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Kick Ass Slots

Kick A$$ slot machine was created by 1X2 Gaming and is based on superheroes and villains.

Sitting down at this game, you'll be reminded of the campy superhero shows of the Sixties and Seventies. With a fun soundtrack and some great bonuses, you'll end up staying for more than the nostalgia factor.

If superheroes are your thing--and even if they aren't--this game delivers an exciting, enjoyable experience.

Kick A$$ offers an immediate and stimulating experience that will absorb you immediately.

This review covers:

  • Atmosphere
  • Background
  • Sound effects
  • Animations
  • Betting options
  • Rules of play
  • And more
Kick Ass
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Kick A$$ Overview


Since the 1930s, superheroes have been providing the world with rock'em sock'em entertainment.

If there's one property that Kick A$$ borrows from the most, it's the 1960s TV version of Batman. It's campy bass, drum, and trumpet soundtrack, as well as its colorful graphics and written-out sound effects, are a fantastic call-back to everything that made that show worthwhile. 

The background of the game is blue. It fades to darker blue near the top.

The skyline of a city occupies the top of the board, complete with the occasional flying superhero and lights turning off and on in the windows.

While the main color scheme is blue, all the menu options are bright colors, adding to the comic book page feel.

At the bottom of the reel screen is a prize message board that regales you with puns and pop culture references.

Music and Sound Effects

The soundtrack is big, brilliant, and blaring. We haven't gotten tired of it yet. Its well-done drums, groovy bass line, and atmospheric flutes get accompanied by the occasional sirens and gunshots.

When you hit prizes, trumpets come in and depending on how big the prize is, the trumpets can go on for a while.

Our favorite is the trumpets that herald the epic prize.

In the Free Spin feature, the music stays the same as in the rest of the game.

But if you hit 3 Scatter symbols in a pay line, the music for the Scatter Feature is played.


While not having the most animations we've seen in a slot machine, Kick A$$ still has some solid ones.

The intro to the game has spelled-out sound effects which all seem to jump out at you from the screen.

The other big piece of animation is in the Scatter Feature. It's triggered by the Scatter symbols when you're in Free Spin mode. This animation is set in an artist's studio. It shows a comic book thrown on the desk, and then the pages start turning, showing more of our heroes in action.

Kick A$$ Pay Table and Graphics

Kick A$$ has wild symbols, free spin symbols, and scatter symbols, but the rest of its symbols are super-powered do-gooders. Some of them even have powers which translate to winning money.

Mean Green

This guy, wearing a green suit and a yellow cape, is the lowest paying symbol on the board. He pays out 5 coins for every 3 of his symbol in a pay line, 14 for every 4, and 175 for every 5. When you win a prize from him, he comes towards you and his eyes glow with energy.


This hero, wearing red and blue, and pictured swinging into action, pays 6 coins for every 3, 16 for every 4, and 200 for every 5. When he pays a prize, he swings more.

Lightning Lady

Lightning Lady, wearing light blue, white, and gold in the form of a lightning bolt on her chest, is known for her generosity. She pays 8 coins for every 3 of her symbol, 24 for every 4, and 225 for every 5. When she pays out a prize, the camera zooms out, revealing her to be in an action pose and shooting lightning out of her hand.

The Starling

The Starling, wearing black, red, and gold, comes from a family of wealth. We know this because he's easy with his cash. He pays out 10 coins for every 3 of his symbol, 25 for every 4, and 250 for every 5. His symbol animation reveals him punching an unknown villain.

The Purple Pummeler

She kicks, she punches, and she hands out money. She pays out 12 coins for every 3 symbols, 40 for every 4, and 275 for every 5.

Mr. Fist

A radioactive goo gave this hero an extra-large fist and an extra-large wallet. Bedecked in orange and blue, he gives you 14 coins for every 3 of his symbol, 50 for every 4, and 300 for every 5.


We know little about this bald, shadowy hero, but we think his powers are psychic in nature. He pays 16 coins for every 3 of his symbol, 60 for every 4, and 350 for every 5.


This fast hero is quick to pay out. He pays 20 for every 3 of his symbol, 70 for every 4, and 375 for every five. His symbol animation shows him running towards the screen.

The Zapper

He's dressed in orange and white, and he has electric based powers. He pays 25 for every 3 of his symbols on a pay line, 80 for every 4, and 400 for every 5. His symbol animation zooms out to show him exerting himself with the strain of electricity shooting from his hands and a big ZAP caption flashing underneath him.


