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Double Dragon Slots

Double Dragon is most commonly associated with a 1980s arcade game that centered on two brothers fighting their way through numerous thugs.

But Bally's Double Dragon online slot has nothing to do with the arcade game. Instead, it represents how two dragons are a symbol of doubling your luck and intelligence.

That being said, is playing Double Dragon slots a good choice? And does it have the kind of features that make it worth playing over and over?

You can decide for yourself after reading our review, which covers this game's features and compares it to a few land based slots that bear the same name.

Double Dragon
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An Overview of Double Dragon

The background in this game is a nighttime scene with Chinese temples, and you'll also see a golden double dragon symbol in the middle along with a yin yang symbol. Both the background and symbols feature high quality graphics that make Double Dragon pleasing on the eyes.

Speaking of the symbols, you'll also see the following on the reels:

  • Gold coins
  • Lotus flowers
  • Jade pendants
  • Scrolls
  • Lanterns
  • Chinese letters
  • Gold ingots
  • Koi fish

The Koi fish and double dragon are the two highest paying symbols, both delivering 250 coins when you land them five times in an active pay line.

The double dragon symbol is also wild, turning into a stacked wild that covers any reel it appears in. You also get a re spin once the double dragon extends to cover the reels, and you'll be able to retrigger this feature up to four times (until all five reels are covered).

In our experience, at least one double dragon comes up quite frequently and leads to a lot of wins. However, we didn't have much success in getting more dragons during the re spins.

As if the double dragon isn't already important enough, it's also the only symbol that leads to an entertaining animation. Whenever the dragon appears in a pay line, it extends into a tower that reaches into the sky.

You will also see a re spin sign come up, with two dragons on each side that blow fire out of their mouths.

The only other animation in this game happens when a pink flash moves through the line that signifies winning payouts.

The music in Double Dragon is pretty generic and doesn't even sound like the authentic Asian sounds that you'll hear in similar slots. The Sound effects that occur during winning payouts don't really add anything to the game either.

Return to Player Percentage

Return to player for Double Dragon is 95.98%, which is really good in comparison to most Bally's online slots and above average when looking across the industry.

Betting Options

Double Dragon features 25 pay lines, and you must play all of them. This makes the absolute minimum bet worth $0.25 when you wager one cent per coin.

You can also turn the coin size all the way up to $10.00, which makes for a maximum wager of $250.00 per spin.

If you'd like to automatically spin the reels with your selected betting options, you can use the auto spin feature for between 5 and 25 spins.

Double Dragon Bonus

Unfortunately, Double Dragon doesn't offer a true bonus game. The only feature that's outside the bounds of normal play is the stacked wild that we discussed in the overview.

As mentioned before, there are some nice little theatrics when a double dragon symbols turns into a stacked wild, including the dragons breathing fire.

The stacked wilds give this game a tremendous hit frequency too. It seemed like every other spin we made resulted in some kind of win thanks to the plentiful stacked wilds.

The unfortunate downsides to this high win frequency are:

1There are no bonus rounds or scatters
2The highest paying symbols only give you 250 coins

Do more frequent wins make up for the lack of additional features and big prizes? We have mixed views on this, but at least you get a lot of value out of playing Double Dragon.

Comparisons to Other Double Dragon Slots

You might be surprised to know that this isn't the only slot that bears the Double Dragon name. In fact, a few different land based slot machines have themes centered on this Chinese good luck symbol.

Below you can see these slots and how they compare to Bally's online Double Dragon.

Ainsworth Gaming's Double Dragons Slots
Ainsworth Gaming's Double Dragons

This game is pretty similar to Bally's version, only with richer graphics and better animations. As for the latter, you'll see dragons shoot 3D fireballs up in the air when they appear in winning combinations.

Some of the different symbols in Double Dragons include a merchant ship, crystal ball and a treasure chest. You will also see stacked wilds in the form of Chinese letters, although the animation here isn't as cool as the stacked wilds in Bally's Double Dragon.

But if you're somebody who loves good 3D graphics and animations, then Ainsworth Gaming's version is worth a try if you find it in land based casinos.

Ainsworth Gaming's Double Dragons Slots
IGT's Double Dragon

This slot features a very odd setup that includes two 3 reel configurations that are connected by a middle reel. In effect, this is a 7 reel game, but the middle reel is only for multipliers and other special symbols.

If you've ever experienced the frustration of infrequent wins in most 3 reel games, IGT's Double Dragon is a nice change due to its double 3 reel set up. The middle multiplier is also an interesting effect that sets this apart from almost any other slot machine in the industry.

The main downside, though, is that this game is based on mechanical reels, which may not suit modern slots players. Be prepared to feel like you're in the mid 1990s or even earlier when trying IGT's classic version.

Ainsworth Gaming's Double Dragons Slots
IGT's Double Dragon Video Slot

IGT came out with a slightly upgraded video slot version of their first Double Dragon effort. Gone are the mechanical reels from the first game, with action instead taking place on a video screen.

We wouldn't really call this a giant upgrade from the mechanical Double Dragon since the graphics are low quality by video slots standards. In fact, it can be hard to make out what some of the symbols are until you take a closer look.

But you at least get the same interesting 7 reel aspect from the first game along with the middle reel multiplier. So if you're not much of a classic slots player, you might opt for the video slot over the mechanical version of Double Dragon.


The problems with Double Dragon are easily apparent when you consider that its highest paying win is worth 250 coins and there's no bonus round.

Anybody who loves turning up bonus features and / or gets a thrill out of trying for huge jackpots should avoid playing Double Dragon.

However, this certainly isn't to say that Double Dragon is unplayable, especially if you want a game that's going to make your money last. The high hit frequency, thanks to the stacked wilds, and above average RTP ensure that this is a slot where your bankroll will stretch further.

Add in the fact that Double Dragon has pretty good graphics and some interesting Chinese symbols, and this is one game that you might consider playing.

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