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IGT has done it again, bringing a slot machine with a theme that will appeal to the animal lover in all of us. Who doesn't like big cats? This slot machine allows you to play a game that features everyone's favorite wild felines.

Cats slot machines can be played at many of the land casinos found in Las Vegas and other gambling cities. This is one of the most popular games IGT has put on the market. It's not overly complicated to play and has a straight forward interface.

The game is visually appealing with its beautiful symbols that depict some of the wild's most ferrous predators to the fancy letters representing the regular poker symbols that join them in the standard play rounds. It also brings in the players with its high payout percentage and ability to win free spins that can lead the player to leaving with pockets full of cash if they get lucky.

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Basic Game Information

Cats slot machine is a 5 reel game with 30 pay line options for players to play. This game offers the most lines you'll get on a game with 5 reels and 15 stop spaces. The game has offers the player high pay outs in the standard rounds along with the bonus rounds which makes the game ideal for the high rollers and the everyday person.

The game includes a semi generic audio palette to other IGT games but one of the best parts about the audio track is the bonus and wins sounds heard. When a player wins the game lets out a wild roar that goes with the theme of the game. The sounds are so real sounding you could almost believe you were in an African savannah about to be attacked.

This game appeals to all players because of its wide range of betting options. All players can play the Cats slot machine no matter how small their budgets are. The coin values on the game start at .01 and can go all the way up to 100. Each spin requires a minimum bet of .03 coins with the maximum bet amount set at 300 coins.

This covers just about every player who walks into a casino or wants to blow off steam in an online game.


This game provides the player with the real life simulation of being among the mighty big cats out in the wild where they are most comfortable. These cats are always on the prowl and are ready to pounce on any unsuspecting prey. Just like the player, they're on the hunt for the win.

This game has a minimal amount of symbols which gives the player a great deal of confidence when playing because it's a rather easy game to play. With it being so basic it doesn't lead to confusion which in other games can lead to big losses.

The symbols of the game are as follows:


This big black cat is sly and stealthy and can lead to big wins


The king of the jungle comes into help the player win big


This beautiful animal will help the player not leave empty handed


This speedy cat will increase the pace of winning every time it shows up

Mountain Lion

The others better watch out for this sly predator or the player just might win big

The interesting thing about the big cat symbols is that some of them will appear as split symbols which makes them turn into multipliers. This changes the combinations available to the player so instead of the normal five symbols the player will now have a chance of hitting it big with ten combinations available.

The next symbols are used to represent the cards that would be used when playing poker.

  • A - Ace
  • K - King
  • Q - Queen
  • J - Jack

Bonus Symbols lead the player to some huge pay out and can give the player the opportunity to multiply their bets

Cats Logo

This symbol is the wild symbol for the game. It always counts a split symbol when it subs for a big cat symbol. When it subs for a big cat symbol it takes the player to the next level of prizes.

Paw Prints

This scatter symbol comes in two variations a single paw print or double paw print. This symbol controls the players free spin game options.

All of these symbols make this game a lot of fun to play and can lead the player to huge wins if luck is on their side.

However, it is important for all players to remember that in this game the cats we see as the leaders of the bunch are not always the biggest winners. The Cats slot gives the biggest payout to the sleek and stealthy panther.

The panther will lead to a huge multiplier in the amount of 2500X the original stake the player puts up if you get lucky enough to get a combination of 10 panthers on the reels. This is an amazing payout but in reality doesn't happen very often.

The developers of the cats game didn't want to leave the big guys out so if a player gets a combination of 10 on either the lion, tigers, cougars, or leopards they still get a multiplier. Although it's not as much as the panther 1000X the original stake isn't anything to frown at.

Paw Prints Scatter Symbol

Like we mentioned before the paw print scatter symbols have the ability to make the player a huge winner. These symbols can only be found on the middle three reels. These symbols like the big cats can appear as either single symbols or split symbols.

These symbols are the key to the Cats slot game. Being the lucky one who gets these symbols can give the player multipliers or even lead to multiple free spins in a second set of enhanced reels. To get to this second set of reels a player must first hit at least five paw print symbols in the base game.

