Britney Spears Slots Game

Britney Spears Slots

Aristocrat Gaming brings pop music into the 21st century world of slot machines with the Britney Spears game. Built in their trademark ARC Double cabinet, the game includes a surround-sound iChair to provide you with a full musical experience while you spin the video slots and watch clips from Britney's famous videos.

Players can enjoy listening to clips from videos for Britney's top songs including:

  • "Hit Me Baby One More Time"
  • "Toxic"
  • "3"
  • "Oops, I Did It Again"
  • "Crazy"

The ARC Double cabinet console, introduced in 2014, won one of Casino Journal's "Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products" listings that year. The distinctive ARC cabinet series feature curved, touch-screen video technology and a sleek ultramodern design style. You almost feel like you are in the world of entertainment yourself.

Britney Spears was born and raised in the Deep South, living in Mississippi and Louisiana. Britney took an active interest in entertainment at a very young age.

Britney Spears was actually rejected by the Micky Mouse Club when she was only 8 years old (for being too young), she was referred by casting director Matt Cassella to a New York City talent agent who guided Britney's Career for a few years.

She appeared on Star Search and eventually won a spot in the Mickey Mouse Club alongside performers including Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell, and Christina Aguilera.

Britney signed a deal with Jive Records in 1997 and she recorded her first album in 1998. Britney had been rejected by three other labels who felt there could not be another young pop sensation like Madonna, Debbie Gibson, or Tiffany. Within a few years, Britney was declared the Princess of Pop by Rolling Stone Magazine and had become the top teen performing artist of all time. Through the years Britney has released music videos, produced her own albums, acted in movies, served as a judge on the X Factor, and collaborated with other artists on songs.

Like so many entertainers Britney has experienced ups and downs. She also set up the Britney Spears Foundation to support children through various initiatives. She has established a lasting legacy unlike so many other promising young acts who came before and after her.

Britney Spears
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Game Design Features for Britney Spears Slots

The slot game is designed around Britney in every way imaginable. She sings and dances in a variety of video clips that appear on the expanding reels.

Reels and Symbols

There are five reels and 6 rows of symbols. Many of the symbols are vertically or completely oversized in a dazzling array of random square combinations. The reel configuration changes while you play. When bonus games are initiated the playing area literally changes shape and has an unusual layout.

The Wild Heart symbol may be stacked or appear by itself. The high value symbols are pictures of Britney in leotards as she performs concerts. The Scatter Bonus game symbol is a portrait picture of Britney wearing glasses. Various low value symbols include a kiss imprint in lipstick, headphones, a perfume bottle, a diamond necklace, golden stack shoes, and a purple glitter fedora.

Game Songs

Songs play in the chair while you spin the reels and the incidental or ambient sounds are designed to either not conflict with the music or to compliment it. It really sounds like the reels click down in time with the music, if that is possible (and it is – they would just have to do some math to make the reels spin at the correct speed after you click Spin).

Game Controls

The game controls are lit up with high energy neon backlighting. Any prize amount you win is displayed against a rainbow equalizer that matches the current song.

Pay Lines

There are 60 pay lines in this game, which uses expanding reels. Bets run from 50 credits to 200 credits but you can vary the coin amount from $0.01 to $20. At maximum you would be wagering $4000.

Bonus Games in the Britney Spears Slot Machine

The Crazy Bonus game remaps the reel display, covering it with marquees of various shapes and sizes. Some of the larger ones may overlap the edges of smaller stickers. The game randomly flashes the marquees in a random fashion before settling on a prize. The prizes are upgraded in-between rounds, basically applying a multiplier to the original set of prize values.

You can win extra games if the prize is an Oops bonus (inside the bonus) and the Oops symbol adds 2 more rows of symbols to the bonus game. This can happen up to five times, so you may be awarded prizes from 16 rows of symbols. If 3 special Scatter symbols featuring Britney in the red suit from the "Oops, I Did It Again" video appear you win more games.

You can also win a Toxic Bonus inside the Crazy Bonus. The Toxic Bonus game presents you with a massive display of bottles of poison arrayed on various shelves. You are prompted to choose a bottle to reveal a prize. This goes on until you either run out of bottles to open or you score 3 red "X" symbols from red bottles. Green bottles increase the multiplier applied to your prizes. If you find Britney in one of the bottles she will destroy two as yet unchosen red bottles for you.

If you score the One More Time Wheel Bonus the game console converts the screen view to the inside of a massive wheel. You spin the wheel and rows of prizes spin down, intermixed with clips from the "One More Time" video. Two large arrows on either side of the screen indicate which slot on the reel award you the prize. You get three spins on the reel. If the wheel stops on Hit Me Baby you win extra prizes or extra spins.

If you win a lot of money on a bonus game you see the "Toxic Prize" animation, which sprays virtual coins toward you.

The game also includes a $10,000 single station progressive bonus that can be awarded at any time.


Britney Spears' longtime fans should love this game. The top screen is constantly playing videos and the clips that appear randomly during the games may be quite sizable. All the symbols are about Britney. There are no more playing card symbols.

Everyone compliments the quality of the sound system. Aristocrat has engineered a true entertainment experience in this game, combining state of the art console technology with classic pop songs and imaginative interpretations of Britney's songs. Even though the game design follows standard rules, there are enough twists and variations to keep the players amused and interested.

The high-reaching screen is amazing but you will probably spend most of your time looking at the lower reel sets. In fact, the game (like many other tower consoles) prompts you to look up at special moments when you need to focus your attention on the top screen. But most of the game play occurs within easy view.

Aristocrat has also engineered its consoles and seating to accommodate people of different body shapes and sizes. They claim to provide a more comfortable seating experience than older slot machine games provided.

All in all the Britney Spears slot game is worth a look. The bonus rounds can be quite generous and if nothing else you'll enjoy listening to her music and watching her videos for a while.

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