Halloween Horrors Slots

Halloween Horror Slots

1x2 Gaming has created a real "monster" with this online slot machine. This game is all about ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night.

This is a generous game, with its 5 reels and 25 win lines ensure a high return to player average. If you like this game, you'll be playing, and winning, for a long time at one sitting.

If Halloween is your favorite holiday and you can't get enough of the witching season, this game is for you. If you like a slot that keeps it simple but offers a playable experience, this game is for you.

1x2 Gaming is getting a reputation for its online slots, and it isn't doing so by building fancy features or using unique bonuses.

The fanciest Halloween Horrors gets is its Skull Scatter feature, which is when 3 skull bonuses show up anywhere on the reels at once. This feature occurs often, and gives you a free spin.

Will this slot machine scare you?

This game has a lot of ghoulish imagery, but it's for even the faintest of hearts.

In this post, we'll cover

  • Features
  • Atmosphere
  • Sound effects
  • Paytable
  • Betting options
  • And more
Halloween Horrors
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Halloween Horrors Overview


Halloween is one of the biggest holidays for children in the United States, but more adults take part in its spooky brand of fun every year.

Outside of the States, Halloween is growing in popularity across the UK and northern Europe, and it's even one of the fastest growing holidays in Australia.

It makes sense for 1x2 Gaming, a UK company, to focus on a segment of the market that will only continue to grow. Halloween Horrors will be popular all year round if it can capture the fun of the holiday and offer smart gameplay.

Halloween Horrors nails the appearance of the holiday. Its background is a foggy graveyard scene filled with silhouettes of trees, gravestones, a full moon, and bats and witches that fly across the screen at times.

Immediately below the reels are the best part of the game, a black message board that shows a variety of puns and jokes, as well as prizes you've won. Just when you think you've seen them all, an unfamiliar one pops up and the laughs start all over again.

Music and Sound Effects

This game is filled with well-done sound that provides good ambiance. Here's a look at the sounds:

  • Crickets
  • Evil laughter
  • The wind
  • Bells
  • Organs
  • Thunder
  • Arc lights
  • Harpsichord

For the most part, the sounds work well.

The one irritating piece of music is the two-note organ clip that keeps repeating after you've struck a pay line. If you don't immediately hit the spin button again, that noise will keep playing, and you'll be pulling your hair out in annoyance.

The music doesn't change during the Skull Scatter feature.

But we don't mind; the groovy bassline when the reels are rolling is the best part.

Since the Skull Scatter feature makes the free spins happen on autoplay, the bassline gives you time to get your dance on.

A fun organ melody occurs when you hit a winning payout, but beware, it goes into that dreaded two-note organ flourish that will make you enjoy it less.

They play on a long loop, so they don't get boring, and aside from the organ, there's nothing annoying about them.

We get the feeling that 1X2 has people who know how to get the best out of a small set of sound effects.


The animations in this game are few and far between. We've mentioned the bats and the witches in the background and those add a lot to the overall theme without becoming annoying. As with good horror films, less is more.

The one other noticeable piece of animation is the intro to the game, in which you find yourself moving through a pumpkin patch. After a moment, you look up, and you find yourself facing a gigantic, evil-looking jack-o'-lantern with bats flying all around it.

The intro is short, and it isn't complicated but is well done.

Halloween Horrors Pay Table and Graphics

This slot provides a big selection of reel symbols. In addition to more traditional Js, Qs, Ks, and As (which are gooey looking for added spookiness), there are plenty of unique figures.


The jack symbol pays 9 coins for every 3 Js on the board, 12 coins for every 4, and 20 for every 5.


The queen symbol pays 10 coins for every 3 Qs on the board, 18 for every 4, and 45 for every 5.


The king symbol pays 11 coins for every 3 Ks on the board, 24 for every 4, and 60 for every 5.


The ace symbol pays 13 coins for every 3 As on the board, 26 for every 4, and 70 for every 5.

Haunted Tree Stump

This symbol gives you 15 coins for every 3 stumps on the board, 32 for every 4, and 80 for every 5. Plus it has a cool animation. When you hit a pay line, the stump grows sharp teeth and lunges at you. We've never been frightened by tree stumps before, but now we're rethinking our stance.


This little green guy comes at you with pulsing eyes when you strike his pay line. He pays 20 coins for every 3 zombie symbols and 40 for every 4, and 80 for every 5.

Black Cat

Now we're getting into the premium characters. For looks and effect, the black cat is our favorite, though it also pays the least. It pays 4 coins for every 2 cats, 22 coins for every 3, 40 for every 4, and 100 for every 5.


Bats have always creeped us out, and this monstrosity is no exception. He pays well at 5 coins for every 2 bats, 32 for every 3, 75 for every 4, and 300 for every 5.


This not-so-friendly ghost comes on the board to haunt your dreams and give you coins. It pays 5 coins for every 2 ghosts, 40 for every 3, 150 for every 4, and 500 for every 5.

Witch's Hat

This symbol is one of the best on the board. It pays a measly 6 coins for every 2 hats, but after that, it multiplies quickly. For 3 hats it pays 45 coins, for 4 it pays 200, and for 5 it pays 750.


