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Horoscope Slot Machine

Developed by 777igt for online casinos, Horoscope is a 5 reel, 50 pay line
slot machine that focuses on zodiac signs and the horoscope culture.

Based on the Greek word horoskopos, horoscopes revolve around the Zodiac
a.k.a. Circle of Animals, which is a band encircling the Earth, or rather the
Sun’s path.

As you may know, the Zodiac features 12 sections on the belt with
corresponding zodiac signs. Each sign represents the positions of the planets,
sun, moon, and stars at the time of events.

The event that people are usually concerned with is their birthdate, which,
when combined with astrology and the Zodiac, is supposed to forecast how your
day, week, or month will go.

Can the stars and other astrological entities really reveal your immediate
future? Should your future include playing Horoscope slots?

We can’t answer the first question for certain, but we can help you with the
second question.

That said, let’s discuss Horoscope’s atmosphere, music, animations, pay
table, bonuses, betting options, and game rules. We’ll also discuss how this
slot compares to a couple of similar games.

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Horoscope Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

The background features a mixture of multi colored lines that don’t form any
particular design.

The look reminds us of a combination of neon lights and a plaid blanket.
Needless to say, we don’t know how the background fits the game theme.

You’ll also see a blue ball at the top with electricity running through it.
This may be an ode to fortune telling, but the electricity makes it hard to

Overall, it feels like 777igt just threw random elements together to create
the background.

Music and Sound Effects

The music is a mysterious beat that does a good job of reflecting the strange
world of horoscopes and astrology. This matches so well that it almost makes up
for the lackluster background.

The sound effects consist of the same variety that we’ve heard in every other
777igt slot machine.

They include: coins bouncing around, ringing and dreamy sounds after wins, a
voice that announces free spins & big wins, and a trumpet following free games.


Horoscope slot has several generic animations that are staples in most 777igt

These include: coins bouncing into your account, winning symbols spinning
around or moving back & forth, and balloons floating up during big wins.

Horoscope Pay Table and Graphics

Horoscope uses zodiac signs for most of its symbols. If you’re not familiar
with the subject, we’ll briefly explain each sign/symbol along with this game’s


Zodiac Circle Mega Jackpot

Complete with zodiac signs, the Zodiac circle
triggers the Mega Jackpot when appearing 5 times in an active pay line.

Aquarius Minor Jackpot

Featuring water spilling out of a jug, Aquarius pays
the Minor Jackpot when landing 5 times in a pay line.

Leo Mini Jackpot

Featuring a lion, Leo triggers the Mini Jackpot when
appearing 5 times in an active line.

Aries Wild

A ram, Aries substitutes for everything except the jackpot,
bonus, and free spins symbol to form winning payouts. This sign also pays 150
coins when forming a 5 symbol win.


Featuring a virgin, Virgo pays 200 coins for 5 symbols, 40 for 4, and
12 for 3.


A crab, Cancer delivers 150 coins for 5 symbols, 40 for 4, and 12
for 3.


A set of scales measuring equality, Libra pays 120 coins for 5
symbols, 30 for 4, and 12 for 3.


Paying the most among letters, the A delivers 100 coins for 5 symbols, 30
for 4, and 10 for 3.


The K pays 80 coins for 5 symbols, 25 for 4, and 10 for 3.


This letter offers 60 coins for 5 symbols, 25 for 4, and 10 for 3.

J, 10

The J and 10 both pay 50 coins for 5 symbols, 20 for 4, and 10 for 3.

Capricorn Scatter

A goat, Capricorn offers scatter payouts on your
triggering bet when appearing 3 or more times anywhere on the reels.


A scorpion, Scorpio triggers free spins when landing at least 3 times
on the reels.


Featuring a charging bull, Taurus triggers the bonus when appearing
at least 3 times on the reels.

Symbol Graphics

All of the zodiac signs have abstract designs, with each consisting of stars,
shapes, and different shades of the same color.

Here’s an example: the crab symbol has different shades of green along with
stars behind it.

Considering the theme, we like the way that 777igt did the symbols. Our only
complaint is that they look bad in combination with the mismatched background.

Horoscope Slot Bonus Features

As with all 777igt slot machines, Horoscope offers a nice mix of features,
which you can read about below.

Free Spins

Scorpio triggers free games, offering 15 free spins for 5 symbols, 10 for 4,
and 5 for 3. When free games are triggered, a voice will announce them while the
Free Spins sign flashes on the screen.

Unfortunately, this is the only entertaining part of the free games because
they don’t feature multipliers, special symbols, or a different background.

Bonus Round

When you trigger the bonus round with 3 or more Taurus symbols, you’ll be
taken to an alchemy lab filled with books, potions, and shelves.

You’ll also see a large Zodiac circle in the middle, outlined by 12 cards.

