Deadworld Slots

Deadworld Slots

Comic and zombie fans everywhere will flock to play this game. The calibration between 1x2 Gaming and Caliber brought a game that's full of blood and guts and big win opportunities. Those who are fans of the Deadworld comic book will find this game to be right up their alley.

With symbols that represent the zombies and the killers hunting them this game brings to life a world that has become rather popular over the last few years. The increased fascination with zombies has all but taken over the movie, television, and gaming formats, so why not add a slot machine to the mix?

Give the customers what they want is the way most businesses are run and 1x2 Gaming did just that. With the comic book feel of the game and the gory animations and extra features this game won't be for everyone but it'll appeal to a certain group of people. It's a good thing that this group has continued to grow over the years.

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Deadworld Slot Machine Overview

Atmosphere / Background

The atmosphere of this game is dark and bloody. The game is based on a comic book that has gained popularity over the years with the increased interest in zombies. The background of the game depicts different characters in a dramatic battle of good and evil. You see the blood spatters everywhere, we just hope its zombie blood and not human.

The reels look like they're on a page torn from the Deadworld comic book. On each side of the reels you see that you have 50 pay lines available. The title to the game is displayed across the top in a replica of the title found on the comic books. All of these features combined provide for a scary and undead feel to the game.

Music and Sound Effects

The music of the soundtrack of this game keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's a track that makes you feel like you're on the hunt and you never know when something will pop up. When you spin the reels you hear a light sound of the reels spinning.

When you get a win you don't have any indication that anything exciting has happened which we found rather strange. On the other hand, when you spin the reel and don't get a win you hear the sound effect of a zombie coming.


Animations weren't on the top of the list where this game was concerned. The best you're going to get is a splash of blood that covers your symbols in a winning combination. The only other animation is found in the bonus game with the carnival type shooting gallery.

Deadworld Pay Table and Graphics

Symbols and payouts for Deadworld are as follows:

Zombie Mummy Warrior

The Zombie Mummy Warrior is the wild symbol for Deadworld. This symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the bonus symbols. It will pay the highest prize amount possible.


The skeleton is a scatter symbol and will pay the highest wins for the entire game. He pays 90 times for a combination of 3, 200 times for a combination of 4, and 500 times for a combination of 5.

Zombie Hagraven

Hagraven is the bonus symbol for this game. When you get three or more of this symbol you'll be whisked to a bonus game where you can kill zombies. If you get three or more of these symbols on a win line you'll also receive an additional pay out. It pays 20 times for a combination of 3, 50 times for a combination of 4, and 300 times for a combination of 5.

Zombie Killer with Spiked Club

This symbol pays 45 times for a combination of 3, 175 times for a combination of 4, and 400 times for a combination of 5.

Zombie Pilot

The zombie pilot is the highest paying zombie symbol in the game. He pays 40 times for a combination of 3, 150 times for a combination of 4, and 300 times for a combination of 5.

Zombie with sunglasses

He pays 30 times for a combination of 3, 75 times for a combination of 4, and 200 times for a combination of 5.

Killer with Sword for a hand

He pays 20 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a combination of 4, 100 times for a combination of 5.

Zombie Man with black hair

He pays 16 times for a combination of 3, 36 times for a combination of 4, and 90 times for a combination of 5.

Blonde Zombie with half skeleton face

This scary girl pays 16 times for a combination of 3, 32 times for a combination of 4, and 80 times for a combination of 5.

Bikini Zombie

Who says the undead can't be sexy? Well this girl does. She pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 26 times for a combination of 4, and 70 times for a combination of 5.

Monster Zombie

This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 24 times for a combination of 4, and 60 times for a combination of 5.

Mexican Zombie

This symbol pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 14 times for a combination of 4, and 45 times for a combination of 5.

Girl Zombie Hunter

This symbol pays 8 times for a combination of 3, 14 times for a combination of 4, and 20 times for a combination of 5.

Symbol Graphics

Deadworld graphics are samples of the characters from the comic book. They're designed to look like those seen in most comic books. These zombies are well done and will make your skin crawl. The hunters are also captured well and seem fierce and ready to protect the world from being overrun with zombies. These graphics make you pray you never run into these characters in a dark alley.