The captain of our superhero squad, this blue-and-gold guy pays out the most. He gives 40 coins for every 3 of him, 100 for every 4, and 500 for every 5. His symbol animation shows him flying into action.


Plays out like other wilds, and can substitute for every symbol except scatter, free spin, and Multiplier Man.

Free Spins

If you get three or more of these babies on any win line, you're headed for the special feature. Getting 3 gives you 5 free spins, 4 gives you 10, and 5 gives you 15. Even though it appears as an option while in the free spin feature, you can't win more free spins in that part of the game.


This symbol only appears in Free Spin mode, and if you get 3 or more, you're in for a guaranteed prize. It takes you to the scatter feature, where, after watching a short-but-sweet video, you're given a random prize. The game rules say it can pay out up to 90x the amount of your bet, but we've gotten more in the range of 10x.

Multiplier Man

This mysterious stranger comes to help you multiply your wins. If you get him once, he multiplies any winnings for the next five spins by 2. If you get him again in that time, he multiplies winnings by 3. Then he does it by 4 if you get him again, and he can go all the way up to 5.

You can't get Multiplier Man while in Free Spins mode, but if you already have him, his effects will count, at least until they wear off. Needless to say, we think he's awesome.

Symbol Graphics

The drawings are colorful and slick, the animations are well thought-out, and their effect is cool and fun to look at.

But even good symbol sets have weak areas. The loser of the crew is The Zapper.

Yes, he has electric powers, but when the camera pulls back, it just looks like he's shaking with cold. And he has a ZAP caption hanging from an awkward spot between his legs.

Kick A$$ Slot Bonus Features

You have to trigger the bonus feature by getting all the free spin symbols on a win line. This stands in contrast to some other 1X2 games, where you have to get 3 of the symbols anywhere on the reels to go into the bonus round.

Per 100 spins, we only triggered free spin mode 3 or 4 times. We understand the reason for this. There's the potential for you to get into another bonus round while in Free Spin mode. And the money in that round is guaranteed, so the game has to be stingier about its bonuses.

We said we understand it; we didn't say we like it.

Betting Options

You can bet by changing coin value, by changing the number of win lines you're playing, or by changing how many coins you bet per win line.

If you like to bet in a lot of different denominations, you're out of luck. This game only gives you 6 to choose from, starting at $.01 and ending at $.50. Your minimum bet, because of all the win lines you can wager on, is just $.01. We recommend betting at least $.25 a play, though, since that way you can at least have the fullest number of chances available to you.

The maximum amount of actual cash you can bid per spin is $62.50. The default spin setting gives you a .10 coin, a 1x multiplier for coins, and 25 win lines. This is the equivalent of betting $2.50.

We recommend going big in this game because of all the multipliers at stake. We won $2000+ on several occasions, and even though it seems like this game doesn't give you as many smaller wins, the larger wins more than make up for it.

Other Options

Underneath the reels and the settings for coin adjustment, you'll find the game options. You can change the game resolution, adjust the volume, link to the rules and paytable, and reset your bets.

Options on the other side of the screen include another link to the paytable and the rules. This doesn't make much sense to us. Space could be better served by having a link to your most recent 100 spins or something else.

Win Frequency

This game doesn't like to give its money out a little at a time. If you're one who likes frequent wins, this one might not be for you.

We always hit at least once or twice for every 10 spins. The lack of frequent payouts hit us hardest when we were trying to get into free spins mode. Once every 25 spins on average just doesn't cut it with us.

If you like big wins, this is the game for you. The rarer symbols are common enough that you get the feeling that anything could happen at any moment.

Return to Player Average

This game offers an RTP of 96.90%, which is great for any slot machine, online or off. It doesn't feel that high, though, because of the low hit frequency.

Game Rules

This game has similar rules to other 5-reel slots. It does emphasize win lines, and that can confuse you at first. But that's a minor hurdle.

Ways to win:
  • Matching

    3 of a kind, matched left to right on a pay line, will get you a prize. The highest one pays if there's more than one winner on a pay line.

  • Multiplier Man

    Any instance of Multiplier Man in a winning pay line will get you a 2x multiplier, all the way up to 5x. This is one of our favorite aspects of the game since the multipliers can keep replenishing and growing.

  • Scatter

    Only played in free spins mode. Three of these on any part of the board will get you instant money.


Kick A$$ has a few problems. The low hit frequency, especially for the free spins, is one of them.

Here's the bottom line:

You'll stick around for the game's smooth playing experience, payouts, and the sheer fun of its comic book world.

This slot, like it says in the title, kicks ass.

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