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Canadian Wild Slots Game Guide

Canadian Wild is an online slot game that lives up to its name in a couple of different ways when you settle in to play this exciting offering from High 5 Games. The name can refer to the setting of the game, which puts you—sight and sound—in the middle of a wintery Canadian setting. But the action is also pretty wild, with solid jackpot options and bonuses that keep you interested even after a thousand spins.

The online slot games that give you a little something extra besides gameplay can really make a difference if you’re going to be playing for a long time. Canadian Wild fulfills that promise with a sharp look that exudes all the majesty of the Canadian Rockies. And the gameplay is no slouch either, as you’ll be able to earn bonuses that can really boost your bankroll in a hurry.

In this article, we’ll give you a complete overview of the online slots game known as Canadian Wild. We’ll talk about gameplay and special features, and we’ll also compare it to some other slot offerings. By the end, you’ll be able to tell if you’re ready to take this Canadian journey at your favorite online casinos with slots.

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The Look and Feel of Canadian Wild

Many people like to have a little atmosphere to go along with their slots action. The good news is that Canadian Wild provides that to you with a sharp look and sound that is meant to make you feel like you are actually hiking the Canadian reaches of the Rocky Mountains. In fact, everything is rendered so realistically that you might find yourself reaching for a coat while you play.

As you progress through the game, don’t be surprised if you see a grizzly bear or two peeking at you on the margins of the screen. And you’ll hear the wind whipping through the mountains as you make your spins. You’ll even occasionally encounter a parka-wearing character who looks as though she might have come from one of James Bond’s more arctic adventures.

Obviously, all of this is window dressing to the actual gameplay. But if you’re going to be settled in playing a game for a long period of time online, why not do it at a game that mentally puts you in a memorable location? Canadian Wild does a great job in doing exactly that.

Canadian Wild Gameplay

As you make your way up those snowy mountains, you’ll also be spinning to win. With 243 possible line combinations on the five reels, Canadian Wild gives you a lot of different ways to score. In addition, you’ll be able to earn rich bonuses along the way that can amplify your winnings in a hurry.

Among the bonuses that you’ll get playing Canadian Wild are scatter symbols which can bring about spins where it’s all profit for you as a player. Split symbols, which greatly increase your chances of winning by essentially giving you two symbols for the price of one, are also part of the equation. There are also multipliers which can be earned in a variety of ways, and these are among the most covered of all online slot bonuses because of the way that they can give you an immediate boost.

Play is pretty straightforward and should be no problem for experienced slots players to understand. Symbols on the screen range from simple playing cards to the wild animals we mentioned before, as well as your female tour guide that we also noted above. Put them together in the different combinations listed in the pay table, pair them up with some of the bonuses we mentioned, and you’ll be looking at potentially lucrative sessions of Canadian Wild.

More Slots by High 5 Games

If you like Canadian Wild, chances are you’ll like some of the offerings that you can get from High 5 games. The software provider has an extensive selection of online games. Take a look at some of the best followed by some other High 5 slots game guides:

  • Night of the Wolf: This game has a similar theme of wild animals, with a series of wolves being the main characters. However, this High 5 offering sits more in the fantasy category than Canadian Wild. Splits and stacks that appear often will boost your potential winnings.
  • Renoir Riches: How about a little impressionist art with your slots play? This game takes you back through history to a time when the artists were the big celebrities. That means you get some incredible visuals as you play.
  • Jaguar Princess: Here we are again in wild animal territory. This game really benefits from High 5’s ability to incorporate tole animation. Therefore, when you hit one of their bonuses, you’ll get a really cool visual to enhance the excitement of your winning.

Other Slots Like Canadian Wild

Maybe you’re more into the theme of Canadian Wild than you are the specific game maker. If so, you can find other games that give you the same kind of feel. Here are some possibilities for you:

  • Alaskan Fishing: This game occupies the same territory of cold-weather scenery as Canadian Wild. As you can tell, you’ll be out on an arctic lake trying to name some of the aquatic life, at least in your reels anyway. Good graphics meet with a solid concept for this one.
  • 100 Pandas: If you’re more interested in the wild animal aspect of Canadian Wild than the cold weather, what about a game centered on pandas? In this case, you’ll see them hanging out in their Chinese environs. This IGT offering is a game that can also give you serious winnings in a short time if you’re more concerned about your payback potential.
  • Ice Run: This is more of an animated offering than Canadian Wild, with characters and animals that are rendered in cartoonish rather than realistic fashion. It creates a fun and playful atmosphere. But you still might get a bit of a chill playing the game.


Canadian Wild does a nice job of combining concept with execution, while also providing the kind of hardcore slots play that you crave. If you get a little chilly playing the game from being so immersed in the Canadian mountains, you can always warm up when you get a few winning spins. In terms of games putting you in a beautiful environment that might be more fun to visit than live there, as they say, Canadian Wild is hard to top.