High 5 Games

Software engineer and entrepreneur Anthony Singer founded
High 5 Games in 1995, bringing his years of experience in
high-value software design and marketing to the land-based
casino game design industry. Under Singer’s leadership High 5
Games, usually referred to as H5G, has developed and patented
innovative slot game features and resources. The company’s games
are used in casinos around the world and played by people from
more than 150 countries.

For many years H5G concentrated its efforts on product
development and relied on partnerships with established game
manufacturers like IGT and Bally to produce, sell, and maintain
the slot machines that have borne the High 5 Name and made the
company one of the leading slot machine game developers in the

The company’s inventory of hundreds of gaming titles includes
famous classic slot machine games like Black Widow, Cats, Da
Vinci Diamonds, Golden Goddess, Noah’s Ark, and Secrets of the

High 5 Games Corporate History

While it is not practical to discuss all the details of H5G’s
history in the gaming industry, a few notable events stand out.
The company released its first video slot game, 777, in 2002. By
2005 their games were being played in more than 50 countries.

High 5 Games entered into a development partnership with IGT
in 2003, releasing their first games together in 2004; the
partnership produced many of the above-mentioned hits for
land-based and online casinos around the globe. The partnership
was renewed in 2008, the same year that Da Vinci Diamonds was

H5G released its 200th game in 2009 and in 2010 IGT named
Noah’s Ark its “Online Game of the Year”. The IGT partnership
agreement expired in 2011.

In 2011 H5G began releasing games through RMG (Racecourse
Media Group) Online in New Jersey casinos and elsewhere. The RMG
European platform, launched in November 2014, has also become a
significant distribution channel powering more than ten online
casinos. The company offers games in several languages and

2012 was a particularly significant year for High 5 Games.

The company launched its own online casino on Facebook in
September, acquiring nearly 2 million players in just a few
years. In August H5G announced an agreement with Bally
Technologies, Inc. to develop games together. But H5G also
entered into a new agreement with IGT in October of 2012 with
the intention of developing new games for IGT’s land-based and
online gaming interests.

In April 2014 High 5 Games launched The Vault, its online
gaming remote server for RMG casinos in New Jersery. The
technology has since expanded into new markets. Partners using
the service include Tropicana casino and Botemania in Spain. H5G
also began releasing mobile gaming apps in 2014 as well.

The relationship with IGT hit a snag in March 2015.

After failing to resolve a dispute over royalty payments with
IGT, High 5 Games filed a lawsuit (High 5 Games, LLC vs.
International Gaming Technology, No. 15 C 2133) against the
manufacturer in the US District Court for the Northern District
of Illinois Eastern Division. A motion to dismiss the suit was
partially granted in October 2015 by Judge Elaine E. Bucklo,
citing precedents in US law governing use and application of
trademarks and contractual clauses, but some parts of the suit
were allowed to go forward.

Meanwhile, High 5 Games has added new partnerships with
companies like Carnival Corporation for their cruise ships and
Inspired for their remote gaming service Virgo.

In April 2015 H5G opened a new corporate headquarters at 1
World Trade Center.

Games Designed by High 5 Games

H5G has developed more than 300 games to date, with nearly
200 of them available on mobile, social, and online platforms.
Their games have introduced new features to slots players
including tumbling reels, split symbols, stacked wild symbols
and super stacked symbols, and a streamlined online game control
interface that is elegant and easy to use.

Here is a brief selection of the High 5 Game titles that
slots enthusiasts around the world have enjoyed for years.

A Night of Mystery

Players investigate a murder mystery through an innovative
pick bonus feature game. The basic slot game features advanced
video animations and colorful cartoon characters in an
enchanting blend of mystery novel, movie, and game traditions.


Players win big prizes while admiring the beauty of Brazil’s
people and fun culture.

Crystal Kingdom

In the genre of fantasy slots games, Crystal Kingdom
reinvents old fairy tales about snow queens, handsome princes,
and wandering polar bears.

Dangerous Beauty

Another fantasy slots game, Dangerous Beauty features a team
of beautiful Asian princesses and woman warriors who fight to
protect a kingdom from perilous magical cats. The stunning
graphics include in-tile animations and changing background

Da Vinci Diamonds

Celebrating the genius and creativity of Leonardo Da Vinci,
this is one of H5G’s most popular slots games. Da Vinci Diamonds
introduced the innovating Tumbling Reels interface, where tiles
fall from the top of the screen and winning combinations are
removed to allow more tiles to fall down and replace them.

