China Style Slot Machine

China Style Slots

The Chinese have always been known for their elegant culture. The designers at 777igt took the most well-known symbols of the culture and made a beautiful game featuring them.

From the very start of the game you see that it's going to be a big show. The game opens as though you're in a theatre with the big beautiful red velvet curtains parting to reveal the reels. This type of intro helps build the excitement to play the game.

All of the excitement of the game doesn't end with the intro; the game keeps the momentum as you play. You have a chance at three different size jackpots, multiple special features, and the opportunity to trigger a fun and lucrative bonus game.

All the special features and the symbols that trigger them just add to the game's overall appeal. Everything in this game stays true to the theme and makes the game a fun experience for anyone who gives it a chance.

China Style
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China Styles Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

The background of the game gives the feel of being in a Chinese theater with the red curtains with gold trim outlining a stage where the reels are on display. The stage is covered in the same color scheme with what looks like a beautiful red carpet with a wide gold strip for a border.

On the bottom right side of the reels you find a beautiful Geisha prepared to help in any way possible. She's dressed in a traditional Geisha dress, with white face make up and traditional head dress. Although she doesn't play an actual role in the game play she's still a great addition to the game and adds authentication to the game.

The reels are framed with gold and red and each symbol is housed in a red square. The buttons to operate the game and pay line and home are also theme oriented and blend well with the rest of the game.

We don't think that this game needs anything added to it at all as this is one of the few games that the visual aspects sit right in the middle of the scale. It doesn't have too much going on but it isn't lacking either.

Music and Sound Effects

The soundtrack for the game is a traditional Chinese track with a twist. The designers of the game took a tune that reflects the Chinese culture and gave it a little extra oomph. The track is a little faster paced than you normally hear in a Chinese themed game.

The upbeat tempo of the music gives the game a whole different feel. It added to the excitement for us because we were expecting the regular slower paced music which in reality is very relaxing, but this new twist really gets you pumped to play the game.

The reels have a spinning sound effect that you hear and a few of the symbols have sounds attached to them as well. Other than this the only other sounds you hear are when you win free spins, scatter wins, or trigger the bonus game and an announcer comes on and tells you what you won.

The soundtrack and effect don't take anything away from the game; they just build on an already great set up.


Animations weren't on the top of the list for the designers of this game. Unlike many other games on the market you won't find a slew of animations in the background or even on the reels with this game.

Each of the symbols has an animation attached that's revealed when it's part of a winning combination; some of the symbols have more animation than others but they all have a little something.

When you win free spins you trigger an animation when the reels light up and flash during those spins. Another time you see more of the animations is when you're taken to the bonus game. This is where the designers housed the most animations and really there isn't much here either but we don't think that it hinders the game in any way.

China Styles Pay Table and Graphics

Symbols and payouts for China Styles are as follows:

Jackpot Symbols
  • Golden Crown

    The Golden Crown is the symbol we all want to see on the reels. This symbol awards you the Mega Jackpot if you get 5 of them on the reels at the same time. This symbol is the only chance you have to win the Mega Jackpot.

  • Golden Dragon

    This symbol is another symbol you hope to see on the reels. This symbol triggers a Minor Jackpot win for you if you get 5 of them on the reels at the same time.

  • Golden Rabbits

    The golden rabbits are your last chance to win a jackpot pay out. This symbol triggers the Mini Jackpot win if you get 5 of them on the reels at the same time.

Special Feature Symbols
  • Chinese Seal

    The seal is the wild for this game and like in most other 777igt games this symbol takes a back seat as far as features go. It subs for all symbols except the scatter, bonus, free spin, or those linked to jackpot wins. If you get 5 of these symbols you receive a payout for 150 times your original wager.

  • Christmas Ornament

    The beautiful red and gold Christmas ornament is the scatter symbol for the game. This symbol adds a multiplier to you original wager. It pays 5 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 100 times for a combination of 5.

  • Chinese Fan

    This symbol is the free spin symbol. When this symbol appears on the reels the word free flashes across the bottom of the symbol. This symbol triggers free spins when you get three or more on the reels during a single spin. You get 5 free spins for a combination of 3, 10 for a combination of 4, and 15 for a combination of 5.

  • Chinese lantern

    This symbol is the one you want to keep your eye out for. When you get three or more on the reels you trigger the bonus game.

Regular Game Symbols
  • Gold and Red Diamond

    This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a combination of 4, and 200 times for a combination of 5.

  • Ying and Yang

    This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a combination of 4, and 150 times for a combination of 5.

  • Ti Lung

    Ti Lung from the movie Kung Fu Panda pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 120 times for a combination of 5.

  • Jeweled A

    The jeweled A stands for the Ace in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 100 times for a combination of 5.

  • Jeweled K

    The jeweled K stands for the king in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 25 times for a combination of 4, and 80 times for a combination of 5.

  • Jeweled Q

    The jeweled Q stands for the queen in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 25 times for a combination of 4, and 60 times for a combination of 5.

  • Jeweled J

    The jeweled J stands for the jack in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 20 times for a combination of 4, and 50 times for a combination of 5.

  • Jeweled 10

    The jeweled 10 stands for the 10 in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 20 times for a combination of 4, and 50 times for a combination of 5.

