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Army God Slot Machine

Army God is a 5 reel, 50 pay line slot machine developed by 777igt for online

While the title suggests a battle commander theme, Army God is fashioned into
a role playing game RPG like Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft.

These franchises have become popular among gamers because of their ability to
create interesting storylines, characters, and fantasy elements.

Limited by its slot format, Army God doesn’t go anywhere near as in depth as
these RPG classics. But thanks to the graphics and characters, the feeling is at
least there.

Let’s continue discussing this game’s atmosphere along with its music,
animations, pay table, graphics, bonuses, betting options, and game rules. We’ll
also cover how Army God compares to a couple of similar RPG style slot machines.

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Army God Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

While the background offers solid graphics, it’s too dark and doesn’t offer
anything that reflects the theme.

On the sides of the reels, you’ll see two large versions of characters that
also appear as symbols. The one on the left features a metal helmet and samurai
hakama skirt looking armor, while the other has blue lights shining in its

These two characters save what would otherwise be a confusing and nondescript

You’ll also see large swords separating each reel, which is a great effect
that enhances the RPG element.

Music and Sound Effects

The theme song of this game is Only Time by the Irish singer Enya.

When you first open the game and hear this song playing, it’s just baffling.
But as we continued playing Army God and discussing the matter, we can see this
playing during an RPG commercial when the game’s highlights are showing.

Still, if you have to think this hard about the matter, then it’s not the
right music for the game.

The sound effects aren’t anything to get excited about either since they’re
generic and used in other 777igt slot machines.

Sound effects include: magical and dreamy sounds following wins, coins
bouncing around during payouts, and a movie projector sound when the reels are


We would like to see the characters swinging their swords and doing cool
poses during wins. But instead, all you get is run of the mill animations that
could appear in any slot.

These animations include: winning symbols moving back and forth or sideways,
coins bouncing off the reels and into your balance, balloons during Big Wins,
and fireworks during Big Wins.

Like the sound effects, this is another area where Army God strikes out
because the animations are indistinguishable from other slots.

Army God Pay Table and Graphics

The pay schedule in Army God is the exact same that we’ve seen in other
777igt slot machines. Here’s a closer look at the payouts and symbols you’ll

Warrior w / War Hammer Mega Jackpot

Wearing white armor and carrying a war
hammer, this warrior triggers the Mega Jackpot when appearing 5 times in an
active pay line.

Warrior w / V shaped Haircut Minor Jackpot

Featuring black hair in a V
shape, this fighter triggers the Minor Jackpot when landing 5 times in a line.

Futuristic Warrior Mini Jackpot

Wearing blue armor with a red visor, this
futuristic looking warrior offers the Mini Jackpot when appearing 5 times in a

Warrior in Spiked Armor Wild

Wearing spiked armor and carrying a huge
sword, this fighter substitutes for all other symbols except the bonus, free
spins, and jackpot symbols. The warrior in spiked armor also pays 150 coins when
landing 5 times in an active line.

Dark Warrior

An ominous figure who looks like he could be evil, the dark
warrior pays 200 coins for 5 symbols, 40 for 4, and 12 for 3.

Warrior w / Blue Lights

The same fighter featured to the right of the
reels, this symbol pays 150 coins for 5 symbols, 40 for 4, and 12 for 3.

Warrior in Purple Armor

This symbol offers 120 coins for 5 symbols, 30 for
4, and 12 for 3.


The A delivers 100 coins for 5 symbols, 30 for 4, and 10 for 3.


This letter pays 80 coins for 5 symbols, 25 for 4, and 10 for 3.


This letter pays 60 coins for 5 symbols, 25 for 4, and 10 for 3.

J, 10

These two symbols deliver 50 coins for 5 symbols, 20 for 4, and 10
for 3.

Horned Warrior Scatter

Featuring horns and spikey red armor, this symbol
pays when landing 3 or more times anywhere on the reels. Scatter payouts include
100x 5 symbols, 30x 4 symbols, and 5x 3 symbols your triggering bet.

Warrior w / Red Lights Free Spins

Another futuristic looking fighter, this
symbol triggers free spins when appearing 3 or more times anywhere on the reels.

Grey Warrior

Wearing grey armor, this symbol triggers a second screen bonus
when landing 3 or more times.

Symbol Graphics

The symbol graphics are the single biggest defining quality to this game.
These symbols are so well designed that they could appear in any Xbox One,
PlayStation 4, or PC role playing game.

While all of the symbols look good, our favorites include the futuristic
warrior, spiked armor fighter, dark warrior, and horned warrior.

Our only complaint is that Army God could feature weapons for the lower
paying symbols, rather than letters and a number.

Army God Slot Bonus Features

One of the best qualities of Army God is that it offers two different bonuses
and three progressive jackpots. Below, you can see each of these features
described in detail.

Free Spins

The warrior with red lights on his armor is the key to free games, and he
triggers 15 free spins 5 symbols, 10 spins 4 symbols, or 5 spins 3 symbols.

It’s always nice to get free spins, but the downside is that they don’t come
with any special music or background.

Another drawback is that the free games spin automatically, meaning you have
no way of stopping them if you want to take a quick break.

Bonus Round

When you trigger the bonus game by landing 3 or more grey warriors, you’re
taken to a second screen where a battle is taking place.

Several of the characters are fighting in the background, while you’ll see 5
cards in the foreground. The object is to select two of the five cards that’ll
pay you the biggest prizes.

