Eye of Ra Slots

Eye of Ra Slots

Eye of Ra slots are online slot games designed by Amatic.

If the title wasn't enough of a clue, the Eye of Ra slot (and the many sequels produced in Amatic's Ra series) is centered on stories of Ancient Egypt and images from Egyptian mythology.

This is a five reel and nine pay line slot game. It allows players to choose how many credits-per-payline to wager, between a total of 1 and 100 for each of the game's nine reels. That gives a huge range of available wagers, from 1 to 900 coins per spin. Available coin sizes are as follows: $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1, and $2. This produces a massive range of total wagers, between $0.10 and $1,800 each time the reels spin.

You can check out our free to play version below to see if you like the game before you want to bet for real money.

Eye of Ra
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Game Overview

Amatic posts a theoretical payout percentage for Eye of Ra of 94.26%. That's on the shallow end of things, if you're a payout percentage snob, since most strategy guides suggest you steer clear of any game below 95%. Of course, that number depends heavily on our decision to participate in the game's gamble feature or not. That gamble feature can also really slow down your time at the reels.

Eye of Ra was one of Amatic's first mobile slot games, and when we tested the game's mobile version, it shows. Though Eye of Ra isn't a particularly beautiful game (what Amatic games are?), it doesn't translate well to its mobile version. This is one rare oversight for Amatic, a company that produces totally acceptable (and mostly boring) slots for very specific markets. The struggle to produce a mobile-capable version of this game isn't a great sign of Amatic's ability to compete in the mobile niche.

The fixed top prize for Amatic's Eye of Ra is 500,000 coins, worth between $5,000 and a million dollars, depending on the player's chosen coin size. This range of available prizes makes the game one of Amatic's most popular, regardless of the casino where the game is hosted. How do you win that big payout? Line up five of the game's Explorer symbols on any active pay line and the prize is yours. The game includes a few additional big jackpots, such as a 200,000 coin pay out for spinning five Ra symbols, and a 180,000 coin win paid out for lining up five of the game's sacred book symbol. Those are big paydays, even for penny bettors.

Game Symbols

Here's a quick guide to the ten symbols used in this game. Each description includes notes on any special features or payout alterations available for that symbol:

  • The Sacred Book The game's scatter symbol

    If you spin any three of these symbols on an active pay line, you'll instantly win ten free spins. Unfortunately, this doesn't include any options for scoring multipliers. If the Sacred Book symbol can substitute to form a winning combo, it becomes an expanding wild symbol and does just that. The Sacred Book symbol is the guide to the best results in the game, so it is by far the most important symbol in Eye of Ra.

  • Pyramid

    The game's bonus symbol, triggering a special Eye of Ra bonus game. You have to spin three, four, or five of these symbols on active lines in order to trigger the bonus itself. Unfortunately, Amatic is not a great designer of bonus or side games, and the Eye of Ra bonus you play after this symbol is a boring pick'em game that rewards a small instant credit prize.

  • Explorer

    The game's wild symbol, which substitutes for all symbols except the two above to form winning combinations. This symbol also pays out the game's biggest jackpot.

  • Five Gods

    A standard symbol that doesn't lead to any bonus or additional features.

  • Playing Card Symbols

    The lowest-value symbols in the game, also without any special features.

More about Ra

Ra was the ruler-god and sun god of Ancient Egypt. Ra is considered the King of the Egyptian Gods, closely aligning him with the pharaoh, making his power all the more complete. Ra was the Egyptian creator-god who spoke everything into existence by means of a secret name. Ra was by far the most powerful and popular of all Egyptian gods.

A depiction of Ra - the sun god of Ancient Egypt

The pyramids themselves were closely associated with Ra, since he was the sun god, and the pyramids are said to represent the rays of light extending downward from the sun. Many historians believe that most of the pyramids were nothing more than solar temples in Ra's honor. Ra isn't represented in the pyramids, say these historians, because the rays of the light of the sun represented him.

The worship of the Egyptian God Ra peaked during a time known as the New Kingdom. Because the New Kingdom was a time of great construction and expansion, we have tons of depictions of and references to Ra. Every structure in the famous Valley of the Kings includes some reference to Ra moving across the underworld. We can see in these depictions the belief that Ra died every night and was reunited with his lover in the underworld, only to rise again every day on his endless journey.

The most prominent myth about Ra holds that he controls the universe as its Grand Pharaoh, though most people don't realize that Ra ages and gets sick just like we mortals. Every now and then, Ra will teach the people to respect him again by sending messengers, often in the form of his one bright eye. Hence, the Eye of Ra, the inspiration for this slot machine and thousands of other stories, poems, songs, and myths.


Amatic's designs are not usually much to write home about in terms of plot. What we like about Eye of Ra is the available variety of wagers and the big potential pay days. Yes, this game is currently available to a very limited number of players in a few small markets. But as Amatic expands their operations to include new markets, we're sure you'll start seeing their games (and Eye of Ra in particular) more often, at online and land-based casinos in your jurisdiction. Okay, so Eye of Ra is pretty boring. You're basically sitting around waiting for the free spins feature and bonus round. The game isn't bad on the eyes, the sound effects and music are tolerable, and you have a shot at winning some of Amatic's bigger payouts.

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