal.

But Amatic games are also available for traditional play at
online casinos in certain jurisdictions. The company is hard at
work expanding their focus beyond their current online markets,
which are all in continental Europe and the UK.

Amatic Slots Management

  • Reinhold Bauer, Founder & President
  • Tatjana Bauer, President of Sales
  • Thomas Engstberger, Manager
  • Sandra Kaiser, Marketing Manager
  • Ingrid Windischbauer, Purchase Manager

Amatic Slot Machines

Amatic currently produces sixty-nine slots for both online
and land-based customers. Below is a guide to five of the
company’s best-known slot games. We chose these games
specifically to represent the entirety of what’s available in
Amatic’s game archives.


The theme of this game is plain old seduction. You play as
Casanova attempting to seduce three different beautiful women.
Casanova has five reels and twenty betting lines, and offers two
different bonus games, a free spins round and an instant cash
prize round. Amatic allows licensors to set the credit value, so
we can’t tell you the actual betting range. We can tell you that
you can wager between 1 and 100 credits per line.

So who was Casanova? He was an Italian adventurer and writer
whose name is synonymous with womanizing behavior. This is
mostly an unfair comparison – yes, Casanova wrote about his
complicated and often hilarious affairs with numerous women, but
he wasn’t doing anything outside the norm for behavior during
his time. Regardless of the facts, to this day a Casanova is a
man who has a lot of luck with the ladies. The Casanova slot
machine by Amatic is built loosely around the myth of Casanova.

Casanova is also pretty stuffed with features for a standard
five reel and twenty line slot. Spin three or more Casanova game
logo symbols to activate an expanding wild feature. Land five
symbols of any of the three pretty lady seduction-targets and
you’ll active a free spins round, which asks you to play
roulette to win even more free spins, all of which can be

Magic Idol

Magic Idol is set on a mysterious tropical island, in pursuit
of a mythical magic totem that will bring you riches. Not a bad
theme for a slot machine – after all, the goals are the same.
Magic Idol is a five reel and ten pay line slot, and it offers a
bonus game, a gamble feature, and a scatter symbol. The game’s
top prize is 100,000 credits. The betting range is from $0.10 up
to $20, and since all pay lines are active on every spin, you
don’t have to worry about betting max.

The theme of this game is a little bit nebulous. That’s okay
– all online slot machines don’t have to look and act like video
games. The symbols used in the game are all in support of the
general theme, and the animations are attractive, but there’s
not much of a game behind the spinning reels and symbols. While
you spin for palm trees, masks, torches, and jungle fruits, it’d
be nice if there was a bit of a background story or some
additional bonus round or side game action.

The game’s most-valuable payout comes from landing five palm
tree symbols on any line. Technically, you can double this
payout by way of the Amatic gamble feature, for a total of
200,000 credits. That’s $20,000 at Amatic’s standard
$0.10-per-credit rate. The free spins round pays up to fifteen
free spins and can be re-triggered a maximum of three times.

Hot 27

Hot 27 is a unique game. It’s a classic-style slot with a
retro feel (down to the old-school cherry and bar symbols) but
it includes a couple of modern features to keep today’s slot
gamblers interested. We’ve all tried a classic slot or two just
to kill time or to say you did it. Amatic wants you to try Hot
27 … and then keep playing. More than a novelty, Hot 27 is a
three reel slot with three pay lines, a multiplier feature, a
gamble feature, and a wild symbol that gives retro slots replay
value, for once. Because of the 27 Ways system, those three
reels actually offer a lot more ways to win.

The symbols are decidedly backward-facing. If you’re familiar
with the old mechanical slots of classic Vegas, you’re familiar
with the symbols on Hot 27. Cherries, bars, bells, and various
other pieces of fruit are the name of the game, along with a
special yellow star Wild symbol that substitutes for all other
symbols to form winning combinations.

