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Crome Slot Machine

This game is a little different than what you usually expect from 777igt.
They went in a different direction than most game designers when it comes to
trying to bring in the gear heads. Usually you get games all about the hot cars
and women, but not with this game.

They really went to the basics of car junkies and made a game based on the
bright and shiny parts of the car; the Chrome. Although it might be a little
hard to find the game if you’re searching by name because it’s not spelled the
way you expect. This game has all the bling you would expect from a game with a
title that just screams bling.

The symbols used in the game might be a little hard to name for anyone who
has little to no knowledge of car parts but to those who work on cars this will
just make your game experience even more fun.

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Crome Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

The background of the game is understated as it mixes greens and blues to
make a nice backdrop. You can’t really see what’s pictured in the background
which is good and bad. The bad is because for some this might cause you to focus
on the background trying to figure out what is in it instead of the game. The
good part is that you can tell its chrome and it goes with the theme and that’s
all that really matters.

The game atmosphere is actually pretty minimal as it doesn’t have much going
on. Everything in the game is pretty basic. All the buttons are surrounded in a
metallic shiny border. The reels aren’t framed in, the only thing separating
them are bright shiny orbs.

Music and Sound Effects

One of our least favorite parts of the game is the soundtrack that was
chosen. Although it would be hard to find a track that would really fit the
theme well, in our opinion anything would’ve been better than what we get. The
soundtrack reminds us of a 70’s detective show theme music which of course
doesn’t bring to mind working on a car.

Some players might enjoy the track and let it play, however we aren’t those
people so the sound was muted as soon as we were able to do so. The track
doesn’t do anything to add to the game, all it does is take away because it’s
just so annoying.

The reels have the regular reel spin that you hear each time you spin. Then
when you get a win you hear a chiming sound to notify you of the win. The best
sound effect is the game depositing your money into the bank.


This game has different layers of animation that can be found at different
times during your game play. The animations you see the most of are the ones
that are associated with the symbols. These animations are triggered any time a
symbol is part of a winning combination. All of the symbols have some sort of
animation attached to them. When you get a winning combination depending on the
symbol you see a different animation. Some of the symbols spin, some sparkle,
and some change color.

Other features in the game trigger different animations. When you’re lucky
enough that the special features are triggered an announcement comes across the
reels to let you know what you’ve won. Also, if you get a large pay out a Big
Win announcement comes across. These animations are basic with little other
excitement than a few small fireworks going off.

With all of these animations it’s hard to pick a favorite but after much
thought we’ve chosen the coins bouncing into the bank. For a couple reason this
is our favorite. One, who doesn’t love to watch them win more money and two, the
animation used in the game aren’t over the top so there isn’t anything that
really blows you away.

Crome Pay Table and Graphics

Symbols and payouts for China Styles are as follows:

Jackpot Symbols

Blue Starburst

The blue starburst is the symbol we all want to see on the
reels. This symbol awards you the Mega Jackpot if you get 5 of them on the reels
at the same time. This symbol is the only chance you have to win the Mega

Eye Screw

This symbol is another symbol you hope to see on the reels. This
symbol triggers a Minor Jackpot win for you if you get 5 of them on the reels at
the same time.

U Joint

The U Joint is the last chance to win a jackpot in this game. This
symbol triggers the Mini Jackpot win if you get 5 of them on the reels at the
same time. Even though this jackpot is the smallest it still has a huge pay out
of at least 30,000 or more.

Special Feature Symbols

Blue and Silver Orb

The blue and silver orb is perfect for the wild symbol.
It pops right in and changes everything. It subs for all symbols except the
scatter, bonus, free spin, or those linked to jackpot wins. If you get 5 of
these symbols you receive a payout for 150 times your original wager.

Chrome Wheel

The shiny chrome wheel is the scatter symbol for the game.
This symbol adds a multiplier to you original wager. It pays 5 times for a
combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 100 times for a
combination of 5.

Blue Turbo

This symbol is the free spin symbol. When this symbol appears on
the reels it spins to make sure that you see it on board. The blue turbo
triggers free spins when you get three or more on the reels during a single
spin. You get 5 free spins for a combination of 3, 10 for a combination of 4,
and 15 for a combination of 5.

Chrome Gear

This symbol is the one you can’t wait to see on the reels. It
triggers the bonus game when you get three or more of him on the reels at the
same time.

Regular Game Symbols


This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a
combination of 4, and 200 times for a combination of 5.

C Clamp

This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a
combination of 4, and 150 times for a combination of 5.

Rolled-Up Belts

The belts pay 12 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for
a combination of 4, and 120 times for a combination of 5.

Red A

The red A stands for the Ace in poker. It pays 10 times for a
combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 100 times for a
combination of 5.

Pink K

The pink K stands for the king in poker. It pays 10 times for a
combination of 3, 25 times for a combination of 4, and 80 times for a
combination of 5.

Yellow Q

The yellow Q stands for the queen in poker. It pays 10 times for a
combination of 3, 25 times for a combination of 4, and 60 times for a
combination of 5.

Blue J

The blue J stands for the jack in poker. It pays 10 times for a
combination of 3, 20 times for a combination of 4, and 50 times for a
combination of 5.