Although a simple pick’em round, we like this bonus because of the excellent
graphics featured in the background. This fight scene feels like it’s straight
out of the HBO show Game of Thrones.

3 Jackpots

This game is linked to 777igt’s three progressive jackpots, including the
Mini, Minor, and Mega Jackpots. The best part about these jackpots is that
they’re all worth at least 6 figures.

At the time of this review, the Mega Jackpot is worth $1,216,553, the Minor
Jackpot is worth $613,284, and the Mini Jackpot sits at $405,545.

As you can tell from the sizes, your chances of winning any of these fortunes
are low. But it’s still nice that any spin on Army God could net you a life
changing jackpot.

Betting Options

You can change pay lines from 10 50, and coin size from $0.01 to $1.20. This
makes the minimum bet worth $0.10 and the max wager $60.00 per spin.

You change these options with the plus and minus buttons underneath the
reels. We’ve noticed that unlike with other 777igt slots, these plus/minus
buttons work consistently when you tap them.

Other Options

You can auto spin the reels with your betting preferences for 10, 20, 30, 40,
50, or infinity spins. Not many slot machines include an infinity auto spin
option, making Army God and other 777igt slots unique in this regard.

The last option is the ability to change the music and sound effects volume
with the speaker button. Offering a sliding bar, the speaker button gives you
great control over the sound.

Win Frequency

We played Army God for around 300 spins and found the hit frequency to be
average for a 50 pay line slot machine.

Playing all 50 lines, we formed wins with a variety of symbols on about half
of our spins. But we also experienced small droughts lasting 3 4 spins.

The best part is how often the free spins are triggered by the warrior with
red lights. We triggered free games around 12 15 times during our session, which
helped us make a $5 profit overall.

You can also expect lots of scatter payouts with the horned warrior.

Game Rules

Army God features standard rules for a 5 reel slot machine. Here’s a look at
the main rules to keep in mind:

  • Payouts must form in active pay lines from left to right, beginning with
    the leftmost reel.
  • Wins are multiplied by your line stake. Here’s an example: you bet $0.10
    per line and win 100 coins, making your payout worth $10.
  • Free spins and bonus icons are scatter symbols that can trigger rewards
    from anywhere on the reels.
  • Jackpots can only be triggered by respective symbols landing 5 times in
    an active pay line.

Comparison to Other RPG themed Slot Machines

Army God is unique in that we haven’t seen any other online slots with a
Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft feel. But there are plenty of slot machines
that have an RPG element.

For the sake of comparisons to Army God, we’ve chosen Arrow’s Edge’s Dragon’s
Cave and Rival Gaming’s Heroes’ Realm.

Arrow’s Edge’s Dragon’s Cave

This 5 reel, 20 pay line online slot centers on two warriors, Var and Jaina,
trying to plunder a dragon’s treasure.

Dragon’s Cave creates the same desolate feeling as the 1982 film Conan the
Barbarian through its wilderness landscape and dramatic music. Var, a shirtless
barbarian who yells on the side of the screen, also completes this effect.

The graphics are mediocre, but where this game truly stands out is its
characters and storyline.

The bonuses – including one where you steal treasure from the dragon and
another where the Shaman blesses your sword – also do a great job of telling the

While Dragon’s Cave doesn’t look as good as Army God, it feels more like an
RPG since it has distinct characters, a clear objective, and bonuses that
support the theme.

For this reason, Dragon’s Cave has more playability than Army God beyond a
single session.

Rival Gaming’s Heroes’ Realm

One of Rivals’ greatest hits, Heroes’ Realm follows a male and female warrior
in their quest to rid the world of evil, undead monsters.

This game opens with an exciting introduction video, where the heroes are
ambushed by a horde of skeletons. They defeat all of the skeletons, only to have
a massive beast rise up just before the game starts.

This is a 3 reel, one pay line game that plays like a classic slot. But the
game includes many embellishments, including both warriors standing in the

Symbols include a sword, shield, mace, potion, axe, crossed swords free
spins, and skull bonus.

The bonus is excellent since you choose one of the heroes to try and defeat
the beast and his skeleton army. This involves clicking different targets to
destroy the skeletons and earn a chance to fight the beast for the biggest

The main downside to this game is that its 3D graphics look dated in
comparison to what Army God offers. Also, the two heroes take up too much of the
background and distract from what’s happening on the reels.

Even with these limitations, we like Heroes’ Realm better than Army God
because of how well it tells the story through an introduction video,
characters, and bonuses.


From a pure visual perspective, Army God is an attractive slot machine that
makes you want to play.

The symbol graphics are especially good and look like they could appear in
any modern video game. We’re not crazy about the dark background, but the two
warriors on both sides of the reels are a nice effect.

The other aspect to like about Army God is its features, including free
spins, a second screen bonus, and three progressive jackpots.

The second screen bonus isn’t as good as what we’ve seen in Dragon’s Cave and
Heroes’ Realm, but the battle taking place in the background looks stunning. We
wish that 777igt would’ve used this for the main game background, rather than
the indistinguishable dark setting.

Speaking of indistinguishable, this slot features generic animations and
sound effects during wins. This remains Army God’s biggest weakness and prevents
the characters from coming to life.

Based on its lack of inventive animations and sound effects, Army God isn’t
the best RPG style game we’ve played. But if you like video game franchises like
Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft, then this slot is worth playing once or