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Nordic Heroes Slot Machine

Released in 2013 this game joined the many Viking theme games already found
in land based casinos and online. However, like they usually do, IGT brought
their top game with their version of a Viking story. The story IGT tells with
this game is based in a time similar to what is portrayed on the hit TV series

This game starts with the player playing as the beautiful elf warrior Thora.
She’s fighting against the scary monsters of the Nords of legends and she’s
eventually joined by Ragnar, a warrior.

Nordic Heroes is sure to entertain. With its stellar graphics and theater
worthy sound track the player will find herself being transported back to the
times of the Viking wars.

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Game Information

Nordic Heroes is a five reel and thirty pay line game, which allows the
player to bet on any number of lines they choose. If the player decides to play
all thirty pay lines they can place equal bets per line for the best pay out

This machine allows the player to use anywhere from one credit to a max of
fifty credits on each line. The maximum bet for this game is 1500 credits with a
max payout of 1500X. This game also overs a Level Up Plus format. This means
that the game has multiple levels of gameplay. The longer you play the higher up
you go and as you level up you will reveal new characters to the story.

Although this game doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot it makes up for it
with all the special features IGT did include. These features include: theme
related bonus rounds, extra multipliers, and free spins just to name a few.

The game is played like most others when in normal play mode the standard
symbols will pay out when they are in solid chains of three or more. If multiple
combinations are formed on different pay lines on the same spin then all the
credits are added together and the total amount won is automatically transferred
in to the players account.

How to Play

Playing Nordic Heroes is as easy as placing your wager choosing your pay
lines and hitting the spin button. However, understanding all the different
features can get confusing at times. The first thing to know is that you always
bet with 30 coins, there is no exception.

The amount used on the line cover can vary from the minimum bet of $1 to the
max bet of $100. The betting range for this machine ranges from $30 to $300
which can cause some players to shy away from the game.

As you spin you will not only be looking for solid chains of standard symbols
but watching for the wild symbol. This symbol is easy to spot and can be used to
sub for any standard symbol to complete a win. This symbol can also take the
place of certain creature symbols and bonus features.

This game has a total of eight levels that are distinguished by names such
as: Wanderer, Traveler, Explorer, Adventurer, Defender, Slayer, Hero, and
Champion. You advance to a new stage once you reach a predefined score. As you
level up your character gets stronger and new symbols are unlocked.


This slot offers many different symbols that appear on different levels of
the game. These symbols are related to the story the game is portraying.


The main character of the story is an archer and elfen warrior


He is a warrior who appears once you reach level 3 in the game

Gold Coin

Found when playing either Thora or Ragnar


Found when playing as Thora


Found when Playing as Thora


These symbols are specific to Thora’s character

Fire Arrow

This symbol is unlocked for Thora to use after reaching level 4

Fire Hammer

This symbol is unlocked for Ragnar to use after reaching Level 4

Ship Sale

Found when playing as Ragnar after level 3


Found when playing either character


Found when playing as Ragnar


This symbol is specific to Ragnar’s character


Found when playing as Ragnar

Bonus Symbols

A wild can’t sub for any of the below symbols because they themselves trigger
bonus features. These symbols are only found in the base game and are not used
at all in the bonus games.


This is a symbol of a wolfs teeth


This is a symbol of a warthog


This is a symbol of a warthog with tusks

Evil Arrow

This is a symbol of a silver arrow


This symbol is of a boot that allows you to evade all damage it comes in two other versions as well

  • Flaming Boots
  • Very rare similar to the boots symbol just
    has flames added and also allows the player to evade all damage.

  • Spiked Boots
  • Also very rare and similar to the regular boot
    just has spikes added to the back it also allows the player to evade all damage.


Symbol of a birds head and wings


Symbols is a blue dragon getting ready to attack


Red octopus with evil looking green eye


This crab is metallic looking and gives a little bit of a creepy feel


This symbol is easy to see since it says Wild


There are symbols with numbers and X’s that will increase the players payout


This is a symbol with the word battle over top of two swords crossed over a shield

Victory Spins

This symbol says victory spins over two crossed swords.

Bonus Games

The battle bonus is triggered by having any 3 of the bonus symbols fall on
your spin. These symbols will be seen on either reels 1, 3, or 5. In the battle
bonus game you spin until your character is out of health. This is different
than most slots that only allow you to spin a certain number of times based on
the bonus you won.

Your character will be fighting to slay the monster in the bonus battle
games. You spin until you character is completely out of health or they beat the
monster. This is not the only bonus game this slot offers.

Another of the bonus games available is the Forest of Fortune bonus and
unlike the battle bonus game it has a roaming wild that can show up. This symbol
can be seen on any of the first four reels during this bonus game.

The Boar battle has an even better wild than the forest of fortune bonus. In
this bonus game the player gets a chance to win a multiplier in the amount of 2
X the winnings. This wild will also show up on the first four reels.

Sea of Glory is another battle bonus game a player can find themselves
eligible for. This bonus game has a random wild reel on each spin so a player is
guaranteed a wild on every spin.

The game also has a multiplier mystery reel. This special feature can be set
off during the base game after any win that doesn’t trigger a bonus game. In
this game the player gets a chance to win a multiplier that will increase their
pay out amount for their win up to 20X in the first six levels and can go up to
30X once levels seven and eight have been reached.

This is the special feature most players are hoping they get. Even though
most of the bonus games can be very profitable this multiplier reel can make
your pay out so much more.

This game can get confusing with all the extra features it has and all the
different symbols as the levels change but keep playing before you know it you
will have it all figured out.

Base Game Pay Tables

This is an example of how the game pays out for each symbol on the base game
without bonuses. This table is based on the player choosing to play as Ragnar


  • Having 3 wild symbols per spin with pay out 90
  • Having 4 wild symbols per spin will pay out 300
  • Having 5 wild symbols per spin will pay out 1500


  • Having 3 Ragnar symbols will pay 60
  • Having 4 Ragnar symbols will pay 200
  • Having 5 Ragnar symbols will pay 1000


  • Having 3 Hammer symbols will pay 30
  • Having 4 Hammer symbols will pay 120
  • Having 5 Hammer symbols will pay 500


  • Having 3 Wolf symbols will pay 15
  • Having 4 Wolf symbols will pay 60
  • Having 5 Wolf symbols will pay 250


  • Having 3 Shields symbols will pay 10
  • Having 4 Shields symbols will pay 30
  • Having 5 Shields symbols will pay 150


  • Having 3 Sails symbols will pay 10
  • Having 4 Sails symbols will pay 30
  • Having 5 Sails symbols will pay 120

Gold Coin

  • Having 3 Gold Coins symbols will pay 5
  • Having 4 Gold Coins symbols will pay 20
  • Having 5 Gold Coins symbols will pay 100


  • Having 3 Pegasus symbols will pay 5
  • Having 4 Pegasus symbols will pay 15
  • Having 5 Pegasus symbols will pay 100

Game Appearance

Nordic Heroes is quite visually appealing. It has wonderful graphics and
great music. One thing about this game that is different than most slot games is
the option when playing online to change the settings for the resolution, and
screen size. This helps when you are playing on a machine that might not be
quite up to date.

This game has become much more popular online than in land based casinos.
This has led to the game being downloaded to mobile devices along with PC’s but
this is not the only way to play. You don’t have to download the game to play
you can find plenty of sites online that have it available.