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Dolly Parton Slots

In October of 2012 legendary country music singer Dolly Parton teamed up with International Game Technology, IGT, to create a line of slot machines branded with her one of a kind image and likeness.

Known the world over as the Queen of Country Music, Parton has toured as a renowned singer and songwriter since the 1960s. As the most decorated performer in country music history, Parton has had 25 songs claim the top spot on Billboard's country music charts, while 110 of her singles have made the charts during her remarkable career.

In addition to her musical talents, Parton has become an avid entrepreneur in recent years, operating her signature theme park Dollywood in Tennessee, along with several successful ventures within the restaurant, theatre, and entertainment industries.

In addition to the standard Dolly Parton slot machine, IGT has also released Dolly Parton video slots, Dolly Parton Two Doors Down slots, and Dolly Parton 9 to 5 slots to round out the product lineup. Both the Dolly Parton Two Doors Down and Dolly Parton 9 to 5 machines are based on spinning reel technology, while the video version incorporates on screen animations.

Dolly Parton
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Dolly Parton Slots In Quotes

During the rollout for her IGT-powered slot machines, Parton had this to say about her decision to enter the gambling market:

"As you know, I love doing lots of different things and this is the most different thing that I've done so far. I'm very excited to be working with IGT with my very own video slot machines and five reel spinning reel games. Wanna play? Well, come on!"

Eric Tom, executive vice president of Global Sales for IGT, doubled down on this sentiment by explaining how the new Dolly Parton slots will cater to her millions of fans worldwide:

"IGT's unrivaled game experiences and localized content has made our games the most sought after on casino floors today. At G2E, our new portfolio will drive unmatched performance for our casino customers. From the excitement of Dolly Parton Slots and the classic action of our new spinning reel and video slot titles to revolutionary game play of our skill-based titles and 3D Multi Layer Display (MLD) technology, we will premiere the fan favorites of the future."

Gameplay Features and Mechanics

The Dolly Parton slot machine is immediately recognizable while walking the casino floor, as Dolly's signature is emblazoned on the top of each unit, along with her trademark butterfly symbol. The machines themselves are clad in hot pink coloring, once again incorporating Dolly Parton's timeless image.

Among the symbols that you can expect to see while playing a session of Dolly Parton slots are portraits of Parton herself, along with leather boots, a white piano, a recording studio microphone, and pink heart shaped earrings.

The standard version of the Dolly Parton slot machine is a five reel, 30 pay line game that will appear familiar to regular slot players. This version offers players the option to choose various maximum credit limits depending on the amount of pay lines selected. The Dolly Parton video slot, on the other hand, offers a maximum bet of 300 credits, while Dolly Parton: Two Doors Down and Dolly Parton: 9 to 5 each offer a maximum bet of 1,500 credits.

Players can begin the game for as little as a single penny, but in order to enjoy the full-fledged Dolly Parton Slots experience, it is recommended that you utilize the maximum number of pay lines. This strategy will entail spending between $0.30 and $0.50 per spin, depending on the machine you're playing, but you'll also be playing for the most sizable jackpots and bonuses up for grabs.

Along with the superior slot machine functionality players have come to expect from IGT products, the Dolly Parton line includes a fun filled feature that is sure to draw diehard fans of country music's most successful siren.

Interactive Jukebox Feature

The interactive Jukebox feature allows players to choose from any of 14 classic Dolly Parton songs while enjoying the base game. The sounds of Parton's unmistakable voice will surround you while the game progresses, offering a welcome respite from the bells and whistles ringing out around the casino floor.

While other celebrity branded slot machine offerings try their best to immerse players in a unique experience, IGT's Dolly Parton Slots line succeeds where competitors fall short. The key is Parton's willingness to lend her voice to the game's running soundtrack, because in addition to the 14 hit songs you can choose from on the Virtual Jukebox, the Queen of Country Music doesn't hesitate to provide enthusiastic encouragement.

The sound of Parton's legendary Southern accent urging "Let's get to playin'!" and proclaiming "Woohoo, you're a natural!" add a unique quality to this slot machine. For long time fans of Parton's musical styling, a session spent playing Dolly Parton Slots is more akin to seeing her perform in concert, rather than simply visiting the local casino.

Scoring Free Spins and Multipliers

In order to accentuate the musical styling of Dolly Parton, these slots also include four distinct base game features which have proven to be fan favorites:

  • Dolly's Bonus Boost Feature – When the right assortment of triggering symbols appears on your pay line, free bonus spins and other surprises are in order.
  • Dolly's Wilds Feature – The inclusion of wild symbols add excitement to every spin, expanding vertically on the screen to connect pay lines while creating larger payouts.
  • Surprise Performance Feature – When this feature is activated Dolly Parton herself takes the virtual stage on screen, singing a special concert for you and you alone while your credits are tallied up and awarded.
  • Queen of Country Music Feature – A guessing game in which players can choose from an assortment of classic Dolly Parton albums before winning a randomized amount of free credits.

Like other IGT slot machine titles, the Dolly Parton product line also includes the popular scatter symbol. In this case, the prime symbol to search for is Dolly's distinctive butterfly design, and when this shows up on your screen alongside any of the standard symbols, all corresponding symbols are added together for a Scatter Pay Bonus.

Another fun wrinkle available on the Dolly Parton 9 to 5 machine is known as the Rockin' Reels Respin Feature. After activating this bonus, players sit back and watch as Dolly dazzles on stage, singing her most recognizable songs and dancing to the music. Meanwhile, the stacked multipliers in the center reel bounce to the beat, distributing enhanced payouts as the outside reels spin to the tune of Parton's hit song 9 to 5.

Once again taking its name from one of Parton's hit song titles, the Two Doors Down free game bonus includes nudging, stacked Diamond Wild symbols. As the bonus game flashes on your screen the background lights up with images of Parton performing to her adoring fans in exclusive concert footage.


The Dolly Parton slots line produced by IGT has proven to be a hit among players who prefer country music, as well as with those die hard Dolly fanatics. The games optional credit feature makes Dolly Parton slots the perfect diversion for true penny slot players, while those searching for lucrative jackpot payouts can take advantage of up to 30 pay lines on every single spin.

Combining the sights and sounds of a Dolly Parton concert with state of the art slot machine technology powered by IGT, Dolly Parton slots have managed to build up a loyal fan base in less than four years on casino floors around the country. After all, where else will you find a jukebox loaded with Dolly Parton's most beloved songs, playable for just pennies?

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