Judge Judy Slots

Judge Judy Slots

Judge Judy is a long-running American reality TV show built around a courtroom theme. The Judge Judy in question is a TV personality created by now-retired Manhattan family court Judge Judith Sheindlin. Judge Judy had its premiere in September of 1996, at a time when the courtroom reality genre was dead. After twenty seasons and nearly 6,000 episodes, the show and its fiery host are household names.

IGT has found some success in the translation of TV reality shows to slot games. Their X-Factor game is both highly-popular and an authentic translation of the experience of watching the show. With Judge Judy, IGT took a big gamble, releasing their first-ever 720 Ways payline game. Judge Judy is a dual-player game, a feature which comes up during later bonus rounds. It's housed in a gorgeous case with an LCD screen and all the latest bells and whistles. The authentic music, video, and graphics from the show give it a certain authenticity that we've come to expect from the best IGT licensed slots.

Released in 2013, IGT's Judge Judy slot makes great use of her iconic attitude, including classic quotes from her TV show ("I'm the boss, applesauce!") and giving the game itself a generally spicy flavor. It's a low-cost game, categorized as a "penny slot" by IGT. Yes, each credit costs a penny, but you have to wager 300 credits to trigger the best bonuses, for a total max bet of $3 per spin.

Judge Judy
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Game Symbols

All of the game symbols used in IGT's Judge Judy are listed below, including details like any potential payouts and the ties to the game's bonus features:

  • Judge Judy Logo – The famous mug of Judge Judith Sheindlin appears on a big TV screen. Acts as a scatter symbol.
  • Armchair – A traditional leather armchair.
  • Law Books – A set of dusty old law books.
  • Courthouse Façade – The front façade of a stereotypical courthouse.
  • Podium – A wooden podium, like the ones the defendants stand behind on the show.
  • Verdict Papers – A bonus symbol that looks like a Judge's verdict.
  • Evidence Papers – A bonus symbol that looks like a pile of evidence papers.
  • Judge Judy's Photo – An image of Judge Judy's face that triggers a bonus round.
  • Scales of Justice – Another scatter symbol.

Bonus Rounds and Special Features

Below, you'll find details on the bonus rounds and special features available in IGT's Judge Judy online slot machine:

  • You Make the Call

    You trigger this bonus by lining up three Evidence symbols. In this bonus game, you have to review a case, choose whether you think the verdict will prove the defendant innocent or guilty, and then hope you picked right. Though the answer you pick has no bearing on reality, you'll win a random multiplier reward based on the amount of the win that triggered the bonus.

  • Plead Your Case

    You trigger this bonus by lining up three Verdict symbols. In this bonus feature, you choose to be either the defendant or the plaintiff. Depending on how the case goes, you win an instant cash prize.

  • The Rules

    You trigger this bonus by lining up three Judge Judy symbols. In this classic pick'em bonus game, your goal is to choose the correct file from a number of files. It is a random (and small) multiplier.

  • Enter the Courtroom

    This bonus is triggered randomly on both players' screens. In this game, each player is presented with three court room doors. The player picks a door and wins the credit amount behind it. It's a random bonus, no need to spend a lot of time thinking about it.

  • Spin for Justice

    This is one of two group bonus games, in which both players participate regardless of who triggered it. A large wheel appears on the screen when this bonus is triggered and it awards a credit amount, or sometimes it gives you free entrance into another bonus round.

  • Free Spins

    This is the other group bonus game, and it's also the most commonly-triggered bonus on the slot. It simply hands out a random number of free spins to both players.

Who Is Judge Judy?

Judith Sheindlin is a conundrum. She's a former family court judge, but she's also the highest-paid daytime actress in history, and one of the most recognizable faces in American television. How did she become the face of daytime entertainment in the USA?

Judge Judy
The Early Years

Judge Judy was born Judith Susan Blum in Brooklyn in 1942. Her family had only recently emigrated from the Ukraine. She earned a degree in political science from American University before attending New York Law School, earning a JD in 1965. Judith Blum's journey from Brooklyn to LA is unusual, to say the least.

Having passed the New York bar exam the same year she graduated, Judith (by now Judith Sheindlin) got a job as a corporate lawyer for a national cosmetics firm. She hated it. She left to be a full-time mom, and wouldn't have ever gotten back into the law were it not for a friend who worked in the New York court system. This friend mentioned they needed a strong female prosecutor in the family court system. Sheindlin took to the job like a duck to water, prosecuting mainly serious cases of child abuse, domestic violence, and the like.

Judge Judy
Rise to Prominence

Sheindlin's outspoken behavior earned her the attention of then-NYC Mayor Ed Koch. In 1982, Koch responded to a complaint about Sheindlin's sarcasm by naming her as a criminal court judge. Within four years, she was supervising the entire Manhattan family court system. Judge Judy, as people who worked with her knew her, earned a reputation for using her sharp wit while making quick decisions.

IIt wasn't long before the news media took notice. Judge Judy was profiled in a 1993 edition of the LA Times. The angle of the story – a tough woman determined to right the wrongs of the family court system – was perfect for a society recently divorce-obsessed. CBS came calling, and Judge Judy was the star of a popular 60 Minutes segment. By now, she was something of a household name, and within a year, she published her first book - Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining. The success of her book led to her retirement from the bench, having heard some 20,000 cases in her career.

Judge Judy
Continued Success

Judge Judy has maintained dominance in its time slot and genre since day one. It's been the No. 1-rated court show since it began, with no serious competition. The show regularly draws 9 to 10 million viewers. In fact, Judge Judy became the first person in ten years to attract more viewers than Oprah. Since overtaking The Oprah Winfrey Show, Judge Judy's half-hour daily show has stood as the highest-rated daytime show of them all.

Judge Judy herself has mentioned retirement after the 2019-2020 season. If she makes it that long, she'll have been on air for a quarter of a century. Though her biggest audience has always been females between the ages of 25 and 54, Judge Judy remains popular across all ages, genders, incomes, and other statistics.

Why is Judge Judy so popular? It's simple – she presents a form of justice that many of us long for. She's quick, she's common-sense, and she doesn't care about gray areas. She's hilarious, she has a sharp wit and attitude, and she rights wrongs. What isn't there to love?


Different people have different reactions to IGT's Judge Judy slot. They seem to either love it or hate it. That's real similar to how people react to Judge Judy itself.

This is a penny slot, with all the downsides that usually come with that category. You aren't going to win a bunch of money, but you'll probably have a lot of fun along the way. You have to appreciate a licensed game that uses this many real video and audio clips. If you're looking for a fun distraction, IGT's Judge Judy is just that. It's not going to make you rich, but it will keep you entertained for an hour or so.

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