KISS Shout It Out Loud! Slots

KISS Shout It Out Loud Slots

KISS Slots is a 5-reel, 100-payline slot machine from Williams Interactive, a subsidiary of WMS Gaming. The full name of this video slots game is "Kiss: Shout It Out Loud". It features expanding wild symbols, autoplay, and a free spin mode. Videos of the band and blaring rock music are main attractions of this slot machine. Virtually every event in the game has its own guitar riff, which keeps the action fresh and lively. Kiss: Shout It Out Loud debuted at the 12th Annual Gaming Expo. It can be found in brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos. SkillOnNet helped develop the game for the Internet.

Kiss Slots has an unconventional way to arrive at its one-hundred paylines. It has both a 5x4 reel set (20 lines) and a 5x12 reel set (80 lines) which combine to create 100 lines of action. The 5x12 reel is the Colossal Reel feature, which I'll discuss later.

KISS Shout It Out Loud!
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Slot Machine Theme

KISS is the American hard rock band known for its outrageous outfits and face paint. The band, which began in 1973, is still active in 2016. KISS was formed by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, who remain the only original members still active. The best-known lineup is the original one, which included Paul Stanley as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Gene Simmons as a vocalist and bass guitarist, Ace Frehley as the lead guitarist and vocalists, and Peter Criss as the drummer and vocalist. Their famous stage show included pyrotechnics and other theatrical elements. Kiss has released 24 albums and sold over 100 million records worldwide.

The Band Members

Each of the members of the band had their own on-stage persona.

  • Paul Stanley claimed to be a starry-eyed lover and a hopeless romantic, so he was "The Starchild".
  • Gene Simmons was a notable comic book fan, so his face paint and name struck a comics tone as "The Demon".
  • Ace Frehley was a fan of science fiction, so he became "The Spaceman" or "Space Ace".
  • Because he came from the tough streets of Brooklyn, Peter Criss claimed he had nine lives and became "The Catman".

Other band members joined after Frehley and Criss left in 1982, but these are the members on the slot machine.

Besides their rock music, the band is famous for its heavy emphasis on merchandising. Gene Simmons in particular was aggressive in marketing the band, which eventually released over 3,000 products. These included comic books, action figures, lunchboxes, trading cards, board games, Zippo lighters, condoms, and toy guitars. The band also released pinball machines with their likenesses on them. In 2000, they released the Kiss: Psycho Circus video game. As of 2016, they have opened a Kiss coffeehouse, which they plan to franchise. They even have their own Platinum Visa Card. Then there is the KISS Shout It Out Loud! Slot Machine.

Game Details

Free Spin Mode

When three scatter symbols hit, players receive 8 free spins. Four scatters equate to 12 free spins. Five bump to 20 free spins. The scatters are active both on the main reel and the colossal reel.

Expanding Wilds

An expanding wild symbol expands to include the entire reel it is on. On Kiss Slots, this means an expanding wild becomes a full 5 wild icons at once. This greatly increases the chances you'll fill out winning combinations.

"Colossal Reel" Feature

Gamblers will notice this gaming machine has two reels, instead of one. Most people are used to a 5x4 or a 5x5 reel, so the standard 20-icon reel won't look strange to players. The 5x12 reel includes an amazing 80 paylines. This feature is noticeable the moment you take a look at the game screen. It is called the Colossal Reel and it's the main features most people notice on this game, besides the strangely-garbed rock musicians and the loud music.

Events which happen on the main reel happen on the Colossal Reel, too. This includes the appearance of scatter symbols and wild icons. This increases the potential for wins and unlocks some of the better paying options on the game. Remember that the 5x12 layout means that expanding wilds are less effective. Still, this is a bonus reel which offers extra payouts, so no one's complaining. If you've ever played Giants Gold from WMS Gaming, you've seen this feature. This was the first game to offer Colossal Reels, so it's an innovative gaming machine.

Backstage Bonus Game

The bonus game mode is called the Backstage Pass Bonus. When this begins, players are asked to pick one of three backstage passes. This includes band prizes, rock-n-records, and other bonus opportunities. In the Band Prize mode, each band member corresponds to a special bonus. For instance, the Starchild is a 2000-coin x5 bet multiplier, meaning you receive 10,000 coins. The Rock-n-Records mode allows free spins with multipliers. The Kiss Bonus helps you unlock an individual band member, giving a player special advantages and payouts.

Unlock the Starchild

Each of the Kiss band members can be unlocked. As you begin play, you'll noticed on the right side of the screen captions which say, "Unlock the Starchild", "Unlock the Catman", or "Unlock the Spaceman". To trigger these events, you'll need to accumulate 2 to 4 wild symbols at a time. Each provides its own specific advantages. The Catman takes out the jack, queen, king, and ace from the reels. This provides a better chance of winning with the best icons remaining. The Spaceman add 2 to 5 additional wilds to the reel. The Starchild allows a person to spin with 2 to 4 special wilds.

Guitar Picks

When the video guitar picks appear, players receive special bonus coins. These will show either the amount you won, or say "Blown Speak", meaning you win nothing from that pick.

"Select a Letter" Feature

Another game option is the "Select a Letter" feature. The player must select the one of the four letter in K-I-S-S. Each of these might offer a band prize, or it might offer the encore bonus.

Gene Simmons Bonus - Expected Return

The Gene Simmons Bonus is the biggest jackpot with 250x the coins. When this bonus is triggered, you'll see Gene Simmons' famous tongue. While the fixed jackpot on this Williams Interactive game is not as high as many other video slots, remember that this game has one of the highest payout percentages on slots row. The expected return is 95.01%, which is high for a slot machine.

Kiss: Shout It Out Loud Review

It was only a matter of time before this video game got made. Anyone who's ever seen 5 minutes of Gene Simmons's reality TV show, "Family Jewels", knows the Demon is money-obsessed. The band sells t-shirts, ballcaps, and even beanies. It's sold coffee mugs and tote bags, umbrellas and bath towels. KISS even has their own iPad 6 and iPad Mini products. They really are remarkable. The band marketed their own pinball machine, so it's natural enough to graduate to a full slots game. With the music and the costumes, nothing is better suited for casino gaming.

Not to say we're criticizing. KISS is about good, old-fashioned American entrepreneurship. I remember as a child the kids at school with their KISS lunchboxes and knee patches. Later, they sold comic books and action figures. Playing a Kiss slot machine is a nostalgia trip. Count us in, especially because the song selections are strong.

Immersive Rock Sounds

WMS Gaming rolled out all the stops on their brick-and-mortar gaming machine. They even built into the game box their "Rockin' Sensory Immersion Surround Sound Gaming Chair". What that means is land-based players are surrounded by rock music, which walls someone off from all the loud noises which are normally ambient in a casino. The result is a truly immersive gaming experience.

The online video slots version is not going to be quite as immersive, though it has its advantages. Buy top of the line headphones to separate yourself from the noises of the house. If you use Bose, Beats, Meze, or Beyerdynamic headphones, you should be able to get a similar sound at the house. Remember, this is about a rock-and-roll experience.

Songs on KISS Slots

Kiss's greatest hits are featured during game play. All the fan favorites are installed on the game, so you can listen to songs such as the following.

  • Detroit Rock City (1974)
  • Rock and Rock All Nite (1975)
  • Shout It Out Loud (1976)
  • Love Gun (1977)
  • Calling Dr. Love (1977)
  • I Was Made for Loving Your (1979)

We were disappointed that the Guitar Hero standard, Strutter (1974), didn't make it into the selection. We were happy enough that they didn't have Beth (1976), as we're sure it wasn't enough of a rocker for a casino song.

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