Kitty Cash Slots

Kitty Cash Slots

Kitty Cash slot machine was created by 1x2 Gaming and is a simple, colorful, attention-grabbing game that has a lot of legs. You could say that this game "cat"pitalizes on everything fun about our feline friends, while adding some new things for lovers of big payouts, too.

The game's 5 reels and 9 win lines give you enough options to stick around for a while, but not too many options to become complicated. For lovers of higher win line games, 9 win lines may not cut it, but for players being introduced to the concept of multiple win lines, Kitty Cash has a lot to offer.

This review covers:

  • Atmosphere
  • Background
  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • Animations
  • Rules
  • Bonuses
  • And more
Kitty Cash
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Kitty Glitter Slot Machine Overview


When you first load Kitty Cash, you go right onto the play screen, and you're confronted with its blaring soundtrack, cute characters, and colorful background.

By colorful background, we mean it looks like a flower power love-in, straight from the Sixties. When you add the logo of Kitty Cash, which has a sleek chrome look, while still giving off a hippie vibe, we know what the set designers of Austin Powers are doing for money these days.

The rest of the background, in contrast with its bright pinks, yellows, and blues, is black, coming to a very dark blue up by the logo. Cat paws, dollar signs, and flowers adorn the background.

The background isn't our favorite, but it's fun to look at. The sheer friendliness of its look and feel will overwhelm you if nothing else.

Music and Sound Effects

This game has one track, played very loud over and over again, digging into your skull.

The track is on a short loop, and there's far too much cat backing vocals for our liking, but if you're a fan of cats serenading you, this might be for you.

But we aren't, so we turned off the volume soon after we started.

This game has decent sound effects otherwise. There are fun piano slides during wins, harp slides for free spins, and authentic-sounding reel effects.

We're not going to lie to you and tell you this game is heavy on sound effects and changes of music.

But we will tell you it's not the worst slot soundtrack we've ever heard.


Kitty Cash has few animations. What animations the game has are so simple that they're almost unnoticeable.

When you hit on a line with a black cat wild bonus, the Kitty Cash logo flashes from left to right. At other times, the logo, the background paws, and the cash signs all pulse. No objects move across the screen in the background, like they do in other 1X2 games.

Kitty Glitter Pay Table and Graphics

If you want to see each symbol and what it's worth, you can do that by clicking the Paytable button in the lower right corner.

Yarn Ball

The lowest, this symbol pays 4 coins for 3 yarn balls in a pay line, 10 for 4, and 20 for 5.

Fish Bone

No bones about it, this symbol will give you something to chew on. It pays 7 coins for every 3, 20 for 4, and 45 for 5.


This guy pays 7 for every 3 of his symbol, 24 for 4 and jumps up to 60 for 5.

Gray Mouse

This little fellow has the potential to pay out big. He pays 9 for every 3, 26 for every 4, and 70 for every 5.

Suit Cat

This kitty might have joined the working world a while ago, but the crazy look in his eyes shows that he makes a pretty cool boss. He pays good money, too, with 20 coins for every 3, 32 for every 4, and 80 for every 5.

Green Cat

We have no idea why this cat is green, but we're guessing he's sick or because that's the color of money. He pays 22 coins for every 3 of his symbol, 40 for every 4, and 80 for every 5.

Little Kitty

This adorable little fellow wants to play with her yarn ball, and give you fat stacks of cash. She pays 5 coins for every 2 of her symbol, 24 for every 3, 40 for 4, and 100 for 5.

Red Crazy Cat

He's a nut, but a loveable one. He offers 6 coins for every 2, 32 for every 3, 75 for every 4, and 300 for every 5.

Blue Crazy Cat

In a former life this little guy must have been a dog. He's a little too hyper for the other cats, but you won't mind when he pays out big. We're talking 7 coins for every 2, 40 for 3, 150 for 4, and 500 for 5.

Purple Kitty

Yes, she's cute, and she knows it. She pays 10 coins for 2, 45 for 3, 200 for 4, and 750 for 5.

Free Spins Tuna

Tuna is a rare treat for any cat, and it's a rare treat in this game. If you can ever hit on 3 of these tins in any 1 win line, you will get 5 free spins, 15 free spins for 4, and 25 free spins for 5. Trust us when we say that this is the rarest prize in the game.

Black Cat Wild

He doubles any win with him on the line, and if there is more than one of him, they all double. He even doubles the win if he's on the line and isn't part of the winning combination. The only bad thing about him is that he won't substitute for a can of tuna.

Symbol Graphics

One of our favorite things about 1X2 is the attention they put into the details. Every symbol does something special if it's part of a winning combo.