Hitting five paw prints will give the player five free spins on the second set of reels but if you get extra lucky and hit six paw prints you will go into the second set of reels with ten free spins.

Once you have won your free spins and are taken to the second set of reels you go in with more opportunities to win big. In this game the paw prints have been removed to allow for more big cat symbols to appear. This doesn't stop the player from reactivating the free spin game but since this reel game pays so well many players don't find this a problem.

Big Pay Outs for the Cats Slot Machine

The Cats Slot is one of IGT's best games as far as payout amount goes. The average return for player on this game is around 94.93%. This game is on of IGTs best games to play if you are looking for big time returns on your wagers.

When you get the big combos you can win serious money. If you get five wild symbols (Cats Logo) you win 10,000X your stake jackpot prize. This is what draws some of the high rollers to the game just the chance of winning that kind of jackpot is too much for them to walk away from.

The wild isn't the only chance to win big money either you can get returns on just about any combination of 4 or more symbols. Here is the highest possible payout for each of the symbols in the game.

  • Panther

    This symbol has a maximum pay out of 2500

  • Lions

    This symbol has a maximum pay out of 1000

  • Tigers

    This symbol has a maximum pay out of 1000

  • Cheetah

    This symbol has a maximum pay out of 1000

  • Leopard

    This symbol has a maximum pay out of 1000

  • Ace

    This symbol is the high ranking symbol just like in poker and has a maximum pay out of 200

  • King

    This symbol has a maximum payout of 100

  • Queen

    This symbol has a maximum payout of 100

  • Jack

    This symbol has a maximum payout of 100

Just remember that all of the big cat symbols, and paw print symbols have the ability to be split symbols which increases the return to the player. This gives you the player a greater chance of creating a winning combination on each spin of the game.

Cats and Comps

This game can lead to much more than just a huge pay out it can also lead to building up major points with your player's club membership. Not a member you should definitely go and join the next time you are at the casino. These clubs are awesome and will help you get lots of free stuff just for playing at the casino.

So you have your membership card make sure you have it inserted into the game before you make your first bet. Once you have inserted your card double check to make sure that it has been recognized by the machine so you will get credit for every bet and every minute spent playing the game.

With these clubs you earn points for every minute you play a game so a game as entertaining as Cats will lead to building up a huge amount of points. With these points you can receive all kinds of free stuff from the casinos. The more you play the more points you get the better the free stuff available.

You can get comps for just about anything from free drinks, to tickets to different attraction, to free rooms. I know you have probably heard about getting comps and thought that is just for the players who's spending tons of money at the poker or blackjack table but that is not the case.

Casinos want to keep their customers happy and coming back for more so with the players club they offer everyone the same special attention as the high rollers get. So make sure if you are going to play be a member even if you are not in a casino all the time you can still great offers and even free stuff for just being a member.


IGT has brought out a game for all of those who love animals with their Cats slot machine. This beautifully crafted game gives the player the feeling of being in the African savannah with the beautiful big cats we all have been captivated by our whole life.

Not only does this game provide the player with a great visual experience, but it can make you a big winner. This game is for everyone, even those who've never played a slot machine before. You'll be able to sit down and get the hang of this game in no time.

If you come to the casino with a little bit of money or a whole bunch, this game is for you. This slot is set up so that even if you don't want to bet your entire life savings you can still walk away a big winner if you get lucky.

With the big pay outs during the standard game play and the amazing bonus pay outs, even the most seasoned gambler will want to spend time at this slot machine. Make sure the next time you're at the casino you find yourself in front of a Cats machine at some point during your stay.

Casinos aren't the only place you can play so don't forget to try the online version or download the game to your mobile device to use when you have time to spare. Having this game available in multiple formats allows anyone to get the chance to fall in love with big cats.

The online and mobile versions are just as beautiful as the land casino the only down fall is not being able to rack up your players club points. A huge plus for the online and mobile versions is that some of them are free and can help you become a seasoned player before you start placing bets to win big.

With the ability to learn the game for free and see if it is a game you like to play is a great way for those who are a little iffy about betting on slot machines. This game has such a high return rate I think everyone should give it a try at least once. Even if you don't win the jackpot you still have a high chance of walking away a winner.

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