Greedy Goblins Slots

Greedy Goblins Slots

Designed by Betsoft, Greedy Goblins is a spinoff of an earlier Betsoft game called Once Upon a Time. As the name implies, this online slot is all about goblins finding and stealing as much treasure as they can.

So is Greedy Goblins a huge upgrade over Once Upon a Time? And does this 5 reel game offer enough features to tempt you into helping these vile creatures steal from the elves?

You can find out below as we discuss Greedy Goblin's details, bonus features, and how it compares to Once Upon a Time.

In addition to all of that, you will also find a version of the Greedy Goblins online slot machine that you can try out for free before you try betting real money on the game.

Greedy Goblins
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Greedy Goblins: An Overview

Greedy Goblins takes you into a richly colored fantasy world, full of elves and gold stealing goblins. And everything from the symbols to background offers crisp 3D graphics that help bring this game to life.

The background consists of a forested area with a goblin tree dwelling nearby. You'll also see one of the infamous green goblins, who laughs, dances, and jumps around while you play.

Symbols include the following:

  • Goblin
  • Elf
  • Mushroom house
  • Gold crown
  • Silver goblet
  • Jewel
  • Moon
  • Wanted poster

This slot also features additional bonus symbols, which we'll cover later.

The elf is the highest paying symbol, delivering 12,500 coins when he appears five times in a pay line. He also unlocks the progressive jackpot if you're using the Max Bet button.

At the time of this writing, the progressive jackpot is only worth $6,240, so we see no overwhelming incentive to bet the max every time. Besides, the regular max payout of 12,500 coins is more than adequate enough anyways.

You can expect plenty of animations every time you hit a winning payout. For example, the silver goblet gets stolen by a goblin, the moon reveals sneaky goblins walking by, elves put a Do Not Disturb sign on their door, and the wanted poster shows a goblin standing by laughing at it.

A couple of special features that you can look forward to while playing include the Coin Drops and Sticky Wild Reels.

The Sticky Wild Reels are triggered when a wooden shack appears on any reel. This shack then expands to fill up the entire reel and give you 1 to 3 free spins.

Coin Drops happen whenever 2 or more coins land on the reels, which draw extra goblins onto the reels so that they can steal the coins. Each coin they grab causes new symbols to cascade from above and all new combinations that come from the falling coins will deliver additional payouts to you.

Betting Options

Greedy Goblins features 30 pay lines, and you must play all of them. You can, however, change coin size from $0.02 to $0.50 and put 1 5 coins on each pay line.

This makes for a minimum bet of $0.60 per spin and a max wager of $75.00.

The minimum bet seems pretty high for an online slot, but this game also seems to have a pretty high win frequency.

Other options include the ability to turn music on / off, play in turbo mode, and auto spin the reels for between 5 and 100 spins.

Greedy Goblins Bonus

Aside from the features that we discussed before, Greedy Goblins has two bonus features and a double up option.

One of the bonuses is free spins, which you trigger by getting 3 or more Welcome to Elfania signs anywhere on the reels. You get the following depending on how many signs appear.

  • 10 free spins and a 60 coin payout for three signs
  • 15 free spins and a 300 coin payout for four signs
  • 25 free spins and a 1,500 coin payout for five signs

These free spins are dressed up a bit since you get to see a cut scene, where the goblin jumps behind sacks while the elves walk by him. The elves pick flowers while the free spins are happening, then they walk off and the goblin comes back out again.

Once your free spins are finished, more goblins rush out onto the screen and begin throwing cash and coin everywhere while your credits are added up. We earned 4,740 coins the first we played the free spins round, and 3,370 credits the second time.

The other bonus is a second screen game that's triggered when you get two Book of Secrets symbols on reels 2 and 4, which are the only reels they can appear on. This bonus round takes you inside one of the elven homes, where you steal their good ideas.

You control which objects to raid in search of ideas by scanning left or right and clicking on items / drawers. When we played, we got 312 credits, a 2x multiplier on this win, 96 credits, 88 credits and 160 credits, before revealing the Collect sign and ending the round.

Greedy Goblins also offers a double up features that allows you to double winning payouts at any time. This takes you to a second screen where a smiling elf is holding a gold coin.

It's then up to you to choose the Elf or Goblin side in hopes of doubling your payout. The elf flips the coin and smiles if you win or shakes his head in sorrow if you lose.

Comparison to Once Upon a Time Slots

Once Upon a Time is your typical knight saves the princess fairytale. In this instance, the brave knight sets out to save the princess from a giant fire breathing dragon.

The goblins also play a prominent role in this 5 reel, 30 pay line game, often running out on the screen in an attempt to steal more valuables from the kingdom.

We have to give Once Upon a Time credit for having a great introduction that fills you in on the storyline. However, one thing that's immediate apparent is that this game's 3D graphics are nowhere near the same quality as Greedy Goblins.

You will, however, see some fun animations in this slot like a soldier blowing a horn, people eating a feast, a sword being pulled out of a stone and the dragon's tail waving by its treasure hoard. Additionally, if you land the princess and knight side by side, they lean over and kiss each other, resulting in an extra 30 coin payout for you.

Once Upon a Time also features several bonus rounds, including free spins, Greedy Goblins Click Me where you choose one of 3 bags, Goblin's Treasure where you help goblins steal from the kingdom, and Save the Princess where you defeat the dragon.

From a pure perspective of bonuses and special features, we'd say that Once Upon a Time is on par or even better than its sequel. However, Greedy Goblins' superior 3D graphics make it an overall better experience.


Greedy Goblins is the type of game that can hook you on first sight when looking at its rich, 3D graphics and detailed animations. It also doesn't hurt that this slot already came with a back story thanks to Once Upon a Time.

We don't see any glaring weaknesses in Greedy Goblins because it both looks good and has plenty of features. The only possible negative we can see is that low rollers may balk at the $0.60 minimum bet.

If you're in this group, then you may want to look for other Betsoft games that allow you to adjust the pay lines. But also note that the Sticky Wild Reels and accompanying free spins help you rack up payouts quite frequently.

Assuming you trust the frequent payouts and / or aren't worried about the high minimum bet, then Greedy Goblins slots has a lot of good features to offer and is very visually appealing.
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