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Classic Fruit Slots

Classic Fruit takes it back to the old school slot machine design. If you like all things retro this is the game for you. This game was designed by 1x2 Gaming to bring back all of your favorite symbols and give them a makeover.

They didn't add any flashy extras, they just revamped the old tried and true symbols and brought them into this century. Not sure if this game will be worth your time? Let us tell you just how much this game will take you back to a far more simple time while you still get the chance to win money.

Classic Fruit
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Classic Fruit Slot Machine Overview

Atmosphere / Background

This game has a red background that's full of all the symbols associated with the game. On the right side of the reels you'll find a huge stack of gold coins that make you feel like you're going to win big. Just remember that is usually not the case.

On the left side you find the pay line markers. They look like little slot screens and display the number of the line. The title is a little out of place because of the way the word fruit is displayed but it doesn't take anything away from the game.

The reels are displayed in a classic format. They're surrounded by golden colored boarders and resemble the reels from old time slots.

Music and Sound Effects

The music that the developers used on this game is awful. We were hoping for something that would match the retro feel of the game but that's not what we got at all. If you're anything like us you think you'd find the game with no background sounds, just that of the reels spinning.

Instead you get a track that's so overpowering we muted it as soon as we could. If we didn't have to hear all the sounds for this review we would've muted it immediately. The track is almost like that of one you'd see associated with a Christmas game instead of this one.

The sound of the reel spin is normal and what most players expect. You don't hear the reels actually spin like you would think, but you hear the reel stop and when you get a win you hear a chime sound.


As with most retro games, animation is not a must have. This game is no different. When you win the symbols that are associated with the winning combination become animated until the next spin. The animation is minimal and just has the symbol ripple along with a background flash. That's the extent of animation for this game. In reality, if there had been much more animation added we think it would have ruined the classic feel of the game.

Classic Fruit Pay Table and Graphics

Symbols and payouts for Classic Fruit are:


The 7 is a classic symbol found in almost all of the original slot games. In this game it only pays out when you get a combination of 3 and it will multiply your wager for the win line by 200

Bar Symbol

Another of the classic symbols found in this game is the bar symbol. In most of the recreations you find more than one bar symbol but not here. This symbol also only pays out when you get 3 of them on a win line. It will multiply your wager by 100 times.

Golden Bell

This staple of slot machines pays for a combination of 3 only as well. It will multiply your wager 70 times.

Watermelon Half

The highest paying of the fruits is always the watermelon half. However this symbol also follows the other three and only pays out when you get three on a pay line. It will multiply your wager 54 times.

Purple Plum

The plum is the last symbol that only has a payout for a combination of three. It will pay 46 times your wager when you get three on a pay line.


The orange starts the ability for you to win when you get less than three symbols on a pay line. It pays 5 times for a combination of 2, and 40 for a combination of 3.


The apple pays 4 times for a combination of 2, and 32 times for a combination of 3.


The lemon pays 3 times for a combination of 2, and 24 times for a combination of 3.


This symbol is one of the most well-known of all the symbols found in slot machines. In this game however it's the lowest paying of them all. It pays 2 times for a combination of 2, and 14 times for a combination of 3.

Symbol Graphics

The symbols in this game have received a makeover and have been brought into a sharper visual quality. The symbols maintained their original feel, just now seem to be a little bit more computer generated than those found in the old machines.

Classic Fruit Slot Extra Feature

Like all of the games before it this game doesn't offer any special features. This game is just about the fun of playing a slot machine. You won't find bonus symbols, wilds, or free spins available here but you'll find lots of fun that takes you back to a simpler time.

Betting Options

Classic Fruit's a little different from other games out there. This game is a three reel game which sets it apart from most of the games on the market today. Most games on the market have 25 or more pay lines so 1x2 Gaming changed it up when they designed this one and only included five pay lines.

With the lower amount of pay lines it increases your chance to receive a higher pay out when you get a win because your bet doesn't have to be divided up as much to cover all of the pay lines. Playing five pay lines won't be overwhelming and the lines are labeled well so you'll know exactly what's going on.

The betting options on this game are much like those found in other games. When you place your bet you set the value as low as one cent to as high as 50 cents per coin to be played. You can also decide how many coins you want to play per spin. You can play between one and five coins on each of your spins.

Even with the lower available pay lines this game still allows you to choose how many you want to play. We recommend playing all of the pay lines to maximize your win potential.

Game Rules

Classic Fruit game rules are in line with most other 5 reel slot machines. Below are the main rules:

  • Wins are matched and paid left to right.
  • Prizes are awarded according the symbol and the prize multiplier.
  • Any misuse or malfunction will abort the game and everything will be reset to default.
  • There aren't any wilds, bonus features, or free spins available.


This game is the perfect game for the beginner. If you've never played a slot machine before this is a great game to try your luck. This game makes it easy for a beginner to learn how pay lines work and how wins are calculated because it shows you exactly which line you win on and how much you'll receive based on that symbol.

The games from the past were all about the love of gambling and not the showy special effects found in so many of today's games. That's what this game gives you, a simple game from a simpler time. The games of late have become more and more extravagant and can be overwhelming to a beginner.

Classic Fruit Slot Machines are the complete opposite. With just three reels and five pay lines it makes the game relaxing and simple. Although it doesn't offer any extras like bonuses or wild symbols you don't lose out where this game is concerned.

This game has a small but lucrative pay table. With the minimal pay lines and symbols it would be difficult to have a large pay table so 1x2 Gaming decided to just make the pay outs for the symbols a little larger. Some of the symbols only pay when you get a combination of three so those pay outs are larger than in most games.

This game as a whole is a great game as long as you have the audio muted. We're not sure where they came up with the soundtrack for this game but they should really rethink their choice. Not only is it not cohesive with the theme of the game but it's over powering and you can barely hear the other sounds that work well with the game.

Other than the need for a change in music the simple interface and coin ranges available make this a game for almost everyone. From the high rollers to the players on a shoestring budget, you can all play this game and have a chance to walk away a winner. Let Classic Fruit be your choice when you want to go back in time to the beginning of slot machines. It won't be a disappointment.

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