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Amazon Queen Slots

The video slot machine known as Amazon Queen was designed and built by American casino game manufacturer WMS Industries in 2012.

Part of the company's Queen family of titles, Amazon Queen is joined by Fire Queen and Queen of the Wild. Each of these WMS Industries entries offers a separate theme and gameplay structure.

You'll also find a slot machine made the Spielo Games company known as Princess of the Amazon, but this game is an unrelated knockoff of Amazon Queen.

Further complicating matters, in many instances the Amazon Queen slot machine is alternately titled Queen of the Wild. This is not to be confused with Aristocrat's Egyptian themed game Queen of the Nile. Whether you find an Amazon Queen or a Queen of the Wild machine on your next trip to the casino, rest assured that both games are identical other than the title.

Beginning in 1943, the company which eventually became WMS Industries specialized in designing and manufacturing pinball machines and other games. Eventually, a shift into arcade games occurred during the 1970s and 1980s before WMS Industries began designing video slot machines in 1996. Today, the company operates an online slot machine wing known as Party Jackpot, and in 2013, Amazon Queen was converted for online play.

Unless otherwise stated, the information contained on this page applies to both the land based Amazon Queen machines and the online version of the game.

Amazon Queen
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Amazon Queen Theme

The overall theme of Amazon Queen can be a bit confusing at first glance because while most people associate the word "Amazon" with the world's largest rainforest and the seemingly endless river which runs through it, other meanings also exist. In ancient Greek mythology, the Amazons were a band of fierce women warriors led by feared queens like Hippolyta, Antiope, and Thessalia.

So when you notice that the title screen for Amazon Queen features both a lush jungle background and a woman warrior sternly brandishing her spear, it can be difficult to tell exactly what WMS Industries had in mind.

However, a closer look at the title screen shows that the eponymous queen is trekking through the Amazon rainforest, with the sun barely peeking through the dense canopy above. Green leaves dominate the landscape, and the queen herself appears to be wearing tribal garments. In fact, she's barely wearing anything at all, which makes Amazon Queen one of a few slot machine titles to appeal specifically to the male demographic.

During the actual game itself, the background screen includes a simple set of stone columns on each side, likely representing the queen's living quarters. Creeping vines have crawled up the side of each column, suggesting that the Amazon itself is not far away.

When all of the game's thematic elements are considered, it seems likely that WMS Industries simply amalgamated the two most common meanings of the word Amazon to give the game its spirit. Thus, the queen herself is both a strong warrior figure, like the Amazon women who inspired so much fear in the Greeks, who also rules over the actual Amazon rainforest.

The Reel Symbols

Moving on to the reel symbols for Amazon Queen, the rainforest atmosphere is heightened by the inclusion of several well-illustrated depictions of native flora and fauna. You'll find the gorilla, even though these animals live exclusively in Africa, along with the tiger, the parrot, the snake, the fruit, the waterfall, and the Amazon Queen Feature symbol.

In addition to the game's themed symbols, you'll also be spinning playing card suit symbols, or the blue spade, the red heart, the purple club, and the pink diamond. One thing to watch for when landing the card suit symbols is that each one comes in three different varieties: regular, tree leaves, and queen's face. In other words, when you land a card suit symbol, it may appear by itself, with tree leaves above it, or with the Amazon Queen's face below it.

According to the game's rules, both the tree leaves and queen's face variety of each card suit can substitute for the same regular card suit to form winning combinations. Astute observers will notice that the tree leaves and queen's face card suit symbols only appear because the reel space above or below it is occupied by the large Amazon Queen symbol, which includes both tree leaves and the queen's face.

Gameplay Features and Mechanics

Amazon Queen is a standard five reel, 20 pay line video slot machine game.

With three symbol spaces on each reel, you'll have 15 symbols in play on every spin.

Coin denominations begin at just $0.01, making Amazon Queen a penny slot by name, but in reality, this fixed pay line game requires a minimum cost to cover per spin of $0.20. That's because you'll be activating all 20 pay lines on every spin.

When playing a land based Amazon Queen machine, the maximum coin denomination stands at $2.00, and you can play a maximum of one coin per line. That puts the maximum cost to cover per spin at $40.00 for high rollers.

