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Family Guy Slot Game

Released in October of 2012 by major casino gaming
manufacture International Game Technology, IGT, Family Guy Video
Slots is the latest slot machine to integrate a popular animated
television series as its theme.

As the name implies, Family Guy Video Slots is a video slot
machine based on Fox’s hit TV show Family Guy. Created by Seth
McFarlane, Family Guy debuted to rave reviews in 1999, and
thanks to a combination of critical acclaim and status as a cult
comedy icon, the show’s original broadcast run continues today.
Over that time more than 200 episodes of Family Guy have been
aired, with an average audience of 11 million tuning in each

Featuring a mixture of absurdist amusement, biting satire,
and even original musical styling, Family Guy has become a
staple of the millennial generation’s eclectic tastes in
television. Over the last decade and a half America has grown
alongside the Griffin family, with most of the notoriously edgy
show’s regular viewership consisting of adults, so the decision
to incorporate the show into its diverse array of slot machine
offerings was a natural fit for IGT.

In a press release issued in conjunction with the release of
Family Guy Video Slots, IGT offered the following appraisal of
the game:

“The Family Guy™ Video Slots bring the hilarious
comic adventures of the Griffin family to the casino with progressive
bonus awards and Multi-Layer Display (MLD) graphics.”

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Gameplay Features and Mechanics

Anybody who has watched even a single episode of Family Guy
on TV will instantly recognize these machines during their next
stroll through the casino floor.

The top of each dual machine bank features the cartoonish
Family Guy logo in bright blue lettering, alongside the Griffin
family itself. Beginning with the oafish Peter Griffin on the
far left, followed by black sheep Meg, the acerbic Baby Stewie,
the family dog Brian, big brother Chris, and the ever loyal wife
and mother Lois, the entire gang is there to greet players as
they sit down for a session.
All the main characters from the TV series
feature on this slot machine.

Like the majority of IGT’s popular video slot machine models,
Family Guy Video Slots is comprised of a five reel, 30 pay line
primary screen, which sits below a larger LCD display on which
in game graphics and animations are presented.

Befitting a slot machine based on such a classic cartoon,
those graphics and animations lie at the heart of the Family Guy
Video Slots’ appeal. Powered by IGT’s proprietary MLD gaming
engine, the game continually presents players with unique
animations that turn a session at the slots into an interactive
entertainment experience.

If you’re a fan of Family Guy, nothing beats winning a little
extra cash while sitting back and enjoying the Griffin family’s
signature banter and antics.

With animations sourced directly from existing show material,
along with newly produced scenes and interactions, players will
hear the actual voices of their favorite characters will the
game progresses. Among the sights and sounds of Quahog you can
expect while playing Family Guy Video Slots are the following.

The Classic Cutaway Feature

Sit back and enjoy some of your favorite
Family Guy moments from the show’s television run, all while
being awarded an assortment of free credits.

The Family Guy Favorites Feature

Allows players a quick break from the
action as all-time favorite scenes flash on the video screen.

The Ollie Williams Credit Report Feature

Quahog’s resident meteorologist
delivers his deadpan weather reports in this hilarious add on.

Diverging a bit from industry standards, this particular
penny slot game doesn’t permit players to adjust the amount of
pay lines they play on a given spin. The result is each spin
costing you a total of $0.50, with $0.30 of those comprising
contributions to the main game, and the additional $0.20 funding
the variety of featured bonuses and jackpots. You can, however,
alternate between various increments of $0.50 while playing to
spice things up or take advantage of impending bonuses.

The cartoon world created by Family Guy talent Seth McFarlane
has become as rich and diverse as every classic animated
program. Because of this, the designers had no shortage of
recognizable images to include as reel symbols in Family Guy
Video Slots. From Stewie’s infamous ray gun and his best pal
Rupert the Bear, to Peter’s own friend the household TV, and
even a bottle of Quahog’s best brew, Patriot Beer, all of your
favorites are included on the main game’s reels. The rest of the
symbols are rounded out by the faces of each member of the
Griffin family.

Scoring Free Spins and Multipliers

During a session of Family Guy Video Slots players will be
pleasantly surprised to see the six main characters suddenly
show up on the side of their reel screen.

Dubbed Griffin Family Mystery Features, these welcome
additions to the main game provide a sense of spontaneity to
every session. The four Mystery Features available during the
main game are described below.

  • Peter’s Feature – Awards the player an amount of credits equal to the
    triggering coin value, multiplied by a random number.
  • Stewie’s Feature – Selects anywhere from one to five reels, before
    changing up to three symbol slots on each of the selected reels
    into wild symbols.
  • Lois’ Feature – Selects anywhere from one to three Griffin family
    members symbols and assigns credit values to each symbol, along
    with status as scatter symbols. When the reels stop and land on
    one of these preset symbols, every time the selected symbol(s)
    appear on any of the five reels pays out in addition to any line
  • Brian’s Feature – Allows player to trigger the World Bonus feature at
    any time, provided at least one Bonus symbol appears on any of
    the five reels.

