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Captain Nemo Slots

The Captain Nemo slot machine was released for online play by Amaya Gaming in 2012. The theme is based on the fictional captain who appears in French author Jules Verne's books Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, written in1870, and The Mysterious Island, written in 1874.

If you've read either of these books, then Captain Nemo slots is a must play game. But what if you have't read the novels? Is this slot still worth your time?

Let's discuss Captain Nemo's details, bonus and features, then come to a conclusion on whether or not this is a game that all slots players can enjoy.

Captain Nemo
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Captain Nemo has a standard setup with 5 reels and 20 pay lines, and you can toggle the coin size between $0.25 and $20.00. This makes for a minimum bet of $0.25 and maximum of $400.00 per spin.

The one gripe we have about the betting options is that the on screen buttons are a little inconvenient. You must use little dashes to the side of the coin size and pay line areas, which can take some getting used to.

You can also click the advanced tab and change the coin size and pay lines this way. The win and loss limits are really nice if you're looking for some help in managing your bankroll.

One really frustrating aspect of these advanced options is that there's no way to adjust the reel speed. Captain Nemo's reels take far longer to spin and stop than most games. And given that you don't have any option to stop the reels mid spin like in many other games, it gets boring waiting so long.

The Captain Nemo slot game is based on a character from Jules Vernes' books

If you aren't familiar with the books, Nemo is a genius adventurer who uses his technologically advanced submarine, named the Nautilus, to navigate through the seas.

That being said, you'll see Nemo, Nautilus, a compass, old diving suit, headset / sonar, Mysterious Island, an octopus, sea gull, and clam on the reels. The background really keeps with the theme too since you see water, a diver, and a giant octopus.

The graphics are pretty solid, blending an old time feel with nice illustrations. If you've ever played NetEnt's Creature from the Black Lagoon slots, this game has the same type of look and feel.

You can also appreciate the animations and sound effects in this slot machine. Regarding the latter, it sounds like you're diving underwater every time you spin the reels, and you'll hear some music during the two bonus rounds in this game.

The main animations happen when you hit a winning pay out involving either the anchor wild symbol or Captain Nemo logo scatter symbol. You swim past the underwater anchor while the logo unlocks and turns into a machine.

Speaking of the logo scatter, this multiplies payouts by 1x for 2 symbols, 5x for 3 symbols, 20x for 4 symbols, and 100x for 5 symbols. As for the anchor wild symbol, it substitutes for all other symbols except the logo scatter and delivers 4,000 coins if you get five anchors on a pay line.

Bonus Round

The Captain Nemo logo scatter also triggers the bonus round when you get three of these symbols anywhere on the reels. You're taken to the lower levels of the Nautilus, where a vault unlocks and leads you into a room with a sonar screen.

This is really a fun bonus game because you get to select from 100 different spots on the sonar screen. The goal is to guide the ship to bonus credits, multipliers, and Jackpot tokens, represented by ship wheels, while avoiding the mines.

Most of the credit prizes we found were worth 2.50 or 5 coins, but we also hit a couple of 50 credit pay outs too. Combine this with a 2x or higher multiplier and you could be looking at some large prizes.

But the ultimate prize in this round comes if you find 3 jackpot tokens because this takes you to another bonus game called the Jackpot Round. However, if you reveal three mines instead, the bonus game ends and you don't get to advance.

This makes for a stressful, yet exciting situation when you have two ship wheels and two landmines. The first time that we played, we quickly got two landmines, but then found three jackpot tokens to advance. The second time, we found two ship wheels right away, but then got three landmines and ended the game.

Please Note

One thing we should stress here is that the bonus round doesn't come up frequently enough in comparison to other slots. So it feels really depressing when you hit the mines and don't get to play the Jackpot Round.

Jackpot Round

This takes you to another second screen in the ship, where you're presented with a wheel. This is actually a 3 part wheel, featuring an outer, middle, and inner section.

You get one chance to spin the outer section, and if you land on a prize the round is over. You then collect this pay out plus whatever you earned in the sonar screen room.

If the wheel stops on an arrow, you move to the second wheel where even larger prizes await. Assuming you can get another arrow here, you advance to the innermost wheel to spin for the biggest payouts.

This is also where the game's progressive jackpot is located, and it's worth over 2.5 million credits at the time of this writing. Given the massive progressive jackpot, this is likely why you don't unlock the bonus round very often.

Even still, it's disappointing how infrequently you get to play the bonus rounds. And while the huge jackpot is nice, the chances of you making it through all the obstacles, triggering the bonus, the sonar round, 3 different wheels, and winning the jackpot are very small.

Comparison to WMS & Cryptologic's Nemo Slots

This isn't the only Nemo themed game because WMS and Cryptologic have also designed slots around the famous science fiction tale. Below you can see a quick look at how these slots compare to Amaya's Captain Nemo.

WMS's Nemo's Voyage
Nemo's Voyage

Like Captain Nemo, this game features some very nice graphics, although they're slightly more cartoonish. One good feature in Nemo's Voyage slots is the octopus expanding wild, which expands to grab the Nautilus and give you more wild symbols.

You'll also be able to take advantage of several other wilds courtesy of the Wild Depths feature. This determines the pressure of the Nautilus and whether the sub moves up or down. Depending on where the ship stops, you get the unique wild symbol presented there, i.e. multiplier, clumped or pressurized wilds.

Overall, this is a nice alternative to Captain Nemo, but it would be even better if Nemo's Voyage offered a second screen bonus round.

Cryptologic's 20,000 Leagues
20,000 Leagues

It's hard to compare 20,000 Leagues slots to Captain Nemo because it was released in 2007. So as you can imagine, the graphics aren't quite on par with Captain Nemo or Nemo's Voyage.

The bonus round is also very basic since you only get free spins when landing a combination of the submarine and 20,000 Leagues logo. This older slot machine is getting harder to find online, and it's not really worth the effort anyways.


Out of the three slots that we've discussed, Captain Nemo definitely stays the closest to Jules Verne's nineteenth century novels. So again, if you liked the books, then you'll appreciate this slot.

Even if you couldn't care less about the 20,000 Leagues or Mysterious Island books, Captain Nemo is a pretty good game. Its graphics are pleasing and there are two different bonus rounds.

Our only serious complaints include how infrequently the bonus round is awarded, and that you can't adjust the slow reel speed. These aspects don't make Captain Nemo unplayable, but they can become frustrating while you're playing.

Weighing the positives and negatives, we suggest that you jump onboard with Captain Nemo slots in search of the bonus round and progressive jackpot.

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