In Bloom Slot Machine

In Bloom Slot Machine

Time to take a walk through the fields and enjoy the spring flowers with In Bloom slot machines. In Bloom is a 5 reel, 40 pay line game with a floral theme. It has a "Symbol Burst" feature that can turn 1 flower symbol into 5 separate symbols in the same space, creating the ability to have 15 of a kind on one pay line.

This floral-styled slot machine was released by IGT on June 26th of 2014, and is sure to bring out the florist in anyone. With a maximum win of 25,000,000 coins, it certainly brings a lot to the table. This detailed guide is intended to teach you everything you need to know to play this unique slot game effectively.

In Bloom
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Playing In Bloom Slots

While In Bloom slots is a 40 pay line game, it requires a 50 coin minimum bet. The reason for the difference between the pay line and coins is that 10 coins are used to pay for the special Symbol Burst feature.

The minimum bet is 50 coins. You can choose to bet the minimum amount or increase this by multiples of 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, or 50 times to place up to a $2500 wager.

In order to place a bet on In Bloom, you will need to go to the bottom left corner of the machine. Here you will see 3 different boxes that all work together to secure the wager.

The first box is the minimum bet box. It will say '40 lines + feature" as the heading. Below the heading you will see a value of 50 coins.

The second box is the coin value. This is where you can adjust the bet. The coin value defaults to 1.00 at the start of the game.

In order to increase the bet you mush click the right arrow with the + sign on it. This will allow you to increase the bet up to 50.00 with would make the total bet (shown in the third box) $2500.

To decrease the bet you simply press the left arrow with the - sign on it. At no time will the coin value go below 1.00 or go higher than a multiple greater than your total balance, so if you only have 1000 credits, the maximum coin value you can bet at that time is 20.00.

To start the game, you will need to click on the spin button which is signified by 2 arrows shaped in circular configuration.

Game Features

In Bloom has 2 main features in the game. The Symbol Burst feature and the Auto Spin feature.

Symbol Burst

After a spin, the flower symbols in the game may multiply. They can "bloom" to increase the flowers on one symbol from the initial 1 symbol to 2, 3, 4, or 5 flower symbols. This allows for up to 15 symbols to be able to appear on a single pay line.

Auto Spin

This is a common feature among slot machines and allows the game to do the work for you. This feature allows you to place your bet and then spin automatically for a pre-determined amount of times. The same bet is placed on each spin.

The spins will continue until you hit a bonus, complete the specified number of spins, have insufficient fund to place the next bet, or you hit the stop button.

You can set the feature to spin 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 times before stopping.

Bonus Feature

In Bloom has a bonus round called the Garden Bonus. This is triggered when 2 or 3 butterfly bonus symbols appear.

If you get a bonus symbol (which only appears on the third reel), a butterfly may fly on to the reels and land on the bonus symbol (giving you the 2 butterflies needs) to trigger the Garden Bonus.

When the bonus is triggered you are given the choice of picking the "garden" you wish to play in. There are 4 gardens that you can choose from. The gardens with less spins have bigger payouts on winning spins. The gardens with more spins have lower pay outs on winning spins.

The bonus gardens and corresponding spins are:

  • Poppy Garden - 5 free spins
  • Rose Garden - 8 free spins
  • Calla Lily Garden - 10 free spins
  • Water Lily Garden - 12 free spins

The value of winning spins in the Bonus Garden are multiplied by the coin value you selected at the beginning of the spin.

Once you have completed your bonus spins, you are then taken to the "Bonus Bump" screen. On this screen you will be asked to select 1 circle from the several shown on the screen. Each of these circles contain an amount equal to between 1 to 50 times your original bet and is added to the total bonus win you received from the free spins.

The Symbols and Pay Outs

The symbols in regular play have a lot of value because they have the ability to "bloom" into multiple symbols within the same spot. A single flower can morph into up to 5 flowers in the same position on the reel and become a winner. Due to this feature all flowers have a pay outs from 3 of a kind to 15 of a kind. The non-flower symbols do not bloom and will only have a maximum of 5, except the bonus, which we mentioned only has 3. The symbols in the game are:

  • 1The Poppy
  • 2The Rose
  • 3The Calla Lily
  • 4The Water Lily
  • 5The A symbol
  • 6The K symbol
  • 7The Q symbol
  • 8The J symbol
  • 9The 10 Symbol
  • 10The 9 Symbol
  • 11The Bonus (Butterfly) Symbol

When the Symbol Burst feature activates, the flowers bloom to increase from 1 flower to 2, 3, 4, or 5 flowers. Some of these blooms only appear on certain reels. The rules for where the blooms will be located are:

