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Niagara Falls Slots Guide

Niagara Falls proves to be more than just a natural wonder, a destination wedding, and a honeymoon spot in this exciting online real money slot game. Created by Northern Lights Gaming, it builds off its theme by including features that let winnings practically cascade into your bankroll. With solid payback and an entertaining theme, Niagara Falls can claim to be a worthy online slots destination for discerning gamblers.

In the world of themed slots, many developers take advantage of memorable locations as a way to draw in an audience. The trick with these games is that they can’t just look cool; they also have to play well and provide gamblers with different types of bonuses and extras that will keep gameplay fresh even after hours. We’re happy to say that Niagara Falls does that.

In the following article, we’ll take a look at Niagara Falls and its various features. We’ll talk about the gameplay and look, while also looking at other games that are similar to it from the same developer or from other developers with similar ideas. At the end, you should be able to tell if Niagara Falls is a slot location you want to visit often.

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The Look and Feel of the Niagara Falls Slots Game

For those who are unaware, Niagara Falls is located on the border between Canada and New York. It has lured in millions of visitors over the years with its incredible scenery, specifically the towering falls. In the case of the Niagara Falls, it references that area more than captures it visually. There is a Niagara Falls symbol, however, that will be valuable when it comes up on one of your spins.

In fact, the game itself is more reminiscent of the Prohibition-era slot machines in terms of the look of the reels on the screen and the surroundings. It might give you a kind of old-timey feel to see the cherries and other traditional symbols popping up on the screen. It’s a really sharp, clean look that will give you some nostalgia without skimping on the hot pace of modern slots.

Where the Niagara Falls theme starts to come into play a bit more clearly is when some of the bonus features are engaged. Coins tumble like water running down the falls into bonus areas, and symbols featuring daredevils in barrels nods to the history of the Falls. During times when the winnings are adding up, you might even swear you can feel the spray.

Niagara Falls Slot Gameplay

While you get caught up in the theme, you might not realize at first glance all of the different bonus features that Niagara Falls slots offers you. First of all, you have a pretty wide range of betting limits available to you from high to low. That might help make up for the relatively small amount of paylines that you can utilize.

There are wild symbols available to you in Niagara Falls, which then trail down the screen leaving a trail of wilds behind them for more impact. You can also find Super Coins which will add multiplier action into the picture, and free spins can be earned in a number of different ways, including a bonus of five free spins on certain occasions. On these spins, you can also trigger a scenario where all the reels are wild, which amplifies your chances for big wins in a hurry.

The coin drops into the bonus areas will also spark a lot of excitement as you watch and see what bonus waits for you. In other words, you won’t be stuck simply spinning aimlessly with nothing but basic wins in return. Niagara Falls slots has a lot in store for you as you play, even if you don’t realize it at first glance.

More Slots by Northern Lights Gaming

Northern Lights Gaming is on the forefront of offering exciting new slots games for online gamblers who want the total experience. That means both lucrative game play and clever themes and stories. Take a look at some of their other top games:

  • Golden Stallion: Interested in checking out an Old West scenario while you’re winning big? Golden Stallion will put you on your horse and let you try to come out the fastest slot gun in the West. It was one of the first offerings by this developer but still one of the most engaging.
  • 100 Fortunes: This game is set in a kind of marketplace that you wander and try to collect rewards. Along the way, anything can happen, including picking cards for bonuses or bouncing yo-yos that bounce winnings your way. It’s a clever game with a theme that stands on its own.
  • Blast Off: If you’re tired of being earthbound with your slots games, Blast Off has the remedy for you. You’ll literally be taking off on rockets that you’ll be trying to collect. Different-colored rockets will give you different boosts to your bankroll.

Northern Lights Gaming works with larger slot providers to make their games possible. Niagara Falls was produced in conjunction with Ygggrasil. We’ve included another game by them as well below (Look for more games to be added in the future):

Other Games Like Niagara Falls

Perhaps you like the idea behind the Niagara Falls slots game and want to explore others like it. Luckily, there are games with similar themes out there. Here are some that will get you out in nature like Niagara Falls:

  • Jungle Spirit: Call of The Wild: Admittedly, the jungle might seem like a far cry from the chill of Niagara Falls. But the idea of it being an exotic location is where the connection comes into play. This 3D graphics certainly enhance this feel.
  • Wolf Reels: This game puts you in the wild with one of nature’s most fascinating creatures: the wolf. You might feel a little bit more of the danger of the wild when playing this game, compared to Niagara Falls anyway. But you will get the same kind of wide-open setting that might make you forget you’re online and not actually experiencing the game in nature.
  • Sicilian Sun: How about not only heading to an exotic location, but also going back in prehistoric times? That’s the idea behind this game, which puts you in Sicily well before modern civilization came to put their footprint down. The striking scenery of this game recommends it as much as the thrilling play.


While Niagara Falls slots might not be ideal for someone looking for jackpots from top gambling sites, it’s an excellent game for the slots grinder. First of all, you have the cool look and the clever theme, which will keep you interested in it even after hours of play. But more than that, you also get the bonuses and extras which keep popping up at unexpected times, which will mean excitement even if the scenery and theme becomes old hat.