Hoot Loot

One of High 5 Games’ more popular offerings, Hoot Loot is
packed with colorful cartoon characters in tribute to children’s
shows and famous short cinema animations. But the game also
brings new ideas to slots technology, including the bonus Loot
Line that is like a free slot game within a slot game. Hoo, the
owl for whom the game is named, talks to you and celebrates your
big wins with you.

Jaguar Princess

A fantasy slots game, Jaguar Princess pays tribute to
legendary jungle queens and magical cats while giving players
lots of super stacked tiles. The game makes extensive use of
High 5 Games’ in-tile animations.

Lucky Horse

Fans of horse racing and especially the Kentucky Derby will
appreciate this stunning tribute to one of the oldest sports.
The bonus game’s unique horizontal expanding Wild feature is a
must-see for anyone who loves slots and horse-racing.

Miss Universe Crowning Moment

Beauty pageants may have their critics but millions of people
tune in to enjoy them on television every year. Miss Universe
Crowning Moment makes extensive use of in-tile video and adds a
new twist to the pick bonus game. This is one of the few slot
games to update its tile inventory after release while retaining
the same name.

Moon Warriors

If you love space opera and classic adventure science fiction
novels you’ll want to play this 3-4-5-4-3 slot game that offers
720 pay lines and stunning background images of an alien world.
And it has stacked wild symbols and a retriggering Free Spins
bonus game, too.

Night of the Wolf

In this fantasy slots games were-wolves come to life through
split symbols and super stacks. The in-tile animations will make
you carefully study all the wolves you may meet in the future.

Princess of Paradise

Another fantasy slots game, Princess of Paradise brings wild
animals and the beauty of the jungle into your gaming world. The
split symbols make it easier to win prizes, too.

Queen Isabella

Columbus did not just discover a whole new world for Europe
to explore and conquer, he laid the foundation for the growth of
the massive Spanish Empire. But he could not have accomplished
anything had it not been for the independent-minded Queen
Isabella, whose determination and quick wits changed the course
of history. This slots game takes you into the intrigue-filled
imperial court where you collect crowns and enjoy fantastic
in-tile graphics.

Renoir Riches

Similar to Da Vinci Diamonds, Renoir Riches brings back
tumbling reels while celebrating the world of the Impressionist
movement of the 1800s. This historical slots game integrates
beautiful artwork with the chance to win big money.

Shadow of the Panther

Featuring super stacks and split symbols, this fantasy-themed
game became 2012’s most popular H5G game. The in-tile animations
were no doubt one more reason why players loved this game so

The Amulet and the Charm

Featuring state-of-the-art in-tile visuals, super stacks, and
Scatter Bucks instant win wilds, The Amulet and the Charm is a
powerful member of High 5 Games’ fantasy slots products. Players
will enjoy this game for hours.

Empress Josephine

Napoleon’s one true love, Josephine was nonetheless unable to
bear an heir for the ill-fated Emperor of France. This game
combines the elegance of Imperial French art and architecture
with super stacks.

The Enchantment

Another fantasy slots game, The Enchantment uses the unusual
3-4-5-4-3 screen layout to provide a 720 pay line experience
combined with a re-triggering Free Spins bonus game.

Robin Hood and Marian

Celebrating the legendary love of Robin and Marian, this
fantasy slots game from High 5 Games blends great in-tile
animations with super stacks, a re-triggering Free Spins bonus
game, and a bonus prize multiplier feature.

The Vanishing Act

Celebrating the Las Vegas tradition where popular casinos
host magic shows, The Vanishing Act brings together a team of
talented escape artists and their assistants in an innovative
tribute to Harry Houdini and his successors. The in-tile videos
and super stacks make this a fun game to play.

Thundering Buffalo

Inspired by the Native American cultures that have made a
huge impact on the land-based casino industry in North America,
Thundering Buffalo is based on a real Lakota legend and teaching
about the white buffalo. The stunning in-game animations and the
haunting soundtrack will keep you playing this 3-4-5-4-3 game
for hours.


It’s hard to imagine playing slots either online or at a
land-based casino without coming across one of High 5 Games’
titles. The company has inspired new generations of game
developers to take slots gaming design to whole new levels,
while players have enjoyed millions of hours of fun play.

The day of the old One Armed Bandit slot machine is done.
Thanks to the thoughtful and crafty design ideas of companies
like High 5 Games, the modern slot gaming experience has become
a true form of entertainment and escape.

The company’s numerous partnerships and its own online,
social, and mobile gaming platforms also ensure that its game
designs will be enjoyed by gamblers across the globe for many
years to come. Players have come to trust the H5G logo when they
see it, and after you have played a few of their most popular
games you’ll understand why.