Deadworld Slot Extra Feature

Deadworld has a few extra features that will keep you coming back for more. The first one is the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol for this game is the skeleton. He can be matched anywhere on the reels and as long as you have three or more you'll be awarded a win. He has his own pay out level which makes him better than most scatters found on other games. Plus he's the highest paying symbol in the entire game.

Another special feature is the wild symbol. Like in most other games this symbol subs for all other symbols except for the bonus. This includes the skeleton scatter symbol which is great for the player because with a wild you can make multiple wins on different pay lines that add up to huge wins.

The best feature for those who love the thought of hunting down and shooting a zombie is the bonus game. When you receive three or more bonus symbols on the reels you're transferred to the bonus game. When you arrive at the bonus game you see a moving shooting gallery. You have six shots to start with and every zombie you hit either gives you a number amount or replenishes your ammo so you can continue the game. When you've shot your last bullet your number amounts will be totaled and you'll be taken back to the main game. This might be your only chance to kill some zombies, so enjoy.

Betting Options

Deadworld offers you 50 fixed pay lines. With this set up each time you spin the amount you wager is divided up among the50 pay lines. This game takes out the option to choose how many pay lines are being played but this is a good thing.

This game offers you the ability to change the value of your bet after each spin. The range of betting is set from .01 to $.50 per coin.

These small betting amounts make this game more accessible to the crowd who loves this type of game. Many of the people who find comic books entertaining aren't big slots players so having the betting options on the lower end was a great idea for 1x2 Gaming.

Not only can you decide how much each coin is worth, you can change the number of coins being used per spin. You have a choice between one and five in regards to how many coins are being used with each spin. This makes the total minimum bet to be 50 cents and the maximum bet to be $125 per spin.

We recommend that you always play all of the pay lines offered. With the fixed pay line set up you don't have to worry about making the right decision on how many to play.

Return to Player RTP

The return to player for this game is 95.1%. This percentage will work well with getting a whole new crowd interested in the slot machine. This game is so far from the norm found with slots that it will have to find its own special audience. This won't be a very hard task with all the zombie hysteria that has taken over the world since the premier of films like Zombieland, and of course the cult favorite The Walking Dead.

Game Rules

Deadworld game rules are in line with most other 5 reel slot machines. Below are the main rules:

  • Wins are formed left to right.
  • Wilds will sub for any symbol except bonus symbols.
  • Receiving 3 or more bonus symbols will trigger bonus game.
  • Scatter symbol will pay out when three symbols are revealed anywhere on the reels
  • If two or more wins are formed in the same line, only the highest payout is awarded.
  • Any misuse or malfunction will abort the game and everything will be reset to default.
  • Simultaneous wins on different pay lines are added together for total win per spin.


Deadworld won't be a game for everyone. Some may find the gory blood soaked game to be repulsive. However, there's an ever increasing population that will fall in love with this game. Over the past several years the zombie character has leaped off the pages of comic books and become one of the best rated genres on the market.

From films, television shows, and video games, zombies are at the forefront of American entertainment. 1x2 Gaming chose well when they decided to bring out this 5 reel 50 fixed pay line game. Choosing a comic that already had a following and working closely with Caliber while creating the game made for a game that will make those fans proud.

Although the game doesn't offer a free spin scatter symbol it makes up for that with the payout associated with the scatter symbol. The skeleton is the highest paying symbol of the game and the best part about it is that you don't even have to get him on a pay line. As long as you have three or more on the reels you'll get a win. Can't beat that!

The wild for this game isn't anything special. Just like all other wilds it subs for any other symbol with the exception being the bonus symbol. One good thing about this wild is that it can sub for a scatter symbol which makes it easier for you to get one of those big pay outs. Also it can sub for multiple symbols and create multiple wins on separate pay lines.

The feature we think that most of those who play the game will like the best is the bonus game. When you get three or more bonus features you get to go and kill some zombies. What zombie fan doesn't want a chance to be Tallahassee from Zombieland and blow away some of those nasty brain eating zombies? Just the chance to get a shot at one will be enough to bring many players in.

Although this game isn't really up our alley we did enjoy our time playing it. The win ratio was pretty good and the number of times we got to go to the bonus round or received scatter wins was higher than with other games. This may be perfect for the zombie lovers but is a little over the top for us regular mortals.

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