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Cleopatra Plus Slot Machine

Cleopatra is one of those games that might seem a little complicated when you
look at the game’s specifications, payouts and play method. The game does,
however, reward you for sticking around, and the longer you hold on the better
your payout progression becomes. Cleopatra Plus is the sequel to the first
Cleopatra slot by IGT. It is definitely an upgrade and it features the Level Up
Plus feature. Aesthetically the game looks pleasant enough. It features a
backdrop of Egyptian pyramids with a setting night sun. This is basically a dive
into Ancient Egypt.

You will be exposed to a lifestyle suitable for the gods, kings, and queens.
The slot features 5 reels across 40 paylines. This game and its payout potential
are all based on how far along you move during the game. The game also has an
amazing memory and will remember exactly how far you got in your last play. This
is perfect as this game rewards on the sole basis of progression.

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Bonus Rounds and Payouts

Leveling Up

Like we have mentioned, this game rewards progression. The
higher you can climb the better your rewards become. We are going to break down
the leveling up gameplay of Cleopatra Plus, you’ll need to pay attention it gets
a little tricky.

The first thing you need to know is that this leveling up is based on the
number of followers you can acquire. There are essentially 8 possible levels you
can get to, and getting to each level depends on how many followers you have.
Once you are on a certain level, you can expect payouts in the form of
multipliers, free spins, super spins and cash prizes. Each level will unlock a
map and locations all of these will play a role in getting to your rewards.

Level 1

Requires 0 to 49 followers to activate, opens up the Alexandria
Bonus Map

Level 2

Requires 50 to 119 followers to activate, gives you access to
the Nile River Valley Bonus Map

Level 3

Requires 120 to 199 followers to activate, gives you an extra
scatter on reel 5 and allows to place one more follower on the map

Level 4

Requires 200 to 349 followers to activate, unlocks three new
deities for you, pick one and it is stacked on the reels.

Level 5

Requires 350 to 599 followers to activate, unlocks extra
scatter on reel five and allows you to place five more followers on the map.

Level 6

Requires 601 to 899 followers to activate, gives you access to
the Last spin multiplier on the map which awards a large multiplier on the
last spin

Level 7

Requires 900 to 1249 followers to activate, gives you access to
the Pyramid of Giza Bonus Map

Level 8

Requires 1250+ followers to activate, gives you access to the
sought out Super spin

Maximum and Minimum Bets

This game can be played for a minimum of 0.40
and a maximum of 800 per spin

Additional Game Features

Zombies has all the fun and excitement that game with this kind of narrative
should. Before you can join in, in all the thrills and suspense you’ll have to
place your bets.

This is done by selecting which paylines you wish to activate
and betting per payline. Pressing the spin button will get the ball rolling and
if you are one of those players who prefer to sit back and relax then the
auto-play function will help you out.

Graphics and Visuals

Visually this game is colourful and vibrant. It
looks good and you certainly won’t mind all the exciting graphics and
visuals that become visible during the game’s progression. The primary
colour is brown which is fitting for an Egyptian style game.

Mobile compatibility

Available on mobile and PC devices.


Playing Cleopatra is a lot of fun, once you get your head wrapped around the
gameplay. It is always nice to know that you are playing with the thought of
reaching a goal, in this case, the sought after holy grail that is level 8. This
game will have you glued to your seat, making excuses of why you can’t get up.

If you’ve played the original then this is definitely an upgrade worth a