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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Slots

Based on the movie with the same title released in 1931 about a doctor who transforms himself into a murderous maniac, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slots is a 5 reel, 30 pay line game by Betsoft.

The first thing that you'll notice when playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is that its 3D graphics really bring the story to life. But does this game go beyond good graphics and a famed story to deliver the type of bonuses / features that slots players love?

Find out as we discuss Jekyll and Hyde's details, bonuses, betting options, and compare it to a couple other Betsoft games.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
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The introduction to this game shows Mr. Hyde, ripped jackpot, crazy hair and all, standing in a dark London street with the moon behind him.

Once the game loads, you're taken to a more elegant scene in Dr. Jekyll's laboratory. Jekyll stands off to the side of the reels, making sounds, cheering for your wins and walking around the lab.

We have to say that the background features stellar 3D graphics that carry on into the symbols. Speaking of which, symbols include the following:

  • Jekyll
  • Hyde
  • Laboratory notes
  • Red potion
  • Blue potion
  • Fireplace
  • Jekyll’s home
  • Policeman
  • Newspaper
  • Lock and key

You'll also see a Jekyll & Hyde symbol, which doesn't result in any pays itself, but does combine with Hyde and Jekyll to unlock bonus rounds, which we discuss later.

The animations in this slot are pretty good too, with examples being Mr. Hyde yelling and smashing his hands on the ground, Dr. Jekyll putting his top hat on, and the red potion drifting off the reels.

One very interesting feature of this game includes the Logo Morphs, where the reels go crazy and rearrange to help you form winning combinations. This happens when you land red potions on reels 2 and 4 combined with Dr. Jekyll in the middle reel, making all Jekyll, Hyde, and logo symbols become wild when the reels are rearranged.

If blue potions land on reels 2 and 4 with Mr. Hyde in the middle, you'll receive a random multiplier worth between 5x and 20x your bet.

Betting Options

You can use anywhere from 1 to 30 pay lines in this game, change your coin size from $0.02 to $1.00 and put anywhere from 1 to 5 coins on each pay line.

This makes the minimum bet worth $0.02 per spin and the max wager $150.00.

You can also use the auto spin option to keep the reels going for 5 100 spins with your preferred betting choices. Other options include the ability to turn the music / sound effects off and play in Turbo Mode. The latter option combined with auto spin makes for some really fast play in this slot.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Slots Bonus

One aspect to really like about this game is that you can trigger two second screen bonus rounds and get free spins. Below you can see a detailed look at each of these three bonus features.

Frenzy Bonus

This round is unlocked when Mr. Hyde symbols appear on reels 2 and 4 combined with the Jekyll & Hyde symbol in the middle reel.

The Frenzy bonus begins with Hyde running down the street looking for victims to terrorize and stores to loot. You choose whether to send him in the left or right direction to keep the crime frenzy going without running into the police.

During the turns we made, Hyde assaulted an old lady for 180 credits, robbed the Johnson Press maker for 180 credits, assaulted the old lady again for 120 credits, stole from the Sweet Shop for 370 credits, and finally ran into a policeman. We ended with 850 credits in what felt like a lengthy and fun bonus round.

Potion Bonus

The Potion Bonus is triggered by Dr. Jekyll symbols in reels 2 and 4 along with a Jekyll & Hyde logo in the middle reel. This takes you to the doctor's desk where you choose from 12 different colored potions to make an Anti-Monster serum.

The goal is to accomplish this task using as few potions as possible, which is easier said than done.

6 potions are needed to create the serum, and 6 of the potions result in Xs. It took us 11 picks, leaving just one potion left, before we finally created the serum, which resulted in 480 credits.

We'd say that this is an above average bonus round due to the second screen element, and the guarantee that you'll at least walk away with something.

Free Spins

In the main game, you'll notice that there's a meter you can fill with red potions. Every time that a red potion appears anywhere on the reels, it filters down into the meter.

You need 100 units to fill the bar and unlock free spins, and each potion is worth 1 unit. Obviously this sounds like a lot, but it seems like you get a red potion on at least 70 to 80% of your spins when playing 30 pay lines.

Once you fill the meter, the screen changes to the streets of London with Mr. Hyde standing off to the side. These are in essence unlimited free spins, but the game ends when 12 blue potions land on the reels.

However, this bonus round lasts for quite a while because we spun 33 times and won 1,525 credits before filling the blue potion meter.

Our only complaint about the potion / free spins process is that it gets a little old seeing red potions filter down into the meter on three fourths of your spins. We feel like Betsoft could have just made it so the meter only required 20 30 red potions while reducing the frequency that they appear.

Comparison to Similar Betsoft Slots

Betsoft has made a few other slots that involve scientists mixing potions or using electricity to perform strange experiments. And just like Jekyll and Hyde, one of these slots is based on a classic tale, which you can see below.

Frankenslots Monster
Frankenslots Monster

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's famed 1818 novel is brought to life in Frankenslot's Monster.

This is one of Betsoft's newer games, so it's no surprise that the graphics are a little crisper than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You'll also see a good deal of animations involving the monster and electricity.

As for special features, you can look forward to scatters, free spins and a second screen bonus round. As for the bonus, this consists of moving knobs before you pull a lever to shock the monster and earn credits.

While Frankenslot's Monster is superior from a visual perspective, we'd give Jekyll and Hyde the edge in terms of bonus features. That said, we think that these two are equally fun in their own way.

Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist

This is one of Betsoft’s earlier efforts, and you can really tell from the graphics. While not the worst graphics in a slots game, Mad Scientist looks more like a high school chemistry teacher doing small experiments with baking soda.

Nevertheless, this slot does have plenty of features that keep things interesting. Mad Scientist has a scatter symbol which is the lever, Wild "O" Caution which turns all icons in single row into wild icons, Bio Pick Me! where you choose 1 of 3 symbols to reveal prize, and a Great Experiment bonus round.

Regarding the latter, this takes you to a second screen where you choose 4 objects in an attempt to help the scientist create bronze, silver or gold.

The graphics alone put Mad Scientist on a lower rung than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. However, the bonus and special features definitely add some entertaining elements to Mad Scientist.

Madder Scientist
Madder Scientist

This gold hungry scientist returns with an even crazier look, a beautiful assistant and 3D graphics. Madder Scientist was created a little while after the first game and offers better graphics, although still not on the same level as Jekyll and Hyde.

Like the original, you can expect plenty of features such as another Click Me round, Wild Switches where one reel randomly spins for more prizes, the ability to re spin any reel for a prize, and a second screen bonus round.

This bonus game is mostly like Mad Scientist's bonus, except that you try to turn carrots into gold.

We wouldn't really say that Madder Scientist is far superior to the original; however, it does look a little better. But again, it's not quite as entertaining or visually appealing as Jekyll and Hyde.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde offers a lot to like, including its three bonus rounds, excellent graphics, a classic storyline, and some interesting features. Given all this, we'd have to say that this is one of Betsoft's better games, which is saying a lot.

Our only complaints include the redundancy of red potions filling the meter, and the multiple strange combinations that unlock bonuses.

Regarding the latter, it's confusing in the beginning remembering what reels the Hyde, Jekyll, and logo must appear on for bonuses as well as what triggers the Logo Morphs.

Other than these small complaints, though, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slots is definitely a game worth playing and one that should hold your attention for a while.

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