When you’re not taking advantage of Brian’s Feature within
the Griffin Family Mystery Features, the World Bonus can still
be activated by landing three bonus symbols anywhere in reels
two, three, or four. After you have triggered the World Bonus,
use the touchscreen to spin a globe, and wherever it lands will
determine which of three main bonus games you will then play.
The three bonus games are described in detail below:

Peter’s Chicken Fight

This bonus game is based on Peter’s epic bout of fisticuffs
with a particularly salty Giant Chicken. While playing, you’ll
take Peter’s against his nemesis in a boxing contest, with the
prizes being multipliers or additional bonuses which will
significantly increase your earnings. Peter’s Chicken Fight is
triggered when you land the right amount of Giant Chicken
symbols on the required reels, or by spinning the World Bonus
globe. Once the game begins, you will select either Peter
himself or the infamous Giant Chicken, before beginning a three
round push button boxing bout, with additional credits and
multipliers up for grabs as the purse.

Lois’ Hot Free Spins Bonus

This bonus game is triggered when the Wild symbol, featuring
Peter in the nude, lands in any of the five reels. You can also
play Lois’ Hot Free Spins Bonus by successfully spinning the
World Bonus globe. The game begins by gifting you with 10 free
spins, with heart shaped Peter symbols acting as wild symbols,
and Quagmire’s Giggity Retriggity scatter symbol awarding five
more free spins. The goal of the game is to collect as many
heart shaped Peter symbols as you can before running out of free
spins. These will add up to more wild symbols being in play, and
you can earn as many credits as possible before the bonus ends.

Drunken Clam Bonus

In this bonus game you’ll choose between one of four
characters; Peter, Cleveland, Quagmire, and Joe. Taking place at
the Drunken Clam, this game pits the four friends against one
another in a contest of drinking stamina. Select one of the beer
taps and watch as it reveals an award value. The characters will
then take a round of drinks, and one of the four will pass out.
If your chosen character survives, the multiplier meter
increases in turn. When every character, including yours, has
finally passed out, the game awards you an amount of credits
equal to the number of times the taps distributed a drink
multiplied by the accrued multiplier and the triggering coin

Other bonus games can also be activated during the main game,
including Chris’ Closet, Brian’s Big Dig, and Stewie’s World
Domination Progressive.

Chris’ Closet is a simple door opening game, with the evil
monkey acting as a multiplier, and Meg’s image ending the game.
Three doors are in play, with each one hiding a different
character and corresponding credit amount.

Brian’s Big Dig let’s players choose between five dirt piles
in the backyard. Each pile contains a preset number of spins,
and once Brian digs up your amount, you pull a lever to spin a
prize wheel. The wheel contains various credit amounts, along
with boost pieces which serve to increase those amounts.

By far the fan favorite, Stewie’s World Domination
Progressive invites players to engage in an arcade like target
shooting game. The machine will randomly select target
characters, and using Stewie’s handheld laser gun device, you
must shoot each target down when it appears on screen.

In addition to the thousands of credits you can earn in this
bonus game, hitting certain targets is good for a piece of the
progressive jackpot, instantly winning you hundreds or even
thousands of dollars on one pull of this penny slot.

Family Guy Something Something Something Sequel

Due to the undeniable success of Family Guy Video Slots in
casinos nationwide, IGT partnered with cartoon king Seth
McFarlance once more, releasing the Family Guy Something
Something Something Sequel in 2014.

As a MultiPLAY game, Family Guy Something Something Something
Sequel offers four games in one, combining the five reel, 30 pay
line concept found in the original version over four screens.
While the original Family Guy Video Slots topped out at the 50
credit cost to cover plateau, the sequel multiplies the action
by four to reach $2.00 per spin at the $0.01 credit level.

The sequel’s gameplay and mechanics closely resemble the
original version, but the larger Family Guy universe developed
over more than a dozen seasons is explored in greater depth.
That means more of your favorite ancillary characters, including
Lois’ father Carter Pewterschmidt, and the Wacky Waving
Inflatable Arm Waving Tube Man.

A number of new bonus games, each based on a popular episode
from the series’ later run, are included on Family Guy Something
Something Something Sequel:

Road to Revenge

Players choose between Brian and Quagmire, before an array of
reels spin to determine the winner. Landing the most symbols of
the character you’ve chosen is the way to win this bonus game.

Road to Las Vegas

Players partake in a multi-level progressive jackpot game,
picking from a series of face down cards in hopes of finding a
match. Three strikes and you’re out, but hopefully not before
earning as many credits and multipliers as you can.

Road to Superpowers

Players are gifted with five free games which are playable on
all four base screens. One character to a screen, with each of
your favorite Griffins providing their own set of wilds,
scatters, and other symbol upgrades.

Road to the Multiverse

Players select from a cluster of planets in hopes of finding
the most generous multipliers and credit awards.


Whether you came of age watching endless reruns of Family Guy
in college, or your own kids got you interested in the show at
some point, fans of TV’s most controversial cartoon can’t beat
IGT’s slot machine recreation.

The hilarious one liners, catchy quotes, and belly laughs
that have made the show a hit since 1999 are all packaged within
a video offering. The next time lady luck leaves you lonesome on
the casino floor, and laughs are hard to come by, take a seat at
the Family Guy Video Slots or Family Guy Something Something
Something Sequel and play a few spins. It’s a good bet you’ll be
smiling soon enough.