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Nouveau Riche Slot Machine

This game takes a new spin on the slot machine. IGT changed it up with the
free fall symbol feature it added to Nouveau Riche. The game is a five reel 20
set pay line game that brings art to the world of gambling.

The reels on this slot machine are different than most people are familiar
with. They don’t spin like in most games. Instead the symbols fall from the top
of the screen as though they’re being dropped right in place for a win.

This game offers multiple ways to win other than the combinations in the base
game. You’ll also enjoy the excitement of stacked wilds and bonus opportunities
on every spin.

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Game Information

In the early 20th century there was an art movement known as the Art Nouveau
movement and this slot machine is based on that time period. If you’re a fan of
those times this themed slot is going to just make your day. However, if you
know nothing about this movement you may find it a little hard to adjust to the

This game offers symbols with great color and the wilds and bonus symbols are
even animated so that they’ll be seen by all. The symbols are completely
relevant to the theme with the seductive muses and lavish jewels it represents
that time period perfectly.

This game allows the player to place their bet by clicking on the plus and
minus signs to increase or decrease their wager. This game also has a fixed pay
line system that makes it easy because you don’t have to try and decide how many
lines you should play.

This game offers twenty pay lines this is a fixed number and can’t be changed
which takes some of the stress out of the game. The maximum line bet is set at
100 coins total. As with many other slots this game only pays out the highest
winning pay line for each spin.

How to Play Nouveau Riche Slots

To play this game you must first decide how much you’re willing to wager. At
the bottom of the screen on the left you find a small box label lines. This show
you the total number of lines being played since this game has a fixed 20 pay
line setup 20 should always be in this box.

Next to the lines box you will see a box with plus and minus signs with the
title of line bet. This is where you will put your wager amount in. Use the plus
and minus signs to enter your wager amount. The minimum bet is $1.00 and the
maximum wager on the online game is $100 per line.

The next box will show you the total amount you of your bet. This will allow
you to keep track of how much money you are wagering on each spin. Right in the
middle you will find the gold square button that you will use to spin. This is
one of the two ways you can spin in this game.

Next to the spin button you will find a blank box labeled win. This is where
the game will show you how much you win on each of your spins. Once you spin
again the amount from the previous win will be removed and it will be blank
again until you hit another winning combination.

Next to the win box is the balance box. This will tell you how much money you
still have available to play the game. This is also the box where you will see
your winnings added to your original amount you placed in the machine or the
balance on your account at an online casino.

Like most slots available online this one also comes with an auto spin
option. This button is blue and has the words auto spin in a small rectangular
button. When you click on the button you will get options ranging from 10 to 50.
These options are the amount of times you want the game to spin for you before

The auto spin feature will only stop once the player hits the stop button, a
bonus is triggered, or the balance remaining is not enough to cover the line
bet. For the online games there are buttons next to the auto spin button that
has a wrench in it. This button can be used to change the setting of the games
graphic quality.

This game is very simple as far as what the player has to do to get the game
started. Basically, set your bet and hit the spin button or select your auto
spin number and you are ready to go.


Nouveau has a total of ten symbols that are found on the reels. The base game
has seven symbols that have a base return to the player. It also has a wild or a
bonus symbol that can make the game even more interesting. In the bonus game,
there is another symbol that adds free spins to the player’s time in the bonus
game. These symbols are beautiful representations of the time period of the game

  • The game has three jewel symbols in the base game
    • Purple oval gem
    • Blue teardrop gem
    • Green circle gem
  • The game has three beautiful muses also found in the base game.
    • The beautiful brunette muse
    • The glamourous blonde muse
    • The enchanting redheaded muse
  • The highest paying symbol in the base game is the Nouveau logo
  • The wild symbol is a symbol covered in green ivy finds that are
    intertwined with the word Wild
  • The bonus symbol is a square symbol with a diamond over it with a
    pitcher behind the word bonus popping out of the symbol.
  • The additional free spin symbol found in the bonus game is similar to
    the bonus symbol except that it just has a plus sign and the number one on

Nouveau Riche Pay Table

One thing about this game is that it offers up great wins for each winning
combination. Even with the lowest pay out on the table the player is still going
to get a good return on their wager.