Hot 27 is technically a penny slot, since all credits are
worth $0.01. Bettors can wager between $0.01 and $20 per spin,
giving Hot 27 the flexibility of all of Amatic’s online slots.
You don’t have to wager by line, so there’s no such thing as a
max bet. The maximum payout comes from lining up three red seven
symbols along with a wild symbol – that’s a $1,200 potential
payout on a game that would normally offer jackpots in the
hundreds of dollars. That’s the whole idea behind Hot 27 – to
produce a game that looks old-school but plays like a modern

Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra is a 720 Ways online slot game by Amatic. The theme
is ancient Egypt in general, and ancient Egyptian gods in
particular. Since it is a multi-ways slot, it doesn’t depend on
a traditional pay line system. Instead, players choose their
total bet size, which ranges from one cent to twenty bucks per
spin. Eye of Ra includes a wild symbol, a bonus round, free
spins, a gamble feature, and a max jackpot of 12,500 credits.

Ra is the ancient Egyptian sun god, a major god mostly
associated with the noon sun, heat, and energy. Ra was believed
to rule all parts of creation – the earth, the sky, and the
underworld. His animal familiar were most often hawks, falcons,
and other raptors. Ra was said to speak creatures into being by
speaking their secret names. In short, Ra is a fascinating
historical deity, a figure who has inspired millions of people
throughout time, and whose influence is still felt today.

The gameplay of Eye of Ra has you assuming the role of a
treasure hunter attempting to make himself wealthy by collecting
ancient Egyptian artifacts. The symbols reflect this theme – you
can collect scarabs, paintings, masks, brooches, and other
beautiful treasures while you attempt to land enough wild
symbols in a row to trigger the game’s max payout. That top
prize comes from spinning five Wild Pyramid symbols on any line,
from left to right.


Billyonaire is a five reel and forty pay line video slot by
Amatic Gaming. The goofy name comes from the name of the slot’s
main character, a billionaire named Billy who spends his time
amassing a collection of rare art, fancy cars, sprawling
mansions, and sacks of cash. Players can wager between one and
fifty credits on up to forty lines, for a total max bet range of
$0.40 to $20. Billyonaire is full of features, like a scatter
symbol, a wild symbol, a bonus game, a gamble feature, and an
extra wild bonus round that rewards free spins.

As one of Amatic’ older video slots, its graphics suffer a
little from age. But the fact that Billyonaire is still popular
enough to be found on casino floors and in the libraries of
online casinos is a testament to its high replay value.
Combining Amatic’s standard design with a gamble feature and the
only extra-wild feature on any Amatic title was a wise decision,
as this title has stood the test of time better than any other
Amatic slot.

Billyonaire isn’t Amatic’s most plot-heavy slot design. The
plot itself is easy to describe – Billy the billionaire goes
around spending his riches on all sorts of luxury items. You,
the player, are along for the ride, winning based on the
combinations of things Billy “buys” by spinning them on the
reels. The game’s bonus round is a traditional pick’em game in
which you help Billy select which mystery box to open, revealing
a different luxury vehicle or watercraft. Wealth and luxury are
common slot themes, for all the obvious reasons. Billyonaire
takes that to heart.

The game’s special features are legion. The Grand X symbol is
the game’s wild, substituting for all other symbols except the
scatter. The scatter is the Billy logo, which pays when in
combinations of one, two, or three on any line. If you land five
Grand X or Billy logos on any active line, you win the slot’s
highest payout, which is a lofty (for Amatic) 500,000 credits.


According to our research, Amatic’s online slots are
available at fifteen Web-based casinos. Considering they
launched their online suite just a few years ago, that’s a
decent number. Amatic is a bit limited by their gaming license,
which currently only allows them to offer games in Austria and
the UK. Given that the company is taking big steps to spread
their influence, we wouldn’t be surprised to see double that
number of licensing casinos within a year or two.

That said, Amatic’s online slot games aren’t all that
impressive. Most of them are five reel games with a few dozen
pay lines and an identical betting range. The themes are
better-instituted than a lot of the lower-tier manufacturers
they may soon be competing with, and we like that every game
we’ve seen so far includes bonus rounds, wild symbols, and
scatter symbols. Still, Amatic has a long way to go if they plan
on competing with companies like Betsoft and NetEnt.