Legendlore Slots

Legendlore Slots

Legendlore has 5 reels and 25 pay lines and is an exciting adventure game collaborated by Legendlore, 1X2 Gaming, and Caliber Comics.

This slot brings you into the realm of A'zoth, the home of Silverfawn the elf, our hero. She'll go on a quest to save her city, Hyljardin, but she'll have to fight the evil goblin Bonecrack before she can.

The comic book element gives this slot a unique look. We can't stress enough how well this collaboration worked. The backgrounds are gorgeous, the symbols are highly detailed, and the music is a treat.

This review covers:

  • Atmosphere
  • Sound effects
  • Animation
  • Rules
  • Betting options
  • And more
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Legendlore Slot Machine Overview


Legendlore the comic book is based on an earlier comic called The Realm, which first appeared in 1986, and ran until the late 1990s. At that point, Caliber Comics fell onto hard times. When Caliber resurrected, in 2014, The Realm was one of the first properties they brought back, but this time they updated it to Legendlore.

Legendlore's background isn't cartoonish, it's rendered in vibrant hues of blue to deep violet to black. The background shows mountains, snow, and a castle in the distance-everything you want in a fantasy-themed slot.

The area immediately behind the reels is filled with detail, arrows, dragon wings, griffin feathers, and axes. It provides a rich environment for your imagination to wander.

Music and Sound Effects

The other thing you'll notice is the soundtrack. The music in the background is a step above most slots. It's serious, for one thing, but also symphonic. It sounds like the soundtrack to an epic movie, with horns and strings all playing in stirring tones.

The main music is on a long loop, and at least for us, it didn't get old. In the bonus round, a new piece comes on, which is vocally driven. The free spins mode song sounds like a chase scene with its fast violins.

reel spin effect is a shot of some sort (it's louder than an arrow and softer than a cannon, so we can't be sure), accompanied by the wind.

Other notable sound effects include a sword clanging when you hit a win line and a horn fanfare when you reach the bonus round. You won't notice the lack of sound effects; the game will keep you busy in other ways.


Despite how smooth this game looks, it doesn't have many animations. This surprised us because we thought a property like this, with the features it has, would have at least an intro.

But it does have animation in the bonus round.

The bonus round shows Silverfawn fighting her nemesis, Bonecrack. She always wins, you reap the benefits-a random amount of money, depending on how she slays Bonecrack.

The animation is in slow motion, designed to show an emphasis on Silverfawn as she slashes Bonecrack down the gut with her sword, or dispatches him in a variety of other ways.

Yes, it's violent, and yes, there's the depiction of blood, but no one is losing limbs here, and the violence stays to a PG/PG-13 level.

It's nothing to make you sick, and it looks cool.

Legendlore Pay Table and Graphics

These symbols are fantastic. They either represent items that the characters carry, or they show the characters themselves. The character symbols have names underneath them, and they show what effect that symbol has.


This imp swings a mace as if he's about to attack when he's triggered. He's worth a measly 2 coins for every 3 of his symbol, 15 for 4, and 75 for 5.


This majestic beast's wings beat up and down when it's part of a winning combo. You'd think for how majestic it is that it would pay out bigger, but you'd be wrong. It pays out EXACTLY the same as the goblin. This begs the question of why this symbol exists at all. Unfortunately, we don't have an answer for you there.


Back to worthwhile symbols. This bow shoots arrows if it is part of a winning pay line. It pays 5 coins for every 3, 25 for every 4, and 100 for every 5.

Gauntlet/Fancy Wristband

Okay, so we don't know exactly what this piece of jewelry is, but we know it pays. It pays 5 for every 3 of it in a win line, 50 for every 4, and 100 for every 5.


He's a daring dwarf or an elf. Whatever he is, he looks cool, and he pays well, at 10 for every 3, 50 for every 4, and 75 for every 5.


He's known as Eye patch Arior by his enemies, until he killed his enemies. Now nobody dares to mention his eyepatch, except us. This tough fighter pays 15 coins for every 3, 75 for every 4, and 250 for every 5 of his symbol.


This elven warrior pays 15 for every 3, 75 for every 4, and 250 for every 5. If you'll notice, that's exactly the same as Arior's payout, and it follows the goblin and griffin for having the same payouts. If there's one weak link in the symbols, it's this duplication feature.


His hairstyle might say 80s, but his money-giving style says right now. If you win with him, you'll get 50 for every 3 of his symbol, 100 for every 4, and 500 for every 5.

Bonecrack (Bonus)

The villain of the game, this goblin lord pays in bonuses. 3 of his symbol in any win line will get you to the Bonus Round, where you're guaranteed to win money and see him die. Getting 4 or 5 of the Bonus won't affect the money you receive in the bonus round.

