Cupid and Psyche Slots

Cupid and Psyche Slots

Bally's Cupid and Psyche slots is based on a tale appearing in the Greek narrative poem Metamorphosis.

In the story, Psyche has to go through many trials before her and Cupid can be united in marriage. Of course, it's hard to tell a lengthy tale on the slots reels.

So does the Cupid and Psyche slot machine come anywhere close to the original story? More importantly, is this online slot worth your time?

We'll cover both of these questions in this review and discuss Cupid and Psyche's bonus round, comparisons to other Bally's slots and give our final take on the game.

Cupid and Psyche
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Game Overview

The background of this slot is a Greek temple with columns, which isn't overly detailed or that impressive. But the thing to keep in mind here is that Cupid and Psyche was originally released in land based casinos, so it doesn't quite measure up to modern online slots visually.

One thing we noticed is that the symbols don't really give us any indication of the trials that Psyche went through, including journeying into the underworld or obtaining wool from violent sheep.

Instead, this is just a basic love story with roses decorating the reels in various spots. It's enough to show us that the couple is in love, but nothing that tells much of a story.

Symbols that you'll see include the following:

  • Psyche
  • Cupid
  • A Cupid & Psyche symbol
  • Blue bulls eye
  • Red bulls eye
  • Some generic letters

As you can see, this game is very limited on both the originality and number of symbols it offers.

Psyche is the highest paying symbol, offering 1,000 coins if she appears five times in a pay line. The Cupid & Psyche symbol is the second highest paying, delivering you 500 coins when it appears five times in a pay line.

Psyche is also the wild symbol, and she substitutes for anything except the blue and red bulls eye symbols.

As for the music in this game, you'll hear little jingles when you hit winning combinations. Most of them sound like they're from a 1980s Nintendo game, offering some nostalgia to players from this generation.

We only saw one animation while playing, and it occurs when you get the Psyche wild symbol in a winning pay line. Psyche exits the screen and an arrow hits the wall by where she was standing.

As you can see, this game isn't big on extra frills and the single animation perfectly exemplifies this.

Betting Options

Cupid and Psyche features 40 pay lines, and you must play all of them. You can adjust the coin size from €0.01 to €10.00, making for a minimum bet of €0.40 and a maximum wager of €400.00 per spin.

This game features an auto play option that allows you to spin the reels between 5 and 25 times with your selected betting options.

Return to Player Percentage

Return to player for Cupid and Psyche is 93.9%, which is below average for an online slots game.

Bulls Eye Bonus Feature

If you land three or more blue bulls eyes anywhere on the reels, you get 12 free spins and activate the Bulls eye Bonus feature. You also get a multiplier on your triggering bet, including 3x for 3 symbols, 10x for 4 symbols, and 25x for 5 symbols, your total stake.

During the Bulls eye Bonus feature, you can earn stacked wilds by accumulating red bulls eyes throughout the free spins. Here's a breakdown of how the stacked wilds work:

  • 4 red bulls eyes = Stacked wild in reel 5
  • 8 red bulls eyes = Stacked wild in reel 4
  • 12 red bulls eyes = Stacked wild in reel 3
  • 16 red bulls eyes = Stacked wild in reel 2

Overall, this isn't a bad bonus feature for such an older feeling slot. The red bulls eyes and multipliers definitely add something to the experience and give you a better shot at huge payouts.

We were able to win €70.24 on €0.40 bet while playing the bonus round thanks to stacked wilds in reels 4 and 5. The only problem is that it felt like forever before we finally triggered the bonus round.

Comparison to Other Bally's Slots

Rather than pitting Cupid and Psyche in an unfair comparison to today's modern 3D slots, we've decided to compare it to a few of Bally's older land based games that were re-released online. Here's a look at four Bally's slots that are in the same league as Cupid and Psyche.

Aloha Island
Aloha Island

Take a Hawaii vacation on the reels with Aloha Island. This game does a good job of creating a cartoonish Hawaii feel with a sandy beach and mountains in the background.

Much like Cupid and Psyche, Aloha Island features stacked wilds and a bonus round. Unfortunately, the bonus round is just free spins with no extra attributes.

We like the overall theme of Aloha Island better, however, Cupid and Psyche does have the superior bonus feature.

China River
China River

This slot takes you to a Chinese river from the perspective of a lucky golden pheasant. While the theme may not sound gripping, the graphics and animations are definitely better than what you'll see in Cupid and Psyche.

But we have to give Cupid the edge when it comes to the bonus round. After all, China River merely gives you basic free spins that can be retriggered during the bonus feature.

In the end, though, we'd recommend China River just because it's a better all-around slot.

Jewel of the Dragon
Jewel of the Dragon

This is one of Bally's more inventive older games because it has a Hot Zone feature that changes regular symbols to wilds. The dragon at the top of the screen will occasionally nudge the hot zone if it's outside of the reels so that you get more wilds.

We wouldn't really say the graphics amaze us or that the big dragon at the top of the screen is a marvel of slots detail. However, the Hot Zone feature is enough to push this game past Cupid and Psyche.

Wild Huskies
Wild Huskies

True to the name, Wild Huskies is all about loveable sled dogs in a winter wilderness. The theme is about the only thing that differentiates Wild Huskies from Cupid and Psyche.

This game is also very basic, although it does feature wild and scatter symbols along with a free spins bonus. But really, if you've played Cupid & Psyche, you've pretty much played the same format as Wild Huskies.


Cupid and Psyche is part of the batch of older slots that Bally's finally released online in 2013. And you can really tell that this is a dated game that was simply adapted to the online gaming world.

The graphics are very basic for a 5 reel video slot, and there's only one animation to speak of during the main game. We also don't see a lot to differentiate this from any other slot, and it almost feels like an ode to Valentine's Day rather than the story of Cupid and Psyche.

One positive aspect of this game is the bonus round, which features both stacked wilds and multipliers. We're not saying that this is the most technologically advanced bonus round ever, but it's better than the basic free spins that other older slots offer.

The sound effects are also kind of neat since they add a touch of nostalgia that goes nicely with this game.

However, unless you have a deep love for Greek styled slots, we don't think that the bonus round and sound effects are enough to make Cupid and Psyche a must play slots game.

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