For the online version of the game, the numbers jump to a $3.00 maximum coin denomination and a $60.00 maximum cost to cover per spin. Additionally, the online version of Amazon Queen is not a fixed pay line game, so players can opt to activate any number of the 20 pay lines in play.

Like most WMS Industries video slots, Amazon Queen includes the company's standard gameplay design. That means you can expect to find wild symbols, scatter symbols, and free spins. A list of basic game specifications for Amazon Queen has been compiled below:

  • Wilds: Yes, on second, third, and fourth reels
  • Free Spins: Yes
  • Multiplier: Yes
  • Bonus Game: Yes
  • Progressive: No
  • Return to Player: 95.94%

During the Amazon Queen base game players are competing for a fairly standard pay table. Bucking the trend displayed by most video slots produced by WMS Industries, this game blends higher volatility and lower payouts with an extremely generous free spins bonus round (more on this below). So you'll tend to experience winners less often during the base game, and those will generally fall on the smaller side of the payout spectrum, but you'll also be playing on free spins much more often than other games.

You'll find that the largest base game payout in Amazon Queen when playing at the $0.01 coin denomination level is 750 credits. This is awarded when you land five of a kind of the gorilla symbol. Four of a kind in the gorilla symbol brings back 200 credits while three of a kind pays out 40 credits.

One thing to remember about the gorilla symbol is that it can create winning combinations both ways, or from right to left in addition to the left to right. All other symbols in the game form winning combinations only from left to right.

When you land five of a kind in tiger symbols or parrot symbols, the payout is 600 credits. Landing five of a kind in either the snake symbol, the fruit symbol, or the blue spade symbol pays out 400 credits. Five of the red heart symbols brings back 200 credits while five of the purple club or pink diamond symbols is good for a 100 credit payout.

Wilds and Scatters

During the Amazon Queen base game, the wild symbol is the waterfall symbol. This wild waterfall symbol can substitute for any other symbol in the game except for the scatter symbol, but will only appear in the second, third, and fourth reels.

The scatter symbol during the base game is the Amazon Queen symbol, which can create winning combinations from anywhere on the reels. The Amazon Queen scatter symbol also allows entrance to the game's renowned free spins bonus round feature.

Free Spins Bonus Round

When you land three or more of the Amazon Queen scatter symbols on the reels at the same time, you'll automatically trigger the game's free spins bonus round feature.

Amazon Queen is known among slot machine crowds for offering one of the most generous free spins bonus rounds in the industry. Depending on how many of the Amazon Queen scatter symbols you land, the allotment of free spins you'll receive has been broken down below:

  • Three of the Amazon Queen scatter symbols – 10 free spins
  • Four of the Amazon Queen scatter symbols – 25 free spins
  • Five of the Amazon Queen scatter symbols – 100 free spins

With the chance to enjoy 100 free spins, this bonus round offsets the lower base game pay table for Amazon Queen, giving players a seemingly endless run of free spins with which to accumulate credits.

During any free spin, you can also land three or more of the Amazon Queen scatter symbols to retrigger the bonus round and add more free spins to your current count. With a fairly large allotment of 25 free spins just for landing four of the Amazon Queen scatter symbols, just retriggering the round can produce lengthy and lucrative runs.

Due to the sheer number of free spins you can earn, both through base game triggers and retriggers, Amazon Queen doesn't include the usual bonus round goodies. That means you won't find any multipliers to increase your line pays.

On the other hand, because both the high paying gorilla symbol and the waterfall wild symbol both appear randomly as stacks on any spin, lining up five gorillas using wilds is a distinct possibility during the free spins bonus round.


Amazon Queen is a more basic game than some of WMS Industries' cinematically themed titles, but even with a muddled identity, the game still has much to offer. For penny slot players, the minimum cost to cover per spin of just $0.20 harkens back to the good old days, before forced ante bets and more pay lines upped the ante for everybody.

In addition, every slot machine player appreciates the concept of free spins, so the chance to trigger a bonus round offering 100 free spins is something to be savored. How many slot machines have you played that offered a chance at 100 free spins?

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