Eagle Bucks Slot Machine

Eagle Bucks Slots

The Eagle Bucks slot machine first gained attention as a land-based slot developed by Ainsworth Gaming. It wasn't long before online casinos wanted to capitalize on the popularity of the game, so the company was also tasked with creating a virtual adaptation. The result is this 5-reel, 20-payline slot with a Native American theme and a maximum jackpot of 100,000 credits.

This article will take you through the slot machine and break down all the different bonuses and return percentages, and we also include how the layout of the button work. Lastly, you will find real player quotes about the Eagle Bucks slot machine.

If you are interested in trying out the game before you decide that you want to play for real money, we have provided you with a free to play version below:

Eagle Bucks
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Symbols on the Eagle Bucks Slot

Just like every other slot machine on the market, the Eagle Bucks game features a number of symbols on its reels. In this section, we'll look at the various icons and discuss their potential payouts and functions within the game.

  • Buffalo

    From meat to clothing, the Indians depended on hunting buffalo for their survival. This virtual representation of the bison pays 150 for five, 50 for four, and five for three.

  • Bald Eagle

    This majestic bird and symbol of the United States pays 1,000 for five, 150 for four, 50 for three, and five for two. Since it acts as the wild symbol, it substitutes for all other icons expect for the scatter.

  • Eagle Bucks Shield

    This symbol serves as the scatter. Getting three or more of these during a spin activates the Free Spins bonus (which awards 10 complimentary games). Five of these pays 100, four pays 10, and three pays two. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet to determine the payout (while line wins are multiplied by the bet per line).

  • Stone Arch

    This mystical-looking natural structure pays 300 for five, 75 for four, 15 for three, and five for two.

  • Deer

    This forest dweller was hunted by Indians for food, and they remain a primary target for hunters in the modern era. They pay 150 for five, 50 for four, and five for three.

  • Eagle Eggs

    A nest filled with golden-looking eagle eggs, this symbol pays 150 for five, 50 for four, and five for three.

  • Wolf

    This cunning predator pays 200 for five matches, 75 for four, 15 for three, and two for two.

  • Ace, King, and Queen

    These highest playing card values all pay 100 for five, 25 for four, and five for three.

  • Jack, Ten, and Nine

    These poker card values pay 50 for five, 15 for four, and five for three.

Free Spins Bonus Round

This is the only form of bonus available during the game. In order to activate it, the player must get three or more scatter symbols (Eagle Bucks shield) on the reels during the regular phase of the game. When the free spins begin, there's a chance that the fifth reel is transformed into a stacked wild and locked for the duration of the extra spins.

Regardless of whether or not the fifth reel gets transformed during free spins, the wild eagle symbol is eligible to appear on reels two, three, and four. If an eagle symbol does appear on a reel during the free spins phase, it expands to turn the entire reel wild.

Additional free spins can also be earned during the bonus round. In order to receive them, you'll need to get three or more shield scatters during a single spin. If this happens, the player receives an additional five games. However, only five additional spins can be earned in this manner.

During the regular phase of the game, both the wolf and stone arch symbols reward players for getting two-of-a-kind. This changes during the bonus games, however, and getting a pair of either of these symbols doesn't result in a payout.

The look of the game varies slightly during the free spins. There's more of a reddish hue to the background, and the music alternates between tribal chanting and some out-of-place banjo music. I must have been absent from history class when the Native American love of banjo music was discussed.

Return to Player

The expected return for players on the Eagle Bucks slot is 94.09%. While we'd like the number to be higher, that's about average.

We do give credit to Ainsworth for actually providing this number. This is a major help to savvy gamblers looking for the best return percentage, and most game developers wouldn't even think about sharing such information.

Available Buttons on the Eagle Bucks Slot

Like all slot machines, Eagle Bucks has a number of buttons that can be clicked on to achieve various effects. In this section, we'll look at some of the available options.

  • Line Plus

    If you want to increase the number of payline you're wagering on, click on this button. The maximum option is 20.

  • Line Minus

    For those desiring fewer active paylines, this button allows them to be decreased one at a time. The lowest available option is a single line.

  • Bet Per Line Plus

    This button allows the player to increase their overall wager per payline. Remember, payouts are multiplied by the total bet, so bigger wagers result in larger returns.

  • Bet Per Line Minus

    If you're experiencing a cold streak with a larger wager, you can use this button to decrease your bet to a more manageable size.

  • Spin & Stop

    When this red button reads "spin," clicking it sets the reels in motion. Once this occurs, the button reads "stop." The latter option causes the reels to immediately stop, although it does nothing to affect the outcome.

  • Auto Spin

    If you're tired of pressing the spin button repeatedly, you can select this option and have the machine automatically cycle through a number of spins ranging from five to 25.

  • Gamble

    After any win, this feature gives the player a chance to increase their winnings. Once the button is pressed, the player is taken to another screen with a deck of virtual playing cards. The player has two options: color or suit. If "color" is selected, then the player must predict the color of the next card (black or red). A successful guess results in the player's winnings being doubled. If you choose "suit" and correctly choose from hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds, then the prize is quadrupled. The gamble option can be used up to five times following a win, although a single incorrect guess causes the player to lose their recent winnings.

Quotes about the Eaglebucks Slot Machine

While there's no substitute for actually playing a slot machine, you can still get a decent idea about it by looking at what other players have to say. In order to make your casino experience as simple as possible, we've rounded up some quotes about the Eagle Bucks slot machine from around the Internet.

  • "I love these Ainsworth dollar slots, and I think Eagle Bucks is my favorite."
  • "This game will make you ecstatic or bankrupt, no matter the bet."
  • "Exactly the kind of solid, straightforward slot that I've come to expect from Ainsworth."
  • "The Eagle Bucks pokie machine by Ainsworth is action packed."
  • "Boring. Whoever came up with the lackluster nonsense should be stampeded off a cliff with a herd of bison."
  • "Not my cup of tea, but some players may enjoy the Native American theme."
  • "Like most Ainsworth slots titles, this has the feel of a live slot which has been adapted later for online play."
  • "Playing the Eagle Bucks online slot will make you more money than going to a local casino and playing a slot game that you may not be familiar with."
  • "Eagle Bucks offers a solid trip into the American wild."
  • "It's not going to get an award for originality, but this Ainsworth title can still provide a number of profitable payouts."

Like a lot of slots offered by Ainsworth, Eagle Bucks provides a no-frills experience without all the bells and whistles of more complex machines. The return percentage is average for a virtual slot, although players can still clean up if they're lucky enough to get the top prize. All things considered, this is a solid-yet-unspectacular entry into the world of online gaming.

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