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Footloose Slot Machine

Released in late 2013 as part of the new wave of 1980’s movie
nostalgia ushered in by International Game Technology, or IGT,
the Footloose video slot machine fits right in with the
company’s themed offerings.

Based on the classic 1984 teen romance film Footloose, which
starred Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer as two crazy kids who just
couldn’t be kept from the dance floor, this IGT game
incorporates all of your favorite songs and dance moves from the

It includes the hit song “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins, a tune
which dominated the Billboard Hot 100 charts as the number one
song in 1984. Rock music may have been banned in the movie’s
small town setting, but when you play IGT’s Footloose video slot
machine, be prepared to break down and bust a groove at any

The first thing you’ll notice about the Footloose slot
machine is the unmistakable image of Kevin Bacon donning his
signature white T-shirt and blue jeans, cutting loose on the
vertical screen high overhead. Presented in IGT’s standard video
slot format, the machine is outfitted with a 32 inch liquid
crystal display, or LCD top box, which sits above the primary
game screen and showcases bonus games and other features.

The machine is colored in hot blue and pink, with the neon
trim evoking that special 1980’s vibe. As you draw closer you’ll
probably hear the catchy tune to Loggins’ “Footloose” ringing
out, and for true fans this sound is all the invitation they
need to take a seat.

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Gameplay Features and Mechanics

The Footloose game is a five reel, 30 pay line video slot
machine with a 50 credit cost to cover offering four multilevel
progressive jackpots.

Once you’ve taken a seat and deposited your preferred amount
of credits, the base game begins like any other IGT video slot
machines at the penny stakes. You’ll need to play at least $0.50
per spin to activate all of the game’s features, but after just
a few spins it becomes clear that these extra credits represent
a wise investment. For the adventurous you can also elect to up
the ante by playing for $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, and $2.50 per spin.

With four multilevel progressive jackpots up for grabs,
making sure you cover every pay line on a given spin is always
important. Each of the progressive bonus jackpots is linked to a
character from the movie, with Ren’s bonus standing as the
highest, followed by Ariel’s bonus, and so on through to
Reverend Shaw’s bonus.

You can also select from a wide assortment of songs taken
straight from the Footloose film, creating a soundtrack that
will play in the background of your game.

The symbols included on the main game reels are comprised
mostly of portrait shots showcasing the movie’s main characters.
Everyone is here, from the dashing Ren and his beloved Ariel, to
her mean spirited boyfriend Chuck and her overbearing father
Reverend Shaw. Along with the face symbols, you can also expect
to find cassette tapes, Walkmans, dancing shoes, and other items
reminiscent of the 1980’s.

The base game pays out from right to left, as well as from
left to right, providing players with more chances to land
winning combinations on every spin. Those winners will be made
in abundance too, as the Footloose slot machine includes stacked
symbols, wilds, scatters, and other fan favorites designed by

Let’s Dance! Respin

One feature that will appeal directly to diehard fans of
Footloose is known as the Let’s Dance! Respin. When you land two
or more of the same symbol in a stack, the Let’s Dance Respin is
triggered, locking the stacked symbols and spinning the other
reels to provide free credits and multipliers.

While you enjoy the game, random cut ins featuring clips
taken straight from the film will appear on screen, giving you a
chance to relive your favorite quotes 30 years later. When you
hear Reverend Shaw proclaim “I just know that when kids dance
together they become irresponsible,” just like Ren was way back
then, you’ll be motivated to prove him wrong and dance the night

Scoring Free Spins and Multipliers

While playing a session on the Footloose slots, the symbol to
search for is called Cut Loose, and when you see of them on
screen it’s time to do just that. Three Cut Loose symbols
triggers the Cut Loose Bonus screen, which consists of a 12 rung
ladder showcasing the four interactive bonus games below:

  • Play the Hits Bonus: Players select from a menu of
    cassette tapes, each one holding a classic song from the
    film, to reveal free credits and even extra selections.
  • Tractor Challenge Bonus: Players select from a menu of
    themed icons to reveal free credits, while also determining
    your character’s forward movement while you play chicken
    against a green tractor.
  • The Silver Spur Bar Bonus: Players spin a virtual
    bottle, and where it lands determines the amount of credits
    and multipliers earned.
  • Prom Party Free Spins Bonus: Players begin with 10 free
    spins, during which all stacked symbols are turned into
    wilds, and two or more full stacks of any symbol trigger a
    re-spin feature for even more chances to win.

Before reaching the Cut Loose bonus ladder, you’ll be faced
with a rack of dancing shoes and given three choices. Each pair
of shoes represents a different amount of ladder steps, and
after you’ve selected your favorites, you’ll see which rung on
the ladder you’ve climbed to. This will determine which of the
four bonus games listed above that will now begin.

The Prom Party Free Spins Bonus is especially sought after by
regular players of the Footloose video slot. The combination of
10 free spins, stacked symbols turning wild and free re-spins
when you land two or more stacked symbols turns this bonus round
into a bonanza of free credits that can easily add up when you
have the right multiplier applied. With a fortunate run at the
reels, players can easily double their credit amount in just a
single turn at the Prom Party Free Spins Bonus.


Along with its Ghostbusters and Dirty Dancing games, the
Footloose video slot machine from IGT combines nostalgia with
low denominational gaming, creating a must play game for casino
enthusiasts who came of age during the 1980’s.

The film’s signature style and stellar soundtrack is
replicated to a tee, so even when the reels aren’t landing to
your liking during a given session, the ambience will leave you
feeling entertained. Fans of bonus games will particularly enjoy
the Footloose slots, because this game contains several uniquely
themed challenges in addition to the main game.