Forrest Gump Slots

Forrest Gump Slots

In 1994, Forrest Gump captivated audiences and film critics while telling the story of a mentally slow boy / man who went on to do extraordinary things. And in 2009, CryptoLogic, which was acquired by Amaya, developed a slots game based on this iconic movie.

We have to say this is easily one of the best slots that CryptoLogic ever designed before being absorbed by Amaya. But what exactly makes Forrest Gump slots so great?

As you'll find out below, the features and bonuses make Forrest Gump an impressive film to slots adaptation. However, this game isn't totally perfect, and we'll cover a few downsides to it as well.

Also included below is a free to play version of the Forrest Gump slot machine. We provide you with this version so you can decide whether or not you want to play the game for real money.

Forrest Gump
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If you've ever watched the movie, you'll immediately recognize many of the symbols in this 5 reel, 25 pay line slot. Lieutenant Dan, Jenny, Forrest, a Bubba Gump Shrimp hat, ping pong paddles, peace sign, war helmet, and southern mansion all make appearances on the reels.

Jenny and Lieutenant Dan both look pretty recognizable compared to the actors, but one gripe we have is that Forrest looks nothing like Tom Hanks. In fact, you really have to think for a second before realizing that the man in the white suit is him. The following comparison highlights our point.

A comparison between Forrest Gump in the movie and the slot game

Moving on, you'll also see a wild symbol, which is Forrest sitting at the bus stop, and a box of chocolates scatter symbol.

The bus stop symbol only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, and it substitutes for everything other than the box of chocolates. The scatter multiplies payouts by 2x for 2 symbols, 5x for 3 symbols, 15x for 4 symbols, and 200x for 5 symbols, when it lands anywhere on the reels.

Do you remember the Forrest symbol we just complained about? It's the highest paying symbol in this game, and it delivers 5,000 coins when you land five Forrest's on a pay line. Combine this with the 200x scatter and you'll receive the top possible win of 1 million credits.

The background in this game is pleasant to look at since it's a grassy suburban area, presumably where Forrest is waiting for the bus. The animations are also pretty good since you see things like the football spinning, and the chocolate box opening with chocolates bouncing around.

Forrest Gump's sound effects, for the most part, add something to the game. For example, a college band plays when you get a winning combination with the footballs.

However, one small complaint we have is that there's no music playing when you spin the reels. So it gets kind of awkward during the game until you finally hit a winning pay out. This problem is compounded when you only play five or less pay lines and don't score as many wins.

One more aspect that we don't like about Forrest Gump is the slow reels. It takes around four seconds from the time you begin spinning the reels until they stop. Even worse is that there're no options to either stop the reels or turn up the speed.

On a positive note, you'll have access to plenty of betting options on this slot machine. Aside from changing pay lines from 1 to 25, you can change coin size from $0.01 to $20.00.

You can also use an advanced tab to change standard betting options as well as set win / loss limits for yourself. The latter feature has been incorporated into many of Amaya's newer slots to help with bankroll management.

Return to Player Percentage
Forrest Gump's return to player is 94.4%, which is below average when compared to the iGaming industry.

Bonus Rounds

If we were to pick one thing to love about Forrest Gump slots more than anything else, it's the fact that there are two second screen bonus rounds available. Below you can see an in depth look at each one.

Box of Chocolates Bonus

When you land three or more box of chocolates anywhere on the reels, you trigger this bonus round. It begins with you opening boxes of chocolate from the nine available boxes.

  • The goal is to get as many free games for the next round as possible before you uncover the word Start.
  • Once you find the box that begins the bonus round, you're taken to another screen with 3 reels shaped like the inside of a chocolate box.
  • The reels spin automatically, and you win prizes based on how your combinations correspond to the left hand pay table.

When your free spins are up, all prizes earned during this game will be multiplied by your original bet. Unfortunately, you can't re-trigger free games at any point during the bonus round.

Run Forrest Run Bonus

If you get 3 or more football symbols anywhere on the reels, you trigger the Run Forrest Run bonus game. This round is inventive for two reasons in that it combines one of the movie's more famous sayings with Forrest Gump's college football career at the University of Alabama.

  • The goal is to help Forrest make it down the football field as far as possible without being tackled.
  • You use the left and right arrows to control Forrest and avoid his pursuers.
  • You'll receive a prize for every 10 yards you make it down the field.
  • You can also earn a touchdown payout for guiding Forrest to the end zone.

The interactive element and unique football setup on this slots game makes us not only think that this is the game's best bonus round, but also one of the top bonuses that you'll find on any slot machine.

A final point worth making here is that, when compared to other Amaya slots, both of these bonus games seem to come up quite frequently.

Hollywood Jackpot

Yet another frill in Forrest Gump slots is the Hollywood jackpot. This is a linked progressive jackpot that can be found in other Amaya games, and it's awarded randomly rather than through specific winning combinations.

Theoretically, you can hit a Hollywood Jackpot on any spin, regardless of if it wins or loses. But your chances of winning the jackpot increase as you wager more money.

The Hollywood Jackpot actually consists of different levels, including the smallest called Smash, Epic, Classic, Acclaimed, and the largest called Blockbuster. You can move up levels and be eligible for larger jackpots by revealing film clips throughout the game.


We have to say that the majority of older CryptoLogic games don't really measure up to the newer 3D slots that are available today. But just like the movie, Forrest Gump slots seem like a timeless classic that will remain relevant, despite being developed in 2009.

The graphics and animations are good enough to help Forrest Gump hold its own against new slots while both bonus rounds really add a lot to the equation. We especially enjoyed the football bonus round and helping Forrest advance down the field towards a touchdown, although we never actually scored.

The fact that you can also play for a 5 level progressive jackpot is another factor that makes Forrest Gump a complete game.

However, this slot is definitely not without its faults. The biggest complaints we voiced earlier include slow reels, a lack of music during spins, and the fact that Forrest Gump looks nothing like Forrest Gump.

But overall, these are rather small inconveniences to what is a very good slots game. And considering that it's readily available at many online casinos, you'll have no trouble playing Forrest Gump slots.

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