Dungeons & Dragons Slots

Dungeons & Dragons Slots

In 2009, a partnership between slot machine manufacturer International Game Technology, IGT, and video game titan Konami delivered the iconic Dungeons & Dragons brand to casino floors all across the country.

By 2014, the original Dungeons & Dragons: Fortress of Fortunes game had proven to be so popular that IGT and Konami doubled down, releasing Dungeons & Dragons: Conquests and Treasures alongside Dungeons & Dragons: Enchanted Riches.

They combined the classic Role Playing Game mechanics that Dungeons & Dragons fans have flocked to since 1974 with modern slot machine technology, this new line of D&D games incorporate fantasy adventure themes to create a unique gambling experience. Designed to appeal to long time Dungeons & Dragons aficionados, these five reel, 20 line video slot machine includes many of the most memorable characters and creatures from the original turn based card game.

When wandering the casino floor in search of your next exciting slots session, the first thing you'll notice about the Dungeons & Dragons line of games is the signature orange dragon.

Sitting atop the machine and preparing to breathe fire, this beautifully crafted image immediately creates a sense of wonder for newcomers to the realm of Dungeons & Dragons. Regular players who grew up with the game are instantly drawn to the sight of an awe-inspiring dragon towering overhead, and by the time they hear the game's adventurous soundtrack serenading them with adventurous music, the grip of nostalgia has taken a firm hold.

Matt Reback, vice president of marketing at Konami, described the new line of Dungeons & Dragons slot machine by highlighting the immersive experience they offer players:

"Our new Dungeons & Dragons games offer a rich fantasy experience that equips casinos with a diversity of entertainment to reach and retain new audiences. Similar to the first games, this second installment offers novel bonus features and graphic art elements but remains rooted in the primary components that core slot players appreciate.

Players get to increase their chance for a higher progressive jackpot prize by rolling 20-sided die and battling unique monsters from random difficulty levels. They can even navigate through a darkened dungeon cavern, encountering monsters, traps, and credit prize treasures. The artwork and animation are unique and memorable so that regardless of a player's familiarity with the Dungeons & Dragons brand, they'll grab hold of the game's rhythm and bonus adventures with the enthusiasm that Konami games are known to produce."

Dungeons and Dragons
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Game Play Features and Mechanics

After sitting down and depositing, a session on any Dungeons & Dragons branded slot machine begins in familiar fashion for fans of the original card game. You'll begin by selecting from one of three available heroes; Varick, Tordek, or Raelyn.

Varick is a warlock shrouded in mystery and magical power. Armed with a broad axe, Tordek is a courageous dwarf who is no stranger to the field of battle. Raelyn is an elf who possesses expert archery skills along with an accurate crossbow.

Although selecting a hero to stand as your avatar on screen is always a fun treat, and longtime Dungeons & Dragons players will surely have their favorites in mind, this choice does not influence the game play in any significant way. Should you choose Tordek, for example, the gruff warrior's image will appear on the reels after a spin, but other than that your choice of character won't mean all that much in the long run.

The game includes four primary buttons that players use to control the gameplay.


By clicking on the + or – arrows, you can select the amount of lines, up to 20, that you wish to put in play on any given spin.

Line Bet

By clicking on the + or – arrows, you can select the amount of credits that you wish to bet on each line. The minimum amount of credits per line is one coin and the maximum is five coins.

Max Bet

By clicking on the max bet button you can automatically select the maximum of 20 pay lines and the maximum of five coins per line. After clicking max bet, you will press play to begin the game.


By clicking this button you activate the reels and begin the game.

As a 20 pay line game, Dungeons & Dragons slots offer the highest rewards when players engage all 20 pay lines. The top pay line for Dungeons & Dragons slot machines stands at 12,500 coins, and this jackpot is activated when five wild symbols appear on screen.

Appealing once again to hardcore fans of the original Dungeons & Dragons card game, this pivotal wild symbol appears as a crystal ball, and it can be used interchangeably to match all other symbols in play, except for the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is another old favorite for Dungeons & Dragons players, and the sight of the brand's signature 20 sided polyhedral dice symbol will surely bring back memories of games gone by.

Scoring Free Spins and Multipliers

Players enjoy additional payouts whenever the scatter symbol shows up along any pay line in play, but as you explore deeper into the world of Dungeons & Dragons slots, you'll soon discover that scatter holds the key to winning big.