Base Game Pay Outs

Purple Oval Gem

  • Combination of 3 purple oval gems pays 5 times the line
  • Combination of 4 purple oval gems pays 20 times the line
  • Combination of 5 purple oval gems pays 80 times the line

Blue Teardrop Gem

  • Combination of 3 blue teardrop gems pays 10 times
    the line bet
  • Combination of 4 blue teardrop gems pays 30 times the
    line bet
  • Combination of 5 blue teardrop gems pays100 times the
    line bet

Green Circle Gem

  • Combination of 3 green circle gems pays 10 times
    the line bet
  • Combination of 4 green circle gems pays 30 times the line
  • Combination of 5 green circle gems pays100 times the line

Brunette Muse

  • Combination of 3 brunette muse symbols pay 20 times
    the line bet
  • Combination of 4 brunette muse symbols pay 60 times
    the line bet
  • Combination of 5 brunette muse symbols pay 300 times
    the line bet

Blonde Muse

  • Combination of 3 blonde muse symbols pay 30 times the
    line bet
  • Combination of 4 blonde muse symbols pay 80 times the
    line bet
  • Combination of 5 blonde muse symbols pay 400 times
    the line bet

Redheaded Muse

  • Combination of 3 redheaded muse symbols pay 50 times
    the line bet
  • Combination of 4 redheaded muse symbols pay 200
    times the line bet
  • Combination of 5 redheaded muse symbols pay 800
    times the line bet

Nouveau Riche Logo

  • Combination of 3 Nouveau Riche symbols pay 100
    times the line bet
  • Combination of 4 Nouveau Riche symbols pay 500 times
    the line bet
  • Combination of 5 Nouveau Riche symbols pay 5000 times
    the line bet

Wild Symbol

  • This symbol will substitute for all of the base game symbols to make a
    winning combination.
  • Wild symbols can also appear stacked on reels 2, 3, and 4 that will
    increase the win amount.

Bonus Symbol

  • This symbol triggers the free spin bonus game when there are three that
    appear on the reels
  • These symbols can only be found on reels 1, 2, and 3.
  • The free spins awarded with this symbol range between 5 and 12

Free Spin Bonus Game

This bonus game is triggered when you receive three bonus symbols on the base
game. The player can win 5 to 12 free spins just on the base game. When you
first enter the bonus game a screen will appear with all three of the
represented muses from the base game.

Choose a muse to find out how many free spins you will start the bonus game
with. During the bonus game, there is another chance for the player to receive
even more free spins to prolong the bonus game and increase the win amount.

This symbol is simple with a plus sign and the number one on it. Receiving
this symbol will increase the number of free spins the player has. This symbol
can only be found on reel three of the bonus game.

The free spin bonus game will come to an end when you have used up all of
your free spins. The bonus game has a maximum number of free spins set at 100.
Reaching this mark will also end the free spin bonus game.

Nouveau Riche Free Fall Feature

This feature is one of the things that makes Nouveau Riche unique from other
games you will play online and in the casino. This feature gives the player even
more chances to increase their pay out on the game.

This feature is triggered when a player receives a winning combination in
both the base game and the bonus game. When feature is triggered the win is
awarded and the symbols associated with that win are removed from the screen.
All of the other symbols are left on the screen and the empty spaces are filled
with new symbols.

The new symbols come falling from the top of the game into place once the new
symbols are in place the game will re-evaluate the reels to determine if there
is another winning combination. This feature continues in the same manner until
there are no winning combinations are achieved.

In the bonus game any winning symbol combination triggers this feature. The
plus one symbol is considered a winning symbol and triggers this feature to take
effect as well. This feature is not using up your money either; all it’s doing
is helping you win more money. So, this can go on for a while without causing
you to use up your money.


A Nouveau Riche slot machine is a game with beautiful graphics that represent
the theme perfectly. It takes you back to the days of old and gives you the
excitement of possibly winning large amounts of money in return.

With the fixed pay lines, you don’t have to stress about what the best number
is to play; just decide how much you want to bet on each spin and go to town. If
you don’t like the idea of having to sit and continuously hit the spin button
you don’t have to. Use the auto spin feature instead and let the game do all the

This game is a great experience all around, and along with the beautiful
graphics and enchanting sound effects the multiple win options are hard to beat.
The pay outs for winning combinations are some of the highest in the business,
and with the bonus and free fall features options available this game is great
for almost everyone.

If you’re looking for a new game to add to your list of favorites Nouveau
Riche is one to try out. It can be found at many online casinos and there are
multiple sites that have a free version for you to try out before you play for
real money. Good luck and play responsibly.