Even when it isn't part of a win line, every symbol either moves or blinks its eyes.

Our favorite symbols to hit are the Little Kitty and the Black Cat Wild. The Little Kitty does a somersault when part of a win line and the Black Cat kicks up his back legs as a full moon appears behind him. We also love the Black Cat because it's good bonus.

Our least favorite symbol is the Green Cat. He looks annoyed when he's part of a win line.

We don't think any of the graphics in the game will amaze you, but that isn't what the game is going for. This is a game that wants to be cute more than it wants to be awe-inspiring, and it achieves that goal more often than not.

Kitty Glitter Slot Bonus Features

The only bonus in this slot is the Free Spins feature, which triggers when you get 3 tuna cans on any win line. Nothing changes in this feature except for the fact that the spins are free. You still get Black Cat Wilds, and every other symbol is still in play.

As we've mentioned before, 3 tuna can get you 5 free spins, 4 gets you 15, and 5 gets you 25. This seems like a good bonus, and it is when you compare it to a lot of similar games, which give you 5, 10, and 15.

It would be an even better bonus if it wasn't so rare. While we had varying degrees of success getting 3 tuna cans to fall across our path, our usual hit rate was only 1 or 2 per 100 spins. With the Black Cat still being in the mix in the bonus round, we understand why the free spins don't happen more often.

We understand it, but it isn't perfect. Free spins aren't enough, even with the Black Cat bonus still being a part of the round.

Betting Options

Kitty Cash comes with 9 betting lines. You can play all or you can choose to play all the way down to 1. We'd be all for customizing the betting lines if we could customize our bet amounts on a particular line, but unfortunately, the game doesn't allow that to happen.

For coin value adjustment, you can play a minimum of $.01 all the way up to $.50, with intervals at $.02, $.05, $.10, $.20, and $.30.

You can customize your betting range in more ways than coin worth and betting lines. You can also change how many coins you want to play at a given time, from 1 to 5.

These three areas give you a lot of options for playing, depending on your style.

Since there isn't any advantage to cutting down betting lines, we recommend keeping the max amount in play. This scenario gives you a minimum bet of $.90 if you stick with the default settings of a $.10 coin size.

The max bet on this game, because of its small number of win lines, is only $22.50

Other Options

This game has a simple set of options for game customization. On the bottom of the screen, right under the coin size and betting options, you'll find settings.

Choices on the left side include game resolution, volume level, game rules, help button, and a reset to default button.

On the right side, buttons include show win lines and paytable.

Unlike some other 1X2 games, Kitty Cash doesn't have an option for you to see your bet history. We wish it did have one, and that there were a few more game options like a sound effect only sound setting.

Win Frequency

We didn't notice that we hit a lot in this game, but when we did hit it made up for our dry spells.

A rough average for win frequency on this game is 30%. This might seem low, but the level of winning makes it worth it.

One of the things that surprised us the most is how often the Black Cat Wild shows up and is a part of win lines.

In the free spins rounds, we didn't notice any more of a winning percentage than normal.

Return to Player RTP

Kitty Cash has an RTP of 97.86%, which is decent/high for an online slot and is definitely the game's main draw. We set the auto bet feature a few times and let it roll for a while, and when we came back, we were up more than when we had left.

We found it very hard to lose money with this game.

We credit the nice RTP to the Black Cat for how often it shows up and how it multiplies. For our money, it's the best bonus we've seen in a long while.

Game Rules

Kitty Cash is your run-of-the-mill 5 reel slot, even though it only shows three symbols per reel at a given time instead of the more usual five. This leads to a less complicated game design and helps to explain the practical reason for 9 win lines instead of 25.

  • Win lines are all formed from left to right.
  • You get the highest payout if the win line you strike has more than one winning combo.
  • The tuna can isn't subject to the left-to-right rule.
  • It'll give you its bonus if it appears anywhere on the pay line.
  • The same Black Cat Wild can be used on multiple win lines.


This isn't a game for a person who loves the most complicated and creative special features.

This is a game for a player who likes cute, uncomplicated games that reward your time.

We loved the Wild on this game; it's one of the best we've seen. We also loved that the level of good wins was consistently high.

We hated the music. It's hard to stress enough how much we hated the music.

We didn't like the rarity of the Tuna Can free spins feature, and we thought there should have been a special symbol or something else in the free spins feature that adjusted the game somehow.

Overall, we thought that this game delivers a fine playing experience that relies on its Black Cat Wild to make you stay.

Sure, the Black Cat is a good symbol, but there are too many other things pulling this game down.

In the end, we say that it's a decent slot that will reward your time playing it but won't make you write home to mom about how amazing it is.

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