Aliendor (Scatter)

The king of the elves, this imperious ruler didn't get so wealthy by handing out his money. He's the rarest symbol on the board (we got into his free spins mode 3 times in a thousand spins). He pays 2 coins for 2 symbols, 4 for 3, 25 for 4, and 100 for 5.

Silverfawn (Wild)

The best symbol on the board, our hero pays out in wilds, but also by herself. She pays 5 for every 2 of her symbol, 200 for every 3, 2000 for every 4, and a jaw-dropping 7500 for every 5. The only thing her wild doesn't affect is Bonecrack and Aliendor.

Symbol Graphics

These are beautiful symbols. The one bad thing about them is that the main characters don't do much when they're part of a winning combination. They move their heads, or the wind blows through their hair. The items, while not being as valuable, have better effects.

Our favorite symbols are the bow and the goblin, for sheer movement.

Our least favorite symbol has to be Caldor, besides having the exact same payout as Arior, all that happens when he's part of a win line is that 3 or 4 strands of his hair move.

The effect of these symbols is that they complement the theme of the game. They don't distract from the action, but they do look exactly like what fantasy-themed symbols should look like. 1X2 did a great job with the graphics on this one.

Legendlore Slot Bonus Features

There are two special ways to play in Legendlore. We've already touched on the Bonus Round, so we'll get straight to the Scatter mode.

Scatter mode, or Free Spins mode, is a rare because it's valuable. It's valuable because once you're in; every win line multiplies 3 times.

Considering that this is the type of game where it's not uncommon to get four or five winning lines on a single spin, that 3x multiplayer adds up fast. On the scarce occasions when we did get the chance to get free spins, we ended up with thousands in winnings.

Free spins occur when you get the symbol anywhere on the board, unlike with the Bonecrack Bonus, where they only occur if they're in a win line.

One bad thing about the way free spins trigger is that if you get 4 or more, your number of free spins always stays the same, at 10. Another bad thing is that you can't trigger more free spins while in free spin mode.

Betting Options

Betting options range from $.01 to $.50, and from 1 coin played to 5 coins played. Unlike other 1X2 games we've seen, this game doesn't give you the choice to select your win lines.

The default settings are 1 coin worth $.10, played on 25 win lines. That makes a $2.50 bet the default, though bets can go as low as $.25. The maximum bet in this game is $62.50, and the maximum allowed to win at any time is $10,000.00.

You can also choose the autobet feature, which allows you to spin up to 250 times, and you can choose the max bet button. The max bet button won't give you time to change your mind if you select it.

Other Options

The game options are under the reel screen and the bet adjuster.

You can:

  • Make the game go from high fidelity, to medium, to low.
  • Turn the volume up or down, or mute it.
  • Click the info button to see the rules or the pay table.
  • Check your betting history.

On the other side of the screen, there's another option to check the pay table and rules.

Win Frequency

We would be happier with this game if the win frequency was higher. Our rough estimate for wins is 2 to 3 wins per 10 spins.

This seems to be on average for some of the more famous licensed slots out there, though Legendlore suffers in comparison to other 1X2 slots.

Big wins aren't rare and we got our share of them. We won over a thousand dollars a few times and we weren't even in a bonus feature.

Return to Player (RTP)

RTP for Legendlore is on the low side of good. It's 94.55%, which isn't bad for an online slot, but isn't as good as other 1X2 games we're familiar with.

This wouldn't be such an issue for us if we could get into the free spins mode more. The scarcity of that feature gives the game a downright stingy feel, even though we know that's not the case. And if the free spins mode activated more often, the RTP would be too high.

Game Rules

Legendlore is typical of other 5 reel slots, so it won't take long to get the hang of.

All normal wins are from left to right, and they have to be continuous. Scatter wins don't have to be on a pay line; they have to have 3 or more symbols anywhere on the board.

If there are two or more wins on a pay line, the largest win is the only one that gets paid.


Legendlore suffers a little from Licensed Property Fever.

While the game is beautiful, looks can't keep us playing it forever. The game has to play, and pay. And while this slot does both, sometimes, it doesn't hold up to the standard of 1X2's non-licensed properties.

If you're willing to suffer through the occasional dry spell, this game can be worth it. You'll like the guaranteed money on the bonus feature, and you'll love the money in the scatter round, if you ever get the chance to play it. You'll also get big hits on occasion.

We have our hang-ups like the duplicated symbol payouts, and the rarity of the Free Spins feature, but we like many aspects of this game.

This games design almost has a timeless feel, and the way it doesn't rely on corny graphics that will become outdated quickly is a smart decision. The Bonus Round and its fights are fun, too.

Our last word on the subject is, this game is worth at least five minutes. You may find it worthwhile to keep playing, or you might have hang-ups similar to our experience, but you won't feel like you wasted your time.

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