  • 1 Bloom- All reels
  • 2 Blooms- All reels
  • 3 Blooms - Reels 2, 3, and 4 only
  • 4 Blooms- Center reel only
  • 5 Blooms - Center reel only

The most valuable symbol in regular game play for In Bloom slots is the poppy. The poppy has the following pay outs in the game:

  • 15 Poppies = 1000 credits
  • 14 Poppies = 500 credits
  • 13 Poppies = 400 credits
  • 12 Poppies = 300 credits
  • 11 Poppies = 250 credits
  • 10 Poppies = 150 credits
  • 9 Poppies = 125 credits
  • 8 Poppies = 100 credits
  • 7 Poppies = 60 credits
  • 6 Poppies = 50 credits
  • 5 Poppies = 40 credits
  • 4 Poppies = 20 credits
  • 3 Poppies = 10 credits

The next most valuable symbol is the rose. Like all flowers in the game, the rose can have up to 15 symbols on the same pay line due to the "Bloom" feature. The payouts for multiple roses on the same pay line are:

  • 15 Roses = 500 credits
  • 14 Roses = 300 credits
  • 13 Roses = 200 credits
  • 12 Roses = 150 credits
  • 11 Roses = 125 credits
  • 10 Roses = 100 credits
  • 9 Roses = 75 credits
  • 8 Roses = 60 credits
  • 7 Roses = 50 credits
  • 6 Roses = 40 credits
  • 5 Roses = 35 credits
  • 4 Roses = 10 credits
  • 3 Roses = 8 credits

The calla lily is the 3rd most valuable symbol and pays out the following for multiples on the same pay line:

  • 15 Calla Lilies = 300 credits
  • 14 Calla Lilies = 200 credits
  • 13 Calla Lilies = 150 credits
  • 12 Calla Lilies = 125 credits
  • 11 Calla Lilies = 100 credits
  • 10 Calla Lilies = 75 credits
  • 9 Calla Lilies = 60 credits
  • 8 Calla Lilies = 50 credits
  • 7 Calla Lilies = 40 credits
  • 6 Calla Lilies = 35 credits
  • 5 Calla Lilies = 30 credits
  • 4 Calla Lilies = 8 credits
  • 3 Calla Lilies = 5 credits

The final floral symbol in the game is the water lily. The payouts for the water lily symbols on the same pay line are:

  • 15 Water Lilies = 200 credits
  • 14 Water Lilies = 150 credits
  • 13 Water Lilies = 125 credits
  • 12 Water Lilies = 100 credits
  • 11 Water Lilies = 75 credits
  • 10 Water Lilies = 60 credits
  • 9 Water Lilies = 50 credits
  • 8 Water Lilies = 40 credits
  • 7 Water Lilies = 35 credits
  • 6 Water Lilies = 30 credits
  • 5 Water Lilies = 25 credits
  • 4 Water Lilies = 5 credits
  • 3 Water Lilies = 2 credits

The other symbols in regular play (aside from the bonus symbol) are the letter and number symbols. These symbols are meant to represent the top playing cards in a deck, much like you would see in poker or video poker. However, you can't make hands like a straight or full house with them. Partially because they don't have suits (clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts). They are only used to create groups.

In this game, the groups are of 4 or 5 matching symbols. These symbols are the lowest paying of all the symbols and all pay out the same:

  • 5 As, Ks, Qs, Js, 10s, or 9s = 15 credits
  • 4 As, Ks, Qs, Js, 10s, or 9s = 2 credits

The final symbol to discuss is the bonus symbol. We've already discussed how to trigger the bonus game, but the bonus symbols also functions as a scatter symbol in the game and if you hit 3 of them, you will win 60 times your bet.

Expected Payback

If you are researching In Bloom slot machines to create a winning strategy, then the expected payback will be an important term for you to know.

The expected payback is based on long-term play. This means thousands of spins over several hours. It also takes into account that you are making correct choices during the game in both the normal and bonus rounds.

The expected payback for In Bloom slot machines ranges between 92.05% and 96.0%. This means that for every $100 you wager, you can expect to win back anywhere from $92.05 to $96.00. The shorter the span of your game play, the lower this percentage will be.


We've tested the game over several hundreds of spins and the bonus round did not come up often. The bonus feature, when it does appear, can increase your balance in the game dramatically. However, with it only appearing on the center reel, these occurrences are few and far between

We did have a lot of success with the symbol burst feature, which appeared numerous times and provided great pay outs. Over time, this made up for the lack of bonus rounds.

We recommend that you test the game out on a free site. Many free slot machine sites have In Bloom. This will give you a chance to get a feel for the game before you play for real money.

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