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Bulletproof Babes by NetEnt

If I were to say the word “anime,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? In all likelihood, the popular Japanese cartoons that have made the voyage to the US over the past several decades would come to mind. While the focus of an anime series will vary from title to title, some of the biggest international hits have been shonen fighting series like Dragon Ball Z and Fullmetal Alchemist. Bulletproof Babes, the latest title from NetEnt, seeks to channel the heart-pumping excitement of that genre into an action-packed video slot.

As soon as Bulletproof Babes loads up, you’ll immediately notice that it looks like NetEnt put in the extra effort to make custom graphics and sounds for this title. Those aesthetic qualities really set the scene and allow you to really immerse yourself in this title’s underlying storyline while you rack up successive wins. Those wins won’t be too hard to come by either if you leverage this slot’s scatters and progressive jackpot with precision.

Even if you’ve never watched a second of anime in your life, you’ll find yourself intrinsically drawn to play Bulletproof Babes for a dozen rounds or more. Whether you’re in it for the manga-style artwork or the lucrative gameplay elements, you’re sure to find Bulletproof Babes at the top of your “most played” list in no time flat.

Understanding the Connections to Anime and Traditional Asian Imagery

While anime has become a mainstay in North American pop culture over the past several decades, some folks still may not recognize it when they see it (on TV, let alone in a video slot game like Bulletproof Babes). As a quick primer, “anime” can broadly be defined as any type of stylized Japanese animation, many of which are targeted at adults as well as children.

Bulletproof Babes draws heavily on this genre for its aesthetic core, which includes a cast of athletic young women who are posed to carry out a consequential battle between good and evil as your reels roll.

Speaking of those young heroines, Bulletproof Babes may be the first video slot title to actually incorporate a variable cast of characters into its gameplay. At certain points during your play on this title, you’ll even be asked to select one of the characters and lead them into battle as you try your luck on the reels.

Also, there’s no denying that Bulletproof Babes also draws heavily from traditional Asian cultural imagery. As such, you should expect to see yin and yang symbols, bonsai trees, and crashing wave symbols on a regular basis.

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More Games by NetEnt

NetEnt has really set a new standard for quality graphics now that Bulletproof Babes is publicly available. That being said, NetEnt has always emphasized the use of quality graphics in their widely distributed video slots. Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest are prime examples of this attention to detail because both look and sound like an experienced team was commissioned to create their respective aesthetic elements.

Bulletproof Babes Overview – How to Play

Despite the heavy reliance on anime-style imagery throughout Bulletproof Babes, new players don’t need to have any knowledge of this popular animation type in order to excel on this title’s five reels. In fact, this title keeps at least some of its core mechanics within the industry average, as evidenced in its use of 20 distinct pay lines.

Experienced players who know how to divvy out their coins may even thrive while playing Bulletproof Babes because it allows each of those pay lines to be seeded with between 0.2 and 100 coins.

Once your wagers are made, you’ll have to continuously hit “Spin” because this title does not include an auto-play feature. However, it makes up for this omission by providing the player with access to a progressive jackpot that triggers at random, allowing a truly fortunate player to earn up to 40,000x their original bets.

You’ll certainly know when you land a win, large or small, in Bulletproof Babes as well because doing so causes the entire screen to come alive with customized graphics and music.

Though NetEnt is traditionally reliable on this front, they seemed to have forgotten to publish an RTP for Bulletproof Babes. While this may be an issue for hesitant slot players, those who come into the game with a strategy will surely find a way to maintain a reliable stream of wins without being distracted by the various lights and sounds.

Scatters, Wilds, and Free Spins

As noted earlier, a lot of effort went into the art for Bulletproof Babes. Unfortunately, this may have caused its inclusion of special symbols to suffer. But all the same, this title’s wild symbol, an image of a girl in a straw hat, can open some fairly lucrative wins by substituting for any symbol except for the scatter. The scatter symbol, a fist being pushing into an open palm, on the other hand triggers a fight, which awards you a bonus if your chosen heroine wins.

Bulletproof Babes actually makes use of two special symbols that can unlock free spins for the player. The moon and the temple symbols trigger a mini-game where you select another one of this title’s central characters. Depending on who you select, you’ll be awarded up to 25 free spins which can be used instantly.

Try Something New – More Games Like Bulletproof Babes

If you decided to stick around to play Bulletproof Babes for more than a few rounds, then you’re almost certainly a fan of its thematic use of action-packed fighting. If that’s the case, then you’re in luck! There are even more video slot titles that focus on a similar type of entertainment. UFC from Endemol Games and Mike Tyson Knockout from Inspired Gaming are both great picks in this category, with both featuring the added bonus of being officially branded titles from their respective fighting leagues.