If you see three scatter symbols appear, this feat activates the game's Fortress Free Spins Bonus feature.

Starting with five free spins and a 1x multiplier, players are gifted with five chances at pocketing credits without having to spend a penny. Should you see four scatter symbols before entering the Fortress Free Spins Bonus game, the rewards jump to seven free spins with a 2x multiplier. Finally, five scatter symbols before activating the Fortress Free Spins Bonus game entitles you to 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier.

While playing the Fortress Free Spins Bonus game you can earn up to 180 additional free spins. Even better, all payouts are increased during the free spin round, and players can earn additional credits through the inclusion of stacked wilds and other exciting features.

D & D Slot Machines Offer Two Games in One

While many slot machines incorporate branding into their design, more often than not this effort manages to merely scratch the surface. You might see your favorite characters on screen, but actually becoming them while playing slots is another story.

On the other hand, Konami and IGT have managed to fully immerse players in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, and you'll never be left to simply pull the lever and press buttons. The role playing, exploration, and combat that has made Dungeons & Dragons a cult classic for more than four decades is fully integrated into the fundamental design of these slots.

Before entering the Fortress Free Spins Bonus game, for example, players are invited to take part in a true Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Similar to a role playing video game, this interactive adventure allows players to explore dark and dingy dungeons in search of free spins and credits.

Players will be happy to discover that weapons can be picked up and utilized to battle monsters and creatures who are lying in wait. By defeating an enemy during the dungeon round, you can earn bonus spins, multipliers, and even free credits.

During the initial rollout for Dungeons & Dragons: Enchanted Riches and Dungeons & Dragons: Conquests and Treasures, which occurred at the Valley View Casino and Hotel near San Diego, California, excited players lined up to try their hand at the new game. One of those players was Alana Burlact, and she offered her own take on the game's adventurous theme and engaging side games:

"It's a pretty cool game. What stood out to me is how the hidden symbols land and then reveal to give you the actual numbers or symbols, so you anticipate what you're going to get. Are you going to get more money? ...Or the bonus? It's unusual, so I think it will probably attract a lot of people."

The vice president of slot operations for Valley View, Randy Reedy, agreed with the overwhelmingly popular appraisal of the Dungeons & Dragons slot line provided by players:

"The players we see this day and age are out looking for entertainment, and there's a lot of entertainment value in the new Dungeons & Dragons slot machines. They really enjoy the experience. Just watching them, they get excited about additional bonuses within the free spin feature, which takes them to the progressive functionality. It's very fun and interactive."

Additions to the D & D Slot Machine Universe

Following the successful debut of Dungeons & Dragons: Fortress of Fortunes in 2009, IGT and Konami came together once more in 2014 releasing Dungeons & Dragons: Conquests and Treasures in conjunction with Dungeons & Dragons: Enchanted Riches.

These spin off slots maintained much of the original version's gameplay and mechanics, but a few variations did emerge to set the new games apart. Expanding from the original 20 pay line construction, both Dungeons & Dragons: Conquests and Treasures and Dungeons & Dragons: Enchanted Riches are now available in fixed 25 pay line versions as well.

Another addition to the Dungeons & Dragons slot machine family is Dungeons & Dragons: Fortunes of the Forgotten Realms, which increases the action to 30 pay lines for players who prefer a little extra action. This isn't the only extra pay line machine for Dungeons & Dragons fans to seek out though, as Dungeons & Dragons: Dwellers of the Dungeon Keep also includes the 25 and 30 pay line options.

Both of these new versions retain the sights and sounds of the original Dungeons & Dragons slot line, while freshening things up with new features like the thrilling Monster Battle. By rolling the iconic 20-sided polyhedral die, players can engage in epic battles with the most fearsome and ferocious monsters and creatures that call the realm of Dungeons & Dragons home.

Dungeons & Dragons Slots: A Summary

As the casino industry increases efforts to draw casual gamblers to the gaming floor, creative tie-ins with existing products represent a natural marketing extension. While role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons have been enjoyed by fans for more than 40 years now, the slot machines offered by Konami and IGT offer veteran players the best of both worlds.

You may not be able to get your old college buddies together for a game of Dungeons & Dragons like you did way back when, but on your next trip to the local casino, a few credits spent on one of these machines will surely bring back incredible memories of victorious battles and vanquished foes.

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