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Double Diamond Slot Games

Some slot machines draw legions of followers and become
legendary, while others soon fade from memory. The Double
Diamond slot is certainly an example of the former.

Produced for over a decade by the industry-leading IGT,
Double Diamond has consistently thrilled both online and
land-based customers. The simplicity of the game has always been
a major selling point, as well as the decent payouts and crisp
graphics. The fact that “Double D” hasn’t underwent multiple
permutations is also a testament to its lasting appeal.

This article takes an in-depth look at the Double Diamond
slot, from the pay table to its mobile counterpart. For those
who are interested in adding one of these games to their den,
we’ve also written a section detailing the various slot machine
ownership laws in the United States and how they apply to the

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Playing the Double Diamond Game

In the modern era of gaming, slots have become louder,
brighter, and more complicated. While some players love this
experience, others long for the olden days of the “one-armed
bandits.” If you fall into the latter category, you’ll be
delighted to know that Double Diamond slots are among the most
rudimentary of gaming options in virtual and land-based casinos.

The game has three reels and a single payline, so there’s no
danger of getting overwhelmed by options. The most common
version of the machine has a limit of three credits, but this
allows for denominations ranging from 25 cents to $5 (or
sometimes even higher). The official IGT site does list a
four-credit game, although it’s far less common.

Once you’ve placed your wager, all that’s required is to hit
the “spin” button. You won’t have to make tough decisions like
whether to play 15 or 30 paylines. Instead, just insert your
credits, push the button, and let the game do the rest.

Pay Table for Double Diamond Slots

Whether you’re playing Double Diamond at a virtual or
land-based casino, you can expect the experience to be largely
the same. Both versions have three reels and feature a single
payline, making it a perfect option for players who prefer a
more no-frills approach to gaming.

The following is a look at the various ways to win on the
game, which is also known as the “pay table.” Double Diamond
allows one to three credits to be risked, with the size of
potential winnings increasing for larger bets.

  • Any One Cherry – Getting a single cherry pays 2, 4, or 6
  • Three Bar Symbols of Any Type or Any Two Cherries –
    These combinations pay 5, 10, or 15 credits.
  • Three Bars or Three Cherries – Getting either of these
    results in a payout of 10, 20, or 30 credits.
  • Three Double Bars – Produces a payout of 25, 50, or 75
  • Three Triple Bars – Results in a payout of 40, 80, or
    120 credits.
  • Three Sevens – Getting a trio of this symbol pays 80,
    160, or 240 credits.
  • Three Double Diamonds – Hitting three of these top icons
    pays 800, 1600, or 2500 credits.
  • As the wild symbol, the Double Diamond matches any other
    symbol on the payline and doubles the total payout.
  • Getting two Double Diamonds multiplies the total
    winnings by four.

Free Double Diamond Slots for Mobile Users

If you want to play Double Diamond Slots on your mobile
device without risking actual money, there’s always the option
of using the Android app created by Wincrest Studios. This
Ohio-based company creates games for both mobile phones and
tablets, and they’ve produced titles such as Triple Diamond Slot
Machine, 777 jackpot Slots, Money Wheel Slot Machines, and Under
the Sea Slots.

Once the game has been downloaded, you’ll receive 250 free
coins. You can then jump right into the action, and a massive
leaderboard lets you see how you’re stacking up against players
from around the globe.

The 3-reel, single-payline design mimics what you’ll find at
land-based casinos, although customer reviews state that wins
come more frequently. When you run out of complimentary coins,
however, the game encourages you to purchase additional credits
with real cash.

We’ve seen no indication that Wincrest has any affiliation
with IGT. Either they’re paying a licensing fee to make a mobile
version, or they’re just creating a blatant knockoff. Whatever
the case, it does offer slots-obsessed players an additional

Buying a Double Diamond Slot

It’s not unusual to come across people who’ve purchased a
slot machine and installed it in their den or game room. Not
only do these devices serve as a unique decoration, they allow
the owner to entertain guests by inviting them to indulge in
some harmless (and usually free) gaming.

While it all seems to be in good fun, the various regions of
the United States are not so trusting. That’s because the line
between innocent gaming and an illegal slot parlor is a thin
one, which is why most states have laws governing the types of
slots that can be legally kept in a private residence.

If you want to purchase a Double Diamond slot for fun or
display purposes, here are the current laws for the various U.S.

  • All Class II Machines Legal – Alabama
  • Machines before 1984 Legal – Colorado
  • Machines before 1954 Legal – Vermont
  • Machines before 1952 Legal – District of Columbia
  • Machines before 1950 Legal – Kansas, Idaho, Georgia
  • Machines before 1941 Legal – South Dakota, New Jersey
  • Machines Older than 20 Years Legal – Florida
  • Machines Older than 25 Years Legal – California,
    Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan,
    Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North
    Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania,
    Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming
  • Machines Older than 30 Years Legal – Massachusetts,
    Missouri, New York
  • Machines Older than 40 Years Legal – Indiana
  • All Machines Legal – Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas,
    Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Rhode Island,
    Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia
  • All Machines Illegal – Connecticut, Hawaii, Nebraska,
    South Carolina, Tennessee

Finding a Double Diamond slot to purchase shouldn’t be that
hard, as there are a number of online vendors who deal in
vintage machines. When all else fails, there’s always eBay.