You’re prompted to click the Augury, which has two hands that spin around and
select two cards. The cards determine the size of your bonus payout.

Considering that there’s nothing to explain how much each card is worth, this
bonus feels like a shot in the dark. But we at least like the look of the bonus

3 Jackpots

One benefit to playing any 777igt slot machine is their three large
progressive jackpots, including the Mega, Minor, or Mini Jackpots.

At the time of this review, the Mega Jackpot is worth $1,308,083, the Minor
Jackpot sits at $659,803, and the Mini Jackpot is worth $436,043.

Reviewing other 777igt games, we’ve noticed that these jackpots increase
quickly because many people try to win them.

The odds of you winning any of the three prizes aren’t great. But with even
the Mini Jackpot being worth over $436k, we won’t blame you for trying.

Betting Options

You can play 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 pay lines per turn. You can also adjust
your coin size from $0.01 to $1.20.

You use plus and minus buttons to make these changes, but beware that the
minus buttons are annoying to use.

Other Options

Volume can be turned down or off with the speaker button in the upper left
hand corner. We like the speaker button’s sliding bar because it gives you good
control over the volume.

Another option is auto spin, which allows you to automatically spin the reels
for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or infinity spins. You can halt this option at any time
by clicking the Stop button in the lower right hand corner.

Win Frequency

Playing all 50 pay lines at one cent a piece, we found Horoscope’s win
frequency to be average.

While we formed plenty of payouts, we weren’t impressed with the number of
wins for a 50 line slot.

The good thing about Horoscope’s win rate is that you trigger free spins,
scatter payouts, and bonus rounds often.

Playing around 250 spins, we lost track of how many free spins and scatter
payouts we received, while the bonus round was triggered five times. These
extras combined to give us a $16 profit while playing just $0.50 total per spin.

Game Rules

Below you can see the main rules for Horoscope slots:

  • Payouts must begin at the leftmost reel.
  • Exceptions include bonus symbols and scatter payouts, which trigger
    rewards from anywhere on the reels.
  • Jackpots can only be triggered with 5 of a respective symbol landing in
    the same pay line.
  • Payouts are multiplied by your triggering line stake. Here’s an example:
    if you bet $0.01 per line and win 100 coins, your prize would be $1.00.

Comparison to Similar Slot Machines

Horoscope is one of several online slot machines based on zodiac signs and
horoscopes. Here’s a look at how Horoscope compares to two of these games,
including EGT’s Zodiac Wheel and Roundstone International’s Zodiac slot.

EGT’s Zodiac Wheel Slot Machines

This 5 reel, 5 pay line slot machine does a good job of conveying its theme
through animations and sound effects.

Every time that you form a win with one of the main symbols, you see and hear
aspects that actually relate to zodiac signs – unlike with Horoscope.

We also like the background better since it features stars and faint zodiac
signs. We can only imagine how much better Horoscope would be with a background
like this.

Symbols include: the Zodiac Wheel wild, book scatter, astronomer, mystical
woman, telescope, globe, calipers & map, and letters. While Horoscope has nice
symbols, we like the different characters and objects featured in Zodiac Wheel

The one place where Horoscope has an edge is in the features department
because Zodiac Wheel has smaller jackpots and just one bonus round. But other
than this, Zodiac Wheel is the superior slot machine.

Roundstone International’s Zodiac Slot Machines

This 5 reel, 9 pay line slot takes a colorful look at zodiac signs through
childish symbols.

Everything from the crab to the lion look like they’d appear in a cartoon
geared towards toddlers. We like the unique symbol graphics, but they won’t
appeal to those looking for a serious slot.

The background features a Middle Eastern town that’s reminiscent of
Bethlehem. Although a sharp looking background, it doesn’t feel right for this

One thing that we like about Zodiac slot is its sound effects, which sound
just like an old arcade machine. This definitely beats listening to the generic
sounds heard in Horoscope.

Taking everything into account, Zodiac doesn’t have many great aspects. But
what it does have is a childlike quality that puts a new twist on horoscopes.


You’ll immediately get a mixed reaction upon opening Horoscope because the
music is good, but the background is terrible. The latter is so bad that it
affects the symbol graphics, which look solid by themselves.

Other downsides to this slot include the same problems that plague other
777igt games – generic animations and sound effects.

Given that most 777igt online slots look good visually, we can put up with
the cliche sounds and animations. But it’s hard to overlook these aspects when
the atmosphere isn’t good either.

Positive elements of this game include the jackpots and bonus round. The
second screen bonus feels completely random, but we still like the alchemy
chamber and Zodiac circle.

As with any 777igt slot, the Mega, Minor, and Mini Jackpots all give you a
chance to win major money.

But overall, Horoscope slot is plagued by its low quality background, and
generic animations & sound effects. Unless you’re really into horoscopes and
zodiac signs, we don’t recommend this game.