Symbol Graphics

The symbols used in the game represent some of the best known symbols from Chinese culture. The special feature symbols are great representations of a culture that tops the scale when it comes to beautiful imagery. That isn't where the designers stopped though as they added a playful side to the game by adding the character Ti Lung from the widely popular animated movie Kung Fu Panda to liven things up.

Combining these symbols with the classic poker symbols works well for the game. Most games don't go all out for the lower paying symbols but not on this game. The poker symbols on this game are beautifully decorated with multicolored gems.

Our favorite symbol of the game has to be the lantern, and not just because it triggers the bonus round either. This symbol is beautiful and gives the Chinese lantern the respect it deserves.

China Styles Slot Extra Feature

Some of the features found in this game may seem familiar if you're a 777igt game fan and some may be new to you. This game brings with it a massive amount of special features which might be a draw for those who are looking to play and win. This game has three jackpots available, along with four other special features that help to increase your winning chances.

The jackpots come in three different sizes.

Mega jackpot

Gives the biggest pay out of the game.

Minor jackpot

This jackpot won't have as big a payout as the Mega but it's still a good chunk of change.

Mini jackpot

This jackpot can be won when you get five of the kneeling girl symbols on the reels at the same time. Just like its name you win a smaller pay out if you win this jackpot but who really cares as long as you win, right?

The other special features available in the game might be a little more familiar to seasoned players. The wild symbol represented by a Chinese seal subs for all of the regular symbols in the game. This wild symbol won't sub for the scatter, bonus, free spin, or any of the jackpot symbols which is a bummer but having the wild available is always a plus.

The scatter symbol for this game is represented by a beautifully crafted Christmas ornament. This symbol triggers a multiplier for you when you receive three or more of them anywhere on the reels. The multiplier increases with the number of symbols.

The free spins that this game has available are triggered by the symbol of a traditional Chinese Fan. Anytime this symbol appears on the reels the word free blinks across the bottom to identify it as the free spin symbol. When you get three or more of these symbols on the reels you're awarded free spins. The amount of spins you win is based on the number of symbols on the reels. The spins start automatically and continue until all of the free spins have completed.

China Styles has a bonus game that's triggered when you receive three or more of the lantern bonus symbol anywhere on the reels. When you trigger the bonus game you're taken to a different screen where you get two chances to rack up the winnings. You're given a torch and told to light the lanterns. As you light the lantern the amount you win is displayed and the lantern starts to float away.

Betting Options

China Styles has 25 pay line options. These pay lines aren't fixed and allow you to change the number of pay lines you want to play each time you spin. When you place your wager it's divided up to cover the selected pay lines.

One thing that's different from most other games is that 777igt put a minimum number of pay lines to play on this game. Yes you can choose how many you want to play but you can't go any higher than 25 or lower than five. You can increase or decrease between these two numbers in increments of five. To some people this may seem like a problem but it really is just a way for 777igt to help their players maximize their time playing the game.

Pay lines are there to increase the number of ways you can win while playing a slot. Your best bet is to play all of the available lines to make sure you aren't missing out on any wins. The games do allow you to change the number of lines but we don't recommend using this feature.

This game offers you the ability to change the value of your bet after each spin. The range of betting is set from .01 to $2 per spin.

Game Rules

China Styles game rules are in line with most other five reel slot machines. Below are the main rules:

Most wins are formed from right to left, beginning with the leftmost reel. If two or more wins are formed in the same line, only the highest payout is awarded. Any misuse or malfunction aborts the game and everything is reset to default. The wild card cannot start free spins; you must get three or more scatter symbols to receive free spins. Scatter symbols triggers free spins from anywhere on the reels Bonus game is triggered when three or more bonus symbols appear normal win line from left to right. The wild subs for all symbols except the scatter and bonus symbols. The wild and scatter symbols also have a payout amount when they appear on a win line. Jackpots can only be won when the designated symbol is found on the reels 5 times.


This slot brings the Chinese culture right to you in your own home. China Styles brings a new crop of enthusiasts who love the sounds and imagery that comes from the Chinese culture. For anyone who isn't familiar with the Chinese culture this game gives you a great idea of the beauty found in the country.

The symbols for the game are beautiful and add to the overall experience of the game. All of the symbols are great but like we said before the lantern is our favorite. This symbol has been disrespected in our country for years but this game has given it back the respect its beauty deserves by making it the bonus symbol.

The game has great pay outs available but when you add the special features of a bonus game, a scatter symbol that gives multipliers and the opportunity to win free spins there isn't much else you can ask for. But 777igt gave us more anyway in the form of the jackpots.

With this game you don't just get one jackpot you get a chance at three different ones. All three have great pay outs that just keep accumulating the longer you play.

777igt brings down the house with this game. Let yourself become entrenched in a culture of beauty and tranquility because that is exactly what this game brings to the table. If you're looking for a fun game that has a decent soundtrack and beautifully crafted atmosphere this is the game for you.

Give China Styles a try because we bet you become a fan of the Chinese culture while winning some money at the same time. Just remember this game is a slot machine so watch how much you spend because the game might be great but it can still take your money if you aren't careful.

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