Purple 10

The purple 10 stands for the 10 in poker. It pays 10 times for a
combination of 3, 20 times for a combination of 4, and 50 times for a
combination of 5.

Symbol Graphics

The symbols used in this game are great because they really work well with
the theme of the game. Those who love to work on cars will have absolutely no
trouble recognizing equipment that they use on a regular basis. If you don’t
know much about cars some of the symbols will still be recognizable but there
will be some you’ll think; what in the world is that thing?

The card symbols for this game and many other games by 777igt are the ones
you see represented on a regular basis. The thing that makes them different in
this game and some of the other games by this designer is the addition of
oriental themed temples and a fan. We aren’t sure why these accents were added
or what purpose they serve but it does give otherwise boring symbols a little
bit of flare.

Crome Slot Extra Feature

One good thing about 777igt games is you can always count on having great
special features in the game. This game isn’t any different. The jackpots, free
spins, and bonus games are what keep people coming back to play all the other
games by this designer

The jackpots come in three different sizes.

Mega jackpot

Gives the biggest pay out of the game. You must get 5 of the
blue starburst symbols to trigger this big win. This jackpot can only be won if
you meet these guidelines.

Minor jackpot

You have to get 5 of the eye screw symbol. This jackpot won’t
have as big a pay out as the Mega but it’s still a good chunk of change.

Mini jackpot

This jackpot can be won when you get 5 of the U joint symbols
on the reels at the same time. This might be the smallest of the jackpots
available but at a minimum of 30,000 coins we wouldn’t be disappointed.

The wild symbol is a beautiful blue orb that when it triggers a win it
changes color. This symbol replaces any of the regular symbols to make a winning
combination. When this symbol is used to complete a combination it takes the
place of the highest paying symbol to increase your win amount.

The free spins symbol for this game is the blue turbo which revs up the
winnings by giving you more chances to win without spending any of your own
money. If you get 3 or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels you trigger
the free spins. You receive an allotted amount of spins based on the number of
symbols on the reels. You’ll be awarded between 5 and 15 free spins.

The bonus game is triggered by getting three or more of the shiny chrome
gears on the reels anywhere. When this game is triggered you’re taken to a new
screen that has five gears in all different sizes. You get two chances to pick
the highest paying gear.

Once you’ve chosen your two gears the game is over and the amounts you won
are added together and sent right to your bank. Even though this game is a
little on the lame side at least there isn’t any chance of you going to the
bonus game and leaving with nothing. At least you’re guaranteed to win

Another thing about the special features of this game that we noticed is that
they seem to come up on a regular basis. We played the game a couple of
different times but each time we were rewarded with the bonus game early on and
sometimes even triggered it multiple times. The free spins are triggered more
than you’d think so it doesn’t just have the features to draw you in, it
actually lets you win them.

Betting Options

Crome offers you 50 pay lines. Pay lines allow you the ability to rack up the
wins, some games have a fixed amount of pay lines that you can play while others
have an unfixed amount which is what Crome comes with. This means that the
designers are giving you the option to change the number of lines you’re playing
each round.

If you decide to do this you can do so in increments of 10 so that gives you
the ability to play as little as 10 pay lines per spin and up to the 50 that are
available. We recommend that you play all 50 because if you don’t you might get
that big win on a line you aren’t playing and lose out. It’s easy to think that
the less lines you play the longer you can play and in some cases this may be
true, but if you play all 50 you’ll definitely win more times than with the
lower number of lines.

This game offers you the ability to change the value of your bet after each
spin. The range of betting is set from .01 to $1.20 per spin. This makes the
game perfect for anyone who just wants to play the game for fun.

Game Rules

Crome game rules are in line with most other 5 reel slot machines. Below are
the main rules:

  • Most wins are formed from right to left, beginning with the leftmost
  • If two or more wins are formed in the same line, only the highest payout
    is awarded.
  • Any misuse or malfunction will abort the game and everything will be
    reset to default.
  • The wild card cannot start free spins; you must get three or more
    scatter symbols to receive free spins.
  • Scatter symbols will trigger free spins from anywhere on the reels.
  • Bonus game will be triggered when three or more bonus symbols appear
    normal win line from left to right.
  • The wild will sub for all symbols except the scatter and bonus symbols.
  • The wild and scatter symbols also have a payout amount when they appear
    on a win line.
  • Jackpots can only be won when the designated symbol is found on the
    reels 5 times.


Crome is a great game and is packed with all the special features you could
ever ask for. The background and the sound track could use some work but other
than these two things there isn’t much else we would change about the game.

The symbols used in the game are great and will catch the attention of anyone
who loves cars. The special features that are attached to many of these symbols
just add to the many reasons we found to play the game. The game is an older
game but stands out because of its unique theme and great win ability.

The best thing we found about the game is the special features. Yes the
jackpots are great but it’s unlikely that you get the right combination to win
one of these. The other features such as the wild, free spin, bonus, and scatter
are just as great. These features seem to be triggered regularly in our
experience, which enhances the game a great deal.

Some games have features that have been added just for show and they’re hard
to get but not with Crome. So if you love cars give Crome a shot, you won’t be