Dragon Lines Slot Machine

Dragon Lines Slots

The Dragon Lines slot machine is presented by Ainsworth, an online gaming developer based in Australia. It features five reels, 100 paylines, and a maximum wager of 75 euros per spin. There are no flashy bonus rounds in this Asian-style slot, but it does offer a free games feature that awards 10 complimentary spins.

This article presents an overview of the game, as well as some personal observations and opinions. This is meant to provide a solid understanding of the game to newcomers, although slots veterans may also pick up a few new tidbits of information, as well.

Also included in this review of the game is a free to play version of the Dragon Lines slot game. We provide this game here for you to play so you can try out the game before you decide whether or not you want to play for real money.

Dragon Lines
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Basic Rules

Slot machines are generally easy to understand, but there are a few rules that you should be aware of. For your convenience, they have been included below.

  • Scatter symbols pay regardless of their position on the reels.
  • With the exception of the scatter symbols, all wins begin on the leftmost reel and pay left to right on the adjacent reels.
  • With the exception of scatters, all wins are only on the lit paylines.
  • If two wins occur on the same line, only the highest win counts.
  • Line wins and scatter wins are added together to determine a player's payout on a single spin.
  • If multiple wins are achieved on different paylines, the amounts are added together to determine the total payout.

Dragon Lines Pay Table

The following is a detailed look at the pay table for the Dragon Lines slot machine. No matter where you play this game, these number should always be the same. If you want more information about the various symbols, please see the section that follows this one.

Note: The winnings discussed below are multiplied by the size of your wager to determine your overall payout. For example, a Chinese coin symbol pays 10 euros for five matches. If you wagered 0.75 euros on the winning spin, then your actual payout would be 7.50 euros. If you wagered 75 euros on the spin, then you would walk away with 750 euros.

  • Dragon

    Substitutes for all symbols except the scatter, so payouts involving this icon vary depending on the other symbols involved in the winning combination. During the regular phase of the game, this symbol only appears on reels three through five.

  • Yin Yang

    This scatter symbol pays 100 euros for five matches, 10 euros for four matches, and two euros for three matches. If you risked the maximum possible wager of 75 euros and got five matches, your overall payout would be 7,500 euros.

  • Chinese Gold Ingot

    Pays 10 euros for five matches, one euro for four matches, and 0.50 euros for three matches.

  • Chinese Coins

    Pays three euros for five matches, one euro for four matches, and 0.50 euros for three matches.

  • Chinese Drums and Lanterns

    Pays two euros for five matches, 0.75 euros for four matches, and 0.05 for three matches.

  • Fireworks

    Pays 1.50 euros for five matches, 0.50 euros for four matches, and 0.05 euros for three matches.

  • Ace & King

    Pays one euro for five matches, 0.50 euros for four matches, and 0.05 euros for three matches.

  • Queen & Jack

    Pays one euro for five matches, 0.15 euros for four matches, and 0.05 euros for three matches.

  • Ten

    Pays one euro for five matches, 0.10 euros for four matches, and 0.05 euros for three matches.

  • Nine

    Pays one euro for five matches, 0.10 euros for four matches, 0.05 euros for three matches, and 0.02 euros for two matches.

What the Game Symbols Mean

This section is intended to explain the significance of the various symbols on the reels. Most are straightforward, while others are drawn from elements of Chinese culture that may not be familiar to Western gamblers.

  • Dragon

    An important part of Chinese folklore and mythology, the dragon is a symbol of good luck, strength, and power. Chinese relics depicting dragons have been found dating back to the fifth millennium BC.

  • Yin Yang

    Used in Chinese philosophy, this symbol is meant to demonstrate how opposing forces compliment and rely on one another.

  • Chinese Gold Ingot

    Also known as "sycee," these gold or silver ingots were used as currency throughout China until the 20th century. Made by local silversmiths, their appearance and value often differed from one region to the next.

  • Chinese Coins

    In addition to being used as currency, coins are still used for divination and to promote health and prosperity.

  • Chinese Drums & Lanterns

    These objects are used for music and illumination, just like you might imagine. While their appearance differs from their Western counterparts, their function is largely the same.

  • Fireworks

    China is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks on the planet. These fun pyrotechnic novelties were invented within the nation in the 12th century, and their original purpose was to scare away malevolent spirits.

  • Playing Card Values

    Like most slot machines, playing card symbols such as the ace, king, queen, jack, ten, and nine are added in as filler. These have nothing to do with Asian culture, but most slots players around the globe are familiar with them.

Game Buttons

Like any slot machine, Dragon Lines has a number of buttons that can be selected by the player. This section provides an explanation of what each one does.

  • Lines Plus Button

    Click this button to increase the number of paylines that you're wagering on. The highest number of lines that can be selected is 100.

  • Lines Minus Button

    Click this option to decrease the number of paylines that are being wagered on. The lowest number of lines that can selected is one.

  • Bet Plus Button

    By clicking on this option, you can increase the size of your wager. The highest option is 0.75 euros per payline (which results in a wager of 75 euros per spin if all paylines are activated).

  • Bet Minus Button

    In order to decrease the size of your wager, click on this button. The lowest amount that can be selected is 0.01 euros, which results in a wager of one euro if all paylines are activated.

  • Spin & Stop Button

    Clicking this button sets the reels in motion for the start of a new round of gaming. Once the reels are spinning, this option transforms into a stop button. You can stop the reels by pressing this, although it has no actual effect on the outcome of the spin.

  • Clock Button

    When you're playing for real money, this button can be selected to view a history of your gaming session.

  • Information Button

    This option allows you to view the rules and paytable of the game.

  • Auto Plus & Minus

    Located just above the spin button, this plus or minus option allows you to select the auto spin feature. The highest possible selection is 25, which means the game can be set to spin 25 times in a row without the player having to do anything. These automatic spins can be stopped at any time by pressing stop (which also doubles as the spin button).

  • Sound Button

    If you want to mute the volume of the game, just select this button.

Free Games Feature

If the player gets three or more Yin Yang symbols, which act as scatters, they'll receive 10 free games. During this feature, the dragon icon is eligible to appear on all the reels. If three or more Ying Yang symbols turn up during the free spin phase, an additional five spins are rewarded to the player.

The bets and lines are played the same as they were during the spin that initially triggered the free games. The only major difference is the reel configuration, which is different from the regular phase of the game.

Return Percentage

The expected return percentage on Dragon Lines is 94.30%. While this number is lower than we would like, we'll at least give the designers credit for actually listing it in the rules section. The payback percentages of most slots are carefully guarded, so it's always refreshing to see a bit of transparency. Still, players should be able to find a lot of slots that offer a much better theoretical return on their investment.


If you're looking for a simple, straightforward slot machine, then you can do a lot worse than Dragon Lines. The lack of bonus rounds may turn off some players, but it's also refreshing to see a virtual slot that doesn't overwhelm gamers with confusing rules and options.

We wish the payback percentage were above 95%, and this is another area where some players may come away unsatisfied. Still, at least Ainsworth is willing to provide information about the expected payout, which is something that we appreciate.

In conclusion, Dragon Lines is a decent slot that isn't going to knock anyone's socks off. It should provide you with hours of entertainment, at least until you find a more promising option.

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