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Cash Money Mermaids by Betsoft

Imagine, if you will, that you are on a long sea voyage, perhaps in search of treasure or new lands. Either way, you’ve spent many days at sea and you’re beginning to feel weary of its repetitive scenery. But that’s when you spot something unusual off the port side that looks like…a mermaid? Though you thought they were only a myth, you now see a true-to-life mermaid swimming up to your boat with an armful of riches to tempt you with.

In that moment, you’d have to decide if this Cash Money Mermaids is worth pursuing. But when it comes to Cash Money Mermaids, a mainstay video slot title from Betsoft, you’ll never need to choose between winning big and having fun. In fact, this title does an excellent job when it comes to fusing seafaring imagery with engaging gameplay elements, including a special wild that may well cause you to reel in this title’s progressive jackpot.

There’s no question about it. Cash Money Mermaids is a sight for sore eyes, just like the mythological being its title is based on. With a reliable RTP and a simplified betting scheme, even novice players who feel that their luck has run dry will find a way to pull up a few big wins from the briny depths. If you’ve searched far and wide for an ocean-themed video slot to make your new go-to, you’ll find precisely what you are looking for when you load up Cash Money Mermaids for the first time.

Understanding the Myth of the Mermaid

As this game’s title suggests, the bulk of its imagery and thematic elements center around the mythological mermaid. Though their half-human, half-fish appearance is readily recognized as being fictitious, some explorers including Christopher Columbus reported sightings of them for many centuries. In all likelihood, though, these explorers were simply spotting manatees and mistaking them for more beautiful creatures due to their oceanic fatigue.

Though the term “mermaid” is used around the world today, many cultural groups across history have told stories of similar human/fish hybrids. The ancient Greeks, for example, often spoke of the Sirens, who looked like common mermaids and tried to tempt sailors into grave perils. Meanwhile, in Japanese and Chinese traditional tales, both malevolent “ningyo” (human-fish in Japanese) and “jiaore” (shark people in Chinese) were known to sometime wander ashore and interact with coastal residents.

One of Cash Money Mermaids’ most lucrative symbols even holds a connection to old seafaring folklore. The “King Tune” symbol may be a veiled reference to “King Neptune,” the ancient Roman god of the sea. Though he has been historically depicted in many human and aquatic forms, Cash Money Mermaids takes some artistic liberties and blends “King Tune” into the aforementioned mermaid myths by giving him a similar mermaid tail.

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Betsoft has really hit a rich vein of visuals and enticing game mechanics in Cash Money Mermaids. But of course, this high-quality video slot title didn’t just appear out of thin air! In fact, Betsoft has a rich history of producing quality video slot titles that fans can’t get enough of. While all of their five-reel titles are sure to hold your interest, Caishen’s Arrival and Gemmed will certainly show you what the exciting future of video slot gaming will look like.

Cash Money Mermaids Overview – How to Play

Unlike the skills needed to sail across the ocean, Cash Money Mermaids only requires a few minutes of play to learn the ropes. That’s because this title’s five-reel setup does not venture far from the current industry norms, making it easier for new players to strategize their betting across Cash Money Mermaids’ 25 paylines.

Each of this title’s wagering interfaces are exceptionally easy to read. As such, you’ll have no problem deciding whether you want to go big by valuing each coin at five or staying modest with a 0.01 valuation. Either way, you’ll need to strategize the value of your coins more precisely than in other similar video slots because Cash Money Mermaids only allows you to put one coin on every active payline.

When it comes to volatility, the only major element of note is this title’s randomly-triggering progressive jackpot. Even though this mechanic can be unpredictable, savvy players can still count on Cash Money Mermaids’ 95% RTP to return acceptable wins more often than not.

Scatters, Free Spins, and a Progressive Jackpot

Like many popular video slots on the market today, Cash Money Mermaids places a special emphasis on its symbols, especially when it comes to turning a modest win into a major success. For example, those looking to make the most of their limited playing funds should try to line up three or more of this title’s scatter symbol, the “Cash Money” icon. After doing so, you’ll earn five free spins that can immediately be used to earn some risk-free wins.

If you’re looking to make a big splash, however, you should try to match up a set of this game’s wild symbol, the “King Tune” icon. If you manage to do so, the legendary King Neptune himself will swim in with his trident and change up to 15 symbols on the active board. These changed symbols are bound to turn up some high-value matches, making the king’s royal presence all the more enticing.

Finally, it’s worth noting that there is not a single reliable method for unlocking the buried treasure chest that is this game’s progressive jackpot. You’ll just have to keep playing and hoping that King Tune deems you worthy of sharing in his riches.

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If you simply cannot get enough of the mermaid imagery and themes in Cash Money Mermaids, you’ll be pleased to know there are other video slot titles that imbue their gameplay with a similar flare for oceanic mythology. Secret of the Mermaid by Konami, for example, draws players in with an assortment of opportunities to earn free spins. Meanwhile, Mermaid Queen by Barcrest offers players an opportunity to grow their winnings without delay using an assortment of lucrative multipliers.