This symbol only appears when you get free spins, which happen during the Skull Scatter feature. If 3 or more headstones appear on a win line, you will receive 30 coins for every 3, 100 for every 4, or 200 for every 5.


This symbol acts as a wild, substituting for any other symbol except the headstone or the skull. The pumpkin wild will always work on the highest possible win line.


For our money, this is the best symbol of the game because it comes around so frequently. 3 skulls anywhere on the reels are enough to give you the free spin Skull Scatter feature. Getting 4 or 5 skulls to initiate the feature is common. 3 skulls give you 5 free spins, 4 skulls give you 10, and 5 gives you 15.

All the symbols, except the headstone, pay out double when in the free spins portion.

Symbol Graphics

1X2 keeps it simple in this game, both with the background and with their symbol animations.

A few of the symbols stand out in the surprises they offer when you hit their pay lines. They divert without distracting from the rest of the game, and they do so without being annoying or too tacky.

Our favorite symbols, based on surprise alone, are the tree stump, which grows teeth, the cat, which opens its eyes and looks evil and fierce, and the skull, which chomps its teeth at you.

Our least favorite symbols are the letters, which do nothing except turn a different color, and the bat, because of rabies.

Halloween Horrors Slot Bonus Features

We've already mentioned a little about the Skull Scatter feature, which is the only bonus feature in the game, but a decent one.

You trigger the Skull Scatter feature by drawing 3 or more skulls. An eerie voice says, "Scatter," a harp flourish plays, and then you're off to your free spins.

When you trigger the bonus feature, the screen tells you that you get 5 free spins, and then you go right into it. The black message ticker on the bottom of the reels tells you how many free spins you have left. In free spins mode, you get a 2x multiplier on all wins.

The 2x multiplier is okay, but it isn't as good as some comparable games, which often offer 3x multipliers in bonus rounds.

The downsides of the bonus feature are made up for with the frequency at which they occur. We average 1 bonus feature for every 15 or 20 spins.

The bonus feature can be good or bad, depending on what you like in your slots. We happen to like the ambiance and the game feel, so we didn't mind the simplicity of the Skull Scatter feature.

We have to admit if there's one area where Halloween Horrors could do better, it's this one.

Betting Options

Players can bet in 3 different ways:

  • Changing the number of win lines in play
  • Changing coin value
  • Changing the number of coins bet on each win line

These options offer a lot of fun for the advanced player, but average slot players don't need to worry about these to have a good time.

Coin size only has six customization options, with values starting at $.01 and going up to $.50.

The other two ways of changing bets give you a lot of options, but, so you can bet up from a minimum of $.25 to a maximum of $62.50.The default setting is a .10 coin value, 1x coin multiplier, and 25 win lines, which equals $2.50 per bet.

The multiplier factor provides an advantage for bigger bets, but the game pays out enough that this isn't needed to win decent money.

Other Options

You'll find the options menu underneath the coin size menu, and the buttons for a spin, auto bet, and max bet buttons.

In the options menu you'll find buttons for:/p>

Changing game resolution Adjusting the volume Linking to the paytable and rules Showing the last 100 spins and how they've played out

On the other side of the screen from the options menus is another link for the pay table, as well as a link that shows the pay lines active at any moment.

Why the game designers included two links for the same function is beyond us when they could have provided players with something useful, like more sound settings, or a full-screen option.

We will admit, though, that the button to pull up the last 100 spins feature is a good idea, as it tracks patterns and shows you just how much you've been winning.

Win Frequency

This game plays out a little better than many similar games. We won often, if not in high amounts. We even had streaks where we won 4 and 5 times in a row.

The longest we went on a winless streak was 5 spins, and the longest we went without hitting a Skull Scatter feature was maybe 40 or 50 spins.

You can say a lot of good things about a slot that gives you frequent, well-paying bonuses, even if the features that give you those bonuses are not the most inventive or unique.

Return to Player Average

The RTP for Halloween Horrors is 96.26%. This shows up in the win frequency, and it shows up in the Skull Scatter rules.

Its RTP feels higher than it actually is, but given that a lot of these wins are on a smaller scale, this average makes sense.

Game Rules

If you're familiar with other 5-reel slot games, this one won't be too hard for you.

The only important differences in gameplay are it emphasizes on win lines, and that it lets you pick which win lines you'd like to play. This can be confusing at first, but it doesn't take too long to catch on.

There are three different ways of winning:

  • Normal

    Matching a given number of symbols on win lines. These must match on side-by-side reels and go from left to right, and when there's more than one prize on a selected win line, only the highest one gets paid.

  • Headstones

    Only occur during the free spin mode. While the headstones do have to appear on the same win line, they don't have to be on consecutive reels.

  • Skull Scatter

    Skulls will take you to the scatter mode if only three of them are in view on the entire board. They don't have to be on a win line, but they will pay a bonus if they are.


Is Halloween Horrors the perfect slot?

No. It's too simple, and not heavy enough on special or unique features to be a complete all-around experience.

Is it a fun game to play for free online or spend a few bucks on?

Yes. We started playing this game for research and ended up coming back to it just for something fun to do.

The bottom line is if Halloween and frequent wins is your thing, you'll like this game. It's not perfect, but it's a fun way to spend your time.

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