Legend of Robin & Marian Slot Machine

Legend of Robin and Marian Slots

High 5 Games released the Legend of Robin Hood and Marian video slot game in 2014. The game is available in land-based casinos, on the Web, on mobile apps, and via RMG Online. The game uses Super Stacks and a special Collection Bonus round.

Robin Hood has been a legendary outlaw hero for nearly 1,000 years. Historians disagree on whether there really was a man named Robin Hood or if the legend was based on several men, but most agree (alas!) that his love for Maid Marian was most likely a product of imaginative story-telling that embellished his tale many generations after the events of Robin's life are said to have taken place.

Nonetheless, popular fiction in the form of books, movies, and television shows has made the relationship between Robin Hood and Marian virtually canonical to the tradition. Marian is widely viewed as a strong female character, an archetype for loyal, brave women who are willing to undertake great perils for their lovers and people.

The Robin Hood stories, originating in medieval ballads and tales (called "gestes"), often included humorous incidents, even to the point of making Robin the butt of good-hearted jokes, such as when Little John or Friar Tuck beat him in single combat only to be recruited into Robin's band of Merry Men. His antics and actions against the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham have also become the stuff of legend and story.

It is not surprising, then, that the Legend of Robin Hood and Marian slots game invokes a light-hearted, mischievous spirit through both its music and the animations. Fans of Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and slots games alike will love playing this tipsy slot.

The Legend of Robin and Marian
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Game Basics

The Legend of Robin Hood and Maid Marian is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game with 40 pay lines. The game uses Super Stacks and animated tiles. Prizes are paid from left to right only and most of the symbols must be part of at least a 3-tile combination to award a prize, except as noted below. Prizes are determined in credits, which are equal to 1 cent in US dollars.

The game tiles scroll down against a red wooden backdrop, much like the wall of a lodge or a paneled room. All the low-value tiles use red wooden wall backgrounds. The screen containing the 5 reels is set against a picture of Sherwood Forest, although you can only see a little bit of it. The screen has a stone-textured border area that reminds one of castle walls.

The Wild Symbol

The game's logo ("Robin and Marian" painted in green lettering on a blue and silver shield) serves as its Wild symbol and it substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter symbol. Scoring five of a kind of the Wild symbol on any pay line results in a prize of 5000 credits.

The Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol is a Gonfalon (a type of heraldic flag) bearing King Richard the Lionheart's coat of arms (three golden lions on a red field). The symbol only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. This symbol is used to trigger the Free Games bonus.

High Value Symbols

Robin Hood is the highest-value symbol after the Wild. Only the Wild and Robin Hood pay a prize when 2 of their tiles are adjacent to each other on reels 1 and 2. When Robin contributes to a prize his tiles may animate, showing him firing off a flaming arrow. When 9 adjacent Robin Hood tiles pay a prize the animation briefly replaces them.

Maid Marian is the next highest value symbol in the game. When she contributes to a prize she eagerly reads from a message, undoubtedly from Robin.

The Sheriff of Nottingham is the next highest symbol in the game. When his symbols contribute to a prize their animation shows him breaking an arrow in frustration, probably a nod to the famous archery contest in which Robin is captured (before escaping from the Sheriff's gallows).

Friar Tuck is the last of the high-value symbols in the game. When he contributes to a prize his animation shows him joyously eating poultry and quaffing ale.

Low Value Symbols

The low-value symbols in the game are "A", "K" "Q", "J", and "10".

About Super Stacks

All of the symbols can appear on Super Stacks, making it easier for you to win prizes, even large prizes if several Super Stacks with the same symbols stop together.

Game Controls

High 5 Games' standard controls line the bottom of the game and from left to right they control your betting options, report your winnings and credits, and allow you to control game functions.

The betting controls consist of a Lines widget and a Per Line widget. The Lines widget adjusts the number of active pay lines. You use the adjacent up and down arrows to scroll through the available options: 1, 10, 20, 30, and 40 active pay lines.

The Per Line widget adjusts the coin value that you bet per line. You use the adjacent up and down arrow to scroll the available options:

  • 0.01
  • 0.05
  • 0.10
  • 0.25
  • 1.00
  • 2.00
  • 5.00
  • 10.00

The total value of your bet per spin (pay lines times bet per line) is displayed just above "BET".

The maximum bet is $400 per spin and while you are not likely to accidentally set this in the online game, when you sit down at the game in a land-based casino you should check the settings on the bet controls so you know what you are about to wager. Don't leave it to the last player who sat at the machine to decide how much you bet.

The Credits report tells you the total amount you won from the last spin and just below that how much money (or credits) you have left. All prizes are added to the available credits total as soon as they are awarded.

The Replay button is standard on High 5 Games' machines. It allows you to watch your last spin over and over. If you won a bonus game you'll see the entire bonus replayed.

Use the Question mark icon to activate the help screen system. You use the horizontal arrows to scroll through all 21 screens.

Use the Speaker icon to toggle the game's sound on and off. That will be all you can do in a land-based casino. With a smart phone or a computer you should be able to adjust your machine's volume so you can still hear the game if that is your desire.

Use the Auto Play button to set up 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 automated spins. The game automatically deducts each wager from your available credits as it initiates a new spin. You can stop the Auto Play feature at any time by clicking on the Auto Play button again. Also, the remaining auto spins count down inside the normal Spin button.

Use the Spin button to initiate a single game. It acts as a Stop button but only to interrupt the animations. Once a spin has been initiated the outcome of the game has already been computed. You cannot change that by hitting Stop.

Triggering the Bonus Round

The Bonus Round is a Free Spins game triggered by the appearance of three Scatter symbols anywhere on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the regular game. You win 7 free games initially and the bonus round uses a different set of reels from the regular game.

The Bonus game changes background images. You're now inside Nottingham at the archery field where the contest is held. Every time you earn a big win the Merry Men raise their tankards of ale in celebration and cheer.

The Bonus reels contain randomly generated letters that spell out the word "BONUS". Each time a new letter comes up it is collected on a score board at the top of the screen. If you collect all the letters in the word "BONUS" you get seven more spins and you can continue collecting letters.

You can win a maximum of 28 free spins but if you collect the full word "BONUS" on the last 7 of the 28 spins your entire Bonus round winnings are multiplied by 10.


If you're looking for a fun, geeky game, this one is a great candidate. Almost everyone knows at least some of the story of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. The only thing lacking is a much more detailed tribute to the Merry Men, but really this game is about Robin and Marian. That should be good enough.

The soundtrack is upbeat and almost something you could sing along to. It has undertones of medieval music while still sounding like modern game music. The tempo of the game is fast-paced and it matches the music well.

The extended bonus round is a great feature, especially given the use of Super Stacks. You're sure to see some nice animations at least once during the rounds.

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