Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Machine

Good Girl Bad Girl Slots

The concept of choosing whether you want to be good or evil has been used before in video games such as Fable and Shadow the Hedgehog. Now, Betsoft has brought this same concept to the slots world with Good Girl Bad Girl.

As the title implies, this innovative game lets you choose whether you want to play as the good girl or the bad girl. But this effect is for more than just entertainment because it also affects how frequently you win.

So should you choose the light or dark side if you want to win big? And does Good Girl Bad Girl offer anything beyond just a unique slots concept?

Find out as we dive into this game's theme, good and bad modes, bonuses, and double up feature.

Good Girl Bad Girl
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Overview of the Game

The first thing that you'll notice about Good Girl Bad Girl is that it's obviously well designed and very detailed.

On the left side of the reels, you see an angelic scene complete with a white staircase, gates and an angel sculpture. You'll also see the Good Girl, who doesn't look quite so innocent since she's only wearing a bra, mini skirt, and garters.

The right side of the reels features a desolate landscape, tombstone, fiery sky, and the Bad Girl, who is even more scantily clad than her nemesis.


Both of these ladies cheer you on whenever you score a win. For example, the Bad Girl flies towards the screen and yells "Yes!" or throws her hands up and lets out a fiendish laugh. The Good Girl spins around and yells "Whoohoo!" and "Yes!"

Animations aren't just limited to the two ladies either because you'll also see symbols perform actions when they appear in winning combinations. The bad cat hisses, the good cat prays, and the generic letters move up and down following wins.


As for the music, default sounds include a chilling wind and occasional screams in the background. However, when you spin the reels under Good Mode, you'll hear a more angelic tune; when you spin the reels under Bad Mode, you hear rock n' roll playing.

Good Mode and Bad Mode

As mentioned before, the most unique aspect of this slot is the ability to change between Good Mode and Bad Mode. To switch between modes, just use the little meter at the bottom of the reels.

Good Mode

When you choose Good Mode, you'll win at a higher frequency but your payouts will be smaller. Your wild symbol is the halo, which results in a 1x or 2x multiplier and occurs on reels 1, 2 and 3. The halo also offers the highest regular payout during this mode at 2,500 coins when appearing five times in a pay line.

Bad Mode

In Bad Mode, you win at a lower frequency but your payouts are larger. Your wild symbol is the pitchfork, which offers between a 1x and 4x multiplier and occurs on reels 3, 4 and 5. The pitchfork is also the game's highest paying symbol overall since it delivers 5,000 coins when landing five times in a pay line.

You can also choose a third option, which plays both the Good and Bad Mode at the same time.

This is obviously exciting because you get a nice mix of frequent wins and big payouts. However, the downside is that you must double your total stake since you're playing both sides.

Betting Options

As for betting options, you can use 1 15 pay lines, change coin size from $0.02 to $0.50, and play 1 5 coins on each pay line. This makes for a minimum bet of $0.02 in Good or Bad Mode, and a $0.04 minimum wager during the mixed mode.

You can also use a number of options to adjust gameplay to your preferences. For example, you can turn music on / off, use turbo mode, change the graphics quality and auto spin the reels for 5 100 spins.

Good Girl Bad Girl Slots Bonus

Good Girl Bad Girl actually offers two different bonus features, or four total, if you consider that they're slightly altered depending on if you're playing as good or bad.

Click Me Feature

The first bonus is a simple Click Me feature, which is unlocked when you get the halo and pitchfork wilds side by side. This round sees you presented with 4 gift boxes, and you choose one to reveal a small win, medium win, large win, or a Collect symbol.

You'll see some slight differences in the Click Me round depending upon whether you're playing in Good or Bad Mode. The first difference is that the boxes will be white if you're good and bad if you're black.

The more important difference is that small / medium prizes are contained in glowing boxes and the big prize / Collect sign are in non-glowing boxes during Good Mode. If you're playing Bad Mode, small / medium prizes are in non-glowing boxes while the big win / Collect sign are in glowing boxes.

Money Wheel

The second bonus is a Money Wheel, which contains credits, free spins, and a progressive jackpot that's only available on max bets. This bonus is triggered when Money Wheel symbols appear in reels 1, 3, and 5.

Assuming you're playing in Good Mode, the angel flies up into the heavens and takes you to a blue prize wheel with smaller top payouts, but you're at least guaranteed to win something. We played the good wheel three times and won 50 credits once and 4 credits twice.

If you're playing in Bad Mode, the demon girl takes you into a fiery cavern, where a grey wheel awaits with bigger top prizes, but also the risk that you end up with nothing. This wheel features three different zero spaces, and we managed to walk away with nothing on two occasions and 16 free spins the third time.

When triggering the Money Wheel in mixed mode, you'll choose whether you want to play the good wheel or bad wheel.

Double Up Feature

Typically, if you've seen one slots double up feature, you've seen them all. But Good Girl Bad Girl adds more entertainment to the process of trying to double up your winnings.

First, when you click the double up option, both the Good Girl and Bad Girl fly into the sky where a coin is sitting on a cloud. You can then either flip the coin on the good side or the bad side.

Assuming you choose the bad side and win, the demon girl lets out a big laugh while the angel shakes her head no. When you win with the good side, the angel yells "Yeah!" while the demon girl lets out an angry roar.

The doubling up process is of course the same as any other game, but the extra frills / animations that Good Girl Bad Girl adds makes this double up option worth trying a few times.


We often like to do a comparison between the slot we're reviewing and other similar games. However, it's hard to compare Good Girl Bad Girl to other slots because of how unique it is.

As mentioned before, a few video games have used the concept of choosing whether you want to be evil or bad. But it's interesting to see the same concept brought to the reels; with great results might we add.

It's also nice that Betsoft went beyond just making this an aesthetic decision by adding high frequency / small sized payouts in Good Mode, and low frequency / large sized prizes in Bad Mode.

We don't have major complaints about this game, but it would have been nice if they added a little more variety in the symbols. The only symbols that stand out are the Good Girl, Bad Girl, two different cats, and wild symbols.

Also, once you get past the extra frills in the Click Me and Money Wheel bonus rounds, the concepts are pretty basic and standard.

However, these are only small complaints in what's otherwise a totally unique slot that you should certainly try.
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